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Ariana, 7

KIDS COMPANY NEWSLETTER | Issue 13 | Winter 2011


Mr. Googly Woogly This is Mr. Googly Woogly, when he wiggles his arms no one can get close to him. He wigglles them around about really fast Kimoni, aged 7

Puppet created by Kimoni aged 7 for the Morley Gallery exhibition ‘Safe in our Hands’ held in October 2011. Children and young people from across Kids Company showcased their incredible talent at the art exhibition created with the education team at the Royal Academy.


Je Becky y of Arts dem a c A l a Roy

Welcome 4-5 Introduction 6-14 N  ews events and new projects

Kids Company at Downing street



Fashion Friday The Princess Project

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INTRODUCTION DEAR FRIENDS, I spent some time with a sevenyear-old in one of our playrooms. Without emotion, she explained that she would love to receive a present. When I explored a bit more, she disclosed that her mother keeps forgetting her birthday and has never managed to get her a gift. Realising that I might be alarmed by such a statement, she proceeded to protect her mother by saying “She works too hard, and she gets worried about lots of things.” This exchange is so typical of encounters at Kids Company: the tension between expressing a need that has been left unmet and sustaining loyalty to the carer who has failed to meet it. In the same week, I came across a teenager I had never come into contact with, but had heard about through our workers, who have been worried about her safety. I called out her name, and in a split-second, she burst into tears, repeatedly telling me “I can’t believe you know my name” as if, for years, she had been left undiscovered by someone’s kind welcome.

drugs. It’s the courage and loyalty of these children that takes away your breath. Equally inspiring is the kindness of our donors: the eighty-year-old monk who sent us his life savings of five thousand pounds; the seven-yearold girl who gave up her birthday party gifts so that our children could receive presents; the group of women all the way away in Germany who make children individuallydesigned cushions with their names on. It’s such a privilege to see the divide between need and possibility so beautifully bridged by human kindness. It’s true to say that, every day, Kids Company is strengthened by human miracles. I know you’re all fed up of me begging. I fully acknowledge that I am one big fat beg! But believe me when I tell you I have no choice. Just as I think we’ve sorted out our vulnerable children, new ones arrive to shock us all with the depravity they have endured.

So it’s Christmas, and it’s safe to say it feels as if I have swallowed a lead The poignancy we encounter at balloon of dread. We’re expecting Kids Company is often captured 3,500 children and vulnerable young by the simplest exchanges and people on Christmas Day, and will be wishes: children wanting a bed, or delivering food to a further 3,500 who pink bedsheets; kids who want toys, are living below the poverty line. In whose houses are devastated by fact, we’ve had to take over The Oval parental addiction, their possessions cricket ground because the number sold to dealers in exchange for is so big.

4 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

So as you do your Christmas, please can you include some of our kids in your planning? You can either send us a donation, or go to our John Lewis gift site and buy a present for a child (www.johnlewisgiftlist. com Click on ‘buy a gift’ and enter our gift list number 484121). If you start moaning about your Christmas duties, remember how much turkey and brussels sprouts we’ll have to cook. Happy to give you a sense of proportion! We need your donations: we may look posh and plush, but believe me: we’re rolling in filth and

entirely reliant on your pennies! Have I begged enough? For variety, I could do it in French! S’il vous plait – merci! Camila Batmanghelidjh, Chief Executive

If you want to help Kids Company during December – and believe me, we need it – please go to page 24 for our donation details

God knows how much I love you all! | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 5


Poverty Busting Campaign There are 1.5 million children being maltreated in Britain every year, according to international and national measures. Approximately 1.4 million children are living in severe poverty. The situation is crying out for some leadership. But in the meantime, Kids Company has created its own solution. With the amazing help of Samantha Cameron we are launching our own Child Poverty Busting Programme,

which will match 5,000 children with 5,000 poverty busting solutions, including practical support and mentors where appropriate. In the first year we expect to make £5million worth of volunteer time and resources available to our children. Special thanks go to Jo Malone, James and Beatrice Lupton, and Simon and Sally Borrows for their incredible financial and personal support, in launching our poverty busting programme.

‘I’ve been to see what they do at Kids Company and it’s brilliant because it is so simple. They give children all those vital things they are lacking at home, from the practical things like help with their homework to the emotional things like a cuddle or proper chat about how school’s going.’ Samantha Cameron 6 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |


Gala Dinner One night in October, 300 leaders in business and art met at Banqueting House in Whitehall for Kids Company’s Gala Dinner and Auction. The night was hosted by comedian Michael McIntyre, and Sotheby’s chairman Henry Wyndham presented the ‘money-can’t-buy’ auction items. Suspended from the ceiling, cardboard houses made by the children, depict the kind of homes they would like to live in. In the middle of the tables they placed furniture they wanted.

ou Thank y Intyre c M Michael g up for givin e to help your tim dren of the chil pany! Kids Com

With hundreds of children sleeping on the floor, a bed is something they dream of. Our current waiting list has some 160 children waiting for wardrobes, who are keeping clothes in bin liners. With the money we raised at the auction, we will make some simple wishes come true. A big hug to Paul Whitehouse for his help and our lovely development committee are to die for! | Autumn 2010 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 7

Coats Campaign 3,500 coats have been distributed as part of our Poverty Busting Programme in time for the winter.

“The kids were so excited, some of them wore their coat home from school, even though it was a hot, sunny day.�

Headteacher. 8 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

“I’ve never had a new coat” Dylan, 6 Photography by Chris Floyd | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 9


No Bullsh*t:

What Still Matters

to Every Child

The second Kids Company Conference took place in June. It was a huge success, with approximately 600 delegates attending. Some of the country’s leading professors and clinicians brought their expertise to share. The message was loud and clear: childhood maltreatment alters both brain structure and neurophysiological functioning. And the good news is that attachment protects against, and also repairs, damage caused. The Kids Company model of care was acknowledged as cutting edge and an exemplary way to deal with children and young people who present with complex trauma. The delegates who came from across the country felt exhilarated because the importance of their work in the community was being acknowledged. The hall was reduced to tears by a performance about gang violence, delivered by the young people of Chickenshed Theatre Company, whilst the comedian Judith Owen evidenced, through song, the legacy of childhood trauma in adulthood. The conference was chaired stylishly by Kate Silverton of the BBC. Guest Speakers

Prof Ian Goodyear, Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Cambridge Dr Eamon McCory, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, University College London Prof Pasco Fearon, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, University College London

Prof Alessandra Lemma, Director, Psychological Therapies Development Unit, The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust Frank Lowe, Adult Psychotherapist and Consultant Social Worker, The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust

10 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

“It was an incredibly special and inspiring day.” - Delegate | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 11


Kids Company Choir stars in BBC Proms When the children of Kids Company were taken through the basement of the Albert Hall, they were in awe of its size, believing that the dingy interiors were actually the hall itself. So imagine their surprise and awe when they walked into the Albert Hall itself and got the chance to perform as a choir of 150 children with an audience of 6000 people cheering them on. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t easy getting our lot to sit: they have PhD’s in agitation!

So it was all the more special for the BBC Proms to be giving inner-city children from deprived communities such an incredible opportunity. The kids performed alongside the cast from the Horrible Histories as well as the award-winning Aurora Orchestra. In preparation the children worked diligently for four months and on 30 July wowed their audience. A huge thank you to everyone who made it possible, you gave the children an experience they will always treasure.

“I wanted to cry when it finished – Elisa, 10

12 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |


Peace of Mind

As part of our ongoing Peace of Mind research programme, we are supporting a new PhD research project at the University of Portsmouth. The project aims to understand how best to help vulnerable children and young people avoid criminality, and to reduce reoffending for those already engaged in crime. Great Britain locks up more young people than any other European country, yet the crime rate is still one of the highest in Europe. Youth crime costs the economy up to £11 billion and around 75% of young people are reconvicted within a year of release. Something isn’t working! The study has assessed over 100 boys aged 1113 for social problem-solving skills. The results so far indicate that children with weaker skills are more likely to be involved with criminal behaviour. It appears that the most productive and positive young people are those who have a sense of direction, hope and some skill in problemsolving. This combination of needs is being explored further so that the findings can assist in strengthening existing preventative measures. We believe that this research will provide the evidence base needed to promote further investment and support for such work. If you would like to help us change the way vulnerable children are supported in the UK, please support our Peace of Mind campaign at | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 13


Changing the Law Kids Company works collaboratively with social care agencies, but unfortunately there are times when these agencies fail to meet their statutory obligations in relation to protecting vulnerable children and young people. Kids Company advocates alongside dedicated solicitors on behalf of kids. To date they have all resulted in successful outcomes, ensuring vulnerable children are safeguarded. A big thank you to the judges. However, more exciting is the fact that some of our cases have led to wider changes in the law. Most recently local authorities would only have to house and assess children up to the age of sixteen, leaving a lot of vulnerable 16-18 year olds homeless and without support. Due to a legal challenge initiated by Kids Company, all local authorities now have to assess and provide accommodation for vulnerable 16-18 year olds. Yippee! It is all thanks to our generous donors who keep our legal department funded.

14 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |


Residentials During the summer, while most children share the excitement of going away, vulnerable children dread the holidays. It’s the simple things, like no school lunches when your family is too short of money to guarantee you a consistent meal. 68% of children surveyed at Kids Company, described having no food available in their houses, and regularly going to bed hungry.

The kids totally love shrieking at the goats and are always won over by organic cooking. Our vans did thousands of miles up and down the motorway, packed with footballs, sleeping-bags, story books, paints and kites. They went all over the country to provide therapeutically structured holidays.

It is not an easy job: traumatised children often wet the bed, so we have an army of staff on sleeping bag wash duty every For some children, their disturbed morning, whilst negotiating kids who try and behaviours prohibit them from joining drown each other, poke, kick and burst into normal playschemes, where the staff tears. Every trial and tribulation is worthwhile dread their arrival and within days they when, after a few days the vulnerable child are permanently excluded. However, the emerges from these defensive behaviours, lovely staff at Kids Company treasure sharing hot chocolate, marshmallows and badly-behaved children and are brave bedtime stories. It’s the transformation enough to take hundreds of them on that keeps so many volunteers and staff residential trips. Sting and Trudie Styler coming back every year, despite acquiring annually give up their Wiltshire home for monumental bags under their eyes from the kids to camp in. lack of sleep. | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 15

s per nd hel a The aring hen w c d e wer ing an vour a h f g lau ask a help you y will the

Child’s quote

My favourite when thing was orse we went h t w d e wen riding an nd a h c a be to the ts of I found lo shells.

all photos were taken by Kids Company children who took part in the residential trips.

16 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

Fashion Friday Art Lab Every Friday at the Arches II, we help the children develop an original and creative relationship with fashion, rather than being dominated by the acquisition of brand names. The kids love showing off their creations. Photography by Wendy Bevan

I took the dress home that I made at Fashion Friday and when I showed my mum and my sister they said they never knew I could be so good or could do anything so good. Donneeshia 10, talking about her dream princess costume | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 17


Award-winning Kids Company Garden at Hampton Court It was wonderful to have teenagers working on a garden in Hampton Court, building it from scratch. Whilst some people clutched their handbags, believing these youths to be imposters, the young people delighted in feeling included and appreciated by the visiting public and the Hampton Court judges, who gave their garden the prestigious Silver Award. The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show was an inspired invitation, initiated by Bill Butterworth. The garden was named Frabjous Day, and was inspired by the Lewis Carroll poem ‘Jabberwocky’. ‘I thought this was an amazing project, not only did this help me develop and structure what I wanted to do with my future, it also gave me a great sense of personal achievement and growth. It gave me the opportunity to gain friends and work with other people outside of my normal friendship circle'. - Joel, 19 18 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

The National Portrait gallery teamed up with Kids Company’s Urban Academy to produce some fantastic self-portraits. They sent us the amazing photographer Tom Wichelow to help our young people take some beautiful pictures. More to come... | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 19


Update from the Treehouse The Treehouse is our centre in North London, made possible through a very generous donation by the band Coldplay, and a number of other funders including Bloomberg. Some of North London’s most vulnerable children are both educated and supported there. These are children who would not normally receive awards, so you can imagine their delight when we organized an award ceremony at the Tricycle Theatre for them.

spaces and the children put on a show, including Nelce’s beautiful singing and Alessadro’s amazing alternative breakdance moves!

Each child was given an award for their achievements, and some people were still wearing their medals at school the next day! After the ceremony we moved into one of the Tricycle’s studio

20 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |


Update on the Heart Yard L slaps me hard on the face over and over again and squeals with excitement. 8 year-old S lowers his voice to protect his sister when he mentions the devil. 7 year-old A got violent with the syringe toy in the doctor’s kit. 10 year-old C leaves his glasses here every week. 13 year-old S doesn’t show us the side of him that got excluded from school. “10 year-old D masturbates in his C makes a card to say that she’ll miss foster carer’s living room. 2 year-old heart yard. N kicks the football angrily L sits still on the stairs with his head against the wall. J smiled and looked bowed looking very sad. 3 year-old up when she said goodbye this week!” The Heart Yard is our therapeutic house where our most traumatized children and parents are offered specialist treatment. Some 500 clients a month are using the provision intensively. In this short paragraph, the manager shares the day’s events.

I don`t want it to end, I love it here, I am never bored it is really fun. All I do at home, is watch tv and play in my bedroom, it is lonely” John, 10 | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 21


Young People Placements at Morgan Stanley We Love Morgan Stanley... Jayne Kirby, Vice President of Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division, initiated both a Careers Day and work experience week for Kids Company young people: “As a member of the Firm’s Volunteer Committee, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to meet representatives from Kids Company as well as some of their students. I was so touched by their stories and impressed with the work of Kids Company that I decided to host a Career Workshop Day. Twentyeight students came for the day and gained an insight into various Business Units within Morgan Stanley. The day was such a success that we gave seven of the students the opportunity to come back to Morgan Stanley for a week’s work experience. Throughout this process, each and every one of the students have been ambassadors for themselves and Kids Company, making a long-lasting impression on everyone they met, displaying drive, enthusiasm and determination.”

work placement at Morgan Stanley was one I both jumped at and approached with some apprehension. Yet as the week progressed I found myself learning more and more, testament to Morgan Stanley’s work environment, which is conducive to great personal and professional development. The week helped open my eyes to the painstaking work which Morgan Stanley employees go through each day and showed me and my young colleagues that we were very much capable at what was thrown at us.” Morgan Stanley Managing Director Christopher Beatty was full of admiration for our young people, commenting:

A big thank you to Morgan Stanley for their placement scheme from Mohamed Shiakh, a young person at Kids Company who describes the scheme below:

“We were delighted to welcome the group of students from Kids Company to Morgan Stanley and we were very impressed with the energy, enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity that they showed during the work “Being an engineering student, the opportunity for me to undergo a weeks placement.” 22 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |





MORE THAN 14,000










For the exceptionally vulnerable children we support, Christmas has often been a time of devastating loneliness, shame and despair. Many would not receive simple acts of kindness like a hug, a present or a hot meal if we weren’t there to support them throughout Christmas and the New Year. Every year we honour the trust children place in us by holding a huge party so that all our children can feel the joy of being a child at Christmas. Sadly, this year the need is greater than ever. This Christmas Day we will welcome over 3500 vulnerable children, young people and families and over 200 volunteers. A further 3500 will be supported out in the community with food and gift parcels. Children can enjoy good food, individually wrapped presents, storytelling, fun and games. They can make hats and puppets, create a Christmas mural or join in fun activities such as football and a bouncy castle! Volunteers work tirelessly with our Arts Team to make a memorable Christmas setting. Through the children’s laughter we experience the potency of kindness and are moved by your commitment to helping us care for children who would otherwise be abandoned.

24 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

HOW YOU CAN HELP Join our ‘Make-a-Christmas TO REMEMBER’ campaign on Facebook. Choose an essential element of our Christmas Party, donate it, see it join the party and then share it easily with all your friends, inviting them to help too. Text KIDS HELP to 70700 to make a £5 donation and we’ll buy the gift for you* * £5.00 will be billed to your mobile account, standard operator charges apply. Kids Company will receive the full £5.00

Donate a present for a child from our WISH LIST. Please go to Click on ‘buy a gift’ and enter our gift list number 484121 to choose a special gift for a child.

These illustrations were created by our children during one of our workshops and have been used to produce our beautiful Christmas cards. They are available for purchase on | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 25


Face Britain Kids Company has officially joined The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts to help break the record for the largest UK mass art installation project! Children from all over the country are submitting their self-portraits, which will be digitally projected all together to make a portrait of the Queen to mark her Silver Jubilee in 2012. Two children from Kids Company, Maxim and Dylan, were considered so talented that they were chosen to join the Face Britain Youth Council to help inspire other children to get painting.

26 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

Photography by Richard Lewis

National Theatre Plays

The partnership between Kids Company and The National Theatre saw 7 plays written by our young people professionally staged this summer. A huge thankyou to Director Emily Lin for her dedication to the project and to Astra Zeneca for their ongoing support of our playwrighting programme.

Create Peace Art Festival

Some of our talented children contributed to the Western Justice Centre’s art festival, all the way in California. Five-year-old Andre’s art work won first prize. “Your kids’ art work was the hit of the show. Thank you so much for making that happen. We were so honoured to display your young people’s beautiful work.”

My art winned! My art winned!

Andre, 5 | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 27


Paul Caris - academic mentor

How has the relationship developed? We now feel very comfortable with one another and have lots of great conversations, no longer are there any awkward silences! What has been the most difficult thing about mentoring? How did you become involved with Kids Company? I was introduced to Kids Company by the amazing entrepreneur and philanthropist, Lorraine O’Brien. How was your first meeting with Gbemi? The first face-to-face meeting was awkward. I did most of the talking, pouring out all the useful and useless information I could think of. Over time however, I learned to listen and we began to find common ground. I soon realised that I had skills and experience that I took for granted, which could easily be shared.

The most difficult thing for me was to avoid over compensating and trying too hard. I had to use self discipline and the help of the very supportive staff at Kids Company to make sure I provided only the appropriate level of support. What has been the best moment? The best moment for me was when my mentee phoned me up for the very first time, without a pre-arranged appointment, she just wanted to chat. I realised at that point she valued my contribution and that I was having a positive impact on her development as a young adult!

28 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

Kids Company Achieves National Quality Kitemark for Volunteering We are proud to announce that, after an intensive assessment period, Kids Company has achieved the Investing in Volunteers kitemark. Investing in Volunteers (IiV) is the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management. Over fifty volunteers across all our volunteering programmes were interviewed, as well as Camila and many of the staff, to ensure Kids Company is meeting all the requirements.

Thank you to the mentors, schools and centres volunteers and complementary therapists who took part. ‘We are over the moon!’ Camila Batmanghelidjh We are committed to improving our volunteering programmes, and welcome any suggestions you may have, so please get in touch. The volunteers team is very busy with the build-up to Christmas and the new Poverty Busting Programme, which you can find out more about at | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 29


Zievrina How has Kids Company changed Wilson- you? I would not be the person I am Daley How did you begin to work for Kids Company? I arrived as an enthusiastic 23-yearold whilst studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama, where I was training to be a Drama/English Teacher. I remember walking into the Arches and seeing children of all ages playing and interacting with the staff. I thought ‘Wow! You can’t differentiate the staff from the children’, it really had a family atmosphere. I remember meeting Camila in a tiny little room, I was completely overwhelmed by her presence but felt very comfortable, I think I disclosed my whole life to her in the first 10 minutes of meeting her! She offered me a job and I was very excited. What’s a typical day for you? I’m now the Centre Manager at Arches II. As we are a self-referring centre, every day is completely different. My role is to support the staff to support the children, just like Camila did when she was based in the Arches. I have learnt so much from her guidance and leadership.

today if it wasn’t for Kids Company. I have grown up here and feel that the members of staff are like family. We’ve been through a lot together. From adult stranger crack dealers coming on-site with knives and guns (Camila was the first to get them off-site) to nearly closing due to lack of funding. From a set of railway arches to a national organisation: Kids Company showed me that anything is possible. Kids Company and Camila have given me space to grow, become more resilient and supported my development over the years. I have been a key worker, drama teacher, cleaner, present-wrapper, painter and worked in the kitchen washing the dishes. I have learnt lots of skills. Why do you work for Kids Company? I was a Senior Lecturer in Further Education before I worked here full time, and I was often frustrated by the bureaucracy and lack of support given to students. At Kids Company we are allowed to work creatively and practically to meet the needs of our families. Practical and emotional support is what our clients need and we’ll continue to deliver it to enable our clients to flourish, that’s the best part of the job.

30 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |


Pico Aneto

In Octorber an intrepid group of Kids Company supporters took on the challenge of climbing the highest peak in the Pyrenees, Pico Aneto. During this demanding feat they scaled fields of boulders and ice to reach the summit at 3,404 metres. So far they have raised an incredible ÂŁ10 000!

Join us for the next sporting challenge Join Kids Company at the wonderful Royal Parks Half Marathon in October 2012, or why not join a huge group of Santas for a 5k run in Greenwich Park in December? For more information contact Suzie at

Gold Challenge e Make up your own challeng r he eit s, ort sp in a selection of m. tea a in on your own or nt Choose which sports you wa t ou m the try d to complete an ing eiv rec a, in your local are r points that go towards you can ne ryo Eve Gold Challenge. e, take place, regardless of ag live. you ere wh or physical ability ct nta co on ati For more inform . | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 31

Kids Company was delighted to benefit from Vogue’s Fashion Night Out for a second year running! The event was a great success, with the biggest names in fashion teaming up for what was London’s biggest shopping street party. There were some amazing acts, including Rupert Sanderson’s roller disco, Hermes’ bangle bowling extravaganza and colour cocktails in Bond Street’s finest boutiques. Kids Company’s very own choir performed live on stage as guests walked the red carpet for Asprey’s exclusive party. We also welcomed shoppers with our street dance troop on stage near Mulberry’s flagship store. Both the Vogue and Kids Company teams were run off their feet until way after dark as demand for the Rob Ryan illustrated Vogue T-shirt for this year’s event was non-stop – with every penny from the sale of the T-shirts being donated to Kids Company.

32 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

Thank-yous The Admirable Crichton

We would like to give a massive thank you to the wonderful people at The Admirable Crichton for their incredibly generous support at Kids Company’s annual fashion event Gladrags and Handbags. They provided a fantastic team of staff serving yummy food throughout the evening. The event wouldn’t have been the same without them! We’d also like to thank Regency Bars for the donation of a pretty pink bar, which added an extras sparkle to the event.

o will eter Blake wh sion P to u yo k n a Th mis ating his com be kindly don f the artwork o from the sale which is currently w lo titled pictured be an exhibition at n w o sh g in ess be is Looking a M ‘Your Garden se Tidy it Up’ at a Could You Ple ll. e rv Payne Shu

Thank you Paul Brakespear As a charity there are often donors whose commitment touches you deeply. One of these people is Paul Brakespear. He has donated substantially to Kids Company over the years by repairing chairs. Any money he charges the clients is then sent to us to be spent on the children. We are deeply indebted to this very special man.

Morgan Stanley have pa rtnered with Kids Company as ‘Ch arity of the Year’. We are all worki ng hard to raise money for a new He art Yard trauma recovery house. We will be featuring the New Morga n Stanley Heart Yard in future Ne wsletters. In addition to the fundrais ing, Morgan Stanley have been men toring some of our brightest young pe ople, through university, intern ships, and introductions to the finan cial world. Our young people have impressed them with their natural intell and many a social divide igence ha bridged through this pro s been ximity.

Thank you Morgan Stanley! | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 33

MAJOR SUPPORTERS AND CORPORATE PARTNERS Corporate Supporters Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Ltd Actomed Ltd Adzio Artemis Aspen Insurance AstraZeneca UK Ltd Axa UK B&Q Bank of America Barclays Barclays Global Community Investment Berenberg Bank Berry Brothers Bloomberg BNY Mellon Bounce Effect Burberry Candy & Candy Capital Generation Partners CBRE Richard Ellis Circleplane Comedy Store Concerto Group Control Risks Group Covent Garden Group Foundation Custom House Ltd David Jameson Ltd independent Financial Advisers Davis Gregory Limited DLA Piper - COTY Dorling Kindersley Douglas & Gordon Driven Worldwide Elemis Eversheds LLP Eyestorm Whiteground Ltd Falkner House School Financial Dynamics Freshfields Galt Education Good Works GPT Halverton Ltd Grazia Hammonds LLP Hammerson Group Management Ltd Hampsted Women’s Group HBOS Hasbro Herbert Smith Heyday Films Limited Home House Horseshoe Theatre HSBC Impact Execs

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34 KIDSCOMPANY | Newsletter | Winter 2011 |

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Mr Boarderline Mr. Boarderline, when he wiggles his arms no one can get close to him. He was so sad, the only way he could make himself feel better was by creating a evil masterplan that would make everyone cry so much that they would eventually die. ... LIANT Y BRIL ‘SIMPL THE BEST F ONE O NS I HAVE IO IT EXHIB TO!’ BEEN EVER

, Rogers um Grant e ar Mus W l a ri Impe

Kemil, aged 14

Puppet created by Kemil aged 14 for the Morley Gallery exhibition ‘Safe in our Hands’ held in October 2011. | Winter 2011 | Newsletter | KIDSCOMPANY 35

“I think Kids Company is graceful because when you smile - they smile back and you think to

yourself I think I am going to get along with everybody here. At Kids Company when you

walk through a door it’ s like

something new is happening to

you all the time. You feel all soft and happy and graceful and you think you’ ve got good luck.”

Sara, 12

KIDS COMPANY 1 Kenbury Street, London SE5 9BS T: 0845 644 6838 E: W: Registered Charity Number 1068298

Kids Company Christmas-Newsletter  

Kids Company Christmas-Newsletter

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