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THE 16 YO MODELING COWGIRL Photographer: Ashley Roberts

Clothes that Empower, Uplift, and Celebrate Girls and Women @m i a b ellegirls w w w. m i a b

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Editor’s Letter What Is Fashion To Me? (Emma Rae) Barrell Racing Model (Ceeli) Featured Photographer/Designer: Deanie Couture Western Region Top 10 W GOLD Photographer Spotlight: Dave Feiling Anti-Bullying (Reilly) Cover Story: Ruby Lightfoot NE Region Top 10 NE GOLD Photographer Spotlight: Christen Holly Central Region Top 10 Central GOLD Photographer Spotlight: Monica Cioban SE Region Top 10 Southeast GOLD Photographer Spotlight: Anya Allen International Region Top 10 International GOLD Photographer Spotlight: Dani Geddes How To Become An Gymnast: Chloe

Cover Model: Ruby (@rubylightfoot) Photographer: Ashley Roberts (@ashleyrobertsphotos) Location: Los Angeles, CA Back Cover Model: Lexi (@lexi_rabe) Photographer: Jessica Rabe (@jessicarabephoto) Dress: Ashlyn So (@ashlynso_) Location: Atlanta, GA Table of Contents Picture Model: Mikayla (@mikaylajean345) Photographer: Christen Holly (@christenhollyphotography) Wardrobe and Set Styling: The Paris House (@theparishouse) Location: Long Valley, NJ Farm: Willow Grove Farm (@willowgrovefarmclydesdales) Editor: Damon Ross DDS Creative Designer: Anthony Naylor Graphic/Web Designer: Mandy Hernandez Consulting Editors: Angie Lozano, Erika Carey



I knew having “Country” as the theme for this issue wasn’t going to be easy, but it was going to be fun. I wanted to see how creative models and photographers could get, and oh boy, did they! I just love how country and fashion come together in this issue! Really hope you enjoy reading this one! Our Cover Model is the Amazing and Beautiful Ruby Lightfoot. Ruby is a true cowgirl at heart and an amazing model! In her story she talks about the “Ranch Life”. It has definitely been a privilege and honor to have her as our Cover Model and I can only imagine what her future holds!

Ceeli. Our anti-bullying story is about Reilly who has definitely spent time on a farm. Don’t forget to read the very informative article by Gymnast Chloe on “How To Become A Gymnast”. Oh and we can’t forget our Top 10 Models, our new GOLD Photographer Spotlights, and the cool ads with Members who won FREE photoshoots.

Thank you for taking the time to read our magazine! If you would like to be published in our magazine, either send us a message on Instagram and/or Facebook. You can also reach us via our website at For special events and opportunities, continue to follow us on Instagram @kidfashmagazine. Hope In our 26th Issue you will see "What Fashion Means to you enjoy the magazine, and I look forward to meeting Me” by Emma Rae and see amazing pictures and dress- you at one of our events in the near future!! Be blessed! es from our Featured Photographer/Designer: Deanie Couture. You will also learn about Barrell Racing with



"My name is Emma Rae. I am three years old. When I was born, my birth parents chose a new family for me and I was adopted. My parents often send my birth family pictures of me. We love doing photoshoots together. Fashion gives me a way to express myself in the pictures we send. It shows off my personality. Doing photoshoots for my birth family is what helped my parents realize I should be in modeling because I love dressing up and having my picture taken. Fashion has been my gateway into finding something I love while keeping me connected to my biological family." Model: Emma Rae (@emmaraereps) Photographer: Kathryn Bailey

FINDING BLISS IN BARREL RACING: MEET Written By: Maddie Delbridge and Annie Delbridge (@annie.and.maddie) Photographer: Shelley Gerodias (

Do what you love. It's the dream for all of us who aspire to find our passions and pursue them. Whether these interests lie in school, in the arts, in sports, in friendships, or in all of the above, it's a privilege to have opportunities to develop them. An even greater privilege is to have the opportunity to share our stories with one another, be inspired, and learn more about all the ways our peers are doing what they love, and doing them well! This is the story of Ceeli Pinkston (follow her at @c3barrelhorses), our multi-hyphenate model who is living the dream of being an award-winning barrel racer. We were thrilled to learn more about this exciting sport, and share her inspiring story about this unique passion. When asked to describe barrel racing, Ceeli explained, "Barrel racing is running as fast as you can [on a horse] on a cloverleaf pattern around the barrel without knocking a barrel over. It is a timed event and the fastest time wins...barrel racing has been a part of most of my childhood memories, and I can't imagine doing anything else!" Sounds like pursuing this passion requires a dazzling combination of experience, agility, speed, quick-thinking, and, last, but never least, pure talent. Ceeli's adventures in barrel racing all started with her first ride on a horse as a baby, which quickly ramped up to her competing in barrel racing when she was five years old. Every sport and activity calls for dedication and consistency, and barrel racing is no exception, requiring commitment and hard work to train at the competitive level. As a top competitor, Ceeli finds herself racing three to five times a week, including weekends, and explained that her training consists of "exercise and work barrels," elaborating further that barrel racing is, "part of my daily life,

"Barrel racing is running as fast as you can [on a horse] on a cloverleaf pattern around the barrel without knocking a barrel over. “

"I feel so free and excited when I'm on the back of a horse,

so I literally train almost every day. As for my horses, I ride them often to keep their muscles loose and get them used to the barrel pattern." Ceeli loves everything about barrel racing, highlighting "the adrenaline rush and winning money" as what she loves most about racing competitively. "I feel so free and excited when I'm on the back of a horse," she shared, and when asked how long she's been training, she answered like a pro, "I've been barrel racing for as long as I can remember!" Like most of us that pursue passions in the arts or in sports, it's clear that the relationships she builds with her teammates, in this case, her horses, is equally important to both the competitive successes she achieves as well as the meaningful support she receives. She shared, "I've loved horses ever since I could walk and I truly feel I have a connection with my horses that many people don't understand." When asked about the first horse she ever met, she fondly mentioned the two she rode: Snickers and Blondie, and explained that she now has five: Sailor, Kippy, Shotzi, Scooby, and Little T. She 8

“I've loved horses ever since I could walk...” describes her daily routine with the horses as "Ride, groom, clean stalls, Magnawave therapy for the horses, and feed. Taking care of horses comes natural[ly] for me so I don't really even think of it as a routine. Riding my horses is second nature and truly my favorite thing to do, so it doesn't even feel like work." Isn't it true that time flies when we are having fun and doing what we love? That definitely seems to be the case with Ceeli and her wonderful horses. As Ceeli well knows, equally important as our relationships with teammates is our relationship with mentors and teachers in the areas of interest we are pursuing. Our favorite barrel racer cites Mary Walker as her role model and favorite professional barrel racer, explaining that "she is humble, sweet, and down to earth even though she's a world champion. She is my friend and helps me when I have questions or need anything at all." The support of leaders like Mary Walker is instrumental in guiding young competitors through the various obstacles and pitfalls in their competitive journeys, and, like Ceeli, we are appreciative whenever we can find and connect with them. Ceeli herself is also a role model for other children and teens who seek opportunities to barrel race, sharing some invaluable advice to get started in this sport. "First, they have to get a suitable horse. If they are a beginner, I suggest a trainer to help them with their technique. They will also need to work hard for their dreams and never give up." Ceeli is still discovering and finding new passions as well. Not only is she an award-winning barrel racer, but thanks to KidFash Magazine, she can now also add "published model" to her bevy of titles. When asked about her experience with modeling for this photo shoot, she excitedly shared, "The photo shoot in Arizona for the 'Western Edition' article [was my favorite]. I've grown up in a time where people capture pictures of everything so I'm used to posing for the camera. When I get to dress up in beautiful clothes and take pictures with my animals, it is so much fun. Modeling and spending time with animals are two of my favorite things to do." When asked what modeling and barrel racing share in common, she explained that "In both, you have to be ready for anything that may happen." We're ready, are you?


Deanie Charles Written by Renata Glusker

“If you can dream it, you can a ieve it.“”

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” An expression unfamiliar to none, but a real life anecdote for featured designer Deanie Charles. Deanie is a true-blue country girl with an eye for artistry and a passion for design. In 2015 she created her photography business, and shortly after she had a vivid dream that she was going to become a designer. Only 10 months later this vision played out exactly as she dreamed it, taking life during a fashion show in Atlanta. From that point she worked on honing her hair and makeup craft by studying YouTube videos. Turning herself into a triple threat, you could say, with full control over every aspect of the creative process. What was once a dream is now a project of passion known as Deanie Couture and Photography; Where style, fashion and fine art photography dance in creative rhythm.

Finding her niche in feminine fashion and inspired by kids, Deanie says her design style is whimsical and playful. She loves all things bling and enjoys working with fabrics that can ‘move’ and ‘dance’. You’ll find a trend in silks and florals if you’re scrolling her Instagram page, @deanie_couture. Despite the fact her wardrobe and styled photography is “a visual representation of the whimsical and daydreamy imagination of a preteen girl,” you’ll catch Deanie sticking true to her roots by rocking jeans and cowboy boots even at the glitziest of fashion shows. 12

“Deanie says h design style is whimsic and playf “” 13

A self proclaimed ‘Florida swamp girl’, Deanie found herself visiting Tennessee in 2002. The season changes came as a breath of fresh air from the humid Florida climate, and the music and culture of ‘Nash’ were enough to make her want to plant roots. Although the move was a big transition surrounded with many uncertainties, Deanie put God first and let Him take control. “He leads me in the directions I take,” she states, and “blesses every aspect of my creativity and business.”

“He leads me in directionsI t e...“””

“A p fect outlo to have as she waits to see wh e h next dream w l lead h .“”

Although Deanie is an accomplished designer and published photographer she feels her biggest business-based accomplishment is her ability to overcome insecurity. This has helped her come out of her shell as a designer and photographer and to take risks. When asked what her next big risk may be Deanie said she would love to begin exploring the world of men’s fashion and design style. Whether or not this plays out, she’s learned throughout the journey to make it a priority, whether struggling or soaring, to just enjoy the ride. A perfect outlook to have as she waits to see where her next dream will lead her. 15

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10 top

models ...




tern regi


ANGELA (@angelaaa_0204)

Age: 12

Loc at ion: Irvine, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Elise Rose Photographer (@eliserosephotographer)

Country to me is an important place that I was raised and born in. My country is my home and will always be. I will forever be grateful to be in this immaculate place!


SYLVIA (@mimisylvia257)

Ag e: 8

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Elise Rose Photography (@elsierosephotography)

Country to me is a peaceful place that people gets along with each other. 17

DAKOTA (@grace_model2021)

Age: 10

Loc at ion: Knoxville, TN

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Dave Feiling (@dafeiling)

Country to me is honoring my roots and traditions. It's staying true to who we are and where we came from.


ALORA (@alorajofficial)

Age: 10

Loc at ion: Knoxville, TN

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Dave Feiling (@dafeiling)

Country to me is growing up knowing I can be anything I want to be and that I can be strong and use my voice to help others. No one else gets to write my story. I get to decide what I want to do with my life. 19

VICTORIA (@thevictorialfield)

A ge: 11

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Marie La Frangue (@marielafranphotography)

Country to me is the freedom to love and accept all those who step foot on our soil. Our beautiful diversity is what made this country what it is.


SHELIA’CELINE (@sheliaceline)

A ge: 10

Loc at ion: Orange County, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Marie La Frangue (@marielafranphotography)

Country to me is love. I come from very Southern country roots in Louisiana. It’s my history, loud fun with family, and hot weather 21

ARAMIS (@lifeofaramis)

Age: 12

Loc at ion: Aliso Viejo, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ava Cantrell (@avacantrellphotography)

Country to me is living life more with nature and less with technology.


PRESLEY (@presleyleonor)

Age: 12

Loc at ion: Norco, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ava Cantrell (@avacantrellphotography)

Country to me is a wild spirit, wide open spaces, more trucks than cars, wearing blue jeans; sitting under the stars in my hometown. 23

FELIX (@yanliu1119)

Ag e: 13

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Elise Rose Photography (@eliserosephotography)

Country to me is a home. A place I can stay and have no worries at all because I know it’s my home. I can be more confident and relaxed in my country, because it is my home. I feel warmth and welcome to this country. My country to me is my home, a place I love.


ZURI (@zuri_miles)

Age: 13

Loc at ion: Los Angeles, CA

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Marie La Frangue (@marielafranphotography)

Country to me is all about the fashion being outside in the fresh air and playing with the animals 25

Western Region

Dave Feiling (@dafeiling)

Wardrobe: Melissa Sweet Kid's Boutique (@melissassweetkidsboutique) Location: Los Angeles, CA

MODELS Ariel (@arieldominguezz123) Aubrey Lia ( Madison (@madison.w210) Mila (@miladeya_) Zoey (@carolbellino)


Fa i r y, Ar t i st i c , a nd Uni que @os t row s kacout ure





By Michelle Elizabeth Photography: Russo Photography (@russophotography__) Wardrobe: EC Clothing (@elizabethcordeliaclothing)


Reilly Jean is a 14 year old model from St. Louis, Missouri. Originally a trained dancer, her mom got her a “Dance in the City” photoshoot as a present 2 years ago. Reilly really enjoyed it and the photographer told her that she is a natural. That night, her mother started an Instagram account for her in hopes that they would get a large enough following to become an ambassador for that photographer. That particular goal didn’t pan out but Reilly ended up making a lot of great connections through her instagram account. She became increasingly interested in modeling and eventually became a SugarLulu Girl and then went on to join their ModelSquad program. Reilly had tons of fun making unboxing videos and doing photoshoots with them. She also joined their Party Planning committee and helped plan all their virtual events. After about a year, she started working as a model for Catwalk Youth Apparel. Next she joined the ambassador team for StarOne Photography of Cincinnati and Russo Photography of St. Louis. Reilly says, “Each connection I've made has opened more opportunities... It's all led me to where I am now and I'm super excited to announce that I just signed with Images talent agency!” What Reilly loves most about modeling is how fun it is. She enjoys posing and having fun with friends, meeting new people, and the friendships that are made along the way. She adds, “My favorite memories are doing a destination shoot in Washington DC with my StarOne family and going to Connecticut for a photoshoot and runway show for Sugar Lulu. The Sugar Lulu trip was especially fun because I got to go to New York for the first time.” The most challenging part is trying to get the perfect picture- especially in dance photoshoots when you do the shot over and over again until you get that perfect shot. Reilly adds, “The weather can also make it super hard. One of the first modeling jobs I had was during the winter, it was only forty degrees outside, there was snow on the ground and we were doing a dancewear photoshoot on the rooftop of a parking garage. It's super hard to smile naturally and pose when your teeth are chattering and you're shivering all over.”

“Each cónectió I've made has oened more oportunities.. It's all led me to were I am nöẁ and I'm super excited to annônce tat I just signed wit Images talent agency!”

“The schõl made sure te girls didn't sit by each oter at lunch and tey tried to kèep an eye ôt ó te playgrônd. ”

When Reilly Jean isn’t dancing, modeling, or taking acting lessons, she likes to hang out with friends, try out new makeup looks (especially “creepy horror looks''), and go shopping. Her family is what inspires her most by supporting her and helping her chase her dreams. Reilly also enjoys hanging out with her cousins on a family farm. She says, “We spend our days riding horses, fishing in the pond, climbing on hay bales, feeding the chickens, and helping with the baby cows. It's so much fun getting to be outdoors all day. My absolute favorite thing is taking care of the horses and getting to go riding. I would do it every day if I could.” Even though Reilly Jean has many great things going on in her life, just like everyone else she has her own issues to deal with. Reilly struggles with anxiety and depression and has also been bullied for most of her life. Ever since preschool, there was always that one “mean girl” in school who picked on Reilly. Third grade is where things got really bad. Reilly and her best friend started hanging out with another girl their age. At first, all 3 of the girls spent time together, but little by little Reilly was excluded. The more Reilly tried to spend time with them, the more the other girl controlled and manipulated the situation. Finally Reilly gave up on that friend group, hoping the bullying would stop, but sadly it didn’t. The Mean Girl started spreading lies about Reilly to everyone at school. Every time Reilly made a new friend, the bully would make sure to ruin the friendship.She maligned Reilly to both students and teachers and constantly tried to get her in trouble at school. Reilly told her mother and they notified the school of what was going on. Reilly’s Mom explains, “The school made sure the girls didn't sit by each other at lunch and they tried to keep an eye out on the playground. But none of it helped. None of it kept the girl from telling lies. None of it kept her from making sure no one liked Reilly.” In Spring there was one moment that Reilly’s

She also wants people to know that mental health is important and that therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. She pleads, “Don't wait until it's almost too late to get help for your child. I can't tell you how many times I told Reilly things like ‘in life you're going to have to learn to deal with mean people’, ‘not everyone is going to like you’, ‘just avoid them’. It wasn't until Reilly told me that she wished she was dead that I finally started to see the real impact this experience was having on her... I wish I would have gotten Reilly counseling from the moment I realized this wasn't something that was going to sort itself out. I was lucky in the fact that Reilly actuReilly explains, “Want to know what life is like living ally told me she had a plan to commit suicide. So many with an anxiety disorder and depression? Remember all parents don't know until it's too late for them to do the things you worried about yesterday. Now remember anything.” all the things you have worried about so far today. Finally, think about all the things you might worry With the support of her family and therapist, Reilly now about tomorrow. Got that all in your mind? Now worry has more good days than bad. She hopes to start doing about it all at once. While you're worrying about all of commercials soon and eventually TV and movies. After that, throw in negative feelings about yourself... like high school she plans to get licensed in cosmetology to everybody hates you, you're not good enough, you'll support herself while pursuing dance and modeling never make it. Let all that just keep racing through your jobs. One day she would love to be a dance teacher and mind over and over like an out of control have her own dance studio. Despite those dark moments in the past, therapy and a support system has helped merry-go-round that won't ever stop to let you off.” Reilly regain a bright outlook on life and hope for the Reilly's Mom believes that parents can help end bully- future. ing. She explains, “Adults need to be better role models. We can't treat people badly and then expect our kids to be nice to everyone. We also need to stop thinking/saying ‘Kids will be kids.’ Bad behavior isn't acceptable...period.” Mom realized they reached a breaking point. She recounts, “She was just crying and crying. She told me that she wished she was dead. I remember asking her if she knew what she was saying... like did she really want to die or did she just want it to stop. She told me that she wanted to die; that she couldn't take it anymore. I remember asking her if she had a plan and she said yes and explained what she planned to do.” By the end of third grade, anxiety and depression controlled almost everything in Reilly’s life, so they sought help from a therapist.

“Dó't wait until it's almost tõ late to get help for yôr child. ”

MODELING Cowgirl by Michelle Elizabeth Photographer: Ashley Roberts (@ashleyrobertsphotos)

“IT’S REALLY FUN TO CHANGE UP DIFFERENT THINGS AND LOOKS.” Ruby Lightfoot is a 16 year old model, brand ambassador, and social influencer from Southern California. Currently she is in 10th grade at ASU prep digital. What makes Ruby such a unique model is that she is a real life Cowgirl! Seriously folks, she actually rides horses and competes in rodeos and everything! She says, “My life goals [are] to make it to the NFR which is the National Finals Rodeo, the biggest American rodeo, and also to make it on the cover of Vogue magazine!” The National Finals Rodeo is an annual championship event, considered to be like the Super Bowl of Rodeo. It consists of Bareback Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Tie-down Roping, Saddle Bronc Riding, Barrel Racing, and Bull Riding. Right now, the event that Ruby is most dedicated to is Barrel Racing. Barrel Racing is a competitive equestrian sport in which the horse and rider try to run a cloverleaf pattern around three 55 gallon metal barrels placed in a triangle shape within a large arena. The competitor who successfully maneuvers through the complicated pattern in the shortest amount of time wins. This sport requires a lot of strength, agility, skill, precision, quick-thinking and control from the rider in combination with the horse's athletic ability and stamina in order to safely and correctly navigate the course. Typically riders wear a tucked in long-sleeved Western shirt, Cowboy cut jeans, a Western hat, and boots. Ruby’s older brothers got her interested in modeling. When they were little, Ruby’s brothers modeled for LA Models and did print work for Target, JCPenneys, Osh Kosh, and many others. Watching them piqued her interest and she wanted to follow in their footsteps and carry on the family tradition so she trained at Cynthia Bain Young actors studio, in Los Angeles and the rest is history. So far, she’s been modeling for about 8 years. Ruby’s favorite thing about modeling is the creativity of it- the variety of styles and photos she gets to take. She explains, “It’s really fun to change up different things and looks.” The most challenging part for her is finding the perfect pose and getting the perfect shot. 37

One of Ruby’s most memorable experiences as a model was when she walked in several runway shows during LA fashion Week for Little Jewels Boutique. She adds, “Another most memorable was shooting for KidFash Magazine cover shoot. I had a blast because I was working with my animals, including them. I absolutely loved it!” Currently, Ruby reps for Bull Kings ( which is a charitable western brand that gives back 25% of every sale back to the rodeo industry. She says, “They are a family owned and operated company local to Las Vegas and were founded by Cowboys. Their Mission is to donate 25% of each sale to injured bull riders and their families. They support and sustain those cowboys that are injured doing what they love.” She also brand reps for Knotty Horse ( which makes amazing hair care products



that can be used for both horses and humans, as well as for - a woman owned fitness apparel company. Ruby’s biggest brand rep right now is Bang Energy ( Ruby adds, “It's not only energy drinks, they have great products for hydration and our immune system. They are also very delicious.” To become an influencer and get lots of followers on Instagram this Modeling Cowgirl recommends consistent posting. Ruby says, “I have been on Instagram since 2013. It takes a long time to build up your followers, and fans, the most important thing to lift your presence is post post post! Your fans and followers want to see you all the time, so I try to stick to that theory! In the beginning, I also used to use a lot of hashtags.” Ruby likes all kinds of music. Her current faves include Luke Bryan, Morgan Wallen, Juice, Tate Mcrae, and The Weekend. She enjoys good home-cooked country meals like homemade mashed potatoes and gravy with biscuits. Ruby absolutely loves


verything about living the Country Life. She gushes, “It’s great… We have our own garden here. We also get to raise horses, goats, pigs, donkeys, turtles, bunnies, and dogs. All of our animals are for pet rescue purposes only, (besides my horses which I barrel race)... You get up early each morning and you get to see all these happy animals just waiting to be fed. They rely on us so much, and I love taking care of them. My mini donkey Gucci will ‘Hee haw’ when he hears me, my horses ‘Neh’ and my pig snorts at me… my goats ‘maaaa maaa.’ It's the cutest and very loving feeling.”

Ruby also has fun grooming the animals. Despite all the amazing things about country life- there’s a downside too… The cleaning! “There is definitely a lot of cleaning you have to do, because of the dirt around the ranch. It gets everywhere, so you have to like to clean to live in the country,” she explains. “What I love the most is being away from the city, it’s quiet and peaceful, and not as many people, we also get to have as many animals as we want, that’s my favorite part!” So just what makes a Country Girl? Well here’s what Ruby had to say, “A Country Girl to me is a girl that likes anything that is country- The lifestyle, the clothes, the chores, the animals, getting dirty, appreciation for the land… Not everyone can live on a ranch and be Country Girls, so I believe it’s what’s in your heart that makes you Country.”









e th



models ...






tern eas re

ELENA (@elena_._angelica)

Age: 14

Loc at ion: New York

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

Country to me is open fields, barn dances, front porch swings which make you feel right at home.


OLIVIA (@oliviaj6580)

Age: 7

Loc at ion: Queens, NY

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

Country for me is the place where I want to live and feel safe. 43

ANNA (@anna_marie_brown)

Age: 14

Loc at ion: NJ

Phot og r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Country to me is a very relaxing atmosphere. I could see myself gallivanting around the countryside with friends, wading in creeks or ponds, riding horses, catching fireflies or reading a good book in an open meadow. I could find hours of entertainment in the simple things country life has to offer.


VINCENT (@Vincentdellapietro__)

Age : 5

Loc at ion: New Jersey

Pho t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Country to me is living your best life. Kicking back, listening to the river run, skipping rocks and enjoying nature. 45

JULIA (@official_julia_mccomiskey)

Age: 11

Loc at ion: New York, NY

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

Country to me is a place to relax and enjoy horseback riding.


MAYA (@mayac_nyc)

Age: 12

Loc at ion: East Meadow, NY

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Ivona Kaplan (@ivonakaplan)

Country to me is an incredible possibility to express myself in a unique way! 47

TERRI RAE (@the_terri_rae)

Ag e:2

Loc at ion: Plainsboro, NJ

Ph o t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Country to me is a breath of fresh air, living free.


EMMA (@erinleigh218)

Age : 8

Loc at ion: Somers Point, NJ

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Aga Manzo Photography (@agamanzophotography)

Country to me is my life. I'm country. I grew up listening to country music, and I want to be a country artist. That's what country means to me. 49

CAMILA (@camila.s.beita)

Ag e:11

Loc at ion: Willow Grove Farm, NJ

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Country is Freedom at its best! A place to find Peace.


HAYDEN (@hs.hayden)

Age :9

Loc at ion: Long Island, NY

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography)

Country to me is animals and nature. 51

Northeastern Region Christen Holly Photography (@christenhollyphotography) Hair and Makeup: Christen Holly Photography Wardrobe and Set Styling: The Paris House (@theparishouse) Farm: Willow Grove Farm (@willowgrovefarmclydesdales)

MODELS Terri Rae (@the_terri_rae) Mikayla (@mikaylajean345) Anna Marie (@anna_marie_brown) Vincent (@vincentdellapietro__) Hayden (@hs.hayden) Camila (@camila.s.beita)

CLOTHING CREDITS Pendleton Jolie Mia joy Janie & Jack Shein Wrangler Banibear Macys Bullhyde Free People

Boujee, Stylish, and Fashionable Sunglasses w w w. e t shop/ sitcraftsip I meme@s i t craft s i I

@s i t _ craft_ sip


ral regio t n en

10 top

models ...




al regi tr o


FALYNN (@falynndance)

Age: 6

Loc at ion: Houston, TX

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Brooke Davide (@imagesbybrooke_)

Country to me is a breath of Fresh air.


BELLE (@bellebutterfield)

Age: 11

Loc at ion: Texas

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Brooke Davide (@imagesbybrooke_)

Country to me is a place where I can be free to be myself, experience nature, and learn to take care of all God’s creatures. 59

ANNA (@anna_girtakovska)

Age: 10

Loc at ion: Dallas, TX

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Katrina Studio Photography (@katrina.studiophoto)

Country to me is Texas. It is full of beauty and kindness. Country to me are cowboys. They are brave and tough. Country to me is landscapes and wonderful people around. Country to me is country music, cowboy hats and boots.


SCARLETT (@scarlettbellasong)

Age: 13

Loc at ion: Dallas, TX

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Katrina Studio Photography (@katrina.studiophoto)

Country to me is a quintessential down-to-earth style, mindset, and attitude. 61

EVIYA (@Mounisha_reddy)

A ge: 1

Loc at ion: Naperville, Illinois

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban (@monikacioban_photography)

Country to me is a place where people live in harmony and peace respecting one another ’s traditions and culture.


BARRETT (@_barrett_official_)

Age: 11

Loc at ion: Chicago, IL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban (@monikacioban_photography)

Country to me is peacefulness, living on the simple side of life. 63

WILLOW (@ca_willow8)

Age: 9

Loc at ion: Dallas, TX

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Tonya Turner (@tonyaturnerphoto)

Country to me is the hats, boots, style, music, and the lifestyle


NIXON (@nixon_snow_model_actress)

Age: 13

Loc at ion: Chicago, IL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Monika Cioban (@monikacioban_photography)

Country To Me is my favorite pair of blue jeans, an ice cold glass of sweet tea and Johnny Cash blowing up my speakers! 65

HAVEN (@_havey0113kidmodel)

Age: 12

Loc at ion: Houston, TX

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Tania Flores (@royaltyimagery)

Country to me is an expression of creativity in nature. Country also paints a picture of peace and serenity.


ABIGAIL (@abbey_rose_mgl)

Age: 7

Loc at ion: Ohio

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lisset Perrier (@lisset.perrier.artistry)

Country to me is love, peace, home, beauty, and family. 67

Central Region

Monika Cioban (@monikacioban_photography)

Headpieces: Chrisanthi Couture (@chrisanthicouture_) Location: Chicago, IL

MODELS Ramona @ramonadelaney_model1 Ja’zaria @jazz_j11 Kiana @kianaboo322

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10 models ...






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n io



BELLA (@simply_ellebella)

Age: 9

Loc at ion: Columbia, SC

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_)

Country to me is having space to be free and express myself.


LONDON MALLORY (@sweetlilredd)

Age: 6

Loc at ion: Charlotte, NC

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_)

Country to me is pretty cowgirl boots, picking fresh strawberries and sweet lemonade. 75

BECKHAM (@duke_of_style)

Age: 6

Loc at ion: Charlotte, NC

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_)

Country to me is fresh air, horseback riding and fun with my family.


ZAEDA (@slayda.zaeda)

Age: 11

Loc at ion: Columbia, SC

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_)

Country to me is about connection. Connecting with your heritage, with family and with mother nature. 77

SYMPHONY (@RobensonLauvinve)

Age: 6

Loc at ion: Parkland, FL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Jonathan Dave (@unfoldperception_)

Country to me is very special, it provides so many moments to cherish.


GRACIE (@officialgracieo)

Age: 17

Loc at ion: Raleigh, NC

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Imagery By Gray (@imagerybygray)

Country to me is listening to country music while cruising on the lake! 79

BRYSON (@SheShe30_)

Age: 4

Loc at ion: Charlotte, NC

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_)

Country to me is a place to live, have fun, enjoy the fresh air and that has animals.


KAITLYN (@iam_kaitlyn_janae)

Age: 9

Loc at ion: Charlotte, NC

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Bae Hart (@_thebaehive_)

Country to me is dressing up in my cute cowgirl boots & cowgirl hat and enjoying the rodeo or fun outdoors with family and friends. 81

EMMA RAE (@emmaraereps)

Age: 3

Loc at ion: Florida

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Kathryn Bailey (@_KathrynBailey)

Country to me is fresh air, sunshine, and a day on the farm.



Loc at ion: Tampa, FL

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Irina Chernousova (@irinkac33)

Country to me is summer fun with the family! 83

Anya Allen Photography


Dresses: Marais Sky (@maraisskyofficial)

Southeastern Region

MODELS Emmie (@sweetemmiejane)

Parker (@parker.annabelle) Gigi (@giadaonthego)

Sophia (@sophia.namiii)

Cate (@cateellerydances)

Jade (@jade.leia.garrison)

“Where Girl Meets Whimsy”






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onal ati re

n io


models ...




SIENNA (@sienna__g)

Age :11

Loc at ion: Perth, Western Australia

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lisa Maree Photography (@lisamareephotography2020)

Country to me is about being a part of nature and our amazing Australian outback.


ALEXIS (@miss_lexi_jade)

Ag e:9

Loc at ion: Landsdale Farm, Animal Park Western Australia

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Lisa Maree Photography (@lisamareephotography2020)

Country to me is peaceful and quiet. Where you can relax in the sun and it makes you feel good. 91

MAYA (@miss.maya.jessie)

Age: 10

Loc at ion: Toronto, Canada

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Gloria Caballero (@violetakidsphoto)

Country to me is old fashioned fun with a kick of modern day love


PRESTON (@seetheworldwithdylanandpreston)

Age: 8

Loc at ion: Houston, Texas

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Gloria Caballero ((@violetakidsphoto)

Country to me is a home. 93

VALEXIA (@veroniqueboulianne)

Ag e: 7

Loc at ion: Montreal, Canada

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Mary-Christine Dumont (@mcsouvenirsdenfance)

Country to me means my home, my birthplace, my pride. Canada is nature, forests, flora and fauna. Also I am proud to live in a free and multicultural country where the possibilities are endless.


ROMY (@romyhuot)

Ag e: 6

Loc at ion: Montreal, Canada

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Mary-Christine Dumont (@mcsouvenirsdenfance)

Country to me is the family, my most beautiful memories. it's finding calm, serenity, it's seeing happiness in the little things. The countryside is a part of my childhood that I rediscover on each visit. 95

CIARA (@ciaragarciadiaz_model)

Age: 9

Loc at ion: London

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Dani Geddes (@danigeddes)

Country to me is where I feel at home. Where I feel loved, safe and surrounded by my favorite people.


CHARLOTTE (@charlotte_roy_08)

Age: 13

Loc at ion: Montreal, Canada

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Fodoz fashion (@fodoz87)

Country to me is so much more than just a place. It is a strong connection with nature and somewhere I can indulge fully in my passion for animals. 97

HILARI (@hilariama_lachapelle)

Age: 6

Loc at ion: Montreal, Canada

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Mary-Christine Dumont (@mcsouvenirsdenfance)

Country to me is my dream. I love my country.


BRITNEY (@Miss_britney_summer_knigh)

Ag e: 12

Loc at ion: Jervis Bay, Australia

P h o t o g r a p h e r : Europro Photography (@europro_photography)

Country to me is natural, fresh, and beautiful. It makes me feel free. 99

International Region Dani Geddes (@danigeddes)

Location: London, UK

MODELS Kai (@kai_teen_model) Darcey (@_darcey.d) Ella Prebble (@ellaprebbleofficial) Molly (@mollyjasminemodel India (@indiawilliamsmodel) Lillie (@lilliefaithdaviesofficial) Ella (@ellalee124)


We Flip for


By: Jennifer Pucci Starr Photography: Chris Henrickson (@chrishenricksonphotography)

“ When Chloe started going to gymnastics she immediately fell in love with the sport,” Train, eat, sleep, repeat. That seems to be the key to a successful gymnastics career and the mantra of young gymnast Chloe. There is fun involved too though. What keeps this sweet, southern beauty flipping? For Chloe @gymnastchloe.official, it is about balance and dedication. Kidfash chatted with Chloe and mom Kellie to find out the scoop on what makes Chloe shine. Chloe started recreational gymnastics one day a week when she was 4-years-old and had her first Level 1 competition at the age of 5. “When Chloe started going to gymnastics she immediately fell in love with the sport,” says Kellie. It has been eight years now and Chloe continues to compete and win competitions with big dreams ahead. 105

“C hloe practices year-r ound,” says Kellie, “there is no down season.”

Putting in the Effort

Beam Queen Boot Camp and met so many new friends,” says Chloe. “The camp was perfect for me, I Through the years Chloe has trained anywhere from 12 love beam! More than just focusing on beam, this camp – 23 hours a week depending on the level she is train- helped me turn my fears around and be more positive ing. The training is usually 3- 4, and even five, hours and clearer headed on my favorite event.” per day, five days a week, and consists of conditioning and 45 minutes to an hour on each apparatus. “Chloe Attending virtual school has allowed Chloe to pursue practices year-round,” says Kellie, “there is no down her dreams without sacrificing her education. The flexiseason. The competition season begins in the winter and bility of the curriculum allows her to work at her own runs through the spring, and then summer training kicks pace. “I can work for 5 hours one day and then 3 hours off with trying to get ready to compete at the next level the next day,” says Chloe, “whatever time fits my schedule that day. However, having a routine and being and the cycle continues.” consistent are key to maintaining good grades.” For Chloe even the extracurricular practice is fun. Finding your passion and working hard towards a goal can Staying on top of your training can be challenging, be the most rewarding aspect. “Last summer I attended especially during a pandemic, but Chloe is happy to 106

have everything back on track. “The pandemic has changed SO much about gymnastics for me,” says Chloe. “Being out of the gym for lock down and quarantine, I grew almost 4 inches. Rapid growth in any sport is difficult to manage. Understanding my physical space and body awareness on any event in gymnastics is of upmost importance. Sometimes I need to give myself some grace when I used to be able to perform any skill I was asked, and then find it more difficult to achieve."

Although Chloe is currently working towards agency representation, utilizing an online outlet has been instrumental in furthering her modeling. Chloe’s social channel of choice is Instagram and together with her mom, she takes the time necessary to maintain a strong following. “We like to make a plan for the week,” says Kellie. “Chloe prefers to have a carved out window of time to shoot with her favorite photographer and get as many shots in as possible, to free up her time to get ahead in school, go to the gym and hang out with friends and family. We use social media to inform Chloe’s audience about new leotards and apparel Mixing Talent with Beauty launches, and to encourage our friends with positive As Chloe continued to promote her achievements, she and supportive messages.” also began to represent the lines that she loved to train and compete in. Chloe became an ambassador of sever- Outside of social media, Chloe has worked with al of her favorite gymnastics brands, and is a model for photographers and companies to help drive marketing Garland Activewear and has modeled for Plum Prac- of new lines for leotard companies and has been ticewear. Chloe’s ambassadorships include Darcy published in ads in magazines including Inside GymLeotards, Ozone leotards, D&M leotards, ICONIC nastics. leotards, Anchor Activewear, Champion Teamwear and more.

“Chloe prefers to have a carved out window of time to shoot with her favorite photographer and get as many shots in as possible,”

Dreaming of the Future Just as many young gymnasts do, Chloe has dreams of one day making it to the Olympics. However, she is also laser focused on making a college team. “At a certain point, she decided to focus on achieving the highest level that she can compete at,” says Kellie. “the goal being college gymnastics.” Growing up in the gym Chloe has had so many amazing influences and plenty of real life heroes, many on the college level. “Chloe is a diehard University of Florida Gator Gymnastics fan,” says Kellie. “So many Florida gymnasts have impacted Chloe. Megan Skaggs and Alicia Hundley worked with her on getting her front ariel on balance beam which is one of her favorite memories.”

“C hloe is a diehard University of Florida Gator Gymnast ics fan” Outside of gymnastics and modeling, Chole loves all the things a girl her age should. “I love to dance, I love makeup and clothes and fashion,” says Chloe. “I shop until I drop! I am a huge Harry Potter fan and love to go to Universal Studios with my family when I have time off!” Chloe also loves to support important causes, some of her favorites are: Anti Bullying, What’s Your Comeback Story, and the Tiny Bows Project. When asked what Country means to her Chloe had quite the list. “When I think about country, I think about lemonade, catching fireflies, rocking chairs on the patio, huge family reunions, fresh vegetables from the garden, road trips, and my grandma’s chicken n dumplings,” says Chloe.

It wouldn’t be complete without one essential element, the music. “Country music is fun!” says Chloe. “It’s fun to sing, it’s fun to dance to! Every song has a meaning or tells a story. I love the line dances and the way you can really show your personality. Some of my favorite TikTok dances are to country music!” Chloe’s final words to others aspiring to follow in her footsteps; “Every young gymnast has a dream,” says Chloe. “Follow your heart, listen to your coaches, Speak up! Make sure your coaches listen to you. Be present every step of the way. Every gymnast has an end date, whether you just do gymnastics for a few years or make it all the way to the top, one day it will come to an end. Enjoy every day in this journey.”

“It’s fun to sing, it’s fun to dance to! Every song has a meaning or tel ls a story.”

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