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Six things to ask yourself before booking your next holiday Christine Knight, freelance writer and blogger With warm weather fast approaching, it’s time to plan your summer holidays! Whether you’re you’re road trip or resort, here are some questions to ask yourself before booking your next vacation. Where will you go? There are two kinds of destinations for a holiday - accommodation with activities on site, and accommodation near activities. Destinations with activities include farm stays and all-inclusive resorts, where you don’t leave the property for your entire stay. Destinations near activities would include areas such as the Gold Coast and Surfer’s Paradise. Lots to do nearby, off the property. Both are great choices with kids, particularly destinations that include activities. With babies and toddlers this is my biggest tip - go somewhere that you don’t have to go anywhere else once you arrive. If you can walk out of your room and splash in a pool, dig sandcastles on the beach or pat a horse, it’s a winning holiday for small kids. Taking the extra travel around a town out of the equation makes it a much easier trip and, let’s face it, babies and toddlers don’t need much to keep them entertained. Staying in a location where everything is provided also means you don’t have to wonder where you next meal is coming from - how much nicer is it to just head downstairs to breakfast, or up to the lodge for lunch? It’s as close to relaxing as holidays with kids get. 42

Some hotels offer great facilities on site for families, such as the Paradise Resort and Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast. Hotels like these cater particularly for families with big water parks attached. A pro to a hotel like this: the kids have plenty of entertainment on-site. A con however, can be how busy these facilities get with kids of all ages. They are popular destinations for families with young teens, tweens and school-aged kids. A happy medium is a hotel with a family-friendly pool. A great example is the Surfer’s Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa, which has two pools, including one that graduates slowly from a beach area into deeper water. Perfect for little kids. The pro of a hotel like this is there is a wider range types of guests staying there and less kids on average, making the facilities quieter. What type of accommodation should you choose? A few things to consider when booking a hotel or cabin. Do you need a separate room from your baby/children? Can they sleep in the living room? Can you all sleep in one bedroom or one hotel room? Do you need a kitchen or kitchenette? With a baby/toddler we preferred to have a separate sleeping area for our child as we would put her to bed at night quite early, and then want to watch a movie and eat dinner together. With a preschooler who stays up later, this isn’t necessary anymore, and we are

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