Kid Magazine Issue Twenty Two

Page 36

Handy apps for mums Jessica Bee, Flying Start Kids So we hear about apps for kids fairly regularly, but are there any apps out there that could help us with all our myriad mum duties too? Absolutely and here’s a round up of some of the best! Tiny beans: Baby Journal for Sharing with Family: Free So many of us live far from our kids grandparents. Whilst intentions might be good to keep everyone updated on the lives of your little ones, real life often intervenes and suddenly it’s a month or three since you sent any pictures or updates. With the Australian made Tiny Beans you can create a family journal with photos, videos and notes, which can then be shared within your closed little network of family members, who receive automatic email updates. Grandparents don’t even need a smartphone, just an email address. Can also be used to share pictures of kids artworks and the hilarious things they say! Playground Finder: Free Playground Finder allows you to search for over 3000 playgrounds throughout Australia. Also has a ‘nearby cafes’ feature. Artkive: $6.49 I love all the artworks my kids are making these days. But what to do with all those treasures after they’ve been stuck on the fridge for a few weeks? No 36

need to feel guilty about putting them in the recycling if you use this app. Get rid of the clutter and store digital copies of all the artworks. Picture Postie: Free If you take great pictures on your phone but never do anything with them then you will love this app. It enables you to order prints straight from your phone and have them delivered to your door. Select photos from your phone, Instagram, Facebook and Flickr albums and order quality photo books, prints, canvas, photo blocks, calendars, wall decals and more. Great for using with your Artkive pics as ordering prints through U.S. based Artkive is currently expensive. Kids Media by Common Sense Media: Free See in an instant what’s OK for your kids to watch, play, read, do and download. Common Sense Media’s age-based ratings and expert reviews help you find the best entertainment and learning for kids. Use the app to search a database of movies, TV shows, books, music, apps, websites and games. Find out which iPad and iPhone apps are best for learning. Get recommendations from Common Sense Media’s editors and create age-based profiles for your kids to personalize your search for quality media before renting, buying, watching or playing.