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From busy to balanced Amanda Lecaude, Organising You Is it a myth that we can achieve balance in life? Can we move from busy to balanced?

Here are 7 tips that might assist you to be more in balance more often:

These days when you ask someone “how are you?” the standard answer has become ‘I’m busy’! I know I am often guilty of saying this and have been trying very hard in recent times to not inflict the business of my life at times onto others. What about you - do you find yourself saying this too?

1. Learn to say no and don’t be afraid to - you often don’t need to give people excuses for not taking on that extra responsibility at work or baking for the school fete. If you find this hard to do then start small with family and friends by saying no to little things.

We all wear many hats and for some it can be a constant juggle between all of the different ones – mum, wife, business woman, business owner, friend, daughter, student, cleaner, cook and the list goes on. Sometimes things fall into sync with each other and we feel more balance where as at other times it seems that there are not enough hours in the day to possibly achieve what we need to get done. So you might ask how does one achieve balance in our life? Ellen Faye, a professional organising colleague, based in the US, has an interesting theory that warrants some thought when it comes to trying to achieve balance. Her philosophy is that “life balance is so elusive so why not go for peace and harmony instead”. So why does life balance seem to be so elusive to us? The answer to this Ellen says is that it’s imaginary! No one is ever in equal balance so achieving balance all the time is a bit of a myth. Another way of looking at it Ellen explains is that ‘Life is more like a symphony where different parts are louder than others at different times, but when listening to it as a whole it is harmonic and beautiful’. Ellen also asks the question of whether it would be possible if you gave yourself permission to live in harmony and not strive for the perfect balance all the time? This is some great food for thought and perhaps rather than trying to find that balance as is often talked about we should recognise that each day, month or week is never going to be the same and that is okay! Enjoy the times when your life does appear to be more in balance and perhaps when it isn’t just recognise it for what it is knowing that it won’t always be that way!

2. Things don’t have to be perfect – sometimes just getting something done is enough rather than waiting until it is perfect. Unfortunately we often cling to the notion that we can do it all perfectly and the truth is that some things just don’t have to be perfect. 3. Let the little things go – these are usually the things that take energy and as another colleague of mine has referred to recently ask yourself – will this actually matter in 2 or 5 years time? More often than not the answer is no so why let it take time and worry you! 4. Make time for yourself and have your nonnegotiables - what is important to you? This could be exercise, sleeping, taking a bath, reading a good book – for me it is my weekly gym sessions (usually 3-5 a week). I am a much better person all round when I actually get to do this and it keeps all my other hats in balance too even when I am really busy. So make sure you know what yours are and schedule time for them. 5. Take short breaks – we all need to recharge from time to time and sometimes just having a small break can be enough – grab a coffee, sit in the sun or even go for a quick walk. 6. Delegate responsibilities to others – chores are not just women’s work—they’re everyone’s work! Don’t try and be super woman and do it all yourself even though sometimes it might be easier. Giving your kids a schedule of daily chores won’t just lighten your load, it will also teach them a valuable lesson about the importance of everyone doing their part.


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Kid Magazine Issue Twenty Eight  

For mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families. In this issue we cover: - Travel friendly fashion f...