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Living with Young Children: Problems & Solutions By Dr. Kathy Siepak, UTPB 552-2167 April 14-20, 2013, is the Week of the Young Child. It’s time to let people know how special babies, toddlers and preschoolers are. We want young children to be safe, happy and smart. But children can be difficult to live with, sometimes. Their curiosity, energy and need for attention can drain any parent’s patience. But the “Early years are learning years,” so you want to keep your child’s brain active and engaged. Here are some ways to not only manage problems, but actually give your child’s development a boost. Problem: Haircut Experiments Children cannot control their impulses or ignore their curiosity. Scissors left out tempt them to try cutting their own hair or to snip interesting materials such as sofas and curtains. Children do not do these things to be mean or to ruin your house. They do it because they are intensely curious (a sign of intelligence!) and cannot control their impulses. Yet they need to cut, glue, and draw—with your supervision.

Solution: Put scissors in plastic jars. Put art supplies such as scissors, markers, glue, and paint sets in large, clear plastic jars (like from peanut butter or spaghetti sauce). Choose jars that have wide lids that are hard for little hands to open. That way, children can see the art supplies, but cannot open the jar to use them without an adult to supervise. Set the jars on a low shelf or in a basket on the floor. If you hide scissors, markers and glue in a drawer or cabinet, children forget about them, so they do not ask to use them. If they can see the art supplies in the jar, they will ask to use them. Problem: Getting into things Children are constantly exploring their environment. If you give them safe, appropriate toys, then they will stay out of trouble. They will also develop their cognitive (thinking) skills. However, it’s best to avoid using electronic devices that play videos and games. Continued on page 31.

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Easter EGG-Stravaganza Saturday, March 30✿10:30am-1:00pm ✿ Easter Egg Hunts ✿ Cotton Candy ✿ Hot Dogs ✿ Crafts ✿ Popcorn ✿ Jumpers

✿ Face Painting ✿ Bible Story ✿ Door Prizes!

Presented by First Christian ChurCh (disCiPles oF Christ)

at Hill Park Cuthbert and G Street


The Ultimate Resource for Permian Basin Parents Publisher Michelle Martinez Creative Director Therese Shearer Contributing Writers Dr. Kathy Siepak UTPB

Kids Korner Magazine, The Ultimate Resource For Permian Basin Parents, is now in its fifth year of connecting families with the products and services they need.


e are so blessed to have the opportunity to bring you this fun publication, full of products, services, activities, and information that parents can really use! This issue also has several great services just for MOMS! Be sure and call on those that help us bring Kids Korner to parents! Please help us welcome new contributing writer Dr. Kathy Siepak, UTPB assistant professor of Early Childhood Education. Be sure and read her articles on pages 2 and 31 and 20-21.

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WIN A FREE End of School Year DINNER FOR 4 and Jumping Party Passes for the Kids from Kirby! Kirby the Kind Giraffe, our mascot, has asked us to give one lucky family a night out of fun to celebrate the school being out for summer. Just join us on Facebook at Kids Korner Permian Basin. Then send us a message that says: "Kids Korner Reader". Your name will go in a drawing to win. One Lucky Winner will be announced on May 31! We will message you.


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Jennifer Hendricks Hair Stylist Redken Specialist Call for your appointment today!

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and Your Child’s Teeth As soon as teeth appear in the mouth, decay can occur. One of the risk factors for early childhood caries (sometimes called baby bottle tooth decay or nursing mouth syndrome) is frequent and prolonged exposure of a baby’s teeth to liquids, such as fruit juice, milk or formula, which all contain sugar. Tooth decay can occur when a baby is put to bed with a bottle. Infants should finish their naptime or bedtime bottle before going to bed. Because decay can destroy the teeth of an infant or young child, you should encourage your children to drink from a cup by their first birthdays. Many training cups, also called sippy or

tippy cups, are available in stores. Many are "no spill" cups, which are essentially baby bottles in disguise. "No spill" cups include a valve beneath the spout to stop spills. However, cups with valves do not allow your child to sip. Instead the child gets liquid by sucking on the cup, much like a baby bottle. This practice defeats the purpose of using a training cup, as it prevents the child from learning to sip. Don’t let your child carry the training cup around. Toddlers are often unsteady on their feet. They take an unnecessary risk if they try to walk and drink at the same time. Falling while drinking from a cup has the potential to injure the mouth. A training cup should be used temporarily. Once your child has learned how to sip, the training cup has achieved its purpose. It can and should be set aside when no longer needed.


For sipping success, carefully choose and use a training cup. As the first birthday approaches, encourage your child to drink from a cup. As this changeover from baby bottle to training cup takes place, be very careful: • what kind of training cup you choose • what goes into the cup •how frequently your child sips from it • that your child doesn't carry the cup around Talk to your dentist for more information. If your child has not had a dental examination, schedule a "well baby checkup" for his or her teeth. The American Dental Association says that it is beneficial for the first dental visit to occur within six months of the appearance of the first tooth, and no later than the child’s first birthday.

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Why use The Jeaneen Pruitt Team? Because we believe our clients are awesome! Jeaneen Pruitt is a Real Estate Broker. She has been helping clients with their real estate needs for 13+ years. As one of Midland’s top agents she designed the team approach to better serve her clients. When you hire The Jeaneen Pruitt Team you will experience the full team concept; You will be introduced to each team member and assured that we are all here to work for you! Think about that‌ 5 agents plus staff all ready to go to work for you! Our team is designed to help clients with the entire buying/selling process, ensuring that things go as smoothly as possible. Our team style makes sure our clients come first. When you hire one of us you get the whole team!



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Keeping Kids & Teens

The teen years bring plenty of changes for students, as well as new worries for parents. Smoking is at the top of that list for many parents. Every day in the U.S., approximately 3,600 children between the ages of 12 and 17 start smoking cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). That number has plenty of parents looking for ways to help keep their children from starting, too. There are a number of influences that get young people to start smoking, including: • Having friends, peers or parents who use tobacco. • Linking smoking with a positive social image and bonding with a peer group. • Seeing tobacco use as a transition to adulthood. • Underestimating the health consequences of tobacco use. • Not understanding that the nicotine in tobacco is addictive. • Low self-esteem. • Lacking skills to resist influences.

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• faMilY MediCiNe • JuVedeRM • COOlSCulPtiNG • MaSSaGe • BOtOx • faCialS 4410 N. Midkiff | Suite d6 | MidlaNd


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What keeps kids and teens from smoking? One of the biggest influencers is having strong parental support. Having conversations about the issue really does have an impact on teens' decisions about tobacco use. Here are some tips for talking to your teen: Keep the lines of communication open. Talk on a regular basis. The more you talk about a wide range of issues with your child, the easier it is to talk about specific topics such as tobacco. In general conversation, emphasize all the things your child does well rather than things they don't do well. And demonstrate respect for your child's opinions. Show you're listening and ask follow-up questions. Talk, don't lecture. Discussions will be received far better than a monologue from you. Here are some conversation starters: • "I understand you've been talking in school about peer pressure and the health consequences of tobacco use. Tell me about some of the things you've learned." • If you see smoking portrayed in the media, say "I wonder why the director had that guy light up a cigarette in the last scene. What do you think?" • If you and your child see a young person smoking, use it as an opening by saying something like, "How much tobacco use are you seeing in your school? I wonder if it's the same as when I was your age." Talk about health consequences. They need to know what actually can happen to them. • Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the most dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke, besides nicotine, are tar and carbon monoxide. NIDA also states that tar causes lung cancer, emphysema, and bronchial diseases, and that carbon monoxide causes heart problems. • According to NIDA, health risks can be immediate, affecting breathing, for example.


And addiction can occur after smoking as few as 100 cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Another influencer for adolescents is having a school program that teaches them to identify the social influences of tobacco use, and that teaches them refusal skills. That's why many middle schools use the free supplemental teaching materials known as Right Decisions Right Now (RDRN), a program sponsored by R. J. Reynolds. RDRN helps educate students about the risk of using tobacco products, helps them build good decision-making skills, and gives them ways to handle peer pressure. The program is available in an easyto-use, digital format, which lets educators, community youth groups, and anyone concerned about reducing youth tobacco use utilize the free materials. Learn more about the program, and find more parent resources, at

Karate•Judo•JuJitsu Kenpo•Kung Fu Adults & kids ages 3 & up

CONFIDENCE | RESPECT | COURAGE DISCIPLINE | LEADERSHIP 3205 W. Cuthbert Ave. | Midland 5000 E. University | Odessa

432-488-7467 | 432-894-9611


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hooping Cough Pregnant Moms, Family Members Can Protect Babies by Getting Pertussis Vaccine Now Most doctors take pains to placate janglynerved parents who hover over their babies and pack them off to the ER for every run-of-the-mill sniffle or rash. But right now there’s a very realand rising- health threat that’s even more serious than most realize and deserves every bit of vigilance and preventive care we can lavish on it: pertussis, also known as whooping cough. Pertussis is a bacterial disease characterized by coughing fits and choking. It sometimes progresses to pneumonia, brain damage or even death. Because newborns and infants are too young to get pertussis shots, the job of protecting them falls upon the grownups in their lives. By getting vaccinations themselves they can provide a safe “cocoon” for a baby. Rachel Wiseman of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) explained that, “Although pertussis isn’t usually serious for adults it can make breathing impossible for babies. As a pregnant mother, the safest way to protect your newborn is to make sure you get the vaccine before your baby arrives. By protecting yourself, you reduce the risk of your infant being exposed to this contagious disease. “It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone who’ll be around the baby- family members, caregivers or anyone else in the home- receives the vaccine.” Here’s what DSHS wants us all to know about protecting the youngest Texans from pertussis: Women should receive TDaP- a combination vaccine that protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis- every pregnancy, preferably at 27 to 36 weeks gestation. If you don’t get it while pregnant, do so in the hospital right after you have the baby. It’s safe to breastfeed after vaccination,

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and protection may be passed in breast milk. Family members and others who’ll be around the baby should get a TDaP shot at least two weeks before the baby is born, or as soon afterward as possible. Babies can get the TDaP vaccine once they’re two months old, then again at four and six months. That protects them until they get their third dose at six months. TDaP vaccine is safe for adolescents and adults, including pregnant women and their developing infants. It’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Academy of Family Physicians. Pertussis starts off like a cold, often with a runny nose and a worsening cough. If the cough lingers, see your doctor- especially if you expect to be around a very young infant. “Share the facts about pertussis with your family members and close friends,” Wiseman said. “Once they know that pertussis can be life threatening for newborns, they’ll understand why it’s important to get the vaccine before they come in contact with your baby. When you talk to your doctor, ask about scheduling your vaccination.” TDaP vaccine is widely available at doctors’ offices, hospitals, local health clinics and pharmacies. DSHS has more information in English and Spanish for both families and doctors at and

Taryn Stinson Independent Scentsy and Grace Adele Director

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Warning signs of

Bullying There are many warning signs that may indicate that someone is affected by bullying—either being bullied or bullying others. Recognizing the warning signs is an important first step in taking action against bullying. Not all children who are bullied or are bullying others ask for help. It is important to talk with children who show signs of being bullied or bullying others. These warning signs can also point to other issues or problems, such as depression or substance abuse. Talking to the child can help identify the root of the problem.

Bingham Center dance | parent & me | tumbling | adults & kids | dance | parent & me | tumbling | adults & kids

The place you start dance... the place you stay...

Bring'em to Bingham! now accepting new students. family friendly location limited class sizes closed monitor tv viewing sprung dance floors ages 2 thru adult dance | parent & me | tumbling | adults & kids | dance | parent & me | tumbling | adults & kids


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Signs a Child is Being Bullied Look for changes in the child. But be aware: not all children who are bullied exhibit warning signs. Some signs that may point to a bullying problem are: • Unexplainable injuries • Lost or destroyed clothing, books, electronics, jewelry, or other items • Frequent headaches or stomach aches, feeling sick or faking illness • Changes in eating habits, like skipping meals or binge eating. Kids may come home from school hungry because they did not eat lunch. • Difficulty sleeping or frequent nightmares • Declining grades, loss of interest in schoolwork, or not wanting to go to school • Loss of friends or avoidance of social situations • Feelings of helplessness; decreased self-esteem • Self-destructive behaviors such as running away from home, harming themselves, or talking about suicide If you know someone in serious distress or danger, don’t ignore the problem. Get help right away. Signs a Child is Bullying Others Kids may be bullying others if they: • Get into physical or verbal fights • Have friends who bully others • Are increasingly aggressive • Get detention or sent to the office often • Have unexplained extra money or new belongings • Blame others for their problems • Don’t accept responsibility for their actions • Are competitive and worry about their reputation or popularity Why don't kids ask for help? Statistics from the 2008–2009 School Crime Supplement show that an adult was notified in only about a third of bullying cases. Kids don’t tell adults for many reasons: • Bullying can make a child feel helpless. Kids may want to handle it on their own to feel in control again. They may fear being seen as weak or a tattletale.


• Kids may fear backlash from the kid who bullied them. • Bullying can be a humiliating experience. Kids may not want adults to know what is being said about them, whether true or false. They may also fear that adults will judge them or punish them for being weak. • Kids who are bullied may already feel socially isolated. They may feel like no one cares or could understand. • Kids may fear being rejected by their peers. Friends can help protect kids from bullying, Remember, Kids! and kids can Kirby says, fear losing this support. “Don’t Be

A Bully, Be A Buddy!”

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To find out how to reach your health goals or about other opportunities, call or visit my website today!



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Join th

Hey, Kids! Welcome to

Kirby’s Korner! Hope you have



How to Join:

You join automatically every time you wash your hands! This issue's word:


The noun squad means a team or crew that work together. My squad was in charge of cleaning the playground.

Try to use the word squad in a sentence when talking with your friends and family members.

Sunday Morning Service 10:30am Pastor Braden Conner

4400 N. Midland Dr. | Cornerstone Shopping Center


Pastor Braden, Leann, Ryleigh & Suzanna Conner

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Find the words by looking up, down, backwards, forwards, sideways and diagonally.

Toddler Tech and


Explore. Imagine. Create. Connect. Give Back.



Book Fairs Home Parties Online Parties Events & More!



, t are ente r s e i b a c dc



0 t il c h p m e n -6 00 t. l o 685 W. Wall S ve 1 432

111 Midland


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How many hands and bubbles can you find on the puzzle pages?

Clean hands are


Find your way along the soapy trail from the bottle to the hand.

w w w. k i d s ko r n e r f a m i l y m a g . c o m


Now that your hands are nice and clean, they could use a little exercise. Try these:

Spread your fingers out as far as possible. Feel that s-t-r-e-t-c-h? Now squeeze them into two tight fists. Repeat 10 times.

Someone put too much detergent in the washing machine, and now your town is getting covered in soapsuds! Describe the scene.

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Reach your hands up, up, UP as high as you can. Now bend and reach for your toes. Repeat 10 times.

Extend your arms straight out, level with your shoulders. Slowly start twirling your arms in a circular motion. Spin them faster and faster for 60 seconds.

Free, personal answers to your adoption questions. Hold your hands out in front of you. Reach over your shoulders and pat your back for 30 seconds. Cross your arms and try again. Do this for 30 seconds. You deserve a pat on the back!

Domestic Adoption Services: Adoption education classes Adoptive child placement Home study services • Post placement reports • Ongoing follow-up and support. • •


Helping women. Helping children. Helping families.


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Fun Family Events Blue Man Group April 30th-May 2nd at Wagner Noel The Addams Family May 23rd at Wagner Noel I-20 Wildlife Preserve Admission is Free, Opens at 8am Visit online at or call them at 1-866-97PLAYA for more information.

Easter Egg Hunt/Kite Flying Contest Sunday, March 31, 2013, 2-3pm Free & open to the public for children ages 2-12 years old, free candy & prizes, must bring your own Easter basket VFW Post 4372 432-366-5881, 208 East VFW Lane, Odessa Yo Gabba Gabba Live! Get the Sillies Out March 13th at Wagner Noel

We greatly appreciate your business... Have you called Blakely lately?

Three great, no-cost programs designed for families who are expecting their new arrival, have newborns, or young children up through the age of 5! • Parents as Teachers • Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters • Nurse-Family Partnership

Blakely Insurance agency Tiffany Blakely

2600 W. Kansas | Ste. A | Midland


To learn more, call

432-552-2160 or 432-552-2162

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Midland Rockhounds Season starts April 11th Family Science Night: “Amazon Adventure” at the Petroleum Museum May 2, 6:30pm-8pm, FREE Admission Pre-school art lovers who also enjoy stories are invited to visit the Museum’s ArtHaus for story time and make-and-take art activities the first Wednesday of each month from 10-10:30am and repeated at 2-2:30pm Story time is geared for children ages 3-5 at the Ellen Noel Art Museum. An adult must accompany children. For more info, call 432-550-9696. Tots and Tales Midland County Public Library, 9:30am, usually Mondays Call 432-688-4320 for more information. Story Time Midland County Public Library, Tuesday at 10am Call 432-688-4320 for more information. Nature Walks Monday mornings at 9am Sibley Nature Center welcomes parents and children on a nature walk along the trails. Friday mornings at 9am, senior citizens are invited to the nature walk (walkers and 3-wheeled chairs permitted, 6-seat golf cart available).


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Appettite Control and Energy Mention this ad and get a free gift with purchase!

Elissa Medina-Bancroft Serving the Permian Basin area

432.816.6785 432.935.1524

Evaluation, Consultation & Treatment

Speech, Language & Behavior Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy Target behaviors included but not limited to: Tantrums, Impulsivity, Self-Injurious Behaviors, Toilet Training, Communication, & Task Engagement. Specialized for children with Autism, but open to ALL children.

Communication Disorders Including: Language, Articulation, Stuttering, Tongue Thrust, Down Syndrome, Voice, Neurological Disorders, Autism, Drooling, & Feeding Issues.

We also offer Certified Dyslexia Tutoring.

Amanda Quine, Ed.D., Behavior Specialist

3300 North A St. | Bldg. 7 | Ste. 260 | In Midland next to Mr. Gatti’s



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Home Visits Offer Help to Parents of Young Children New UTPB Program Focuses on Early Childhood to Give Ector County-Area Children Best Chance for Life Success Whether showing moms and dads how to teach simple math to their preschooler or educating pregnant women about proper diet, the Texas Home Visiting Program staff are visiting the homes of Ector County parents as part of a free service to promote the health and well-being of young children, with the ultimate goal of helping children be ready for kindergarten. According to Program Director and UTPB Early Childhood Education Professor Dr. Kathy Siepak, “Early experiences in the home make a big difference in health, social-emotional development, language and thinking skills.” Siepak further notes that “research has shown that children who participate in high quality, evidence-based home visiting programs enter kindergarten more ready to learn than children who did not participate in home visiting.” Ector County is one of only 7 Texas counties to be awarded funding for Home Visiting from the Texas Health and Human Services Commis-

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Baby Biz The Ultimate Baby Store Your one stop shop for everything baby.

Baby Biz

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Join us on Facebook: Baby Biz

4703 N. Midkiff | Midland


w w w. k i d s ko r n e r f a m i l y m a g . c o m sion. Both UTPB and Star Care Health Services received funding. There are three separate programs, each based on the age of the child at enrollment. The UTPB School of Education operates the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program which enrolls women who are in the later stages of pregnancy or who have children up to age 3. UTPB also contracts with Greater Opportunities in the Permian Basin to operate the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) for families with children ages 3-5. The Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) program is administered by Star Care Health Services and is available for income-eligible, first-time mothers-to-be who are less than 28 weeks pregnant. All three programs encourage fathers to participate. Home visitors are trained to provide parents with information, resources, and structured activities on such things as how to prepare for a new baby, how to use play as a teaching tool, and how to soothe a fussy infant. The frequency of visits can range from every week to once a month. There is no charge for the program, and parents are provided with information and teaching resources, including age-appropriate books and educational activities, at every visit. For more information, please call the Texas Home Visiting Program at 552-2160.


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Piñatas by Missy


Custom piÑatas Perfect for special events, birthdays & more! Can make almost anything... Prices vary by size & shape...

Call for details!


Tuneful, Beatful, Artful Families Show your child you love them with interaction and connection... “Parent and Me” music classes for families with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Summer Sessions sign up starting June 3rd

Family Night

KC’s Nutty Roller Every Sunday from 7-9 pm


Admission + Skate Rental

1004 A Andrews Hwy | Midland, TX



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participate and to discover. Apps that incorporate features like coloring and sound recognition will help your child's learning journey through active participation with the content. • Remember your purpose. Apps that inspire the imagination and spark kids' interest in learning will pay off greater in the long run than flashy programs that simply pass the time. For example, "Flashcard Beebee" features a fun-loving monkey that helps teach the ABCs with cute and colorful animations for each letter of the alphabet. • Look for apps that allow you to customize modes to fit your child's education level. Versatile options such as "read to me," "read by myself," "autoplay" and "games" allow you to create a more personalized experience. • Although your ultimate goal is education, don't forget to make your selections fun. This helps children develop a positive association with learning. Updated versions of classic tales like the "Groovy Story of the Tortoise and the Hare," "The Pig's Day" and "The Three Little Gators" will give your kids a chance to experience wellloved stories with a fun and modern twist. • Like any other shopping experience, when shopping for apps, shop for value. Apps that do double duty make your investment go further by teaching simul-

With so many e-books, apps and gadgets out on the market today, it's easier than ever to integrate learning into your child's play time. Relying on the right e-books and apps, you can help these early adopting, tech-savvy kids experience reading and fun, interactive learning like never before. From storybooks to educational games and apps, there are a number of options to choose from, and the countless titles can seem daunting. A creative e-bookstore and mobile platform such as BelugaBloo, that offers an expansive selection of beautifully animated interactive children's e-books, apps and games tailored to children up to age 12, can help you cut through the clutter and make smart selections. Here are some tips to find the right learning apps for your family: • Children learn best when they are engaged in the process. Focus on highly interactive apps that encourage kids to actively


e-le@rn i n for Kids

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taneous lessons. For example, "The Drip Drops," a series of e-books and interactive games, centers on art, color, reading and creativity while promoting basic problem solving and positive self-esteem. You can also find BelugaBloo titles in a variety of other languages, such as Spanish and Chinese, which also allows children to have fun exploring other languages. • Seek content that matches your child's personal interests. Use search functions to narrow down titles that focus on topics or activities that will capture his or her attention. "Lullaby Piano," for example, lets music lovers sing and learn how to play some of their favorite nursery rhymes and songs on a digital keyboard. • Check out the user comments. One of the greatest features of electronic content is the immediate access to user feedback. High marks from other parents make the odds strong that a particular piece of content will appeal to you and your children, as well. For additional interactive apps, educational titles and more, visit



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sc ence K

Can Be Fun!

ids are naturally curious and are full of questions about the world around them. Parents and teachers can help keep that curiosity alive by finding ways to make learning about science fun and engaging. Here are a few ideas that you can use to help your kids love learning about science. Fun Experiments Hands-on experiences help kids of all ages grasp concepts and retain information. There are online resources available to give you the tools you need to make hands-on learning a reality. For example, is a free website with lesson plans and interactive games for students in grades K-5 to explore basic bota-

ny and water conservation. Based on the classroom experience offered through the Memphis Botanic Garden, and created by TruGreen, features lesson plans by professional curriculum developers to meet National Education Standards. Students can personalize their own avatar and explore the educational site's interactive games and activities. The Water Ways environment features an interactive water filtration game with various difficulty levels and an educational character named Watershed Fred, who helps students learn more about where water comes from and what happens to it when it's out of sight. Learn more about it at Fun Field Trips Get some fresh air and a fresh look at nature by going outside. And don't restrict your field trips to sunny days only. You and your kids will be amazed at how different things appear when it's been raining or snowing. Where should you go to start digging into natural science? Your backyard • Collect leaf samples to identify, then use them to make a collage. • Use a magnifying glass to do some ground-level research. Examine insects, plant stems, tree bark, spider webs and interesting rocks. Have your child give an explorer's report on what he or she finds.

w w w. k i d s ko r n e r f a m i l y m a g . c o m Your neighborhood • Make a game out of identifying the different trees and bushes in the park. Take pictures and leaf samples to help you figure them out. • Go on a scavenger hunt to a stream or pond. Make a list of items to find: animal tracks, water insects, birds, frogs and toads, even snakes.

Water Quiz See how much you and your family know about water.


Your community • Visit the zoo. Before you go, have your child check out some library books about one or two of their favorite animals. They can learn some facts about those animals, then be in charge of teaching you about them when you see them at the zoo. • Natural history and science museums can be a fun way to learn about the world around you. Take advantage of tours, special exhibits and activities geared for children.

4. How much of Earth's available water is drinkable freshwater? A. 50 percent B. 3 percent C. 100 percent

1. Which is more- a cup of liquid water or a cup of frozen water? A. Cup of liquid water B. Cup of frozen water C. They are the same amount

5. What does water need in order to change into steam, vapor or humidity? A. Cold B. Wind C. Heat

2. What happens to rain that falls on a parking lot, other hard surface, or hard compacted soil? A. Runs off without being absorbed B. May pick up pollution C. May cause erosion D. All of the above are correct. 3. Lawns should be watered when the surface feels dry. A. True B. False

6. It is possible to pollute a small stream inside a watershed without polluting the rest of the watershed. A. True B. False 7. How much of the water we use is used outside? A. Half B. 75 percent C. 25 percent

8. How does nature make water clean? A. By filtration B. By the water cycle C. Both answers are correct 9. In the water cycle, what comes after evaporation? A. Condensation B. Collection C. Precipitation 10. Can just one person, family, school or community make a real difference in the quality of water in just one watershed? A. No B. Yes

Visit with your child for more activities and lessons and that show the importance of water in our environment.

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Water Quiz Answers 1. C. They are the same 2. D. All are correct 3. B. False- only when roots need water. 4. B. 3 percent

5. C. Heat 6. B. False 7. A. Half 8. C. Both are correct 9. A. Condensation 10. B. Yes

Scoring 9-10 points: Congratulations, watershed wizard! 6-8 points: Good job, watershed watchdog! 3-5 points: Room for improvement, but you're not a watershed wrongdoer. 1-2 points: You need a watershed wake-up call.


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make eating veggies

OUT of this

world One great way to get your kids to eat more vegetables... make it fun!

When Pinnacle Foods' Birds Eye Brand partnered with Nickelodeon's hit live-action series "iCarly" to launch the "iCarly iCook with Birds Eye" initiative, they asked kids to share ideas for a fun, silly veggie dish, and the response was a resounding success, revealing that kids have their own idea about what makes veggies both enticing and exciting. Generating 16 thousand wacky, out-of-this world recipe ideas from kids sparked enthusiasm about veggies among kids. The number one finding that sparked the most veggie-creativity was mixing and matching different vegetables and ingredients, with the majority of entries including a medley of colorful vegetable blends. A second finding showed that more than half of the submissions included bite-sized ingredients that are easy to enjoy and allow kids to eat with their hands. Who said getting your hands dirty was a bad thing? The kitchens at Birds Eye, led by Executive Chef Michael Christiansen, took cues from kids to create a special collection of kid-inspired recipes, including this recipe for Yakimaniac Veggie Martians, which uses Birds Eye Steamfresh products. And it's a perfect example of a kid-friendly way to serve vegetables. From assembly to devouring- kids can have fun creating their own custom extraterrestrial side dish or snack. For more kid-friendly recipes, serving ideas, tips and tools, visit

Yakimaniac Veggie Martians

Prep Time: 15 minutes | Cook Time: 15 minutes Makes 8 Servings

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1 bag (12oz.) Birds Eye Steamfresh Broccoli Florets or Cuts, cooked according to package 1 bag (12oz.) Birds Eye(r) Steamfresh Mixed Vegetables, cooked according to package 1 package (16.3oz.) refrigerated white or whole wheat biscuits (8 biscuits) 1 ½ cups shredded reduced-fat Swiss cheese ½ cup plain Greek style yogurt 3 ounces low-fat cream cheese, softened Green glitter icing gel Thin pretzel sticks Preheat oven to 375°F. In medium bowl, combine 1 cup broccoli florets and 2 cups mixed vegetables with Swiss cheese, yogurt and cream cheese, blending well. Separate biscuits in half into 16 pieces; roll or press each half into 4-inch rounds. On ungreased baking sheet arrange 8 rounds. Evenly top each with rounded ¼ cup vegetable mixture, leaving a ½-inch border. Top with remaining biscuit rounds. Press edges to seal. Brush each with glitter gel. Bake 15 to 17 minutes or until edges are golden brown. Decorate each "Martian" with reserved vegetables and serve with remaining vegetables.

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Continued from page 2. Children learn from touching, moving, actually playing with toys themselves instead of watching a colorful screen. Turn off the DVD player and keep the phone in your pocket! Solution: Pack a backpack. Whenever you go somewhere, especially a place where your child will have to wait for a while (doctor’s office, business appointment), help her pack a small backpack or bag with 4 small toys and 2 books. Help her choose toys that will be appropriate for the place you’re going. For example, you wouldn’t pack a jump rope if you’re going to the doctor’s office, but that would be a great toy for a trip to the park. Later, when it’s time to go home, you know how many toys she brought and can help her find them all. An added benefit is that it’s clearly time to leave when all the toys have been picked up and packed into the backpack. This will cut down on temper tantrums when a tired child does not want to go home. Problem: Wild Child at Aunt Sophia’s House Sometimes you have to take your child to a place that is not child-proofed. You may want to sit and visit with a friend, or listen to a speech, or watch a sporting event. Young children cannot sit quietly for as long as you can, so they may get into trouble if they have nothing to do and nowhere safe to play. Solution: Create a play space Take a large blanket and the backpack of toys with you. Spread the blanket on the floor in a safe area where you can supervise your child. The blanket gives him a visual and physical boundary that is familiar to him and that you know is safe. By giving him a choice between sitting with you and sitting on the blanket, you are giving him practice in making decisions, helping him feel independent and fostering cooperation. Here’s how to make it work: When you get to the event, ask your child to help you spread out the blanket. Sit with your child for a little while at first and get him involved in play. Make sure you give him something interesting to play with (like his backpack and a packet of paper with crayons). Explain that he can either stay on the blanket or sit with you. If your child wanders off the blanket, calmly get up and sit on the blanket with him again, or ask him to sit with you in your chair for a while. In a few minutes, give him a choice to play on the blanket or stay with you. If he’s ready to go back to the blanket, take him there and get him involved in another activity. Check on your child frequently. Smile and give a ‘thumbs up.’ Tell him that when he stays on the blanket, you know he’s safe and you can visit with Aunt Sophia or watch the game. The first few times that you create a play space like this for your child, keep your visits brief, no more

w w. k i dminutes. s ko r n e If r f he a msimply i l y m awon’t thanw30 – 45 cooperate, 31 pick up the blanket and leave. Do this without anger, just an explanation, “We have to leave because you didn’t stay on the blanket.” When you consistently expect your child to either sit quietly with you or play on the blanket, your child will gradually be able to entertain himself for longer periods of time. More hints: Lots of Blank Paper Pack a stack of plain white paper (such as copy paper), some crayons and pencils in a clear plastic envelope. Keep it handy to grab when you’re going out the door. Older children can add markers, scissors and glue sticks. Why this is important: Children who draw their own pictures are constantly solving problems, which makes them smarter. They have to figure out how to draw a tree and the sky and the ground. If they are just filling in the pictures in coloring books, their brains are not challenged. You can ask your child to tell a story about his drawing and write what he says on the pictures (with your child’s permission!) Write the date and his age on the back, to keep as a treasure. If he draws a LOT of pictures, ask him to choose one to keep and one to give to Grandma, and then recycle the rest. He will learn to evaluate his own work and decide for himself what’s worth keeping and what was just fun to draw. Basket of Books Place a tub or basket full of board books on the floor in the living room, or wherever your family spends a lot of time. Maybe put one in your child’s bedroom, too. If you have a lot of books, you can just put 15 – 20 out at a time and then exchange them with different books in a couple of weeks to keep your child interested. When should you get a basket of books? As soon as your baby is born! Why this is important: When a basket of books is on the floor, even babies who aren’t walking yet can choose their own books. They can “read” them by themselves, or take them to an adult to ask for a story. When books are available, children choose to read them. However, you should turn off the TV wherever your child is playing. Loud commercials, music and flashing pictures can distract children and interrupt their play. It’s a good idea to have books handy, even for newborns. People who are not used to being around babies can look at simple board books with an infant. Older men are sometimes don’t know what to say or do with young ones. Focusing on a book gives the friend and baby something to do together. Even just talking about the pictures is important, if the book is written in a different language or if the person does not read well.

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