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Kids join hands to voice out and fight for their ideal communities Li Cheuk Ying Time flies and Kids’ Dream’s 6th anniversary is at the blink of an eye. This year, we proudly announce the theme of our zanniversary celebration program - “The District in My Eyes”. A series of events would be organized to arouse public awareness on child participation and children’s rights, including a survey and a children’s artwork competition, followed by an exhibition of outstanding pieces submitted by child participants.

Survey With Legislative Council Election is taking place this year, candidates only target adults during canvassing. Unlike adults who have the opportunity to voice out their opinions towards the neighborhood they live in through voting, children’s voices are often being neglected. In view of this, Kids’ Dream conducted a survey over the past few months to collect children’s voices on what they think and feel about their own neighborhood. Our members stationed on streets in Hong Kong’s 18 districts and invited more than nine hundred children to complete the set questionnaires. Our survey is mainly divided into four parts - “Environment”, “Leisure and Entertainment Facilities”, “Safety ” and “Your Dream Neighborhood”. Upon completing the interviews, Kids’ dream’s survey team members categorized and analyzed the data accordingly. After rounds of discussions, we compiled a survey report presenting our findings. Through announcement of our survey findings on the day of our 6th anniversary, we hope the government would consider and value children’s voices equally to the adults’ and make practical changes to our neighborhood.We also welcome similar surveys to be conducted in future. The voices of children should be heard, for they are crucial to bringing diverse and sustainable measures to the environment and society, enabling people of different ages live in their own living environment in a safer, happier and more comfortable way.


Children's Artwork Com

petition and Exhibitio


Besides the survey, we also organized a let children presen Children’s Artwork t their ideas comfo Competition and Pu rtably and freely, a blic Exhibition. To competition is not child-friendly porta merely a competitio l is necessary. This n, but also a means unlimited creativity artwork to collect children’s , children can presen voices and opinions t their opinions tow art forms, allowing . With ards their living envir the public view th onment through va e neighborhood fro winners gain grand rious m children’s perspe prizes, but their ou ctives. Not only ca tstanding works will let the public have n the al so be exhibited in a a glimpse of what an public exhibition so ideal society means as to to children. Similar to previous anniversaries, Kids’ for our greatest an Dream’s members nual highlight ever pour their heart an y su d soul in preparing m to convey the thou mer. This year, we ghts of our children have built a though t-p to rovoking artwork the public. This undo speaking for Childre ubtedly actualized n” which we have be the spirit of “Childre en advocating for lo are, we believe all n ng. No matter how our efforts would be intense the preparat worthwhile as long the general public. io ns as we can convey th We wish every succ is important messa ess of the 6th annive to the public, laying ge to rsary of Kids’ Dream down a remarkable in bringing new though milestone on our jo ts urney of child right s advocacy. detail of the activity please click: http://kidsdream.o

Editor's wor

d--Bob Ho

Time really unfa flies. This is already mil the third y ear a simple in iar with Kids’ Dream terview at yearly new for me to join Kids’ first when I became a sletter. I was nervou Dream. At first, I wa s s even wh member o en I am do f Kids’ Dre However, am. ing at the 5th w r it in g a r anniversa t ic le s in n ry, I was a e ws p a p e r. members ble to exp T h is ye a r, and coord ress my o inates with I am the wn view th p e rs o n -i n old memb rough -c h a rge w ers to com plete such h o le a d s It is some new a great ch thing that and follow allenge. is more co ing up oth mplica ers schedu articles, h le. More th ted than collecting andle pro drafts, ask blems of d a Indeed, I h ing for de elay, you n n that, I have to se ave to apo signs t deadline ame it! Th logize to a I always fo s e for handin s e ll include w members rget thing g in ha w s that may would like cause othe ho involve in the pro t a chief editor ’s jo to thank e b. r d uction of n workmate ditors for w s to do ad ewsletter riting and d a itional tas translating s ks. Moreo articles. T h is y e a r ver, I ’s n e w s le ‘Kids'Drea tte r h a s mers’ ‘Hea a ma dline’ ‘Ou this year, r Power ’ to jo r d if fe r e n c e . P r we make e v io u s ly, distinguish a change. W Kids’ Drea we the conten e first intr m foreign t of our ne w o u ld u s e oduce our activities. Kong and wsletters. 6 th A fter that, lastly our anniversary Yet, we introd internal a newspape e v e n t, uce our e ctivities. I following r. xternal ac by sincerely ti hope that you like th vities in Hong is new de sign of


Supporting Capacities of Childrens Organizations in Indonesia Althea Suen & Li Cheuk Ying Althea: It was the first time for me to represent Kids’ Dream to attend an overseas workshop. And It’s an inspirational and eye-opened trip! On the first day, me and Yingying listened to more than 15 children’s groups from different parts of Indonesia presenting their organization. We were both inspired by the children’s groups as they used different approaches to promote children’s rights, such as using theatre, music, or even producing a film to catch people’s attention, which we had never thought of in Hong Kong. I thought this is a good idea if we can do this in Hong Kong since it is more like a “soft” approach and might be easier for people to actually understand what children’s rights are. Furthermore, we both had a brief understanding on the situation of implementation of children’s rights in Indonesia. It was quite a shock for us as some of the problems would never happen in Hong Kong, such as some children did not get their birth certificate; there are a lot of street children in Indonesia; and the problem of under-aged marriage is also found here. In Hong Kong, Kids’ Dream does not have to focus on such issues, this trip allows us to know that the differences between some developing areas like Indonesia and more developed areas like Hong Kong. I reflected that we should explore more aspects on children’s rights in a broader sense in future.

Yingying: I also felt the same when listening to their problems encountered in their country. One of the child participants is actually a street child himself too, but they were not really as scary as we had imagined. They were all very friendly and we had a lot of fun together. Another subtle yet significant difference between Hong Kong and Indonesian children groups would be the culture their groups presented. They were very engaged in activities and some of them even cried when we gave out our Kids’ Dream bears as souvenir and hugged each other in the end. I remarked Hong Kong’s children groups would never be that “emotional” and things tend to go in quite a routine manner, i.e. Hong Kong children’s groups would never cry when we exchanged souvenirs and take formal photos in the end, which was what impressed me most. Althea: I recalled one of the most remarkable moments should be the little sharing in the plenary section after the gallery walk of experience of CRC reporting of Hong Kong, Philippines, Cambodia. We let them know preparing a CRC shadow report of children is never easy, and they might come across difficulties of all sort, e.g. they might find it clueless to start off or their government might put pressure on them. Yet both of us encouraged the Indonesian kids to be united and determined. They should find help from other parties if they want to know more about other issues, and they have to support each other when going through research work and studies. Together, we were very sure that someday, they will become a strong power to fight for children’s rights in Indonesia and they can have their shadow report very soon too.


ICANN International Meeting Amy Li & Cyrus Chiu Our Kids’ Dream members Althea and Nicolle went to Prague of the Czech Republic in June to attend the 44th ICANN International Meeting along with our trainer Billy. They interacted and shared with people from different sectors. ICANN is a non-profit international organization which gathers all the professionals in the field of internet and technicians to discuss and improve the use and development of the Internet. Three meetings are held every year. The ICANN meetings always emphasize the multi stakeholders’ approach. Yet, there are nearly no children at all in the ICANN meetings. Kids’ Dream thinks children are also one of the important stakeholders of the Internet, and should be entitled to attend their meetings. In this ICANN meeting, the development of domain names was discussed. Among which, one of them is “.kids”. There are 3 parties competing for the governing the new domain “.kids”, which are Google, Amazon and Dotkids Foundation, and KD supports Dotkids Foundation. The reason we supported Dotkids Foundation because they are proposing to run “.kids” as a community-based project, while Google and Amazon put their thoughts on commercial concerns. Dotkids Foundation would use the platform to promote children’s rights and their revenue generated will be used to support the children’s organizations in developing countries and in protecting their rights.

Furthermore, KD supports DotKids Foundation’s idea of allowing different children’s groups send representatives to form an Advisory Council to supervise the development and operation of “.kids”. They can participate in providing opinions from children’s perspectives, provide more information for children, and actively engage children in the whole process.

Inside the ICANN meeting venue, KD also ran a booth to promote the concepts of “.kids”. Before the ICANN meeting ended, a public forum was held. KD also grasped the opportunity to speak up and raised that children shall have the space to participate in the ICANN platform.

Generally speaking, KD in this trip strived hard to advocate the following three points. Firstly, we would like to promote the idea of “child-friendliness” and encourage others to think from the children’s perspectives as KD has always been advocating. Secondly, we hope to support the idea of children’s participation and rights in Internet governance. Last but not the least, we wish to promote the UNCRC and the right to participation of children that states clearly. In the end, we also asked Althea and Nicolle about “How do they feel towards the trip?” Althea thinks this trip is very unforgettable since it is the first time KD joined and interacted with an international Internet organization. She believes this meeting has positive impacts towards both KD and ICANN. Althea said she had never discussed children’s rights with the Internet sector, and that it is a great experience to promote children’s rights with different professions. Althea recalled that they had also met a 14-yearold boy who is very keen on Internet governance and they had shared a lot with him on “.kids”. Althea thinks Prague is very beautiful and the food tastes really good. Nicolle is very happy to be part of the team in this trip because more people from a diverse background can then know more about children’s rights, which is quite different in Hong Kong as we can generally share and interact with teachers, parents and students. Nicolle also realized that professions from the field of Internet have little understanding of children’s rights. Yet, generally speaking, the whole journey was very exciting for Nicolle and she has learnt a lot from it.


A.C.T. A. C. T. (A Child Thing Mamie Lee members, b ) is an inte y which we re st in g ca hope to adv the children ocate childre rd game designed by at hospital KD n rights to suffering fro them fun an a special ta m chronic d d knowledg rg e t is – e e a through inte ses. We ho we had the pe to provid ractions duri opportunity e ng the card of visiting E A.C.T. cards game. This vangel Hosp to more tha year, ital, where n twenty nu for taking ca we introduc rses and vo re of those ed the lunteers wh children. o are respo nsible After introd u c ing children how the ga rights me they familia works, we started team and giving an introdu ction to rized them ing up and selves with gradually ce the cards, th playing the cards. As ased and we e miserable re replaced discussion by excited g a sps and scre We were ve a m s. ry grateful much atten to the devo tion and we ted nurses, re much inv busy work. who had pa olved in the The smiling id so game, in sp faces and w recognition ite of a day ords of com we could ev ’s plement we er earn. re the best

After the visit, our trainers and members reached a consensus that it would be the best if such visits would be held again in the near future, on a regular basis, so that we could promote the A.C.T. cards to more people, leaving a remarkable impression on everyone. We look forward to future arrangements with Evangel Hospital and would continue to explore other means to promote the A.C.T. cards to children spending long hours at hospitals, in hope of promoting children rights and making their time more enjoyable.

Hand-in-Hand with Grassroots Pant


Hercules Lai and

Jason Lau Over the late Jun e to ear ly Jul y, Kid s’ Dre am has tea me d up wit h a local organi c foo d restaurant in Sai Ying Pun namely Grassroots Pantry to raise fund for our organization. The restau ser ves plant-based, organic hom rant emade foods and places great emphasis on educating the nex generation on healthy eating. Thi t s goes alongside our mission of serving the community and, mo importantly, creating a better fut re ure for our kids. They are very genuine in giving bac k to our society and show their con like poverty of children and eld cerns towards problems erly, and obesity of children. Hav ing the very similar mission, we had our first face-to-face conversat ion in mid-June at their newly-r enovated green restaurant. We great appreciation to their aspirat had ion of helping the people in nee d by healthy food. Our admirat lied on the fact that the restauran ion t has scaled top priority on educat ion and social responsibility. At the meeting, we further disc ussed the details and the forma t of our first cooperation. The owners of Grassroots Pantry had initiated a fund-raising activity for Kids’ Dream. They believed Facebook was a very common that platform for teenagers nowada ys and promotion on Facebook be a very effective means to boo would st up their popularity in the com munity.

On the other hand, the role of Kids’ Dream was to spread the through our network. Every Like message and their own fan-pa ge in their Facebook Fan Page wou ld generate a donation of HKD Dream. The fundraiser was offi $2 to Kids’ cially started on 15 June to 15 July. During the period, Kids’ Dre no efforts in raising the hits on am spared their page. At the end of the day , Kids’ Dream succeeded in brin likes to their page which brough ging 1,105 t the proceeds of HKD$2210. We were happy to have a cheque pre ceremony in the restaurant on 15 sentation August. On 1 July, we were invited by Gra ssroots Pantry to join their grand live singing performance in a rela opening fair. With the beautiful xing atmosphere, two of our me mbers enjoyed the delicious hea and spent a joyful afternoon in the lthy snacks delicate restaurant. Apa rt fro m the fun dra ise r, gre at e nt h u s i a s m f u r t h e r b ro u g ht a b o u t a discussion on a wide variety of activities that we could try organizing like Coo king Classes on healthy food with Members’ Networking Working Group, Visits to Organi c Farms or with Children Services Working Group in the form of cooking classes or organic farm visits. We are so loo kin g forward to our future cooperation and can’t wai t to visit the organic farm!


School talk Vivia

n Li On 12th Octob er, 2012, we h Primary Schoo ave been to St l to hold a talk . Francis Of Ass and different ac and 6 as to let isi's English tivities for stud them know wh ents from prim at is children’s ary 5 rights. Since our target was students fr the talk in a re om primary 5 an laxing manner d 6, we organis in order to let We briefly intr ed them learn in oduced childre a easier way. n’s right like th children’s rights e Four rights, related to thei etc an r daily life. Role held to tell th play and quiz ga d how e student that mes were we can simply rights in our d find elements aily life. Also, of children’s these can ensu the talk taught re that studen them and reinfo ts learnt what rce their know ledge.

Even one hour of talk might not help them deeply know about children’s rights, they could still have basic knowledge on children’s rights. The active participation of students encouraged us. Their response showed us that they knew about children’s rights. Also these told us that different targets shall receive different means to learn in order to make sure that they can learn.

HKCSS Forum On 27th June, Jason Lau two of our mem of social servic b er s ga ve a sharing in es for children a forum about organised by th we have alway the developm e Hong Kong C s emphasis, ch ent o u ncil of Social Se ildren's partici Therefore, our pation is impo rvice (HKCSS). sharing also fo rt As ant in any issu cused on why the planning o e related to ch and how shou f related social ildren. ld children's vo services. ices be involved during The main reas o n w hy children's parti is the difference cipation is imp between adult ortant in desig s' perspective from their ow ning related se and children's n views and m rvices p erspective. Wh ak e decisions whic for them to ign en adults only h they think ar ore some of th think e the best for e needs of the level, they will children, it is ea children. It is lik never be able sy e when adults to spot someth children. In ord only look in th ing which can er to see in th ei r o ey n e ly e b e sa se me eye level w from a lower an en in the lower ith children, ad gle. That is why eye level of u lts have to knee we need to liste perspective if l down to look n to children's we want to u voices and pla nderstand the appropriate se n fr n e o eds of the ch rvices. m a children's ildren better and provide m ore We know that an y o f th ch il d re n 's o p e children rela in io n s to im p ted services p ro ve th e ir se rv roviders are tr understand ch ic e s. In o rd e r ying to collect ildren's voices to h e lp th e m more effectivel participation, co ll y, e ct , li ste n an d w which are 'child e have sugges ted four princi -friendly', 'volu the child'. We p les of children ntary', 'non-dis have also sugg 's crimination' an ested that serv group and child d 'best interest ice providers ca ren's voices ca o n f cl osely cooperat n be collected talking, etc, to e with children in different fo meet the uniq 's rms, such as d ue characterist friendly way to rawing, writin ics of differen collect children g an t d ch ild 's re opinions, we ca needs, and ther n. By using a m n encourage ch eby, understan ore, childd them better. ildren to tell m ore about thei r In that inspirin g m o rning, we exch other youth gr anged ideas w oups on the dev ith editors, soci elopment of th al workers, doct e children rela ors and ted social serv ices in the futu re. We hope that our power sh Kong into a m all make Hong ore friendly p lace for childre and grow happ n to live ily.


CE Candidate forum Althea Suen

As the chief executive election took place in raised for Hong Kong full swing, concerns ’s development from were people of different Ho w ev er, th os e w ho backgrounds. are th e fu tu re pros pe ct of th e cit y- ch neglected: neither ild re n w ere do we have the rig ht to vote, nor have ou projected to the cand r thoughts idates. Upon my honour , a precious golden which was to part opportunity came icipate in the foru to me, m of the CE cand by The Alliance fo idate election held r Children's Comm ission. As the repr Dream, I engaged esentative of Kids myself in the disc ’ ussions with Mr. other children or Ho Chun Yan and ganizations. This enabled me to in rights to Mr. Ho, as troduce children’ well as our goal to s found the committ affairs. ee of children’s

We were rewarded by Mr Ho's genuine support on the issue. Whether or not will Mr. Ho be appointed as the new CE , acknowledging the establishment of the committee of children’s affairs motivates us to stride towards our dream. Moreover, the sharings of other organizations during the forum had comprehensively broadened and deepened our understanding on various social problems in different aspects. Last but not least, we hope that this is not a just-for-once activity; instead, may it evolve and become the channel for the next CE to listen to the views of the children.

Roundtable Forum & Symposium for Child Protection in Chinese Societies

On 28th June 2012 Shelly Liang , the “Roundtable Societies”, organize Fo ru m & Sy m d by Department posium for Child of Social Work an Protection in Chin by NGOs includin d SocialAdministra ese g Against Child Ab tio n, us HK e, U and co-organize was held in Coun purpose of the foru d cil Chamber, Men m and the sympo gWah Complex, HK sium is to bring to review the curren U.The gether social, lega t research of child l and health profes maltreatment and collaboration in ch sionals to victimization, and ild protection. Kids to promote multid ’ Dream, represen was invited to be on isc iplinary te d by Poyan Cheng, e of the speaking pa Vicky Lee and Shel rties. ly Liang,

It w as a fr ui tf ul m or ni ng fo r al l participants of th th e e forum and Kids ’ Dream is no exception. Other than expressing th e importance of ad vo catin g ch ild rig ht s an d urgi ng fo r ch ild participation in ch ild-related policymaking, Kids’ Dream was also ab le to enhance the professionals’ aw aren es s of ch ild ’s ri gh t of pa rt ic ip at io n. In addition, we wer e delighted to ge t to know Ms Lee, president of Hong Kong Paedia tric Nurses Association and M s Wong, assistant community se rv ic es se cr et ar y fr om Tu ng Wah G ro up of H os pi ta ls , w ith w ho se fu tu re co lla bo ra tio n we sincerely look forw ard to.

D ur in g th e fo ru m , Ki ds ’ D re am m em be rs introd uc ed Ki ds ’ Drea m ’s wor k in ch ild pr ot ec ti on as a( n) pa rt ic ip an t, ad vo ca te , ed uc at or an d co lla bo ra to r. At th e sa m e ti m e, ou r m em be rs sh ar ed with the audience the challenges w e face w he n ad vo catin g fo r ch ild rig ht s, ho pi ng to ga in in re tu rn th e un de rs ta nd in g an d as si stan ce of prof es si on al s fo r ou r wor k. O ur si nc er ity an d devo tio n broke th e ic e and touched the he arts of every ‘grow nup’ present. They wer e not only moved by Kids’ Drea m ’s id ea of “c hi ld re n vo ic in g ou t fo r children”, but wer e also impressed by our members’linguist ic abilities demon st rated in the Q&A sessio n - to the extent th at they jokingly claimed th emselves inadequa te in comparison.


Kids' Dream 5th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony Vicky Lee Kids’ Dream 5th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony – “Kids’ Dream, Kiss Dream”, was successfully held on 20th August 2011 at the Salisbury YMCA of Hong Kong. We were very honoured to have Mr. Ho Kin Wah Arthur, former Deputy Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, to be our Guest of Honor of the ceremony. A few Legislative Councilors also showed their support by attending the ceremony. Members of our supporting agencies, which include Against Child Abuse, Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights, and Save the Children Hong Kong attended our big event to share our joy and happiness. Child Councilors from the Children’s Council 2011 Project, members of other children’s groups, parents and Kids’ Dream members also participated in this celebration event. The celebration was divided into 3 sessions – Introduction of “Kids’ Dream, Kiss Dream” 5th Anniversary celebration project and “Dear Me” letter writing campaign, Presentation of “Dear Me” video and “Let Our Dream Soar” dream collection ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the address by Mr. Arthur Ho along with the welcoming speech of Kids’ Dream member Hercules called upon our memories working together in the past 5 years to strive for a better environment for children growing up in Hong Kong. The presentation of “Dear Me” video helped to recall adults’ dreams in the past as well as children’s dreams towards their future. We hope to remind them that they have their right to embrace their dreams regardless of their background, gender and race.

At the same time, we introduced the “Dear Me” letter writing campaign with brief analysis of children’s dreams collected. We have received a total of 1,626 letters, of which 1,513 came from children and 100 came from adults. We also collected 13 guest letters who wrote through our invitation. For people who had submitted their letter, they will receive their own letter 5 years later through email. If you would like to find out more details of this campaign, please go to: Alas! The climax of the day – “Let Our Dream Soar” dream collection ceremony. Guests had first written down their dreams on the wishing cards and placed them inside the basket, which was attached with a number of balloons. The flying of balloons symbolised that our dreams could come true if we believe in them. We ended the ceremony with our birthday song to Kids’ Dream and photo-taking session in such a joyful atmosphere.


Dark World ●

Peter Wong In September, 2011, for the first time, Kids’ Dream members participated in “Dialogue in the Dark”, in which we experienced something that we would not expect. In the 75 minutes, Kids’ Dream members clearly understood the inconvenience and hardship that the visually impaired people are suffering more than anybody else. Since the moment we stepped into the world without light, facing the pitch black environment, we felt as if we have lost our eyesight which we have been relying on. Now, we were forced to rely on other senses of our body to survive. Towards the situation, the members’ first feeling was fear and unease.After a while, we stopped being scared. With the help of the staff guide and the support among members, we quickly adapted to the unknown environment and started to use our body senses to feel the world, just like the visually impaired. We started using our heart to see and feel the world. At the same time, through imitating the behavior of the visually impaired, the members started to understand how they positively blend into the community and lead a simple yet positive life. One more thing that the members learnt from the experience is that, not being able to see also makes the measurement of time vague. The members did not know how much time had passed before the end of the 75 minutes.

Ann Chan

Christmas Pa


Every Decem ber is not o the biggest nly a joyous informal gath month to th ering is to b It became a e world but e held every n oasis of ca also to Kids’ December – lmness for o merry festiv Dream, as o Kids’ Dream ur nerves in ity of Christm ne of ’s Annual Ch this hectic ci as. This year’ had hotpot ristmas Part ty when we s Christmas and exchang y. came togeth Party was he ed presents between old er to enjoy ld on the 30 among ours and new me th e th in the office elves as alw mbers. ays. It defin o f H K C C R , w itely enhance e W h at m a d e d our friend me feel mo member, we sh ip re in ti mate in this cared for ea gathering w ch other and dreams for ere the warm encouraged future, and e gre a sh ch other, just are Party made like a big fam etings among every me feel so to d about our expectatio ily. We talke ns towards uc continue ind d about our Kids’ Dream efinitely to cr hed, I wish Kids’ Dream ’s future. Such eate a bette m e m b e rs ’ Christmas hospitable a r Kids’ Dream nd helpful tr in every new adition will millennium.

Hiking Trip + Seafo

od dinner

To welcome mem bers who have se between old and Althena Lee ated for public ex new biscuits, the aminations and Members Networ on the Early-May en ha nce the bonding king Group (MN . A seafood mea ) organized an ou l was also organi ting gathering ze d by MN for all mem We first assembl be rs af te r th ed e hiking. at the Central Pi ferry fare betwee er and traveled n Lamma Island to Yu ng Sh ue an Wan by ferry. In Visiting Scheme d Central. Fortun fact, the to Outlying Island ately, we have su s 2012 held by th ccessfully applie Trainers so that e Transport Dep d for the we can be exem artment under th pted from the fa re. e help of our After our arrival , w e walked along th have stayed shor e Hiking Track to tly at "Grandmot SokKwu Wan. D her Tofu Dessert uring the journe " for a break and y, we W it h bl ue sk y a snack. an d w hi te cl ou ds , th e se a beautiful. Look an d th e m ou nt ing at the Electr ai n are m ore at icity Generator eventually reache s, trac ti ve an d en joying the hust d our destinatio le and bustle of n when twilight ca Lamma, we me. We all felt exha us te d and settled do take much time wn at the booked for our food to sea restaurant rig be ready. With had a nice chat ht away. It did no laughter and joyf with each other. t ulness, we starte Many photos ha anniversary activ d our meal and ve been taken w ities has also be hile an informal en held. meeting on 6th Our ferry left La m m a when darkness moon appeared covered the land upon us as if join . Coincidently, th ing our party. O tired faces. e bright and fu ur gathering even ll tually adjourned with smiley but


Orientation Camp Sally Wu Time flies, and shortly I was in Kids' Dream more than six months already. Recalling the enthusiasm to promote children's rights, I join Hong Kong’s first children-led organizations - Kids' Dream. Kids' Dream members also prepared an orientation camp to let new members integrate into the Kids’ Dream family more easily. The variety of this year's orientation camp activities was great, including group games and simulation marketplace. These games helped introduce us to the work of different working groups. I believe that the river-crossing game is the most unforgettable. The River-crossing game appears to be a childish stuff, it is simply using limited materials to send the crew to the other side. But the River-crossing game of Kids’ Dream was special. In the process of crossing the river, each group often tried to beat other groups. We tried to figure out a way which we could use the resources best, in order to achieve the best crossing time. But was that really the fastest time? In the game, the resources of each group was limited. But if we worked together as a team, combining the resources of each group, limited becomes sufficient. It turned out that the time needed to transport everyone is faster that the fastest group by twice. The River-crossing game also brings out the aim of Kids' Dream’s works : "We work as a whole.". We work towards the same goal, to promote children's rights, voice and work for children. Regardless of age, regardless of their background, regardless of old and new members, we are one. Although our strength is limited, through collaboration, we have greater power, let us work together for the Rights of the Child and extend our belief to every corner.

Retreat Camp Kathy Man The once-a-year Retreat Camp of Kids’ Dream was held on the 27th and 28th of August in 2011 at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. In its fifth year, we reviewed the past year's work, and get prepared to meet the challenges of the coming year, one after another.

Our fifth anniversary celebration, “Kids’ Dream.Kiss Dream” was successfully completed on August 20. In this event, we formed four special working group, but because of the shortage of manpower, together with the fact that some of our members need time to keep up with Kids’ Dream works after their On-leave period, workload was shouldered by a small number of members, which led to errors in the activities. In the coming year, we will distribute manpower more evenly and monitor work progress closer so as to improve efficiency. The Members Networking Working Group will also be hold activities after public examinations to encourage more On-leave members to return to Kids' Dream to work together and deepen their understanding and to consolidate Kids’ Dream as a family. I n t h e c o m i n g y e a r, w e w i l l encounter greater challenges. About half of the Kids' Dream members will be Onleave to face the public examinations while part of other members of the age of 18 or above. Therefore, we will reduce the workload of the part of the working group members and concentrate on several important programs in the coming year and the activities of the sixth anniversary. As long as we unite and encourage each other, we could work together to overcome the difficulties.


Crew List: Editor: Bob Ho Art Editors: Rain Yung、Peter Wong Authors:Hercules Lai、Li Cheuk Ying、Althea Suen、Amy Li、Cyrus Chiu、 Vivian Li、Mamie Lee、Jason Lau、Ann Chan、Peter Wong、 Althena Lee、Kathy Man、Sally Wu、Vicky Lee、Shelly Liang、 Bob Ho Translators: Hercules Lai、Li Cheuk Ying、Shelly Liang、Vivian Li、 Jason Lau、Jessie Wong、Vito Ho、Charmaine Ho、 Theodora Wong、Brian Kwok、Victor Wong、Vicky Lee、 Hinson Ngai Contact Us: Telephone: (852) 2324 9782 Fax: (852) 2324 9804 Email: Post address: 3/F, Western District Community Centre, 36A Western Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Kids' Dream Newsletter 2012 English  

Kids' Dream Newsletter 2012 English

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