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AIESEC France 20122012- 2013 Monthly Newsletter

August, 2012

With this newsletter you will know the MC team and NST a little bit better. Moreover you will know what kind of activities are currently run at national level, what kind of events we will have in the future and any other information that you should know.

You MC team August, 2012

Content: • MC team introduction • NST introduction • National activities • News and events

Laurence Dumont

Member Committee President & Incoming Exchange

I have just finished my Master 2 in Marketing at Dauphine and am taking on this opportunity in AIESEC to put my skills into practice for this organization and make a change for the future, both for AIESEC but also for my own.

As someone recently told me, “AIESEC is the chance to try out all the things that you’ve always wanted to do and at the same time gain valuable skills. It’s an opportunity to learn and practice at the same time”. I applied for AIESEC France believing I could truly make a difference in this organization and am committed to making a change, no matter how small, to ensure that we grow, both as people and also as an organization.

After this experience, I will continue my career in International Sales and Marketing, with a particular interest for Asian countries. I hope to live as many challenging opportunities as possible in the upcoming years and AIESEC is one of them!

Katarzyna Chareza Member Committee Vice President Talent Management & Strategy

I was a student of University of Szczecin, which is my hometown. I graduated in October 2011 with a Master degree in Economics with a specialization in Foreign Trade.

I joined AIESEC in 2008 and almost all my AIESEC Way is connected to Talent Management / Human Resources area. 2 years ago I was in National Trainers Team in AIESEC Poland, so I had a chance to practice my facilitation skills on national and international conferences. Year after that I decided to stay in AIESEC Poland as MCVP TM. Right now I'm continuing my AIESEC path in France. I love to travel - my biggest adventure so far was during my trip across Morocco. But my ambitions is to see Great Wall of China and Grand Canyon. In this year I want to explore French culture and habits. I also promised myself that I will learn French language:)

Fanni Szasznadasy

Member Committee Vice President Finance

I joined AIESEC in 2010 as a member of the ICX Team. Half year later I became the leader of the team and from July, 2011 I was working as the LCVP F and ICX GCDP (former DT). During this year I was also working on couple of local and national projects and helped to organize conferences, such as Global Leaders' Summit 2012 in Hungary which was one of my biggest experience so far. Currently I am the MCVPF in AIESEC in France.

I am from Hungary where I'm studying at Szent Istvรกn University of Gรถdรถllล‘, my major and also my specialization is finance and accounting, and I have one semester left until graduation.

Beforehand I used to sing for couple of years and I also played the Flute for 8 years. Since I started the University I'm not performing in music I just enjoy while others are playing. The biggest goal of my life is to find the perfect job what I really love and I can feel comfortable with. As I see myself in the future I'd like to work as an auditor, and I think, fortunately I found the best way to reach it.

April Mae Ong Vano Member Committee Vice President Outgoing Exchange

I finished my bachelors degree in European Studies International Relations and minor in French Studies at the Ateneo de Manila University.

I joined AIESEC in my first year in 2008 and I have served the organization as LCVPOGX and LCVPICX. My last year I worked as MCVP Projects for AIESEC in the Philippines. Now, I am the MCVPOGX for AIESEC in France.

I love to travel and experience different things whether it be in my country or abroad. I also enjoy the performing arts. I used to dance ballet and for now, I appreciate watching them and other kinds of theatre shows. I am also very active in socio-civic activities including my work with AIESEC and other youth organizations. In the future, I hope to work for an international organization like the UN and/or public administration through our foreign service. Also, I would like to start my own company that would be a social business venture that would be international in scope but based in the Philippines.

Bryan Corbion Member Committee Vice President Business Development

I am studying in Reims Management School and I took a gap year between my first and second year of Master to be part of the MC of AIESEC France.

I joined AIESEC in 2010 and apart from that I like reading, traveling and meeting people!

My ambitions in my life are to live abroad for a while, ideally work in Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan). I do not know yet if I would rather work in a big company or in a SME but what I know is that I would like to work in sales department.

Alina Boaca Member Committee Vice President Organizational Development

Last month I officially became a graduate after getting my diploma from the University of Kent for my BAHons in Politics and International Relations with French.

I joined AIESEC during my Erasmus in France at SciencesPo. I started my AIESEC experience in the area of Talent Management by being team leader of organizational tracking and after leaving France I applied as virtual NST for the position of HR Project Coordinator and thus started working at national level.

After half a year of travelling between France and the UK I decided to apply for a position in the MC. Currently I am MCVP Organisational Development.

Meet our

Clément Bigaud (France) – Finance Coordinator Andres Llantes (Colombia) – OGX Nicolas Carlo (France) – ER Coordinator Ben Rigby (UK) – OGX Albina Khaoutieva (Belgium) – OGX Sarah Creurer (France) –Market Positioning Saurabh Sharma (India) – Finance Coordinator Clément Ebizet (France) – Market Positioning Julius Frederking (France) – Finance Coordinator Angel Duran (Venezuela) – HR Project Coordinator

National activities : The past months were filled with the excitement from transition, the planning of the projects for 2012-2013 and also the selection of our lovely NST! ! Everyday continues to be a learning experience for us and we can't wait to meet the members of the federation!

But what is happening right now in the MC office???

Check it out!!! The Annuaire is in place, the SONA is running monthly and an LCP newsletter initiative has been launched !! We are ready for LC visits and very very excited to start working with your LCs in order to insure a very productive year! On the expansions side, ESCP is very close to being AIESEC France's new acquisition !!

Your MC is also proud to tell you that we signed a new contract with ESSEC this summer about a very advanced ICX programme. In addition, we renewed our partnerships with QS and ACCESS Masters and we were in touch with Google Europe to update our current partnership as well:

We are currently running other projects in order to develop AIESEC France’s brand and position our lovely association in France and we are looking for new partners.

Thanks to Nicolas from the National Support Team you will find surprises very soon on the Internet! Just be patient until next month.

We’ve been also busy working on improving our EP Online system and planning for the next OGX / TM recruitment!

Are you guys excited???

We are!!!!

In addition to that MC team is running CEEDership program for TM / OGX recruitment in September / October. To ensure our recruitment will go well we decided to create common Brand message and common promotion materials for the whole Federation!


To provide you all education that you need MC team is also working on Member Education Cycle standards – the conference cycle and the education cycle will be standardized, in terms of what knowledge should be delivered from national and local level for each target group. Thanks to that our operation will go fast and smoothly.

We also got the chance to meet (virtually) your LCVPs TMs and OGXs who are awesome! We’ve been having skype consultancy in order to prepare your VPs for the recruitment process!

We are also working on the new financial model – new calculation method and timeline in cooperation with the

Finance SubCommittee - Charlie, Julius!!! MC created a yearly budget and implemented new processes on national level to ensure our sustainability for the whole year : )

For ICX, both MC and LCs have one common goal for the next months: sign more TNs! For this, many activities will occur shortly: • an AIESEC France ICX wiki where we will share trainings, material, information, tips, good case practices • common ICX material delivered to all LCs - " the Ultimate ICX package"! • implementation of a new downsizing program

and many other initiatives that you will find out about at NTC!

That’s it for MC activities. Get ready to know more at NTC!

AIESEC France had the great opportunity of attending the international congress 2012!!!

110 countries

Over 600 delegates

Global Youth to Business Forum

ALUMNI Hall of Fame

Gala Night

New ideas New strategies New partnerships

More about IC at NTC!!! You want to know more? Check IC Facebook page:

Congratulations LC Marseille for organizing this amazing event for all Federation!

Get ready for:

National Strategy for 2012-2013 term! Functional knowledge AIESEC “WHY�

But also get ready for: Amazing time! Awesome parties! Global Village! Getting to know the whole Federation! Prepare you delegation! LC shout and roll calls! LC T-shirts! Stuff for Global Village!

AIESEC France are you FIRED UP? Are you READY TO GO? MC team is ready to go! We are waiting for you! A bientot! : )

AIESEC France National Newsletter  

AIESEC France National Newsletter - August 2012

AIESEC France National Newsletter  

AIESEC France National Newsletter - August 2012