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June 8th, 2009

Published by: kidschlocko

KID SCHLOCKO - ISSUE ONE/6-8-09 Welcome to the wild world and rantings of a wannabe new media pulpster! SOMETIMES IT'S BETTER TO BE HATED THAN IGNORED June 3rd, 2009

Just click here and read on . (via Pulp 2.0 )


If anyone is interested in writing for the Sci Fi channel check out their screenplay structure found here . Also if anyone out there has any links to any more Sci Fi Channel scripts drop me an email at kidschlocko (at) yahoo.


Looking for something to listen to this weekend that is hip, packed with adventure, and retro in a good way? Look no further. Decoder Ring Theatre and Bill Cunningham has what you need. From Decoder Ring Theatre : From New Pulp Media Baron Bill Cunningham comes this thrilling tale of adventure in 1940's Hollywood! Since the dawn of time, mankind has been protected by the shadow warrior known only as The Knightmare. The Master of Fear, he uses his uncanny powers in the defense of justice. But can even The Knightmare resist the sinister powers of Hitler's elite super-soliders... the Murder Legion Download it today and welcome to the world of New Pulp Media.

A SPIN ON THE WORD PULP May 28th, 2009

Do you want to know what a script for the Sci Fi Channel looks like? Well after digging around on the intertubes I have found one. It's for the film DEVIL ON THE MOUNTAIN which aired on the channel as SASQUATCH MOUNTAIN . Here is the link to a pdf version of the script. (big tip of the hat to Sci Fi Scripts ). Did you notice how the title change worked? That is a pure example of pulp filmmaking; always give the title of your films more kick and let it tell the audience what it's about.

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June 8th, 2009

Here's a new way to read in the bathroom; Koji Suzuki, the man behind films such as THE RINGU and DARK WATER , has come out with a new novella. However, what makes it unique is that the entire thing is printed in a roll of toilet paper. This is certainly puts a whole new meaning to the word pulp. The plot is related to Japanese superstitions that evil spirits are lurking in the bathroom similar to the Bloody Mary urban tales here in the States. More details can be found here . (h/t to My Ghoul Friday )


Published by: kidschlocko

Download and listen to tons of FLASH GORDON radio serial episodes here . Nuff' said. Check out the audiobook THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES: ESCAPE here . Free membership required. (NSFW).


It's fiction at the speed of light. Details here and here and some examples here and here . Also it can be found here . Already the brain is cooking up a scheme or two.

TOOLS THAT YOU NEED April 27th, 2009

May 26th, 2009

Big tip of the hat to New Media Guru Bill Cunningham over at Pulp 2.0 for discovering this link. It's a Wikispace which lists a large assortment of digital tools that you must have in your New Media toolbox. This is the one link that will help you get that pulp idea of yours out quicker and cheaply. Check it out here . I'm thinking of taking the script that I'm working on and rewriting it two more times. This way I can have three scripts that can work with three different budget levels. It's not the first time it's been done. I've heard of other screenwriters doing the same. My reasoning is that if I can't get the budget that I want I would have at least two back-up plans to make same movie but cheaper. I'll let you know how it works out in the end. For those wanting to know more updates on the script or what I'm up to don't forget to follow me on Twitter .

FREE PULP: 5-22-09 May 22nd, 2009

I'm a bit busy these days so have some free pulp for your weekend: Download and watch THE GREEN HORNET serial from 1940 here - it's free and legal.

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The Zine of Kid Schlocko - Issue One  

Another test of the digital zine version of my blog Kid Schlocko.

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