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SAMIH ANTAR fought the pain. After almost a year of treatments, I started dealing with the treatment alone without my parents, so I took care of the papers to go in, do the treatment, and return back to my house in Tyre on my own. I was touched by the kids who were suffering from cancer. I was touched by their lost and confused eyes, but I was taking strength from them. The hardest thing I went through was the death of my friend, a seventeen-year-old girl that had the same type of cancer I had. She passed away and all that remained was an empty bed and memories of our laughs, tears, hopes, and dreams. After a bit of time, I planned my return to my work and my life, so I started my own company from scratch and I started my life with the people that were put in my way. Today, after my victory over cancer, I tell everyone the following: do not get desperate, do not give up. It is a battle and we have to win! Today, after my victory over cancer, I dedicate most of my time to help Kids First that supported me unconditionally and I am a witness to the endless love that I felt with them. Thank you to everyone who believed in me, in my healing, and in my victory over cancer. Thank you to my second home Kids First.


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Kids First 2019-2020 Booklet  

Kids First 2019-2020 Booklet  

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