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Donating a Kidney or donating a car, both save lives Dave Johney was a freshman in college when he met his future wife Mindy. Little did he know that he would not only be giving Mindy his heart, but the gift of life as well. As the tax year comes to a close, consider donating your unwanted car to support millions like Dave and Mindy. More >>

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Dave Johney is a courageous young man who is an example to us all. He donated not only his car to the National Kidney Foundation, but his kidney to a stranger to help give his future wife the gift of life.

Mindy and Dave will celebrate the success of her transplant for many years to come.

One of Dave’s earliest memories was visiting his uncle in the hospital as he recovered from a kidney transplant. Dave’s uncle is not alone, more than 26 million Americans have chronic kidney disease. Little could Dave have known that kidney disease would have a way of weaving itself back into his future.

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Because of his uncle, Dave became a supporter of the National Kidney Foundation. When it was time for him to buy a new car, he donated his old one to the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Cars Program because he knew the proceeds would be used to help other like his uncle and in Dave’s words, “I even received a nice tax deduction the following year, far more than was offered to me by the mechanic who provided me the death certificate for the car.” Two short years later, Dave met and fell in love with Mindy, who happened to be a dialysis patient. Unfortunately, no one in Mindy’s family was eligible to be a donor for her and neither was Dave. Then, in October of last year, a miracle occurred. Johns Hopkins Hospital called to say that they had set up a fiveway exchange (10 people total) in which Dave’s kidney would go to someone who was a far better match and Mindy would receive a perfect match. Today, all 10 people who were part of the transplant are doing great. Mindy and Dave are getting married in June. Needless to say, they will truly live happily ever after. Won’t you consider supporting the millions of people in our country who are courageous kidney patients like Dave’s uncle and his wife-to-be Mindy simply by donating your car? You’ll also be supporting those who selflessly give the gift life, like Dave and the other four donors who were part of the paired match when you donate your car, truck, van or boat to the National Kidney Foundation.

All donors are eligible for a tax deduction. The process is simple, your car will be towed away at no cost to you. You can donate online by visiting or by called toll-free 1-800-488-CARS (2277).

Donate a Car to Charity  

Each day, the Kidney Cars program receives over 100 cars in our donate car program. More than 26 million Americans have chronic kidney disea...