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Summer 2010 Issue 1

Prayer Letter For Christians who want to change the world

for Christians In Action, True Vine & Kidcare International Ephesians 6:18 ‘..praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints’

Dear Saints, God for all answered prayer. Welcome to our first issue of our Prayer Letter. On a bimonthly basis we hope to produce this Prayer Letter on prayer & thanksgiving points for Christians in Action (CIA), True Vine (TVC) and Kidcare International (KI) both in the UK and overseas. Our prayer letter keeps us updated on prayer points and we ask that you join us as we pray for our brothers and sister around the world. We are reminded in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 ‘We must pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks’ So, let us take on this challenge, trusting in God the author and perfecter to answer all prayers. In this prayer letter we remember our partners and missionaries in CIA, TVC and KC around the world. We are thankful to

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We are especially thankful to the Lord for bringing our Pastors and leaders safely back to us from their missionary journeys. We also thank God for travelling mercies for all in CIA AND TVC who have travelled outside the UK for various reasons and have come home safely. Thank God for bring Pastor Freddie and Wanda safely back from the USA after their plane ran into serious difficulties in the air. Please feel free to speak with Pastor Freddie, Ray, Susie or any elder in CIA or TVC if you would want a special prayer request or thanksgiving placed in the letter. Our next letter comes out in October so all prayer points and thanksgiving should be submitted before the 19th September. God bless you as you pray and To God be the glory! Cheryl Djan

CIA & True Vine Please Join us in Prayer For both TVC and CIA to become more prayerful and become true intercessors. In all things we give thanks For the safe arrival of Tim & Carla’s baby girl born 5/7/2010

We also pray for the Joseph Production as we begin rehearsals. May God help us to achieve our vision for a closer working together in unity especially in the areas of prayer and worship.

Christians In Action 1 Thess.5:24-25 ‘He who calls you is faithful...Brethren, pray for us’

India Pray for; 1. Paul & Leah Chandran, our missionaries and key leaders in India who have founded an orphanage near the mountains of Muna. Pray for the orphanage that as most of the 18 boys housed are from Hindu backgrounds and are learning about the Bible and Jesus. 2. Bernard & Babs D’Cunha (Kota, S. India) we have finally found key people who have taken over the school and a pastor to plant the church. They need our financial support to subsidise the school over the next 3 years. The work that was planted over 30 years ago has a fresh focus, even after the sudden death of the pioneering missionary, Danny Cherian.

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3. Joy & Jacquelyn Benjamin (Trivandrum, S. India) – a very stable, consistent, couple that have built something very solid and enduring. Joy Benjamin is one of our Christians in Action National missionaries and is the overseer of 5 churches that have been planted in the area. Joy is a highly respected man of integrity that is trusted by many. His ministry has Great potential for expansion.

Ghana Terry Moeller is the coordinator of CIA missions’ Ghana where 14 churches have been planted. In addition to this ministry 3 primary schools have been started & 11 wells drilled to help meet the needs of the people. Please pray for: Good relationships to be re-established with the leadership team and clear direction as we discuss future ministry developments.

Pakistan Labin & Mercy Taj (Lahore, Pakistan) both have great character and vision. Labin has done something quite remarkable in establishing 4 churches with solid leaders.

Well worth our support and prayers. I think his most urgent need is the support and training of his leaders. Pray for God’s direction and provision for this work.

One more thing to Thank God for… On the flight from London to Los Angeles, our plane was hit by the worst turbulence that most people will ever experience (yes, that plane that was on the news was ours!) There were several serious injuries including a man with broken ribs, others with head injuries and a flight attendant who broke her leg. It was so bad that for quite a while it seemed as if the plane was going down. My wife and I were calmed by what I can only describe as the grace of God, and I had a real sense that my work was not completed and therefore felt that we would make it. Eventually the plane settled and we made an emergency landing in Montreal, Canada. After several hours of delay, another plane was flown in from Chicago and we eventually made it to Los Angeles. Thank God for his safety and assurance during a very difficult time.

Pastor Freddie

True Vine Missions Matthew 21:13 ‘ house shall be called a house of prayer’

UK Pray for Heidi in her ministry to prostitutes that God gives her wisdom and protection. She is currently also taking a difficult course in teaching English which she hopes to use as a ministry tool.

France Continue to pray for Howard, Sev and their family as they continue to establish the call and purpose of God for them and True Vine in France. Pray for God’s provision for the family as we seek to establish a sponsorship Prayer Letter page 3

programme to help support them financially.

Uganda Please pray with Pastor Timothy as he seeks financial help to finish building his family home into which they have been forced to move even though it is uncompleted. This has created all sorts of difficult situations including the children constantly being ill with malaria because of the lack of windows and a back door.

Kenya Pray for Pastor John Ochieng and his new wife Brenda as they settle into family life together and raise up their children jointly as one big family. The church in Kisumu as they adjust to the new situation and also to the need to develop spiritual maturity and Kingdom mindedness as they seek to fulfil God’s purpose. Pastor Felix who we have helped to put up a structure for a Bible School and Discipleship training programme open to both members of his fellowship and other Christians who want to be equipped for Kingdom life and service. He is in need of more physical, financial help to finish the building project and expand the training programme.

Kenya Nelson and Sandra who are seeking the Lord for direction in ministry and provision to move on to the next phase of their married life and ministry. Nelson is a young Kenyan man called into ministry but has had so many challenges, obstacles both personally and within his wide family. This has threatened to derail his call in the Lord. Sandra is an English lady called by God to Kenya for a season where she met and married Nelson. Her heart’s desire is to see her husband delivered from the hindrances and strongholds that have sort to destroy the call and purpose of God for his life and theirs together.

Kidcare International Psalm 41:1 ‘Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble’ Pray with us… As our fundraising reaches new heights with our sponsored tandem sky dive. Our target is £15000 for Kidcare's educational scholarship fund giving poor children the opportunity to go into higher education. Help us to change lives! Pray for the Plus Zone as we encourage our children to commit scripture to memory so they may grow in the knowledge of God. Continue to pray… For Kidcare as we face the challenge of Prayer Letter page 4

paying the running costs of our Head office at Wallington. We pray God will send provision for us to continue doing his work. We are currently looking for sponsorship poor pastors and for 15 children in Uganda pray God burdens the hearts of people to support. Thanks be to God… For our dedicated partners, coordinators volunteers and representatives in the UK and abroad who are truly a blessing, helping with the work of Kidcare. May God richly bless you all in Uganda.

Pray for your brothers & sisters in… Zimbabwe Pray for Father Arnold Maringe our partner as his parish expands. Pray for Nourriture du Monde an organization donating $1000 to Kidcare facing damaging publicity resulting in frozen assets. Pray God releases this to be used for his will. We pray for new partnership opportunities with Dr. Farai of Zimbabwe towards discipleship training of the youth and projects for the poor.

Uganda Pray for our Kidcare children as many of them are struggling with their studies. For our co-ordinator Pastor James and his family as they continue to persevere in doing God’s work. Lubya primary School as they come to terms with the loss of their head teacher and try to move forward. Please pray for Standard Parents school as they require money to buy school land and other provisions needed for the school.

South Africa Prayers for financial provision for Kanana and Park Feeding Project, feeding over 200 weekly For the House of Bread feeding project that God provides as they feed 60 – 100 children every day in the poor township. Also for their after school club which is a blessing to the children and keeping them safe. Prayers for financial support for Sophia Tay, co-ordinator of our project working with disabled children in a township in South Africa. This community also has many young girls who are abused or raped. Many are in a vicious cycle of poverty and cannot seem to get out of this. Many are continually falling pregnant and aborting their babies Prayers for the co-ordinator of the Lesang Bana Nursery school. Pray that her faith will grow strong in the Lord and for the children and provision for the school. One of our sponsored children had her education disrupted as she became pregnant. Pray for her that she will get the support necessary to complete her education.

Ghana We pray for a good relationship with the home and Ghana’s social services for recognition & partnership. The administrative machinery for Kidcare Ghana Prayers for a salary for a part time administrator. We have a volunteer called George, but we do need to give him a salary so that we can benefit from him giving up his time for the service. There are many poor and vulnerable children in Ghana. Pray that God

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leads those whom we need to care for into the home The new sponsor a child to school program that it will be successful. Prayers for the children who have left the home, some unwillingly Prayers for Emelia Amegashie, the

India Pray that, God provides for our children’s bag, uniforms, shoes and books. For children’s health in the monsoon season June and July. Harvest Prayer Group members,

mother of the home as she brings up the children. Prayers for the children in the home. Prayers for Naa Adei, the director of Kidcare Ghana who has a huge task on her hands who pray for many prayer requests from all over the world. Pray for Raji and Lizy who are leading the prayer group. Pray for the protection upon Harvest family members who face a lot of persecution

My dear sponsor, This is to inform you that I’m done with exams leading to award of Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering. I’m really so grateful to achieve this and this is due to your support that you have invested in me. To the best of my knowledge, this is very tremendous, to brighten my future and I’m here by assuring you that I’m graduating next year in the April, from Kichwamba where we sat our Exams. Still God has blessed mewith a job in a construction company as I await my result in the next 3 months. But all these have been possible through your effort that you have invested in me. Indeed my the Almighty God bless you for everything you have sacrificed purposely for me Still my great appreciation goes to Carnoustie Church, Apostle Ray, Mum Susie, and every one who contributed in prayer, material things and others God bless you. Robert Mudhamba

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Dear Sponsor, Praise the name of the living God. Thanks be to God who has given you the gift of life. I thank you for standing with me in all hardships, may the almighty God reward you. I have now completed my University education with a BA Hons. degree and am doing my teaching practice at Grace high School a very good secondary school in Uganda. Praise be to God. Veronica Nambi

“I thank God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now…” Philippians 1:3-4

Prophecy Finally Brothers and Sisters, Remember our prophetic words from the beginning of the year. Ezekiel 47 – The word of God at the beginning of the year was :- an encouragement towards Love and Unity with Kingdom purpose. Where the river of the Holy Spirit flows in the lives of His Saints, people will live. It’s a process, you cannot stay where you are. You have to allow the Spirit’s direction to initiate, control, comfort and guide you in all you do. If you allow God, you will be taken to a point where you cannot touch the ground any more in the water. This means you let go and let god. It will be a place where all you can do is flow with the river, where you allow God to be in control God. It can be scary, but we must rest in His word and trust Him and when you get there –Give your revelation and He will respond. Luke 5:1 - Jesus used the boat to reach more people. Simon Peter had worked all night – but had produced very little result. There is a great difference between doing things in our own strength and doing things in prayer, seeking His Grace and will continually and being dependant on God. Peter had used all his energy, i.e. his own works, then a revelation from God (cast your net at the other side) brought a new response from him “Nevertheless at your word”. Jesus says I want you to go deeper. There was a unity with the other boats – they came to help at Peter’s call. Jesus said to them I am bringing you to another level and immediately they forsook all, changed priorities, followed Him and put everything in Him. God’s revelation to you is not just for information – it will make a demand on you – seek first His kingdom; we need to come into God’s ways and enter His rest; we know He will enable us, give us His priorities. In this season our priorities have changed, are you ready to go into the deep? When God calls you to the deep it will stretch you to the hilt, where only HE can enable. When Joshua was standing at the Jordan, God said I am with you , Don’t be afraid when you look around you at the physical circumstances because it can often get very challenging. His word should not depart from you. God required them to cross the Jordan in high season when the water goes from 50 metres to 200 metres in width. It was a time when they needed him most. He required the priest to take the Ark of the Covenant, which is His presence into the water first and then they followed. Instructs us He will have taken the lead and all we need to do is to follow.

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