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KidWise Dear Readers, Hi Everyone! Merry Christmas! This edition of KidWise is meant to bless your family and share our theme, “A Family Christmas”. The roots the Lord has in your family tree are designed to hold your family firmly. A house built on rock, the rock of Jesus Christ, is what Christmas is all about. The Fatherʼs intent was to send His Son to build a family tree! That tree includes you and me and all our children. What is a family tree? First, it is a genealogical chart that shows our ancestry, our descent, and the relationship of all the members of our family. It shows an inheritance and roots. That tree gives us background and it is a lineage that begins with an origin, purpose, and of course, a ʻbloodlineʼ. Amazingly, through the birth of the Son on Christmas, the Lord began a new bloodline for each of us. He set us into a lineage that carries throughout eternity and is filled with the origin of the Father, our Creator Himself. We have been grafted into the ʻfamily of Godʼ! Family heritage is what the Kingdom of God is all about. A family heritage founded in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Pastors Rick and Kim Robinson have been involved in children’s ministry for over 20 years. They are dedicated to providing materials for families to help them have the blessed family life that God intends. They are parents of four and grandparents of two. They live in Ohio with their son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Their home-based office, TV-studios, and recording-studio send out the message of the gospel to children and families all over the world.

May you be blessed as part of the family of God while you enjoy, “A Family Christmas” this year. God’s richest, 'raising faith-filled kids through the word of God',

Pastors Rick and Kim Robinson





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"God with us, revealed in us, they call His Name, Emmanuel." Matthew chapter 1, verse 23 and Isaiah chapter 7, verse 14 are the only places the Lord refers to Jesus as Emmanuel. This word is defined, "God with us". Isaiah 7:14 says, "Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign, Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name, Emmanuel."


Here the word in Hebrew is "'el." This word means; God, the Mighty One, hero, man of rank (Jesus God who has come as man), the One True God, Jehovah, strength and power. The Hebrew word 'el does show itself in other areas of the Old Testament, yet isn't translated as Emmanuel. These verses refer to 'el as; "The most High God, Almighty God, Everlasting God, God Almighty, 'I AM', my God, the Lord God, no other God.” Matthew 1:23 says, "Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us." So in the Christmas story we find that there is a very specific message sent to us. From the moment of God uniting with man, coming in the form of man, humbling Himself as a child, He made it clear that He is the "I AM", the Everlasting God Almighty, our Lord who is with us. He has come to us that we may experience all of Him, all that He brings, all His power, all that He gives. As we celebrate this Christmas, it is the Lord's desire that we know that all that He is, and all that He has promised is with us. He has given birth to those things through the Son in our lives. He has come, died on a cross to pay the price and gained the victory through His resurrection for us that we may be 'more than conquerors'. He is the conqueror, we are more because He has gained it for us. Part of the sign of Jesus is that He was conceived of a virgin, and not only conceived but that she gave birth to Him and called Him, 'Emmanuel'. Jesus is called, 'el'! He is called 'el' from the very beginning. It is noted that the Messiah is man on earth who IS God Himself, who is, 'el'. As we know, there is no other, Jesus Christ is proven by His resurrection and through the fulfillment of prophecy that He is the Messiah. This Christmas see Him for who He is, He is the "Most High God". He is above any situation or any conflict in your life. He has already conquered and succeeded. He has come and He is your 'I AM'. He is all that He is come to us, and we can experience the blessing of His grace, His power, His strength, His victory, His promises, and His blessing. Call His name, "Emmanuel'! Merry Christmas, Pastor Kim

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KICKS Christmas F A M I LY F U N This Christmas why not try something not so new and make it simple? Often people try to center family time around so many things to be different, that it can become complicated! That does nothing more than to add to a more busy and hectic schedule. Plan ahead now to be simple and make it a purposed intent to enjoy your family this Christmas. Our family ideas are about the 'Abundantly Simple Things' that make for that ĘťAbundantly Simple Life'. As I have so many things before me, so many things to plan and complete, it does nothing more than to add up for everyone in my family to; "BUSY, BUSY, BUSY"! This year, the holidays can be about simple family fun that brings abundant living and subtracts from that added "busy" tune. This year don't get so caught up on unique or 'interesting' family adventure that adds to a hectic schedule, try to focus on those simple 'home' moments in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Go after the moments that experience the fullness of being a family in the center of God's will, dwelling together in His presence. Enjoy Christmas with some simple ideas. 1.Bake cookies together... Make a mess in your kitchen, laugh and be creative. Pull out the flour, the sugar, the cookie cutters, the favorite recipes, and the cookie sheets! Spend some Christmas memory time with your kids. So often we as adults want things 'just right'. So, we work diligently to get that perfect time, to have that perfect moment, making certain things to be just perfect for our family time. Forget all that, just pull out the bag of flour and make a mess and bake some cookies together! You won't regret the moment, you won't regret the mess, you will be blessed with the simple activity of just having fun with your children and sharing some cookies when you're finished. Pull out the milk and eat your creations together! KidWise


2. Make Wise Men crowns... Collect poster board, crayons, glitter, jewels, ribbon, and more and cut out crowns to decorate. Pull out the old glue sticks and talk about the Christmas story and make some old fashion crowns for your children to enjoy. Scissors, glue, tape, whatever you can find, gather it all together, sit down at your kitchen table and make a creative activity that your children will have fun doing with you. When you pull together and just share some creative time with each other it makes things simple. Take some pictures so you can later scrapbook your Christmas fun for more simple projects in the future. It will all bring a smile to your face and joy to share. The memories will be embraced with the warmth of family time. 3. Act out the Christmas story... Grab some sheets and fasten on some belts. Be sure your children are barefoot and find some robes. Pull one of those stuffed animals out of the toy box and have your children produce, direct, and design their very own Christmas story and sit back in the comfie chair and watch them put it on. Clap, cheer, rejoice, laugh and praise as you all as a family just have a good time. Turn on those Christmas carols and make it a musical!!! End your fun with you as the parent reading a part or favorite scripture that comes from the Christmas story in the Bible, Â you know, "For unto us a Child is born..." Have fun enjoying Jesus. Stepping out into the simple things makes for abundance of fun, special family time, and joy unspeakable that shares love and life. The only challenge you will have is the mess to clean up in the end. Is it worth it? Absolutely.... After all, we make messes everyday, let's do these on purpose with determined attitude for that great family fun and bonding! Make a mess of memories this Christmas!

This Christmas season, spend some time with your family making these quick, fun and tasty holiday recipes! Print this page and cut along the dotted lines for easy access to the recipes!

KICKS Family Life - KICKS Kitchen

Holiday Church Windows What You’ll Need: 1 cup chocolate chips 1 stick butter 1 bag mini multi-colored marshmallows loaf pan wax paper/foil What You Do: Line loaf pan with wax paper/foil with extra to be able to cover mixture once you pour it into the pan. Melt chocolate chips and butter in large pan, over low heat. Allow to cool a bit, stir in marshmallows. Pour into prepared pan, use wax paper/ foil to form into a ‘roll’ shape within loaf pan. Place in fridge to cool completely. Remove from fridge, then foil, cut slices, then the slices in half. Store in fridge. KICKS Family Life - KICKS Kitchen

Merry Crispy Treats What You’ll Need: 6 cups Rice Krispies 3 tbsp butter, plus some for pan/spatula 1 pkg marshmallows (regular) 1 1/2 cups green & red M&M's What You Do: Grease 13x9 pan, or use parchment paper. Melt butter and marshmallows in large pan, over low heat. Remove from heat. Add Rice Krispies and M&M's, stir until well coated. Using buttered spatula or wax paper, press mixture into bottom of prepared pan. Allow to set. Cut into squares or triangles. KidWise


KICKS Family Life - KICKS Crafts

“Merry Christmas” Greeting Card This card is extremely versatile! Change fabric color and/or print, cut or tear the fabric edges, use different words on the tag, chose the stamp of your liking or different color paint/ink, use yarn rather than embroidery floss, one or all of these things makes this card exactly as you want and one of a kind! Use this as your own craft project or do the detailed work ahead of time and assemble them as a family. As always, be creative and have fun! Supplies: cream card stock or card base red fabric, torn green acrylic paint bird stamp green embroidery floss '"Merry Christmas" tag (make on computer, or buy) sewing machine with cream/light colored thread OR adhesive for fabric to cardbase insert (make your own on computer and print, or write by hand) mustard ink pad (Stampinʼ Up!)

Instructions: If youʼre making your own "Merry Christmas" tags, print and cut, as well as the insert if you are not hand writing one. Ink edges. Create card base (if not using pre-made). Ink edges. Tear fabric to fit. Dip stamp into paint, press to bottom right corner of fabric, allow to dry. Thread embroidery floss through "Merry Christmas" tag. Adhere or sew fabric to card base. Insert greeting or hand write. Tie "Merry Christmas" tag around the card. Tons more KICKS Crafts onlne! Visit,



Christmas Cheer

Have fun with your family this Christmas season

PomPom Garland (Ornaments/Gift wrap) supplies: scissors yarns of various colors instructions: Wrap yarn around three fingers 75-100 times depending on the size of the pom pom you'd like to make. Increase/decrease wrapping times and fingers for larger or smaller pom poms. Tie piece of yarn around center of yarn bundle, opposite the way it was

wrapped around your fingers. Cut ends. For ornament - thread longer piece of yarn thru middle where your tying yarn is, tie at top, hang. For garland - cut long piece of yarn, thread thru pom poms one at a time, tie loop at each end of long yarn for hanging. For gift wrap - repeat ornament instructions, only use a piece of yarn long enough to wrap around package.

Construction Paper Christmas Garland (Stencils pg. 15) supplies: scissors glue yarn Christmas themed stencils Christmas colored construction paper instructions: Using your stencils, cut as many pieces as you'd like from the construction paper to make your garland the length you desire. Be sure to cut a front and back for each piece. KidWise


KICKS Family Life - KICKS Activities


with our fun, festive and easy family activities!

Lay out the pieces in a line, how you want them to hang. Cut yarn long enough for each piece plus enough at the ends to tie a loop for hanging.

Glue the pieces front to back, with the yarn inbetween, allow to dry. Tie a small loop at each end and hang.

String the yarn from end to end, between the front and back of each piece.

Construction Paper Gift Tag (Stencil set pg. 15) supplies: scissors glue yarn Christmas themed stencils Christmas colored construction paper cardstock hole punch crayons/markers/

colored pencils, etc. instructions: Cut or tear tag sized pieces from cardstock. Use your stencils to cut pieces from construction paper. Glue pieces onto tag. write "to" and "from" and decorate tags as you'd like. Punch hole at top, thread yarn through.



Construction Paper Christmas Garland and Gift Tag Stencils pg. 12&13

For personal use only. Š KICKS Club 2010



Adi sat gazing into the lights as they flickered in her dark hair. Her brown eyes caught the dance of their twinkle in their Christmas tree. It was just a week ago that her father had gone out of town again. He said it was for one of the most important events in her 13 year lifetime. Yet again, to her, he wasn’t home as usual. This time he said, his work was “celebrating something about him”, but she didn’t even know what it was. His being gone like this was nothing but a prickly thorn in her life. One she wanted to pluck off and make go very far away...

‫עֲִדי‬ (Adi) a KICKS short story by Pastor Kim Robinson

Adi jumped from her chair and called out to him, “Snow! Come down from there before you knock down our tree!” “Meow,” he cried.

“Meow, meow, meow,” Snow called quietly as he gazed from the twinkling lights down at Adi. Adi pulled a dining room chair over to the tree, climbed up, and leaned as close to the branches as she could. Reaching high to the top of the tree, Snow peered down to her in question. Her arms out stretched, Adi waved her hands getting Snow to topple into her while latching onto her arm, claws first. “OWWWWWWW”, Adi shouted in unison with Snow’s, “Meow”, as she jumped from the chair, cat in hand.

It hadn’t been that long ago that her mother had become a born again Christian and begun taking her to church each Sunday. She had shared all about it with her father, but he wasn’t very interested. Now it was Christmas and Adi had just realized a few weeks ago that God had sent His Son for her too. Now, her heart’s cry this Christmas was that her father would come to know the same as she and her mother. She wanted them to become the family she knew God wanted for them. At that moment, Adi was startled out of thought as her kitten, Snow, jumped to climb up the center of their tree and climb frantically to the top. Looking down from the branch that now toppled over with their family star, Snow opened his mouth with a silent, “MEOW”.

“Snow”, Adi answered as she stood to the occasion.

Snow jumped from her arms and skittered out of the living room and into the kitchen. Adi could still hear him ‘meowing’ as his tiny voice faded into the distance. She pulled the chair back into the dinning room, ran back to the living room and jumped to tuck herself back into the overstuffed chair.

“Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree: and it shall be to the LORD for a name, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.” Isaiah 55:13 KJV

The reflection of light glowed on her face as she watched her Christmas tree dance with the Spirit of Christmas. Her thoughts danced with the twinkle back to her father. She breathed deeply at the thought of how she shared with him about Jesus. He was as uncomfortable with that as she was with Snow latching onto her arm. It seems this trip had him fading into the distance like Snow fading into the kitchen. “Lord, I want him to know KidWise


You,” she prayed. “If only he would come to know the Jesus of Christmas”, she whispered. “Oh daddy...”, she sighed. “What is in a Christmas tree anyway?”, she questioned. She could smell the aroma of the pine as she looked on the stateliness of the fir. It was a noble tree, a ‘berowsh’ her pastor said. That was the Hebrew word for pine tree that was spoken of in the Bible. He had told her mother and her that the ‘berowsh’ was a tree that represented the Name of the Lord. It represented a new heritage through Jesus that would never be cut off from any of us. It wasn’t long after she learned about the ‘berowsh’, (the name for a noble tree), that she learned her name, Adi, meant jewel and ornament in Hebrew, too. She giggled as she thought of her mother telling her father about that. It was that very night she ran into his arms and cried, “Daddy, you’ve got to believe in Jesus! He died for you and He has risen from the dead!” Although he kissed her on the head, and patted her arm, she knew he wasn’t really listening to her or happy about her new faith. At that moment, Adi’s mother walked in with her Bible. She sat down beside Adi and opened it to read the scripture, “The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box together, to beautify the place of my sanctuary, and I will make the place of my feet glorious.” (Isaiah 60:13) “Adi,” her mother shared as she looked into the lights of their Christmas tree, “this tree represents first and foremost, Jesus in our lives. He is the everlasting, everliving Lord, never to fade. He is the

‘berowsh’. Secondly, this tree represents those who know Him. It also represents the glorious things that the Lord has done in our lives. This tree is meant to show that we are deeply rooted in Him, the planting of the Lord, and it is for His glory. As we celebrate Christmas Adi, I want you to remember when you see our Christmas tree, that the Lord has made us His planting, and that we are rooted in Him through the Son, Jesus the Christ. He above all, is as I said, the tree, and we are the branches.” At that moment, Adi heard the phone ring. She jumped from her chair and grabbed the phone from its place. “Hello!”, she called as she then heard the voice on the other end, “Adi? Adi is that you?” “Yes daddy, I’ve been wanting you to call. Do you know Christmas is tomorrow daddy? Are you coming home daddy? Are you coming home?” “Let me talk to your mother Adi. I have to talk to her first, I want her to know something very important.” Adi sadly handed the phone to her mother. She watched her mother’s face as the silence continued until she began to talk. “Yes, yes, okay, okay, we’ll do that! I won’t say anything!” Adi’s mother put down the phone, “Get your shoes and coat Adi, we have to go somewhere now, be quick.” Her mother smiled and left the room. Adi, although with hesitation followed, wondering what all of this could be about. Adi couldn’t help but doze as they continued to drive through the rain. She didn’t know where they were going and she had mixed emotions about what was happening. Her

eyes caught the Christmas lights along the way. It was only a short time until she had fallen asleep to be awakened to her car door opening. She jumped as she saw the familiar face looking into hers. “Daddy!” “Adi,”, he hugged his little girl. “I’m sooo happy to see you! You’re really a jewel, an true ornament on His tree!” “What?”, she laughed. “You, Adi. I want you to know, tonight I couldn’t stay away from home. I was all alone in a hotel room and suddenly, there was a light. A light like the star of Christmas, a light that broke through. That’s when I realized He wanted me. I thought of what you said and how you’ve been praying for me. Adi, I received Jesus tonight and I wanted to be the one who told you! I wanted to tell ‘you’ face to face!” Tears weld up in Adi’s eyes and they began running down her cheeks. Adi was left with nothing to say but glorious Christmas emotion that showed on her face. The faith of a child, the prayers of a child, the presence of a child made the difference this Christmas. Adi’s father looked directly into her face and deeply into her eyes,“Adi, instead of the thorn, shall come up a pine tree, it will be for a sign...” He kissed her on the top of her head, “Merry Christmas you guys, let’s go home!” Adi jumped into the back seat as the joy of the Christmas child engulfed her family. She rode listening to her father share his heart and his new found faith with her mother as the twinkle of Christmas trees flickered across their faces.



A Very Short CHRISTmas Rant by Pastor Rick Robinson The other day I saw a commercial on TV from one of the big box home improvement stores. It showed a guy getting a box of Xmas decorations out of the attic and went on to refer to Christmas as this time of year and so on making sure not to say Christmas. Sad that in order to stay politically correct now you can't say Christmas. You can still refer to Jolly ole St. Nick and Santa Claus but not Jesus. We as Christians need to make sure our children know what Christmas is really about and not let the politically correct society we live in influence them. Be sure to make the birth of our Savior the focus of the season, decorated trees are great, and gifts are wonderful, families coming together is nice. Let s just remember why we do it. Have a very Merry CHRISTmas. For more from Pastor Rick, visit KidWise




y r r e M t s i Chr ! ! ! s a m

I am so excited about Christmas. I love decorating the tree and gi ving and ge t ting presents and sharing the holidays with friends and family. I also am excited because it's a gre at time to tell our friends what Christmas is about, Jesus! So have lots of fun this Christmas but always remember, it's about Jesus not us. Make sure you share the Christmas stor y that's in the Bible with lots of people, because that's what it's all about. Merr y Christmas!! Later Gators!

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