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What is Kid 2 Kid Closet?

Kid 2 Kid Closet is a High Desert Group of parents that get together two times a month to

swap great usable children’s clothing. We currently serve over 250 families in the High Desert and surrounding areas. We now are very proud to have over 40 totes full of clothing in sizes 0­10. We are also proud that we have also been able to help several new parents get the baby items that they need with the help of donating members. Kid 2 Kid Closet is not for

Baby and Childrens Items Kid 2 Kid Closet has been fortunate enough to receive many great donations of baby gear such as car seats, strollers, swings, cribs, toddler beds, etc. We are always excited to accept donations and pay special attention

profit, we are about assisting the community in keeping their children in weather appropriate clothing year around. The great thing about Kid 2 Kid closet is that it is a friendly and casual environment where we trust that our members will have the integrity to bring in what they can and only take what they need for their child or children. You could find out more about Kid 2 Kid Closet on our website at: We also welcome you to join us on Facebook or on Yahoo Groups.

to make sure that they are going to great and appreciative homes. If you are in need of items or if you have items to donate please either go to the website at and contact us or email . Please specifiy what you have or need and if it is a donation if you can drop iff or need to arrange pick up.

We’re a Community within Our Community!

With great pride we can say could find great information that Kid 2 Kid Closet members and support from each other. have had a history of helping each other and sticking together. Many parents enjoy sharing information and advice with the parents in need of it. We recently started a Yahoo Group for K2k members to just chat like you would to family or a good friend. You can find this group by going to our website: and clicking on the Kid 2 Kid Closet Chat on the bottom of the homepage. We are hoping this will be a place where all of us

Saving Money while Beating the Heat

Many High Desert residents dread the upcoming hot days of summer not to mention the very costly air conditioning bills those days bring. Southern California Edison has a great plan that will help you beat the heat while cutting down your summer electricity costs. The Summer Discount Plan has several plan options, the best discount being up to $200 per summer! Southern California Edison will give you four choices, these choices are: SCE can shut off your air conditioner an unlimited amount of times per summer for up to 6 hours at a time. This will help you save up to $200 per summer. SCE can shut off your air conditioner an unlimited amount of times per summer for up to 15 minutes of ever 30 minutes for up to 6 hours. This will help you save up to $50 per summer. SCE can turn off your air conditioning up to 15 times per summer season for up to 6 continious hours. This plan can help you save up to $100 per summer.

SCE can turn off your air conditioning up to 15 times per year for up to 15 minutes out of

electrical load on SCE’s systems. During the summer months June 1 through October 1, you will receive

every 30 minutes for up to 6 hours. It costs nothing to sign up for this plan, when you do Southern California Edison will come out to your home and place a small remote­controlled device on your home near your central air conditioning unit. This remote­ controlled device will be used to shut off your air conditioner when there is a need to reduce the

a credit depending on the size of your air conditioner and the plan option you choose. You can sign up for the summer discount plan by calling Southern California Edision at 1­800­497­2813 or online at: in the rebates and savings section of their website.

Who Says You Can’t Have a Garden

Many people think they can not have a garden because of rodents and others think since they have a small yard or even just a patio it is out of the question. Where there is a will, there is a way! With smaller

vegetable plants and herb than desirable amount of space. gardens one easy solution is a vertical garden. A vertical garden could be easily accomplished using an over the door shoe organizer. Thick cloth ones are probably best so the water could drain when they are watered but the plastic kind will also work if you poke tiny holes on the bottom. To start, just hang your garden where it will get plenty of sunlight. Fill each shoe pocket with soil or prepared dirt. Moisten soil with water then plant your garden as instructed by the seed packets. You will water daily if the weather is very hot, preferably in the early morning or late evening. If the weather is not extremely hot you could probably water every other day. A vertical garden will keep the rodents away and give you the garden you desire in a less

We Need Your Help

Kid 2 Kid Closet is excited about our future, we have big dreams of helping more people with even more services. In order to do this it is essential that we get our 501(c)3 in order to become a legally recognized non­profit organization. There are fees to get this done that are pretty costly but very obtainable with your help. You can help in many ways including: Visiting our website at and clicking on the ads that interest you (and possibly supporting our sponsors). Placing an ad in our monthly newsletters, We have ad spaces available, all $25 or less, most for as little as $10. We can even post personal type ads, employment ads, small business

ads, or ads for larger business. Bringing us your empty ink cartridges or old cell phones. Purchasing items from our Amazon Marketplace, there are many items you would normally purchase at the same great price as Amazon always offers but K2k will receive a small commission for the referral. Putting as little as $1 in the Kid 2 Kid can sitting on the table at each swap...not much considering the savings we are all seeing by not having to worry about buying kids clothing. We really appreciate your support in helping Kid 2 Kid Closet grow and to be able to help you and other High Desert families more.


My hands were busy through the day. I didn’t have much time to play. The little games you asked to do, I didn’t have much time for you. I’d wash your clothes. I’d sew and cook. You’d ask and I’d read from your book. I’d tuck you in all safe at night, And hear your prayers; turn out the light. Then tiptoe softly by your door, I wish I’d stayed a minute more. For life was short, the years rushed past, A little boy grows up so fast. No longer is he at my side, His precious secrets to confide. The picture books are put away. There are no longer games to play. No Teddy Bears or misplaced toys No sleepovers with lots of boys. No goodnight kiss, no prayers to hear. That all belongs to yesteryear. My hands, once busy, now are still. The days are long and hard to fill. I wish I could go back and do The little things you asked me to do.

Public School in Your Home

Although many of us pay enough for our homes to be able to use the Public School systems, sometimes it is just not an option or just not the best option for our children. Many parents cringe when they send their children to a school known for drugs, gangs, a poor education or other issues. Some public school teachers and staff act as if your child does not matter, like none of the children do, to them it is just a job. Your children may not be excused or allowed to make up classroom assignments and/or homework due to illness or even hospitalization simply because it is more work for the teacher. The good news is there is hope! There are homeschooling options out there that will still

allow your child to be part of the Public School system with none of the negatives. Your child could still enjoy socialization at church, playing city sports or doing other activities. Many parents think that would make teaching their job and sometimes, with most homeschooling it is. Many schools like K­12's CAVA, California Virtual Academy, ( offer Virtual, computer aided learning. They send each student free of charge, a computer, printer, books, and other supplies to facilitate their learning. These items are sent for CAVA students to use while attending school with them. They also reimburse the monthly cost of Internet usage twice a school year. They have

many electives, and offer classes from Kindergarten up to the 12th grade. The teachers are fully accredited and the school is recognized by all colleges as a public school. Live classes are done online as are most of the class assignments and testing. The teachers are available through k­ mail, their internal email system or even by phone. Every child is different and every situation is different. As a parent you should check into every option available and see what is best for your child. K­12's CAVA is enrolling now for the 2010­2011 school year. You could reach them for more information at: (866) 339­6790 or by email at:

Still Looking for a Job?

If you are one of the many High Desert residents still looking for

work there is a glimmer of hope in the form of a job fair coming to the city of Adelanto. This job fair is going to bring employers together to meet and consider those in need of employment. It is important to bring your resume, a pen to fill out applications and and dress to impress. Many employers are ready to hire an

impressive job seeker on the spot. This event is set for Thursday, May 19th at Mavericks Stadium in Adelanto from 10am­1pm. This will be the City of Adelanto’s very first job fair and it is expected to have a great turn out! Mavericks Stadium is located at: 12000 Stadium Road, Adelanto, CA 92301. Come ready to claim that new job or career you have been looking for!

Pow Wow­ Mother Earth's People Inter­tribal Traditional Gathering

On May 7th­8th there will be a Pow Wow at Mojave Narrows Regional Park at 18000 Yates Rd in the City of Victorville. Admission per car with up to six people will be $10 or walk­ins are $3 per person. The Pow Wow will be a great event for the whole family learn about the American Indian culture. Approximately 50 vendors will be there to offer authentic handmade Native American crafts, jewelry, wares, and delicious traditional American Indian food. Children will have the chance to make a necklace for Mother’s Day. There will be face painting, instruments, basket weaving and pow wow dance classes will be conducted for all families attending. Visitors will be welcome to explore Tipi Village and special educational workshops for children. Families are welcome to join for a great fun filled, educational, and entertaining event. Playground, Picnic areas, horseri lakes and hiking trails for the entire family!!! For ding stables, Water Saloon and camping are also more information, call Moreena Rocha Chavez (760) available. Mojave Narrows Regional Park is an 245­2398. beautiful natural environment for a Pow Wow with

Kid 2 Kid Closet May Swaps Come Swapping with Us! Kid 2 Kid Closet has two clothing swaps set for the month of May. The May Swaps will be held on Thursday, May 12th at 11am­12pm and Saturday, May 28th from 11am­12pm. There is no need to come early to our swaps, we will not start swapping until the swap time begins. When you get to the swap don’t forget to sign in, it is very important for us to keep track of how many people are coming to each

swap. Make sure to bring your good usable children’s clothing that your child or children no longer need. All clothes should be sorted by age and gender to make it faster for us to get the clothing out and in the hands of people in need of them. We ask that all members only take what they need for their child at that time, there will be plenty of clothes the next time you come so there will be no need to stock up. Also, when you come to our swaps make sure to let us know if you have any type of special need, we may have what you are looking for or be able to find it. Our team of volunteers are there to help you get what you need for your child/children, no children should go without the necessities and at Kid 2 Kid Closet we want to insure that they do not. If you need any information, the swap location or would like to request a specific type of item please do not hesitate to contact us at: or use the “contact us” form on the website at:

Fun Events at the Library

Adelanto Library

11497 Bartlett Ave. • Adelanto, CA 92301­1901 • Phone: 760­246­5661 Sun Closed • Mon 12­8 • Tue 12­6 • Wed 10­6 • Thu 12­6 • Fri 10­6 • Sat 10­5 Fridays 11am Story time with singing and crafts for pre­K children Last Friday of the month at 4pm Teens invited to come watch anime at the library with other teens. (more events will be listed in our June Newsletter)

Apple Valley

14901 Dale Evans Parkway • Apple Valley, CA 92307­3061 • Phone: 760­247­2022 Sun Closed • Mon 10­8 • Tue 12­8 • Wed 10­6 • Thu 10­6 • Fri 10­6 • Sat 9­5 Monday, 10:00 and 11:30 a.m. Play Dates with Miss Nancy These programs are for children from birth to 5. They include story time, a related craft, playtime and end with a song circle. Wednesday, May 18th, 3:30 p.m. Totally Cool Jobs for Teens This program will give teens ideas for summer jobs as well as for exciting volunteer opportunities. May 18th 4:30pm Teen Movie night, watch a PG­13 New release with other teens Wednesdays at 10am 10:00 a.m. For babies 4 months to 24 months and their adult Program includes play time and song circle. Thursdays at 10:30 am For 2 to 4 year olds and their adults Includes two stories, music and movement activities and a simple theme­related craft.


9650 7th Ave. • Hesperia, CA 92345­3242 • Phone: 760­244­4898 Sun 1­5 • Mon 10­8 • Tue 10­8 • Wed 10­8 • Thu 10­8 • Fri 10­6 • Sat 9­5 Tuesdays at 11:00 AM a fun filled hour of stories, music and crafts appropriate for children ages three through five. Thursday mornings at 11:00 a.m. Baby Bounce­This is a free program designed for toddlers and features fingers plays, music and movement for toddlers (18 months to 3 years) and their caregivers. Thursdays After School Cool. All school­age children are invited to this free program of stories and craft activity. Every 2nd Tuesday at 4:30pm Come meet other LEGO builders, share building tips and ideas or just show off your latest creation. This program is open to all school age children in grades K ­ 6th. Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. For Teens­ fun filled activities that all your friends will be talking about.

Phelan Library

9800 Clovis Road • Phelan, CA 92371­ • Phone: 760­868­3053 Sun Closed • Mon 12­8 • Tue 12­8 • Wed 10­6 • Thu 10­6 • Fri 10­6 • Sat 9­5 Thursdays, 10­10:30 am Ages 0­3 Mother Goose on the Loose TUESDAYS, 12­12:30 pm (Pre­Registration required) Ages 3­5 Ready, Set, 123"s and ABC's May 4 3­5pm Teens can play electronic games for the Wii gaming system Games include Tron, Epic Mickey, Just Dance II, Sing­It, Mario Kart, and others. May 11th 4­5:30pm Fun and creative arts and crafts projects for 12 to 18­year­olds. May 18th, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. Bring your lunch and a friend and come and see a new release movie at Phelan Library


15011 Circle Dr. • Victorville, CA 92395 • Phone: 760­245­4222 Sun Closed • Mon 9­8 • Tue 9­8 • Wed 9­8 • Thu 9­8 • Fri 9­6 • Sat 9­5 (information coming in our next newsletter)

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe and Healthy in the Desert Heat

By: Angela Morin, Enlightened Canines •Dogs in the House The best situation for your dog would be to have the dog trained as an indoor pet, where he/she can keep cool inside the air conditioned house during the hot summer days. Keep the thermostat at a reasonable temperature for your pet. •Dogs in the Yard If the dog must be kept in the yard during the hot parts of the day in the summer it is absolutely essential that there be a dark, shady place where the dog can escape from the blazing sun. A tree is probably not good enough. A ventilated dog house, or a pen with shade cover, or a covered patio is a must. Make sure that there is adequate shade at all times of the day that the dog is outside. •Dogs and Water If the dog is outside, make certain that there is a good supply of clean water in a weighted dish (or two in different locations in case one gets knocked over anyway). •Keeping Dogs Cool Some dogs enjoy water and can keep cool if a misting system is left on during the day, or if there's a kiddy wading pool for them with a couple of inches of water in it where they can sit to cool off. Keep these in the shade, too. Sitting in a tub of 110 degree water won't help the dog. Some people I know say that they provide a sandbox with damp sand for the dog. Digging must be allowed in the sandbox­­you'll only frustrate a dog with a sandbox where digging is not permitted! •Dogs in the Pool If your dog has access to your swimming pool or spa, make sure the

dog is trained to get out of the pool. The dog needs to know how to get to the steps. If there are no steps or shallow areas, like in some lap pools, make sure the pool is fenced and locked so the dog can't get in. Every year puppies and dogs drown in backyard pools because they could jump in, but they couldn't get out. •Walking the Dog in the Summer Can you walk your dog in the summer? Yes, but it is generally accepted that you should only walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening, about an hour after the sun has gone down. That's because not only is the temperature high, but the sidewalks will be too hot for the pads of the dog's paws. They'll burn. General rule: if the sidewalk is too hot for you to walk barefoot, it is too hot for your dog to walk on. If you choose to walk your dog in the summer, hopefully early or late, bring along water and make frequent water stops for the dog. Don't take long walks or over­exert in the summer. Consider these walks light exercise. •Dogs and Heat Exhaustion Heat exhaustion is common in dogs. It can happen in your own yard, or on a walk. Dogs cool themselves by panting. If panting does not reduce the body temperature the dog will develop heat stroke. Early signs of heat exhaustion include rapid breathing, heavy panting, and salivation. Other signs are fatigue, muscle tremors, and staggering. If you see a dog that is experiencing heat exhaustion, take the dog to a cool, shady place, and apply wet towels or cloths to help cool the dog's body down. Try to give the dog small amounts of water, and immediately call a vet. •Dogs and the Sun Dogs get sunburned. Especially dogs with short hair or little hair on some parts of their bodies. Keep them out of the sun or use doggie sunblock on them. •Hiking with the Dog in the Summer Like to hike with your dog? Please do it very early in the morning. Carry plenty of water, and make it the easy hike, please. •Dogs Breeds That Don't Like Heat Overweight and older dogs will have more difficulty with the heat. As far as breeds are concerned, it is generally accepted that snub­nosed dogs, like boxers, bulldogs, pugs, Boston terriers, Lhasa apsos and shih tzus have poor panting mechanisms,

and so are more susceptible to being affected by heat. These should be indoor dogs, and should not be kept in the yard during the day. They should spend their days lounging in air conditioned comfort. Dogs with heavy coats can be trimmed for the summer, but not shaved bare or else they'll have a hard time insulating themselves and will be prone to sunburn and other skin irritations. •Dogs and Trucks If your dog loves to travel in the back of your pickup, please avoid the temptation. If for some reason you must take your dog with you in the back of your truck, make sure the surface of where the dog has to sit/stand is not metal, and does not absorb heat. Test it. Leave your truck out in the sun for two hours and then go stand in it for 20 minutes in your bare feet (or sit on it with your bare butt!). If it feels hot to you, or it burns the skin right off your body, it feels that way to your dog too. •Dogs in the Car I know that Fido loves to ride in the car, too. I've never met a dog that didn't. If you are going to run some errands, and it's 100 degrees outside, and the dog wants to come along in the car, please do him a favor and leave him home. If for some reason you have to take him along, do not ever leave him in the car without the A/C on. Even with the windows cracked, that car will heat up fast enough to cause brain damage or death in just a few minutes. Using common sense, and taking some of these tips into account, you should be able to keep a happy healthy pet in our desert climate. If you have specific questions about your breed, contact a local breed club for assistance.

H i g h De s e r t F o o d B a n k s

Times, days and/or locations can change, make sure to call before going to any of the below places to verify information and find out the requirements for assistance. ADELANTO

Christ the Good Sheppard church 17900 Jonathan street (760) 246­7083 Weds. 10am to 2:30pm

Adelanto Community Resource center 11824 Air Expressway (760)246­8401 Emergency Food ­Adelanto residents only HESPERIA

Holy Family Catholic Church 9974 "I" avenue (760)244­9180 2nd, 3rd & 4th Weds ­ 10am to noon

Victor Valley Christian Church 11223 11th Ave., Hesperia 4th Fridays 3 to 4:30 pm 4th Sundays 12:00 to 2:00 pm APPLE VALLEY

Our Lady of the Desert Church 18586 Corwin Road (760)242­4427 Wed & Thurs ­ 9 ­ 11:30am ­ Every 2 months Church of the Valley 14933 Wakita Rd (760)247­6494 Mon ­ Thurs ­ 10am to 1:30pm also has a clothes closet free VICTORVILLE

Samaritian Helping Hand 15527 8th Street (760) 243­5933 Food and clothing ­ with 10 to noon apts ­ MT 10­ noon

Church of the Nazarene ­ with green roof 12935 central road (760) 247­8433 SURPLUS FOOD SHARE For a more detailed list and more resources go to our website at:

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K i d C l o s e t

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