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Stress free holiday prep Amanda Lecaude, Organising You Just over 12 months ago my family, husband and two boys, embarked on an overseas holiday for nearly two months. It meant we had to be super organised before we left and by doing so it enabled us to have the time of our lives. We have so many wonderful memories and none of us can recall anything that we could have done better in terms of preparation.


Naturally preparation is the key to travel at the best of times let alone when travelling with children whatever their ages. The more planning and effort you put in before you travel the easier it will be. Unfortunately from time to time unexpected things do happen no matter what planning you do like my son having his appendix out three days before they were due to meet me in the US but you just deal with these if they come up.


When the time comes for you to think about your upcoming holiday usually you are really busy and the thought behind this article is to try and make that process simpler and easier for you. Whether you are going away for a few days or a longer period of time here are my top 10 preparation tips:

Bill payment It’s a good idea to pay off your bills before you leave or set up automatic payments so you don’t have to worry about being charged for any late fees.

Work out what suits you best with this - either redirect it to the post office or get a neighbour to collect and hold it for you. It’s a good idea to ensure you junk mail is also regularly cleared out as otherwise it is a sure sign you are away!

We have a dog so it was important for us to plan her care when we go away and not forget things like her regular monthly worming either. Will a family member or friend be able to assist or do you need to look into boarding facilities? Who will feed the fish?

At home It’s always a good idea to ensure you have emptied the rubbish and arranged for the bins to be put out (neighbours are usually happy to assist with this). Another tip is to ensure you empty your fridge of perishable food items and to give it a quick clean - it’s much easier when it is nearly empty. The other tip is to change your sheets, as there is nothing nicer than arriving home to a clean bed.

Calendar Make sure you review your diary and schedule any events or appointments you might miss whilst away.


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Kid Magazine Issue Twenty Three  

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