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Digital Design - Portfolio Semester 1, 2018 Yidong Chen

858223 Jun Han Foong Studio 13


Education: 2017 - current

Bachelor of Design University of Melbourne

A mug shot or photo of yourself.

Awards / Exhibition: 2017

FOD:R Exhibition, AFLK Gallery


Digital Design, as the words themselves suggest, is about using digital tools to construct design ideas and facilitate the design process. I revised Rhino skills during Module 1, the precedent study. In the second module, I studied parametric design with Grasshopper, with two basic formulas of construction: waffles and panels, boolean difference. I applied inspired ideas into Module 3, the main project, design of Queen Victoria Pavilion. During this period of study, while comparing with others’ work, I started to notice my weakness as a designer: not that sensitive to colors, shilly-shallying on design decision making, not that aesthetic to make design an real artwork. Nevertheless, I believe I do have unique experiences that I can apply to my design.

Skills: 03

It is a semester I learnt great things. I discovered my strength, weakness and made the decision on what to do for the future.

Precedent Study

Rhino Grasshopper Unreal Photoshop


Generating Design Through Digital Processes

Illustrator Indesign Fabrication


Queen Victoria Garden Pavilion: Pavilion Tutti email:

One of the design requirement for Module 3 pavilion is to make it a place for a quartet, which made me think musically. I named it Pavilion Tutti, a term I learned when I was a player in my secondary school wind band. It means all instrument playing together. I tried to keep this idea of coherence through my design. Avoiding getting trapped by colors, I applied only black and white. I hope this is not a bad way to utilize my strength as an immature designer. It is clear that I have to overcome my weakness. This would be my next goal. I would continue to discover the aesthetic link between


Diagramming Design Precedent

Reference: Folding Architecture, ‘AA Summer Pavilion’,, 2015

This pavilion, Bad Hair by Achitectural Association School of Architecture is a structure constructed by layering curved timber beams. Being structural, it has a high permeability allowing almost all-directional circulation and has ambiguous threshold.

Presentation Panel and Isometric Drawing


Diagram 01

Diagram 02

Circulation Diagram

Threshold Diagram


Generating Ideas Through Process


Design Matrix

Task 01 Design Matrix 6

Surface and Waffle

2-dimensional panels enables light penetration, also with the triangular pattern tilting to one direction(clockwise),together with the curvy waffle, creating a feeling of rotation.

A hollow waffle structure, allows for the creation of an interior volume.

Solids bounded with 2 flat grids, 1 angled and 1 perpendicular to the ground. Therefore, solids are pointing towards a vertical plane while their size decreases from the bottom to the top.

Waffles are made with the idea of contrast as well. 2 sides are parallel at the bottom of the structure, and seperating as it grows towads thhe top. The 2 sides of panels are made with contrast. On the straight surface, bulky solids combining with hollow panels enhances the sense of straightness, while on the curvy surface small triangular pattern rotating clockwise with a overall point attractor, adding on curviness of that surface.

Exploded Axonometric 1:2 0




Computation Workflow

Task 01 Grasshopper Script Showing input - associate - output

Lofting 2 surfaces from a

Panelling of Surface: 3D boxes on

deconstructed box’s edges. 1 planar and 1 curved surface.

the planar one and 2D patterns on the curved one. Delate unwanted blocks manually on rhino,


Task 01 Full Page Photo


Task 01 Laser Cutting Linework

Insert photos of assembly process or other detail related to your fabrication process

Comment on laser cutting.


Task 02 Full Page Photo


SOLID AND VOID With the booleaned geometry contained mostly within the original shape the cube is still highly visible as a form.

The model shows a section of a cube, cut by a serie of rotated cylinders with a point attractor. The section is cut with 2 cuboids, demonstrating the shape of cylinders wich creates the slopy solids and circular cuts. Due to the use of a single point attractor, the cylinders perform a strong directionality, which is hence transformed into the structure. In reality, the thin solid layer could be transformed into cantilevers which provide shades, whereas the smaller cuts on the surface of the solid could be opennings such as windows. Solid could also be thought as spaces, or boundary of internal spaces.

Small trims at the side could be the external ornamentation or opennings for light and air

Since the boolean is done in one angle, it is possible to rotate the whole structure to flatten the angles, hence the space.

Exploded Axonometric 1:2 0




Design Matrix Grid Manupulation







Attractor / Control Points (X,Y,Z) Attractor / Control Curves

{0,0,75} {0,150,150}


{250,0,75} {150,0,0}


{Point Attraction}

Structure Distribution



Struacture Trasnforamtion


{Point Attraction}




{Curve Attraction}


{Curve Attraction}






Task 02 Design Matrix 13

Grid Points

Computational Process

Task 01 Grasshopper Script Showing input - associate - output

Construct cells within the

Construct cylinders within each

150*150*150 block with one point attractor

cells, bake both and boolean difference on Rhino manually.


M2 Task 2 3D Printing

Task 02 3D Printing Makerbot Screenshot after calculation.

Trim of the section. Sharp edges are made as a contrast to the smoother circular interior.

3D printing with calculation. Orientated in a way to minimise the use of supporting materials, thus shorten the time.


Tutti is an Italian word used in band and orchestra, meaning all instrument playing together. The pavilion shaped as a leader of the band conducting the group. The Distinctive black and white colors not only provide an overall coherence, but also contrast with the surrounding to make it a unique space. Columns and seats, the pond, the slope and the structure itself provide a guidance to circulation, as well as the place for activities: lunchtime seminar and night quartet. The structure will be made with metal while the floor would be paneled with marble.





Metal panels painted black, cutting through the columns, joining the columns.

Waffle structure, a composition of a serie of metal columns sequencing upon a semi circle, which rotate a near 90° along Z-axis and then slightly shortened to form the ‘roof’, with spheres as joints.

Seat built with prefabricated black marble.

Metal structure, could be the sitting place for a small group or a standing stage.

Cladding on the ground, a suggestion of the threshold between the inside and

Series of standing columns, separating the space hence circulation; the overall curve is a projection of the ‘roof’ down to the ground.

Exploded Isometric 1:50 0

A small water pool, the dynamic flowing element within a static boundary.



Design Iteration

Voronoi panels inside. Random but interesting pattern, yet often used by peers & hard for fabrication.

Circular sunk landscape which was designed for sitting at edges. The transfer from the outside to inside is too sudden; circulation path is narrowed.


Initial design was with a longer roof, which is shortened to make it more self-supportive.




Computational Process

Main pavilion





Fabrication process

3D printing with calculation(L) and Lasercutting of the landscape(R) Thin beams make the 3D printed structure fragile; lasercut small pieces are hard to assemble.


360 Image Output

Digital Design Semester 1, 2018 24

Dd portfolio 858223  

DD portfolio Unimelb ARCH20004 Sem 1 2018

Dd portfolio 858223  

DD portfolio Unimelb ARCH20004 Sem 1 2018