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7. What is next for your blog? I’m branching out into other kinds of content, like my new “parenting around the world” series. I also have lots of overseas travel coming up, which should lead to some great articles on the blog. 8. What is your favourite quote/mantra? “Comparison is the thief of joy.” 9. What tips do you have for travelling with kids? Firstly, be realistic about what you want to achieve. Travel with kids is hard and tiring, and for it to be enjoyable, I believe in planning to do less and see less than I would be trying to do without a child. Your itinerary should be moving at a slower rate, with the goal of doing one thing per day. I also take my child’s interests into account when planning what we’re going to be doing on our trips there’s no point dragging her along to places that I want to see if she’ll be bored. No one has a good time that way! I plan the logistics differently too, putting my child’s needs first where possible instead of choosing the cheapest/ fastest way to get somewhere. For example, I take day flights with my preschooler so her sleep schedule is less disrupted. When packing, I always bring more clothes than I think she’ll need. I also load up the iPad with new games and movies, and put together play packs with small new things to entertain in desperate moments - like colour books, stickers, figurines. And snacks. Lots of snacks. The other things I do where possible is splurge in places to make the trip more comfortable for us. I find it well worth the money to do things upgrade our hotel room to a one-bedroom suite so my husband and I can put our daughter to bed and then step into the living room to enjoy dinner and a bit of time together.


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