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Tree Talk 4 Tips for Planting Trees


Care Resource Opens New Midtown Miami Health Center


Special Edition Guide

Helping Children Survive the Aftermath education, art & entertainment

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APPLY ONLINE Free high-quality educational program for income eligible children ages birth to 5, including children with disabilities. EARLY HEAD START Children newborn to 3 years of age and pregnant women. HEAD START Children 3 to 4 years old by September 1st.

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Vol. 9 issue 6 FEATURE 8 |

Helping Children Survive The Aftermath

5 Reasons Why Gardening Can Help Children Feel Happier And Calmer


Tree Talk 4 Tips For Planting Trees


2022 Kiddos Summer Camp & Activities Guide


Disney Cruise Line Reveals New Destinations And Itineraries For Summer 2022





Father's Day Ideas To Show Dad You Love Him


10 Brilliant Ways to Make The Most Of Your Air Fryer


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Care Resource Opens New Midtown Miami Health Center


Sweet, Refreshing Summer Snacks


PatPat Dive Into Summer in Style With Matching Outfits


Kiddos Magazine Visitó La Feria Internacional Del Libro De Buenos Aires


The Game Is Afoot! Solve A Mystery At Sherlock Holmes


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A Sip Of Summer’s just about kids



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Tree Talk 4 Tips for Planting Trees


Care Resource Opens New Midtown Miami Health Center


kiddos | June • July 2022


Special Edition Guide

Helping Children Survive the Aftermath education, art & entertainment

You Got What It Takes Join Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

june/july 2022 • Vol. 9 issue 6

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PLUS... Kiddos Cool Stuff Summer Essentials

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happy summer Kiddos Publisher’s Notes

r e m m u S f O A Sip Nineteen children and two adults were killed during the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. After another senseless school shooting, how can we help our children to feel safe, encourage them to talk about their worries, and manage distress? What is the best way to know what they're feeling and thinking?

FIU professor of psychology and psychiatry Jonathan Comer shares with Kiddos Magazine, Helping Children Survive the Aftermath tips to help children cope with large-scale traumatic events. He highlights nine ways you can approach when tragedy strikes. Read more on page 8.

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magazine Kiddos is a Florida based kids focused magazine, whose mission is to help strengthen the bonds between parents and their children by providing value-based content and quality journalism.

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Father's Day is just around the corner! In this issue you'll find Fun Ideas to Show Dad You Love Him, get inspired, appreciate and honor him on this important day! Page 13 Find out ways to get the kids outside! Gardening and Tree Planting as a family are incredible fun activities that help children feel happier and calm. This new issue also features a Summer Camp Guide, Cool Stuff, Sweet, Refreshing Summer Snacks, Books Reviews, and many more engaging topics to share with your family! Finally, we are thrilled to announce that Care Resource opens its new Midtown Miami health center, with a significant expansion to continue delivering affordable, high-quality healthcare and support services for their patients and our community. Learn more on page 28.

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kiddos | June • July 2022

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Helping Children Survive the Aftermath WRITTEN BY: FIU Center for Children and Families

When tragedy strikes, it can be difficult to process, especially for children because they rely on the support of parents, teachers and caregivers to help them deal with their emotions during and after traumatic events. Psychologist offers tips to help children cope with large-scale traumatic events.


atrina. Nepal. Sandy Hook. The Boston Marathon. The World Trade Center. Orlando. Parkland. Buffalo. Uvalde. All are synonymous with tragic loss, inexplicable catastrophe and an overwhelming sense of vulnerability. All, large-scale traumatic events — some man-made, others the result of Mother Nature’s wrath, the rest orchestrated by terror or hate. All, unforgettable. Many people experience feelings of anxiety,


kiddos | June • July 2022

fear and depression following events of such magnitude.

some ways to help children cope when tragedy strikes:

Children are especially vulnerable. They rely on the support of parents, teachers and caregivers to help them deal with their emotions during and after traumatic events.

Be confident. Research shows parents who act calm in front of their kids tend to have children who feel more secure. Children take their cues from their parents and will be very interested in how you respond to the news. Pay attention to your own emotions and be careful not to show your child excessive displays of emotion.

Jonathan Comer, FIU professor of psychology and psychiatry, shares

Encourage them to take action. Have children help raise money, write thank you letters to first responders or even draw pictures to help them cope. Children can donate even small amounts of money to organizations that advocate peace and tolerance. Doing something to help others in need can be very therapeutic for children and restore their sense of control. “Children are more resilient than we give them credit for,” Comer said. “Usually, modeling a little confidence is all they need to feel that they will personally be OK.”

Find out what they know. As much as possible, stick to answering questions rather than volunteering information that may be overwhelming for your child. When clarifying details, explain the traumatic event in a factual manner, without giving graphic details. Watch smart and avoid overexposure. The news can at times be unnecessarily alarming, and it can be helpful to talk to your child about the dramatic nature of the news. Just because it’s on the news, doesn’t mean that your child is in any immediate danger. Help them distinguish between what is portrayed on the news and the likely security of their direct and immediate worlds. Limit excessive watching of and listening to news of the traumatic event. Continued media exposure to a traumatic event can have a significant impact on a child’s psychological well-being.

more realistic versions of the situation. Questions like “has that ever happened to anyone you know?” and “how likely is it that that will actually happen to me?” can really help a child challenge anxious thinking and help him or her cope. Let them know they are safe. Children want to know that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe. You can also mention specific people that are working together to keep them safe — the police, doctors and even everyday heroes that are taking action to help others in need. There are typically far more heroes than villains after tragic events. Stick to your daily routine as much as possible. This is a great way to provide your children with stability and reassure them that they are safe.

Comer has conducted extensive research on the psychological impact of terrorism and other traumatic events on youth, including the Boston Marathon bombing and the September 11 attacks. As director of the Mental Health Interventions and Technology Program at FIU’s Center for Children and Families, he conducts research on expanding the quality, scope and accessibility of mental health care for youth. Much of his work examines children’s media-based exposure to traumatic events and how caregivers can best discuss frightening world events with their children. k If you think your child may be struggling in dealing with a traumatic situation, contact the Center for Children and Families at 305-348-0477 for help or visit

Feelings are normal. Let children know that it is normal to feel upset, scared or angry. You want children to accept their feelings and not think that something may be wrong with them. Praise positive thoughts. When your child offers positive or hopeful thoughts, be sure to praise him or her. Tell children how proud you are of them and encourage them to keep thinking along those lines. Think real. Don’t let your child’s anxious thoughts go unchallenged. If your child has an anxious thought, don’t just accept it — question and challenge it. Encourage your child to rethink what he or she said and to come up with it’s just about kids |



5 Reasons Why Gardening Can Help Children Feel Happier and Calmer Source:Written FIU’s Center for Schwartz Children and Families by: Sandi

a role in creating a healthy meal for our family that incorporates the food we grew ourselves.” Schwartz’s book highlights five reasons why gardening can help children feel happier and calmer:

• Healthy Distraction. Engaging with a

garden helps children feel more mindful and get lost in the moment, distracting them from their worries. One study showed that after 30 minutes of gardening, participants’ stress hormone levels dropped, and they felt happier after the activity.

• Exercise. Gardening also provides


s we enter the summer season, many parents are wondering how to keep their kids busy without always being glued to screens indoors. One way to get them outside is to start a family garden. Growing fruits and vegetables together as a family can be a fun, engaging, and calming activity. “Spending time in nature doing activities like gardening helps reduce stress and allows us to recover from tense situations more quickly,” explains Sandi Schwartz, author of Finding Ecohappiness: Fun Nature Activities to Help Your Kids Feel Happier and Calmer (Quill Driver Book/Linden Publishing). She adds, “It is special when we can pick fruits and vegetables grown in our own backyard and savor them at our dinner table. We have dabbled in growing our own tomatoes and peppers, which the children absolutely love doing. It’s a wonderful experience for them to pick the produce and play


kiddos | June • July 2022

some light exercise from digging, lifting, carrying, and bending up and down. Exercise helps kids feel better as a result of their body producing endorphins, chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. Exercise also reduces the level of stress hormones in the body like adrenaline and cortisol, helping kids feel calmer.

• Eat Healthier. Gardening can

motivate kids to eat healthier foods that make them feel better. When kids are invested in growing their own fruits and vegetables, they feel more connected and want to enjoy the “fruit of their

labor.” By encouraging them to eat healthier through gardening, they will hopefully choose foods that nourish them instead of junk foods filled with sugar.

• Builds Community. Whether it is

family bonding in the garden, sharing produce and gardening stories with friends and neighbors, or volunteering in a community garden, that social interaction also plays a major role in boosting kids’ well-being.

• Soil. Recent research has found

that the simple act of touching soil can reduce stress and improve mood. This is because a bacteria in soil called mycobacterium vaccae has been shown to stimulate areas of the brain that produce serotonin, a hormone that makes us feel better. Sandi recommends the following steps to add gardening to your children’s lives:

• Start a family garden in your backyard. • If you do not have the space for

a garden, consider starting slow by growing a few herbs on your windowsill or one vegetable at a time in a large flowerpot.

• Engage your children by buying

them their own gardening tools, asking them to pick out the types of produce they want to grow, and using the produce you grow to cook meals together.

• Look for opportunities to volunteer in a local community garden. • Register your children for a gardening club or start your own in your community. k For more information, please visit .

PARTY ON! We make planning your child’s birthday a piece of cake.

1101 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132 | 305-434-9600


Limited Availability Reserve your spot today by the day, week, month or full summer! Hours: 9 am to 4 pm

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The SUNFLOW Chair | Enhance Your Outdoor Summer Experience


veryone deserves a seaside day in the sun. SUNFLOW was born to make your happy place even happier. With the SUNFLOW Chair and a host of innovative accessories, we promise your perfect day will be that much more…

The Sunflow Chair ($198) is compact, comfortable, and easy-to-carry. It is made with water-resistant fabric and rust resistant aluminum and offers four positions to soak up the sun. For a full beach solution, The Beach Bundle ($296), includes a UPF50+ Sun Shade, adjustable

Drink Holder, water resistant Dry Bag, and a complimentary beach towel. Blending fashion and function, SUNFLOW’s Sunrise Chair is available in 24 colors with coordinating accessories, each of which integrate into the chair itself for a seamless – and comfortable – outdoor experience. “SUNFLOW was born out of a personal frustration that a carefree day at the beach actually required a lot of work,” says Leslie Hsu, co-founder and chief creative officer of SUNFLOW. “We decided to create the best seat on the beach through a thoughtfullydesigned chair and the accessories needed to enjoy your day in the sun.” Beyond the beach, the Sunrise Chair can take you to the pool, backyard, roof deck and so much more – there’s no limit on style and comfort. k

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kiddos | June • July 2022



Father's Day Ideas to Show Dad You Love Him


WRITTEN BY: Camille Lucy

ather's Day is a special occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the great contribution of men to their families and society as a whole. Children have an opportunity to appreciate and honor their fathers and father figures, the men that have played a vital role in their lives. So, what do you give the man (or men) that works tirelessly to provide for his family and loved ones? Here are a few fun ideas and ways to show you love him:


Family Festivities There are endless ways to enjoy some friendly family fun, including: putting a puzzle together, hosting a competition (think: minute to win it), playing board games, card games, or even video games, water games or activities, visiting the park, or riding bikes. Think about what Dad really enjoys, and plan a theme-day around it. For example, if he loves the outdoors and sunshine, maybe an outing to the beach with a picnic and frisbee match would make his day! Feel free to get creative and personal.


Acts of Service One of the five “Love Languages,” Dads are no stranger to acts of service, always busy “doing” and helping, toiling and fixing! Show him you care by helping him finish a project he hasn’t gotten to, cleaning out or washing his car, offering to help around the house, or any other act of “doing” that takes pressure off of him and his to-do list.


Learning Lineage Names have tremendous meaning and rich history. Learning about your last name can teach you a lot about your family’s story. See what you can find and tell Dad all about it. Additionally, you can

do a family search online to find relatives, birth sites, hometowns and more!


Enjoying Favorites Show him you truly love and care by enjoying his favorite things! Participate in his favorite hobby(ies), serve him his favorite breakfast in bed or cook him his favorite meal for dinner, or spend the day doing what he loves. You can also share some of your favorite stories and memories of him, creating a senes of nostalgia and helping you to feel closer. Whether you choose something on this list or cherry pick and improvise, you know Dad best; you know what will touch his heart and show him he is loved and appreciated for being a pillar of love, support and security for you and his family… today and always.


Coping with the Loss of a Father If you and your family are grieving or have experienced the loss of a father, you can plant a tree for memorial, make

a memory book or enjoy his favorite meal. Though it will never replace your father’s presence, it can help you to feel close to him during this difficult time. Sharing stories and looking at photos also keeps him close in mind and heart.


Coping with an Absent Father If your child’s father is absent, don’t be afraid to communicate openly and honestly. Talk about their father, answer any questions they have, and ask them how they feel about all of it. Be sure to let your child know you love them unconditionally and will always be a constant in their lives. If there is an available male role model around, ask him to spend the day for a shared activity. If you yourself have an absent father, journal about your experience(s) and how you feel. Journaling is a great tool for releasing built up emotions, thoughts and beliefs and serves as a cathartic and healing experience for us. You can also jot down some reasons you’re grateful for the other male figures in your life. k

Camille Lucy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Reiki & Raindrop Technique Practitioner, Ordained Holistic Minister, Certified Meditation & Yoga Instructor, graphic and web designer and business consultant. She is also a writer, a Mother of 3 girls, an artist, a Life-and-Love Junkie, a Self-Expression and Development advocate, and - well, you get the point. She’s a lot of things, just like all of us. Camille is also author of, "The (Real) Love Experiment: Explore Love, Relationships & The Self,” and owner of the inspirational clothing line, LIT Gear, at Learn more about her and her adventure(s) at

it’s just about kids |




10 Brilliant Ways to Make the Most of Your Air Fryer


ure, air fryers achieve a satisfyingly crisp finish These with just a fraction of the Game-changers fat, putting a healthier spin Can Elevate on fried foods. But there’s Meals from another reason to love “Ho-hum” to your air fryer: the mind“Yum-yum” blowing array of exciting new dishes you can add to your everyday repertory.

fryer! Try crisping up string beans, baby carrots, brussels sprouts, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli…even radishes. A spritz of cooking spray beforehand, a dash of herbs, and maybe some grated cheese when they come out. Then watch them disappear. wonton 6Versatile wrappers

We’re talking not just entrees and sides, but snacks and sweets, too. ChefWave, makers of the Magma 16 qt. Multifunctional Air Fryer Oven, encourages you to think outside the deep fryer basket. Get creative with things you never thought you could make at home— and things you’d never dreamed could be fried.


Chips, chips, chips! Air fryers can turn just about anything into a crispy snack. Get a good mandolin and cut a medley of root vegetables into paperthin rounds—we love carrots, parsnips, beets, sweet potatoes, and taro—and fry ‘em up. Apple and pear chips? Why not? Kale chips? Make your own and save big bucks at the store. perfection 2Pasta You’re at a cocktail party and

somebody passes you a tray of air-fried ravioli. Whaaat?? Yes—many kinds of pasta can be transformed into crispy nibbles with your air fryer. Whether

you make your own gnocchi or buy frozen tortellini, you may never need a jar of marinara sauce again. Get imaginative with the dipping sauce and you’ve got an elegant appetizer.

3Pickles If you’re not up on today’s

fried pickle craze, you may be due for a trip to the State Fair. Or better yet, make up a batch of your own. You’ll need to dab them dry before coating them with breadcrumbs or flour, seasoned your way. Be prepared to get hooked!


Jerky High in protein and low in fat, jerky is basically the stuff of air fryer dreams. Take some super-thin strips of beef, turkey, or salmon and marinate them overnight in the flavor profile of your choice (salty, sweet, spicy, smoked, herbed, or some/all/none of the above). Then pop them on the rack of your air fryer and cook low and slow. Shout-out to the vegans: tofu or mushrooms can also be ‘jerkified’ to excellent results. sides 5 Sneaky Ever wonder how to

make healthy veggies they’ll actually want to eat? Hello, air


kiddos | June • July 2022

Your ticket to air fryer magic is waiting in your grocer’s refrigerator or freezer section. Wonton wrappers will take you wherever you want to go. We’re talking about savory dumplings filled with meat and veggies. Gooey goodies stuffed with fiery jalapeño-cream cheese. Sweet delights with fruit, nut butter, or caramel centers. You can even cut them in strips and air-fry them plain with a dusting of powdered sugar. desserts 7Just Air-fried donuts are kind of a

no-brainer, but brownies? Yes, please! The secret is out: the Internet is filled with recipes for baked goods like pies, cookies, bread pudding, and even lava cake á la air fryer. Sweet! meat? 8Got Skip the smoky kitchen—cook up a

nice thick ribeye, sirloin, or juicy ribs to tender perfection in the basket of your air fryer. a good egg 9Be Mornings are busy enough. Who

wants to cook? With your trusty air fryer, you can whip up some fluffy omelets (hint: prepare the mixture the night before) or even a batch of perfect “hard-boiled” eggs. sandwiches 10Toasted Dial snack time up a notch with

some exotic Mian Bao Xia shrimp toast, the Korean finger food that’s crunchy on the outside and luscious on the inside with just the right amount of umami. k

Visit www.mychefwave. com for more details.


Summer 2022 Summer Programs for Girls and Boys



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Tree Talk 4 Tips for Planting Trees Source: Arbor Day Foundation

You can engage in the tree planting movement and make a difference by planting trees around your home and surrounding community with these tips. Consider the Growing Region Choosing a tree that will flourish in your growing region is fundamental to becoming a successful tree planter. Start by getting familiar with the growing conditions of your planting site, including factors like sunlight, soil condition and room to grow. The amount of available sunlight at your planting location will determine which tree species will be successful. Most trees require full sunlight for proper growth and flowering. Some do well in (or even prefer) partial or light shade, but few perform well in dense shade.


rees are virtually everywhere you turn, from your own backyard to nearby parks and forests where you enjoy hiking. They provide shade and beauty, and some even bear fruit. Beyond all the immediate benefits, you may be surprised to discover trees are also a critical key to the future. These facts and tips from the book “Now is the Time for Trees” offer practical insight on the importance of trees and how to nurture one from selection to planting and beyond. A compelling and ever-growing body of evidence generated by scientists, health care professionals, conservationists,


kiddos | June • July 2022

Before you plant, get your soil tested by a lab to evaluate what’s happening underground. Test results, which are usually returned in a couple of weeks, provide a complete analysis of nutrients, possible contamination and pH (alkalinity or acidity), as well as directions for correcting problems.

humanitarians and both public and private corporations supports the critical importance of trees and their impact on the human condition. Trees filter pollutants out of the air and water and provide protection for people and communities from dangerous heat and flooding. They lower urban temperatures, reduce energy bills and sequester carbon to slow the rate of climate change. When you plant a tree in your yard or neighborhood, that tree goes to work filtering out pollutants, intercepting stormwater and capturing carbon. With proper placement, that tree can also help lower household energy use by as much as 20%.

Be conscious of overhead or underground utilities, pavement, buildings, other trees, traffic intersections and other factors that may impact your planting space. Shopping for a Tree When choosing which kind of tree to plant, be conscious of details like size, flowering, color (including how colors may vary through the seasons) and your view from inside the house. While shopping, you can rely on plant labels to learn details about a tree’s growth pattern, sun requirements, watering needs and soil requirements.



Can You Spot Two Identical Butterflies? Two common styles of trees are containergrown trees, which spend their entire nursery lives growing in a container, and ball-and-burlap trees, which grow in the ground until they achieve a targeted size. A well-tended container-grown tree has been carefully monitored and moved into larger containers as the plant grows. Be wary of a tree with roots that circle or twist within the container, which may cause roots to die. For a ball-and-burlap tree, look for a firm, securely tied root ball that is large enough to support the mature tree; it should be about 10-12 inches wide for every inch of trunk diameter. Prepare Your Planting Site Properly preparing your planting site is one of the best things you can do to get your tree off to a strong start. Before you plant, make sure your tree is thoroughly hydrated by watering the container or root ball several hours before proceeding. When planting a tree into a lawn, remove a circle of grass at least 3 feet in diameter where the tree will go to reduce competition between turf and fine tree roots. Start Digging Dig a broad, shallow planting hole with gently sloping sides 3-4 times wider than the diameter of the root mass and the same depth. Mound removed soil on a tarp for easy backfilling. Loosening the soil on the sides of the hole allows roots to easily expand and establish faster, but don’t disturb soil at the bottom of the hole.

Find more tips to successfully plant and care for your trees at

Answer: 6, 10.

Once the tree is positioned, replace the soil while firmly but gently tamping the original soil around the base of the root ball to stabilize it. Create a water-holding basin around the tree by building up a ring of soil and water to settle roots. Spread protective mulch 2-4 inches deep in a 3-foot diameter around the base of the tree, but not touching the trunk. k

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Summer Theatre Academy at the University of Miami

Area Stage Company Summer Program

June 13 – July 22

June 13 - August 26

The Summer Theatre Academy at the

Do what you love this Summer! The

University of Miami offers a summer of

program will run for 10 one-week

fun and learning! Your child will gain

sessions where students will hone

theatre skills, confidence, and a love of

their singing, dancing, and acting skills

creativity, through theatre games and

by working with our experienced

performing arts activities.

instructors. Enrollment is now open for our musical theatre summer

Tel. 305.284.4474

camps, as well as our production of

Beauty and the Beast Jr. Group ages

6 to 10 and 11+.

University of Miami Coral Gables campus

Tel.: 305.666.2078

1210 Stanford Dr., Coral Gables, Fl

kitchen, improve math and reading


skills, all in a fun way, while expanding

their culinary palate. Some of the

5701 Sunset Dr. Miami, FL 33143

The Real Food Academy Spring Camp

activities included in our exclusive and

Suite # 286

June 6 - August 19

camp include cooking, baking, arts &

Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

crafts and much more. Our kids summer

Dance Empire Summer Camp Broadway Bound

camp is a weekly program for Ages 5

June 13 - August 12

At our kid’s cooking summer camp in

one of a kind kids’ cooking summer

to 15. Campers are grouped by age.

Miami, we teach your children to have

Now registering for Summer Camp

fun, eat healthy, develop or hone their

Tel. 786.395.0355

2022. Dance Empire’s mission to

cooking skills, experiment in the

train dancers of all ages in an

570 NE 81st St. Miami, FL

environment where they are given


the opportunity to grow and excel in their dance education. We strive to deliver the highest quality of dance instruction while nurturing each student’s unique gift of talent and creativity. Tel. 305.232.5573 8853 SW 132 St, Miami, FL 33176


kiddos | June • July 2022

Summer at Camp Carrollton

environment. Traditional Summer Camp

June 13 - August 12

and Performing Arts Camp are available. Campers enjoy age appropriate

A fun-filled, engaging summer program

activities like sports, art, STEM, swim,

for girls and boys located on the

music and more. Our 23-acre campus

beautiful campus of Carrollton School

has something for everyone. Inclusive

of the Sacred Heart in Coconut Grove,

camp program. All are welcome.

Florida. Our primary goal is to provide your child with a high-quality, safe and

Tel. 305.271.9000 ext. 273

fun learning environment. Our camp


sessions include a variety of activities

11155 SW 112 Ave., Miami FL

that engage al campers in imaginative


play, critical thinking, creative expression, outdoor exploring and much more!

Miami International Riding Club (MIRC) Summer Camp

Tel.: 305.446.5673 ext. 2341

Full Summer-9 Weeks

Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

life/summer-programs 3747 Main Highway Miami, FL

Offers a full day equestrian program


for kids (ages 6-14) with interest in English Horseback Riding. Camp

presented with a set of fun projects that will challenge them to think critically, curiously, and creatively. They'll have full access to the stateof-the-art makerspace and use real tools and materials to build their own

David Ensignia Tennis Academy Summer Camp

includes riding lessons, horsemanship,

June 13 - August 18

care. Fun activities include playing

Tel.: 305.699.2041

games on and with horses, horse

and lessons about nature and horse

Get ready to participate in our Tennis

related crafts, other outdoor games,

Summer Camp! Choose the most

and much more! Reserve your spot

convenient location for you. We

today by the day, week, month or

welcome all tennis levels, recreational

full summer!

and beginner all ages. Organized

custom projects! Ideal for ages 7-12. 1744 NW 22 St. Miami, Fl. 33142

KLA Academy Summer Camp

training for intermediate and advanced

Tel. 305.775.9155

June 14 - July 29

players. Fun and competitive tennis

Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

games, drills, warm ups and physical conditioning. Ages 4 to 17 years old

22620 SW 134th Ave. Miami, FL 33170

Tel. 305.833.3896 tennis-summer-camp

Moonlighter Summer S.T.E.A.M. Maker Camp


June 13 to August 12

Coral Pine Park

Hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Miccosukee Golf & Country Club

This is the Creative Workshop of your

Continental Park - East Kendall

Child's Dreams! With a new theme

(New location)

each week – your young maker will be

Join KLA Academy’s exciting Summer Camp for amazing experiences in our new, one-of-a-kind facility in the Roads. Every week, children ages 5 to 11 can choose a mini-camp theme in the morning (ranging from outdoors sports to STEAM classes), followed by fun activities & games after lunch, and field trips every Friday. Snack and lunch are included. Join for as many sessions as you’d like.

Camp J Miami June 20 - August 5

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Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Camp J Miami introduces your child

375 SW 15th Rd., Miami, FL

to new experiences while building


confidence in a fun and safe


art music it’s just about kids |




Sweet, Refreshing Summer Snacks Easy Summer Thirst Quencher • A simple fruit-infused water can give your summer event an instant upgrade in no time at all. Add extra dimension and complexity to the flavor by adding some of your favorite herbs like basil and mint. Watermelon-Infused Water 2 cups watermelon balls or cubes 1 cup other fruit, such as berries herbs, such as basil or mint

• Place watermelon, fruit and herbs in


here’s no time like a hot summer picnic to let your patriotic spirit show. These all-American snacks featuring a classic favorite fruit – watermelon – are the perfect solution for nearly any summertime celebration. Watermelon is a patriotic picnic staple for countless reasons, not the least of which is that it’s a beloved treat that many people associate with memories from childhood.


kiddos | June • July 2022

pitcher and cover with water. For best flavor, allow to chill in refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serving. Patriotic Fruit Salad 1 watermelon honeydew blueberries

• Slice 1/4 inch off bottom of watermelon, lengthwise, to create stable base.

• Use pencil to draw zig-zag lines for

basket opening. Using paring knife, make cuts through rind.

• Carefully remove top section, pull out large chunks of flesh and cut them into 3-by-3-inch squares.

• Trim 3/4-inch thick slices off squares

to use for cutting out stars with 1 1/2-3inch, star-shaped cookie cutters.

• Use ice cream scoop to remove flesh

from inside basket and cut scoops into quarters for fruit salad. Place in bottom of basket. Add honeydew and blueberries; stir to combine.

• Cut out white stripes from honeydew. • Garnish top of fruit salad with

watermelon stars, honeydew stripes and blueberries. k

Find more ideas for incorporating watermelon into your summer festivities at



JOIN US VIRTUALLY OR IN-PERSON! Offering Free Parenting Groups for Families with Young Children Families First offers FREE parenting groups for parents of children ages birth through 3 years throughout Miami-Dade County in both English and Spanish.

Get ready to dive into Summer in style with adorable and super affordable matching outfits from PatPat! Solid colors and floral prints.

Matching th of July Outfit


Funded by The Children’s Trust, our program enables you to learn more about child development and positive discipline from experts at the University of Miami.


For parents and babies birth to 6 months. Classes meet once a week for 10 weeks

Mommy and Me Strap Hollow Swimsuit

DISCUSS & LEARN WAYS TO: • Understand your baby’s language • Help your baby grow and develop Take home FREE baby items! Meet other parents!

Shoulder Sleeveless Dress

For parents of children 1-3 years Classes meet once a week for 12 weeks

DISCUSS & LEARN WAYS TO: • Build a positive relationship with your child • Promote your child’s social-emotional development • Use positive discipline to set limits effectively • Manage separations and reunions Receive FREE items related to course material!

Father's Day Matching Outfit


@umfamiliesfirst To register, please call 305.243.8425 or e-mail us at Available at it’s just about kids |




Kiddos Magazine Visitó la Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires


espués de dos años de ausencia por la pandemia la 46.° Feria del Libro de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires reabrió sus puertas al público general y se convirtió en una verdadera ciudad de libros, en un acto de inauguración el jueves 28 de abril en el que contó con la presencia de casi 800 personalidades destacadas como autoridades nacionales y porteñas, cuerpo diplomático, editores, escritores, periodistas y representantes de la comunidad del libro. Esta edición de la feria recibió a La Habana como Ciudad Invitada de Honor.

Con más de 45 mil metros cuadrados de exposición, alrededor de mil quinientos expositores de diferentes países y más de un millón de visitantes, la Feria del Libro de Buenos Aires se destacó por ofrecer una amplia programación con diversas propuestas culturales: conferencias, presentaciones de libros, cursos, charlas, firmas de ejemplares, un festival de poesía, y encuentro de narradores. La han visitado autores de la talla de José Saramago, Paul Auster, John M. Coetzee, Mario Vargas Llosa, José Mauro de Vasconcelos, Ítalo Calvino, Jorge Amado, por nombrar algunos.

Nuestra corresponsal y periodista en Buenos Aires, Azucena Cerúndolo tuvo la oportunidad de visitar diferentes pabellones con actividades educativas, como la Zona Infantil, Biblioteca, Cuentacuentos y también asistió a varios talleres que presentaron innovaciones para las familias y niños, en la Zona Explora y Zona Futuro. k

Para más información sobre la Feria del Libro en Buenos Aires visite

AUG 8 - 12


kiddos | June • July 2022



The Game is Afoot! Solve a Mystery at_ Sherlock Holmes: The Exhibition _


Discover the new experience at the Frost Science Museum

t’s elementary! Follow clues, footprints and suspicious characters as you work alongside the world’s most famous detective in Sherlock Holmes: The Exhibition, on view now at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Downtown Miami. The legendary sleuth of Victorian London’s Baker Street, created by doctor-turned-author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was a chemistry and forensics expert ahead of his time who used seemingly trivial observations of clues that others missed to solve some of his era’s most mysterious crimes. His practices and techniques changed the way police work was conducted in the real world, lighting the way to the modern forensics of today. This interactive exhibition at Frost Science combines science with history and culture to bring to life the historic underpinnings of Conan Doyle’s rich and vibrant stories. As you journey through the experience, you will be transported into Sherlock Holmes’ London to solve a crime in a world filled with innovation and experimentation – and just receiving its introduction to his ground-breaking methods. A dazzling array of original manuscripts, publications, period artifacts, film and television props, and costumes on display will help inspire your sleuthing while you learn about the practices of Sherlock Holmes, the world in which Conan Doyle drew from to develop his stories, and

the history of forensic science. Along the way, you’ll visit Sherlock Holmes’ and Dr. Watson’s sitting room at 221B Baker Street, London, where their investigations began and concluded, and participate in experiments by exploring the developments of science and technology in the 1890s. Best of all, you’ll be able to put what you learned to the test as you become a detective and use a book full of clues to solve a remarkable murder. Using your own powers of observation, you can crack a new Sherlock Holmes mystery written exclusively for this exhibition by Daniel Stashower, the acclaimed writer and award-winning Conan Doyle biographer and the author of new Sherlock Holmes stories as well.

Once you’re done solving the mystery you’ll be whisked back to the present day where you can explore a pop culture gallery that shows Sherlock Holmes in all his manifestations from books to movies and features everything from vintage Sherlock Holmes-themed card games, comics, and magazines, to radio scripts, and movie and television show props and costumes. It is the most comprehensive display anywhere of Sherlock Holmes as portrayed in popular imagination over the last 126 years since his creation. k

Sherlock Holmes: The Exhibition is on view through Monday, September 5, 2022. Admission is included with all museum admission tickets. For more information and to buy tickets visit

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cool stuff PLAYMOBIL

Water Park with Slides


Föm Mania!

The Fömilator jets out streams of thick, fluffy foam up to 15 feet for the Ultimate Föm Experience! Simply pour foam concentrate into the Fömilator reservoir, fill it with water and you're ready to go! Available at

iPlay, iLearn

Bouncy Pal Flamingo Hopper Ball


The Fömalanche makes piles and piles of light, airy foam! Perfect for backyard parties, epic foam battles or just everyday outdoor sudsy silliness.

One of 6 new playsets that takes kids to on an imaginary trip to the waterpark! This multi-level set has a water slide with special trap door that sends the swimmer zooming down the slide. Available at

Take one look, one touch, and you'll fall in love! It's bright color and unique appearance make it a great home decoration for when you are not hopping on it. Ages: 18 months + Available at

B3 Sport Games

Ayla & Co.

Summer Essentials


Dad's best friend! The trendy and efficient new way to clean at home, work, or traveling. It takes the mess out of everyday events for a quick cleanup wherever it happens. Available at

Old World Christmas

Toolbox Ornament

kiddos | June • July 2022

A fun interactive game to play outdoors with the whole family and friends, combines corn hole, washer toss and disc golf into one easy beanbag. Available at



The first and most versatile machine on the market that can carbonate any liquid - the perfect gift for this summer to easily enjoy bubbly cocktails, fruit juices, lemonade, wine, water or anything your kiddos find in the fridge to sparkle! With no electricity required! Available at

Got a great man in your life? Tell him how much he means to you with one of our ornaments made just for him. Whether he is an avid outdoors man or sports fanatic! Available at


Bean Bag Bucketz

Lakeshore Learning

Dinosaur & Fantasy Adventure Babckpack

Fun summer travel backpacks that encourage learning and adventure through play. Great for those summer road trips and beyond! Ages 3-8. Available at

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family destinations

Disney Cruise Line Reveals New Destinations and Itineraries for Summer 2022


isney Cruise Line will offer families exciting adventures around the world in summer 2022, including voyages to new destinations and favorite ports of call in the Greek Isles, Mediterranean, northern Europe, Alaska and the Caribbean. Plus, first-ever summer departures from Miami will take guests to Disney’s enchanting private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay.


kiddos | June • July 2022

For the first time ever, families can sail out of Miami during the summer season.

“While we prepare for a return to sea just as soon as the time is right, we continue to look to the future and develop more cruising options for families,” said Thomas Mazloum, president of Disney Cruise Line. “Offering this diverse new line-up of itineraries for the summer of 2022 shows our commitment to taking more guests to more destinations around the world as we plan for additional ships in the years ahead.”

First-Ever Summer Cruises from Miami For the first time ever, families can sail out of Miami during the summer season, enjoying even more opportunities to visit Castaway Cay. Every cruise from Miami in the summer of 2022 features a stop at Disney’s private island paradise. The June 7 voyage marks the Disney Dream’s inaugural cruise from Miami, as the ship has previously only homeported in Port Canaveral, Florida.

In addition to visiting Castaway Cay, three- and four-night cruises from Miami will call on Nassau, Bahamas, while fivenight cruises include a stop at either Grand Cayman or Cozumel, Mexico. One special five-night sailing features two stops at Castaway Cay, along with a call on Nassau. Tropical Vacations from Port Canaveral Tropical vacations to the Caribbean and Bahamas continue aboard the Disney Fantasy from Port Canaveral near the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Each Disney Fantasy voyage features a visit to Castaway Cay.

Dominica, an eastern Caribbean destination filled with natural hot springs, exquisite waterfalls and tropical rainforests. This mountainous island is bordered by pristine beaches and crystal clear water perfect for aquatic activities.

The Disney Fantasy will embark on an assortment of itineraries to the eastern and western Caribbean throughout the summer of 2022, including seven-night voyages,a special five-night sailing and an extended nine-night cruise.

Even More Magic Aboard the Disney Wish As previously announced, the Disney Wish is scheduled to sail its maiden voyage in summer 2022. Information on itineraries and bookings for this ship will be released at a later date.

The nine-night Disney Fantasy cruise features a first-time call on Roseau,

The Disney Wish will showcase the immersive family entertainment,

enchanting storytelling and unparalleled service that only Disney can deliver. The ship will be powered by liquified natural gas, or LNG, one of the cleanestburning fuels available. At approximately 144,000 gross tons and 1,250 guest staterooms, the ship will be slightly larger than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. k

To learn more about Disney Cruise Line or to book a vacation, visit, call Disney Cruise Line at 888.325.2500 or contact a travel agent.

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Care Resource Opens New Midtown Miami Health Center Reimagines the Delivery of Community Health


are Resource, a South Florida based nonprofit and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), announces the opening of its new Midtown Miami location at 3510 Biscayne Blvd. According to Care Resource’s CEO, Rick Siclari, “Our new health center significantly expands access to health services and transforms the delivery of vital health care and social services for Miami’s rapidly growing populations.” Care Resource’s new and innovative approach towards health care is reflected in the design of its Midtown Miami health center. “Visiting your doctor can often feel cold, impersonal, and stressful. We designed our health center to be inviting and welcoming for all our patients.


kiddos | June • July 2022

Affordable, high-quality healthcare and support services

This warm and relaxing atmosphere removes the stress and let’s our patients know they’re in good hands,” Siclari explains. “The aesthetics support comfort with open spaces, large murals and artwork, and cozy colors that feel more at home, which contributes to improved physical and emotional wellness. In addition, the new health center incorporates Miami Modernist architecture (MiMo) - a regional style of architecture that developed in South Florida and can observed along the Biscayne Boulevard corridor. As the gap for health care access widens each year for underserved populations, this health center is poised to further serve those individuals that might otherwise be lost to care. Once the Midtown Miami health center reaches its capacity, it is estimated to provide medical and pediatric care to more than 7,000 individuals with over 21,000 annual visits. Additionally, the new dental care services are estimated to see a substantial increase and serve more than 3,200 individuals per year with an estimated 8,000 visits.

Life food pantry and nutritional center. These resources complement an array of comprehensive programs that address key social determinants of health, including housing assistance. As an accredited Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), all the health center’s services are delivered in one location and raise the bar in defining high-quality care. “This health center goes a long way toward building a healthier community. When people have access to affordable and high-quality primary care, they won’t delay seeking assistance for health concerns, thus avoiding an emergency, and enjoying better health outcomes,” states Siclari. For almost four decades, Care Resource has provided affordable, high-quality healthcare and support services to the

most under-resourced and diverse medically underserved populations. As one of the largest Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) in South Florida, Care Resource has four locations throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties. As a safety net for thousands of lowincome, uninsured, and underinsured individuals, Care Resource’s patients reflect the unique diversity of the local area, including people of color, women, children, adolescents, adults, veterans, and others, and maintains a longstanding commitment to provide services for the LGBTQIA+ and HIV communities. Our doors are open to all in need, regardless of ability to pay. k

For more information visit

Additional services include behavioral health, HIV prevention and linkage, social support services, and access to healthy food and nutritional counseling through the health center’s Food for

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book reviews Suggestions For Kids And Families To Read This Month 1








1. Some Daddies By Carol Gordon Ekster "Some daddies teach you about the world. Others attend tea parties. Some help turn blankets into forts. Others hold you steady while you pedal." This rollicking showcase of daddies celebrates the incredible diversity of modern fathers. Some Daddies is the perfect gift for a new dad, Father's Day, or any occasion for parents and educators to read with their kids. Ages 5-8.

2. God's Holy Darkness By Sharei Green and Beckah Selnick In God's Holy Darkness, Sharei Green and Beckah Selnick celebrate instances in the story of God's people when darkness, blackness, and night are beautiful, good, and holy. From the darkness at the beginning of creation to the blackness of the sky on the day when Christ's birth was announced to the shepherds, children learn that blackness is something to celebrate as an important element of the life of faith. Ages 5-8.

3. The Adventures of a Trash Kitty: Part 1 By Vicki Rene In this first installment of the series, based on Rene’s own hilarious


kiddos | June • July 2022

experiences with a “trash kitty,” readers watch the down-on-herluck cat meet a new friend, while searching for the creature comforts all living things desire, all while keeping an optimistic, inquisitive attitude and holding tight to hope. A book that inspire children to never give up and to never be afraid to be themselves. Ages 5-8.

4. Amazing Islands By What on Earth Books Their wildlife, history, diversity, people, cultures, treasures and more…From islands that have been taken over by animals to disappearing islands, islands made of shells, artificial islands and even islands that were once prison colonies, this book takes you on an exciting tour of some of the smallest land masses in the world. Ages 7-11.

5. Listified By What on Earth Books Enter the listiverse and get ready to see the world in a whole new way. Listified! takes the best and most amazing parts of the universe – erupting volcanoes, medieval machines, jumping spiders, exploding stars and everything in between – and organises them into quirky list form for curious kids and

their friends and family to enjoy. Ages 8-12.

6. Miss Woollie’s Wardrobe By Susie F. Kealy The author Introduces a beautiful Maine Coon Cat named Miss Woollie, who is trying to find the perfect coat. Throughout the book, readers will go on a fun journey with Miss Woollie and her friend Rollo as they venture off to an antique shop, department store, among other shops, to find a coat she feels most comfortable in. Ages 3-8.

7. The Wind, The Flowers, The Bamboos” By Sally Lake-Dolejsi This illustrated storybook demonstrates how important quality relationships are, during both the good times and hard times of life. The main characters are woodland animals: a fox, a bunny, a goat, an owl and a field mouse. Every month, the characters gather to eat treats and spend time together, while playing Mahjong. The four seasons bring winds of change to the group of woodland friends – from joy to solitude. Through it all, the friends are there for each other and their bond grows stronger. Ages 6+

8. Finding Ecohappiness: Fun Nature Activities to Help Your Kids Feel Happier and Calmer By Sandi Schwartz Stressed? Feeling a bit down? Seeking a break from screens? Nature can help. This one-of-akind platform ties together all the science and practical tools to help you live a happy, balanced life through nature. Written from one parent to another in an easy, nontechnical style, this book clearly explains the science of how nature improves mental health, while giving parents practical tools to help their children manage stress, anxiety and mood. Family & Relationships / Parenting. k



You Got What it Takes Join Miami-Dade Fire Rescue


Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR) is one of the largest fire rescue departments in the southeastern United States, responding to more than 260,000 calls per year, covering from Florida City to Miami Gardens and serving a resident population of over 2.7 million.

irefighting involves extremely hard, skilled physical work, and firefighters must be able to think quickly and operate effectively in high-pressure emergency situations. Continuous training and education is required throughout their careers to keep them up-to-date on the newest technologies and latest fire suppression and rescue methods. Training encompasses many subjects, such as building construction, emergency medical procedures, hazardous materials, technical rescue, fire prevention, public education, and community relations. Firefighters must have strong social skills, and the ability to think and

communicate clearly in very stressful situations. They must also be able to carry an array of specialized tools and equipment that can weigh over 70 lbs., plus the breathing apparatus that weighs 40 lbs.

the ability to obtain the State of Florida driver's license by hire date • Eligible to work in the United States k

Eligibility • 18 years of age • High school diploma or acceptable GED • Valid driver's license from any state (equivalent to a State of Florida Class E) may be utilized upon application; with

MDFR will be accepting applications for the firefighter position from June 20 to July 11, 2022. For more information and requirements to become a MDFR Firefighter visit

Let’s go Bananas at the Zoo! Come in for a learning adventure!


Adults 12+: $15 Children 2-11: $10

Saturday, June 11 •- 10 am to 2 pm 6666 SW 120th Ave. • Miami, Fl. 33183

Tour, and animal encounters! Children will learn about snakes, parrots, monkeys and alligators. Bounce house, hands-on activities, animal feeding, exhibitors, and more! • 786-315-5410

@kiddosmagazine @julioszoo2u

it’s just about kids |


Free Meals for Kids and Teens! Summer BreakSpot provides FREE, NUTRITIOUS meals to KIDS AND TEENS 18 AND UNDER


To find a location:

Dial 2-1-1 Text “Food” to 304-304 Visit

#SummerBreakSpot This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


family events

JUNE 11th



Sherlock Holmes: The Exhibition Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science 1101 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33132

2022 Regal Cinemas Summer Movie Express $2 Family Movies Tuesdays & Wednesdays All Summer Long!

Enjoy us for a tour, and animal encounters! Children will learn about snakes, parrots, monkeys and alligators and of course family fun and non stop entertainment with bounce house, hands-on activities, animal feeding, exhibitors, raffles, music and more! Admission tickets for adults 12+: $15 and Children 2-11: $10.

This interactive exhibition will delight audiences of all ages as it showcases areas of forensic science that enabled Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes, and brings to life the historic underpinnings of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s rich and vibrant stories. Members will have access to enhanced experiences, giveaways, special Frost Planetarium screenings and more.

Bring the family to the nearest Regal theatre for our 2022 Summer Movie Express series! Tickets are just $2 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays featuring summer movies the whole family will enjoy and ! Madagascar, The Lego Ninjago Movie, Despicable Me, Pokemon Detective, Pikachu and many more. Availability varies by location.

Get your tickets on

To buy tickets visit


Let's Go Bananas at the Zoo Julios' Zoo 2U 6666 Southwest 120th Ave. Miami, FL 33183 10:00 am to 2:00 pm


For more details visit


Blue Man Group at The Arsht Center 1300 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132 June 29 - July 3, 2022 More than 35 million people around the world have experienced the smash hit phenomenon that is Blue Man Group, and now it’s your turn! Returns to Miami for a limited engagement as part of their North American tour. It’s everything you know and love about Blue Man Group: signature drumming, colorful moments of creativity and quirky comedy. The men are still blue, but the rest is all new! Every performance is a party!


All ages. To buy tickets visit


2nd - MON 4th


4th of July Weekend at Deering Estate 16701 SW 72nd Avenue Miami, FL 33157 10 am to 5 pm (gates close at 4pm). Enjoy reduced cost admission to the Deering Estate during 4th of July weekend. Pack a picnic and enjoy a day by the bay! Purchase tickets for July 3, July 4, or July 5. Cost: $5 (ages 4 & up). For more information visit




MISO 4th of July Celebration Peacock Park - Coconut Grove 2820 McFarlane Road, Miami, FL 33133 8:00 pm

63rd Annual Key Biscayne 4th of July Parade Crandon Boulevard 11:00 am

Join The Miami Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Eduardo Marturet for a spectacular celebration with an amazing program at the historical Peacock Park. Seating will be available the day of the event on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Presented and organized each year by the 4th of July Parade Committee of local volunteers. The day-long schedule of events begins with the traditional parade along Crandon Blvd. and concludes at sunset with the fireworks display at 9 p.m. Make sure to mark your calendar!

Free and open to the public. Free event




Kiddos Magazine Back to School & 9th Anniversary Event! Presented by Dade County Federal Credit Union CityPlace Doral - 8300 NW 36th Street, Doral, FL 33166 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm Come and celebrate with us our 9th Anniversary and Back to School Event all in one awesome party! One day filled with family fun and entertainment, arts & crafts, face painting, science and arts projects, exhibitors, toddler play area, characters, free back to school supplies, food, music, raffles and much more! For more information visit For more information visit Free admission

calendar submissions


Submit your event information for August-September calendar before July 10th to Include event name, location, address, date,

ARY time, cost, a brief description, and contact. VERS I N Events will be listed based on availability and N A it has to be family and kids related.

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Rosario has congenital scoliosis and a fighting chance

The Nicklaus Children’s Orthopedic, Sports Medicine & Spine Institute provides compassionate care centered around patients and their families. That’s one reason we are among the most successful programs in the nation for treating spinal disorders in children and teens. Our expert team of spine specialists has been influential in the development of some of the latest and most innovative techniques in spine and scoliosis surgery, supporting our mission to give every child a chance for a productive and happy life.