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For 30 years, KidKare has provided innovative software solutions to childcare providers and sponsors in the CACFP.

Our solutions:





For Commercial Childcare

For Home Childcares

For Center and Home Sponsors

The fastest way for childcare centers to process their CACFP claims.

Simplify your childcare business.

Take back hours of your time with Minute Menu CX & HX.

without a Sponsor

with or without a Sponsor

As a childcare provider, you have a lot to do and not enough time to do it. Why keep juggling paper invoices, receipts, and other financial documentation?

KidKare Food Program is a full-service software for US-based childcare centers without a food program sponsor. It helps you plan menus, track attendance, and communicate with parents, all while claiming CACFP reimbursements on time.

KidKare Accounting allows you to record expenses, track income, and print reports for your taxes.

Today, more than 67,000 providers trust KidKare to keep them compliant with CACFP regulations.

CACFP Claim Calculation

Whether you’re a home or center sponsor, we’ve designed a comprehensive CACFP software solution to help you improve your bottom line and grow your sponsorship. From detailed analysis and reporting on provider or child files, to automating key areas of your operation including claim processing, online enrollment, eligibility, and much more.

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KidKare eForms

Menu Planning

Milk Audit

Attendance & Meal Counts

Parent Portal


Healthy Meals Served


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Why Minute Menu

Accept Payments Online

Financial Reports

Automate Invoices

Food Program Management

Issue Refunds

Parent Portal

Track Expenses

Food Service Expense Tracking

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Our 30 years of experience providing software for the CACFP has you covered.

Why KidKare Accounting

Why KidKare Food Program


KidKare For Sponsors

KidKare Accounting


KidKare Food Program

Try KidKare Accounting for free for 30 days.

Maximize CACFP Reimbursement

Track Attendance & Meal Counts

Go Paperless With eForms

Manage Enrollments & Income Eligibility

Milk Audit

Plan Menus

Run over 200 edit checks on multiple claims at once with a few clicks.

Enter household income directly.

Tax Features

Be able to track meal counts & food expenses.

Meet the meal pattern requirements for the age groups being served.

No more missing or incomplete forms to chase down.

Ensure providers are serving creditable meals and foods.

“Claims are due at the end of the month. I literally worked up until the last day to complete claims. Minute Menu CX definitely made a difference: The numbers, the calculations—that’s everything by itself.”

- Amber Brown KidKare For Sponsor User

Learn more! Scan our QR Code

Learn more! Scan our QR Code