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SPRING TIME DECLUTTERING Amanda Lecaude, Organising You September is a really special month for me as both of my children were born and I remember the joy of the blossom trees blooming. The sun shines more, gardens look more colorful and there is a feeling that a fresh start is upon us. It is a good time to open the windows, wash them, clear the winter clutter and tackle some spring cleaning. So where do I start you might ask and this is often where most people can get themselves stuck as they really are not sure and then don’t actually begin to do anything at all. My advice when I am asked this question is that it doesn’t really matter where you start but to just start. I also suggest not to try and do it all in one go but begin with something small and build on it over the time you have available. Recently I was speaking to a client who I assisted some time ago with organising her children’s toy room and she is now beginning to feel overwhelmed again with other spaces in her home. We discussed that taking a small step, by cleaning out even just one box when she has time, is putting her on that getting organised journey. Whilst it might take time doing small bits at a time, if you keep persisting, keeping the end goal in mind you can achieve it! Think of the satisfaction when you do! Often I suggest a good place to start is with the kitchen junk drawer as an example rather than thinking about tackling the whole kitchen. If you get through with the drawer and still have time then move to another drawer, cupboard or even the panty. The last think you want is

A good place to start is with the kitchen junk drawer rather than thinking about tackling the whole kitchen.


Kid Magazine Issue Twenty Four  
Kid Magazine Issue Twenty Four  

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