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Dreams Do Come True Project Book

Dreams Doof Children” Come “Enhancing the Live



“Enhancing the lives of Children”


Table of Content

Research 1.1 research paper 1.2 demographics 1.3 swot analysis 1.4 brand vision 1.5 creative brief

1.6 brand mission


2.1 mood board 2.2 logo concepts & sketches 2.3 print concepts & sketches 2.4 web concepts & sketches 2.5 motion graphics sketches

Style Guide 3.1 mission 3.2 basic standard 3.3 color & typefaces 3.4 images & textures 3.5 company collateral 3.7 applications

Solutions 4.1 website design 4.2 motion graphics storyboard 4.3 print ads 4.4 promotional ads 4.5 project conclusion 4.6 references



1.0 Research

Reasearch 1.1 Research Paper 1.2 Demographics 1.3 Swot Analysis 1.4 Brand Vision 1.5 Creative Brief 1.6 Brand Mission


Th Abstract 6

is thesis explored how non-profit organizations utilized the Internet and brand to frame. Their causes through personal stories that illustrate the good works and acts of charity Performed by the organization. There are a lot of different of non-profit organization out there, that are doing variety of charity work. This will point some key points on what it take to become a better brand, how to achieve that and what the competition is out there, this will also explain the steps it take to reach your goals and maintain you place. However, there is great discrepancy in the extent to which these organizations present their brand. While a few organization’s websites and brand provided model examples in the prominence, prevalence and synergy of good works stories, the majority did not utilize the medium to its fullest capacity.

What is a Brand? A brand is more than a logo, or even what it offers. A brand is how it makes people feel and think about the organization. “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company. It’s a GUT FEELING because were all emotional, intuitive beings, despite our best efforts to be rational. It’s a PERSONS gut feeling, because in the end individuals, not by companies, markets, or the so-called general public, define the brand. Each person creates his or her own version.” (Neumeier, M.2012 para #3). What is Dreams Do Come True? Dreams Do Come True, Enhancing the Lives of Children is a national non-profit organization that makes the dream of an America’s youth come to life through the help of public, private, corporate donations and grants. They are not like many other children’s charities since one of their unique qualities is they grants dreams for kids ages 5 to 18 years old, and it does not matter what gender you are, your financial situation or your race. In order to continue to help a child’s dream come alive, Dreams Do Come True aims to provide each child joy in making their dream come true, and being part of the organization in an environment that they feel appreciated, comfortable and happy. The mission of Dreams Do Come

True is to help children find inspiration and reassure them that a dream can come true. However, Dreams Do Come True has a branding/aesthetic problem. By not being appealing to the target audience’s eye and marketing well, this limits more sponsors and donations. In re-branding Dreams Do Come True with a new website, promotional ads, and apps, Dreams Do Come True will be able to draw in more viewers and raise more funds for the organization to make more children’s dream come alive. Many different things influence brands they are influenced by everything, what you do, say, or people say about you. The question is how do we influence the perception of others about Dreams Do Come True? First we need to dig a little deeper on what it takes to build a brand that will have meaning and substance. What are Dreams Do Come True values, what are their qualities in services, goals and how will they be marketed? What is Dreams Do Come True and what is their mission? Dreams Do Come True is a national non-profit organization and children charity that helps the lives of unfortunate kid’s dreams come true. It is a children’s foundation for every kid that has a dream. Dreams Do Come True have the help through private, public, corporate donations and grants. Age’s covers are 5-18 years old and it doesn’t matter…they having been around for 12 years since being started in 2000 by a man name Alfonso. Since a child Alfonso in vision creating a nonprofit organization to help change the lives of America’s children through a special charity. Dreams Do Come True has a very unique ability “which allows them to change the lives of children emotionally and financially in ways that would never be attainable for them on their own. That is how they really do make dreams come true (Dreams Do Come True 2000 para#2). Dreams Do Come True mission is “to help enhance the lives of America's children regardless of their race, gender or financial status.” Dreams Do Come True values are reliance, integrity, excellent service, and staying positive. Dreams Do Come True qualities are strong leadership, courageous, trusting, transparent and encouraging. Dreams Do Come True. Dreams Do Come True is a remote organization The target audience that is

particular focused on is other sponsors,

volunteers, parents, other non-profit organizations, and large and small companies.   Dreams Do Come True problem is the lack of an appealing image in communicating to their target audience and they need to tie their mission, purpose, plans, goals, services, and values to the aesthetic side would help them build their brand tremendously and give them recognition in other areas that they have not had before, which will bring more donations in to the organization. The whole task is to inform the public of the purpose, plans, and values of the organization and successfully completing this task will enable people to understand Dreams Do Come True’s mission and engaged their support to achieve its goals. The solution to this would be creating a whole new look for Dreams Do Come True that includes creating new colors, finding maybe a new font for the logo and redesigning a the website that is appealing to the audience and attract them to it. Creating a mobile app, promotional pieces display at conventions, adding visual images that capture people’s emotion, creating a positive perception of the organization. " Design process consist of a series of methods that are put together to suit the nature of each design project or question." (Best, K. 2006 pg.112). Influence has a big part in our everyday life and to make a positive influence on young children and teens is a good start in laying strong foundation down in their life. This project is very important because this is the next generation and to make a positive impact on young kids and teen’s now could change their life now and how they might see it. "The creative process itself is the series of events or actions we take in order to produce an imaginative, but relevant way of approaching a challenge.” (Best, K. 2006 pg. 112). 

Demographic * Sponsors * Private Owners * Volunteers * Corporate Donators * Families * Private Donators * Public Donators * Any Gender * Any Race 7


Swot Analysis

* Nonprofit organization * Has potential to be better * Unique Brand * Tax Exempt * Volunteers can mean a enormous saving to the business * They can offer things at discount prices because they don’t have expenses of taxes

Weakness * A lot of non-profit organization barley cover their expenses with revenues * They can match the salaries of their for-profit competitors * Vulnerable to budgetary deficits * Typically are more focused on job satisfaction as competition * Locations * Budget problems also can be evident in purchasing from supplies


Opportunity * Any grant that a charity may be eligible for an opportunity * There are many grants being offered even during recession * More freedom * Able to receive a grant from the government or private agency or group * Unique Brand * Unlimited Resources

Threats * Non profits are very vulnerable to economic crisis * Charitable giving is one of the first cash outflows that consumers cut back on when money is tight * Public charities are held to a higher standard than for- profits * They depend on contributions * Non profits need to avoid the perception of impropriety * Small scandal can be damaging

Brand Vision Dreams Do Come True vision is to continue to strive to make a impact on families and children’s lives. Spread the gift around the world so that it can make a impact on others to join and do the same.


Creative Brief 10

Positioning Statement

Unique Selling Position

Customer who utilize Dreams Do Come True will experience a unique

Dreams Do Come True unique sell ing position is that not many nonprofit organizations do what they do and is help children dreams come alive and inspire.

Key Tenants

Call to Action

*Dreams Do Come True is a place to help children of all genders and races dreams come true. *Dreams Do Come True is unlike any other non-profit organization. *Dreams Do Come True stay true to what they believe, integrity, creativity, uniqueness

Generate more publicity and advertise ments to draw to Dreams Do Come True web site and advertise to reach a wide audience to gain more popularity.

Brand Mission Dreams Do Come True mission is to dedicated theirs elves to making children all around the world dreams com true. To be a inspiration along the way in helping families want to be better in their lives. To achieve this will improve on reaching out to families and communities to build a trust, honesty, and commitment to what Dreams Do Come True do. To continue to show passion for the love of making children happy.


2.0 Development


Development 2.1 Mood Board 2.2 Logo Concepts & Sketches 2.3 Print Concepts & Sketches 2.4 Web Concepts & Sketches 2.5 Motion Graphics Sketches

13 13

Mood Board 14

This mood boards represent all the different ideas in the beginning that was set, a mood board is on of the foundation of the process, all these images have a representation of the brand.

Mood Board


Different logos that were thought up before the final result was presented.

Logo Sketches “Enhancing the Live of Children�


Print Sketches This are the Print Sketches that created the final product .


Web Sketches 18

Theses sketches are how the website was developed and creating, bringing out the key tenants the web needed to be creative, bright, and fun. The navigation is a bit different its on the side but not hard for viewers to find, doing that it put a focal point on the images when first enter on the site.

Motion Sketches This motion graphics piece is a viral video that will be 30 secs, The company logo with fade in and out of the shots, images that will be use for thses clips are maninly children outdoor and different outdoor backgrounds, textures will be using during the beginning and the end adding soft clouds. All the words will pertain to the brand and how it will be effective is creating a call to action towards the end of the message which will be asking to help a donate to the foundation.


3.0 Style Guide


Style Guide 3.1 Mission 3.2 Basic Standard 3.3 Color & Typefaces 3.4 Images & Textures 3.5 Company Collateral 3.7 Print Standard 3.8 Application

21 21

Mission Dreams Do Come True mission is to dedicated their selves to making children all around the world dreams come to. To be a inspiration along the way in helping families want to be better in their lives. To achieve this will improve on reaching out to families and


communities to build a trust, honesty, and commitment to what Dreams Do Come True do. To continue to show passion for the love of making children happy in life.

Brand Identity Dreams Do Come True brand identity is includes within these pages. The guide is designed to control how Dreams Do Come True put in the public eye. This reference document include rules and suggestions for writing styles and document presentations. The brand concept is simple yet distinctive.


Basic Standard

To ensure the legibility of the Dreams Do Come True logo, it must be surround

with a minimum amount of clear space. This distinguishes the logo from competing elements such as text or background patterns that may detract attention and minimize the overall impact. Using the logo in a consistent manner across all applications helps both establish and reinforce immediate recognition of the Dreams Do Come True brand. Green, blue, pink, and orange are the dominate colors to be implemented in all possible situations.

Old Logo

New Logo “Enhancing the Live of Children�


Basic Standard

“Enhancing the Live of Children”

Dont’s “Enhancing the Live of Children”

“Enhancing the Live of Children”


Clear Space 24


X “Enhancing the Live of Children”


Colors Primary Colors

Secondary colors

CMYK - 72, 0, 100, 0 RGB - 0, 206, 66 HEX# 00ce42 PANTONE-1 39, 100, 81

CMYK - 12, 83, 61, 1 RGB - 214, 81, 89 HEX# F9A025 PANTONE- 35, 85, 98

CMYK - 99, 79, 0 RGB - 12, 78, 157 HEX# 0C4EQD PANTONE- 213, 92, 62

CMYK - 0, 43, 96 ,0 RGB - 249, 160, 37 HEX# f9a025 PANTONE- 35, 85, 98

CMYK - 44, 9, 12, 0 RGB - 41, 196, 214 HEX# 8DC4D6 PANTONE-195, 34, 84

CMYK- 1, 0, 0, 0 RGB- 249, 255, 255 HEX# fffff PANTONE-213,1, 1


Fun Bright Creative Typefaces 26

Headline: Baskervile Old Face Voice & Tone These tenets are spoken throughout the Dreams Do Come True campaign. These words represent traits that best describe aspects of the Dreams Do Come True campaign and deliver the desire tone explained.


Arial Regular

Body Copy:

Adobe Garamond Pro Regular


These are some textures and images that were use for ideas in creating this campaign along the way. These textures and images had a great influence on where the project is now.


Company Collateral 28

Company Collateral is the deliverables that all organizations need to ensure a complete and consistent stem of brand commutations, both on and off line. It Is an important method of delivering the business vision to its audience. Company collateral should be relevant as well as reflect the quality of service and business objective.

Print Standard Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. The Dreams Do Come True print ad allows one to visualize who the targeted audience is, while sticking to the details in an organized structure. This helps assemble the brands overall image.


Applications 30

These show examples of the different merchandise being use to represent this brand. All use material must be bright, clean, and professional to keep the look for the brand.



4.0 Solution


Solutions 4.1 Website Design 4.2 Motion Graphics Storyboard 4.3 Print Ads 4.4 Promotional Ads 4.5 Infographic 4.6 Project Conclusion 4.7 References


Websites Designs 34

This website is intended to make the target audience families, other organization, private dona-tor, public dona-tors, feel welcomed, accepted, and happy without evening experiences anything yet. The bright colors and the youthful feel the pages with connect with the audience promoting visitors to come back to the site.

These pages are the core of what the brand is all about and what the brand look to provide fun, love, inspiration, and dream to help young children.


Websites Designs


Motion Graphics Frame 1 - This first frame start of with a sunny blue sky with clouds and breeze as well, in the video you will hear a children playing and the wind blowing. The child makes a wish and blows the flower. You do not see the child you just hear the breath begin given.

Frame 2 - This frame continue on to show the particles begin blown which began to transition into different colors while dreams shown. The different colors mean the different phases.


Motion Graphics 38

Frame 3 - This frame is a continuation a the colors changing as music play in the background of the piece giving a warm, loving, welcoming feel to attract the target audience attention.

Frame 4 -This frame is shows a picture of a little boy thinking of what would be like to go to a baseball game, while the picture appears and disappears there is a description at the bottom explaining a little of the situation

Frame 5 - This frame shows a call to action , it to inspire the people watching and join and contribute to this organization and what it is doing. The shot fade out into the next one holding for about 8 seconds.

Frame 6 - This a image representing of little boy dreaming of a dream that he would like to come true after this shot that is for about 5 second it fades into the logo and call to action.


The promotional ads must be portray a youthfulness and engage the audience with a bright, fun, and creative language. By using bright colors, and imagery that the target audience can relate to and understand and connect to, the ads will grab the audience’s attention and convince them to be apart. The target audience needs eye- catching and different styles of advertising to be persuaded to pay attention and act upon its message.

Print Ads 40

Promotional Ads

In the case of Billboard ads, the Dreams Do Come True website address logo must always be used under the headline. The images, colors, and textures must be consistent with the rest of the brand marketing collateral items. By using this logo on billboards, we maintain a unified color and personality scheme and deliver our message in a clean, fun, and simple layout.


Promotional Ads 42

The Bus Stop ad can be use the same in the magazine ad layouts.



Project Conclusion 44

It is through this presentation of Dreams Do Come True Re branding Campaign that the importance of meetings the needs of young children is creatively possible. The presentation has demonstrated that Dreams Do Come True is ready for a great fresh start to launch its brand to effectively reach and help young children that are in need of inspiration and dreams fulfilled. By using fun branding collateral and young -focused awareness strategies, Dreams Do Come True will achieve the positioning needs for its brand recognition and target audience support. By establishing the organization as the best inspiring place to feel and come, the campaign reintroduces the brand with fresh designs, attention grabbing images, bright color schemes, typography, and fun feel. Dreams Do Come Trues brand key tenants, fun, creative, and bright. This campaign presentation showcase the brand strongest features and benefits in color, fun and inspiring way, and paves the way for a successful organization and fund increase.


INSPIRE, JOIN, CONNECT! Designer by Kiashi Hosey, email-


Research References

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Images References


Dreams Do Come True Project Book


“Enhancing the Live of Children”  

this is my final project  

this is my final project