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Apps nowadays are usually just things to waste time on and just enjoy a nice break from a hard day's work. They are usually very un-productive and don't really expand your mind's capabilities. Sure you might be swiping around with your fingers and making decisions on the spot, but the interaction isn't worth the tradeoff of spending all of the time playing. You end up wasting time just for some extra fun when you could've been productive doing something else. But we all know reading can be sometimes boring, especially with all this media around us. You can mitigate the time wasted by playing a free educational app instead. While having fun at the same time and learning new things, you can take advantage of your free time and engage those neurons. Taking advantage of technology to learn new things is something that can be rewarding and help you feel accomplished. Just pick up your iPad or iPhone and look at all of the educational apps that the iTunes store has to offer. You'd be surprised by what you could find on there. One particular app that caught my eye was the Kidori Workbook Apps. They are tailored more to little kids, toddlers specifically. However I found the app to be quite engaging and a good learnig experience for a kid of that age. Your child can learn decision making and analytical skills while having a good time. The really eye-catching part though is the Kidori Pen that can be purchased on Amazon or the Kidori website. Soon, it'll even be available in Target stores come April. The thing about the Kidori Pen is that it's a different take on the regular stylus pen. It's a stylus pen made specifically for little kids. The cool thing about it is that i looks like a big crayon and looks very fun. It is made out of some good materials, however has a nice firm grip to it. The edges are rounded out so they're safe for kids to hold. The cover around the crayon makes it look fun and cool to use. Kids don't want to use a a plain looking, grey stylus pen that has no childish appeal. They want something colorful like the Kidroi Pen. What's cool about the Kidori Pen is that kids can use it not only for the Kidori Workbook Apps(which happen to be free and super fun!), but they can play other apps like Angry Birds and Temple Run, etc. They can browse the web or even make drawings. That last part is really interesting as kids love to draw. Kids are like sponges absorbing information like there's no tomorrow. They love to take what they learn daily and express themselves. Sometimes crayons, markers, and paint can be a mess to clean up afterwards. The cool thing with digital drawing is that they can still get the full experience using the Pen while not making a mess. There are various coloring apps on the Itunes Market that you could use alongside the Pen. When you really think about all of the costs of paint, paper, crayons, pencils, cleaning up, etc. it's kind of a no brainer to just get the Kidori Pen and not have to worry about all of those problems. You must always keep in mind that apps aren't the most important thing and that your child should still focus on studying and going outside! Set up rules and incentives, for example a half hour on the Ipad using Kidori after studying, reading a book, or doing some small chores. Creating incentives allows your child to appreciate the time spent on your iPad and iPhone so much more than if they were allowed to go on it whenever they chose to.

Free Educational Apps for iPhone/iPad - Stylus Experience  

We discuss how educational apps can help your brain and we explain how a really cool app and stylus pen does just that.

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