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un As the series unfolds, the Friendeshans will travel to Earth, where they will work their pozzi-power on our planet, unseen by humans. For any child who has ever been bullied or picked on, the Friendeshans are like loyal, invisible friends they can carry with them in their imaginations. With the Friendeshans around, every child has a friend!


Meet the Friendeshans, a lovable race of beings who spread friendship and positive energy throughout the galaxy! In this first book of an inspiring new series, the Friendeshans encounter the Oily Spoilies, creatures that thrive on meanness and negativity. What will happen when an Oily Spoily spy gets aboard the Friendeshans’ ship?!

Cranky Case Gork


Planet Spoily

Planet Friendesha


Diver Dylan

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Becky Boo

Flyin’ Ryan

Scott | Wolfendon | Boone

Danny Do

Summer Sky Jumpin’ John Jolly Joe

Momma Mo

Powerful Paige Eva Diva

Author Joe Scott Co-Author Andy Wolfendon

Illustrated by R. Boone



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The Friend Ship

Friendesha book 1

Friendesha Media, Inc.

ISBN 978-0-9894974-0-4 Printed in the United States of America by Hillcrest Media Group

Library of Congress Control Number: 2013941255

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Author Joe Scott Co-Author Andy Wolfendon Illustrations by R. Boone


This book is dedicated to my children, my grandchildren, and all children, now and in the future. I hope it instills in them a good foundation for a happy and positive life.

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Way, way far away, deep in outer space, spun a clean, green planet named Friendesha where all creatures lived together as friends.

This planet was home to the Friendeshans, the happiest beings in the galaxy. They were bursting with pozzi-power – that’s the positive, loving energy inside every living thing.


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The Friendeshans had so much pozzi-power they had to give it away! And so they built a pozzi-powered Friend Ship, the F.S. Friendesha.

The crew of the F.S. Friendesha traveled all around the galaxy, looking for sad and droopy planets that needed just a little bit of extra pozzi-power. 4.

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And when they found one, they would go to work.

A Friendesha is a special spark that lights up all the pozzi-power that’s hiding inside someone.

They’d hide in logs, bogs, and bushes, and whenever they saw a grim or grumpy creature, they’d pop out and give it a “Friendesha” with their glowing, humming wands. 5. Download Full Book Buy for $12.39

It can put a grin on the grumpiest grizzle-rat!



On another planet, called Oily Spoily, lived a different kind of creature. The Oily Spoilies also traveled about in space. But they had used up all of their planet’s food and water and turned it into an inky, stinky trash-pit.

The Spoilies’ favorite sport was squirting Spoily Oil on peaceful creatures and watching them turn crabby and cranky.

Now they cruised around the galaxy looking for new planets to spoil.


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Friendesha Non Fiction Books for Kids  

The Friend Ship Friendesha is a new adventure book for kids; it is an agreeable and agreeable apprehend in its own right. Full of arbitrary...

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