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12 Decluttering and organising projects for a rainy day

Amanda Lecaude, Organising You As winter approaches us in the southern hemisphere it often means staying in doors a little more. Why not use one of those gloomy days to declutter and get more organised. I am sure, like with most people, there are projects in your home that you have been saying you will get to one day but never do. More often than not these projects are weighing you down both mentally and physically and wouldn’t you love to feel like you have finally completed at least a couple of them? Don’t put off these projects for another day any more! Check out the list below for 12 ideas of projects you can do on the next rainy day. How many of these are things that you have wanted to tackle? Clean out your filing cabinet or catch up on your filing How long since you did either of these? Are your drawers over flowing or you have piles of paper on your desk still to file? Usually your filing cabinet should contain current information and most historical information can be archived in another place. Go through your warranty and instruction manuals When did you last do this? I bet you probably don’t even own some of the items that you have warranties or instructions for. Get your tax returns up to date Many of my clients are often behind in this area. If this is you why not collect all the necessary documentation and catch them up and then you don’t have to stress and worry about them anymore. Sort through your children’s artwork and memorabilia Another one of those projects where maybe you have kept a lot and it just keeps piling up. Naturally you can’t


keep it all, as you would end up with boxes and boxes over the years of your child’s school life. Ideally you need to have one spot where you store and keep it all together. Sort your physical photographs These days our photos tend to be in electronic form but how many of you still have boxes or packets of photographs that you want to sort and organise? If you are like a lot of people, including many of my clients, you have boxes of photos lying around. In many cases often the photos have just all been dumped into boxes or tubs and will need to be categorised and organised first before deciding what to do with them next. This is probably the biggest project of all those listed and might seem overwhelming and too hard. My suggestion is that it might be useful to tackle it in stages and not all in one go. Sort your digital photographs These might be on your phone, device or computer and more than likely you can cull your photos by quite a bit. Remove those that you have duplicates of and those that aren’t up to scratch. May sure you then back up these photos as you would hate to lose them. Back up your computer First and foremost when was the last time you backed it up or have you at all? This is extremely important and something you should ensure is set up to do regularly. Many people don’t think anything will happen but it does and you can potentially lose all the information and photos stored on it. Go through and sort your inbox Are you someone who has a lot of items in your inbox and doesn’t do anything with them? Maybe it is time to go through it. You can do this by actioning items, archiving, unsubscribing and deleting. Go on see how low you can get it – you might surprise yourself!




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Kid Magazine Issue Twenty Nine  

Get cosy with everything you need for a cracking winter! - Rainy day fashion for the kids - Wonderful wintery science experiments - Winter...

Kid Magazine Issue Twenty Nine  

Get cosy with everything you need for a cracking winter! - Rainy day fashion for the kids - Wonderful wintery science experiments - Winter...