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an organization to grow into Full privacy maturity , privacy governance needs to take place on a number oF levels .

The architecture of your IT systems are secure Any new technology solutions, such as cloud storage or mobile apps, are secure Your staff are well trained in privacy awareness and procedures Your utility has a comprehensive privacy policy, and that it is being implemented Your legal team is up-to-date with the latest developments in relevant federal and state legislation Your board is briefed on privacy implementation on an ongoing basis

k i d esign specializes in data and privacy protection, and has worked in-depth on privacy and security maturity projects with electric utilities. We can help you secure your customer and employee personal data, and implement an industry-benchmark level of privacy compliance. We offer a range of services, from a Privacy Compliance Audit, to customized staff and management training, to a Privacy Officer on Demand service. If our expertise can be of use to you, we look forward to working together to meet your utility’s data privacy and security needs.

4 : Data Privacy Solutions  

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