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Silver Goodluck Horseshoe with Mirror Base Brass Stand


Stand is 7" tall, mirror base 3 1/2". Price includes medallion. B1. Plain Silver 31.50 B2. Enameled Silver 38.50 B3. Stand only 4.25

0-99 Buffalo Nickel Replica

S-6 Indian on Horseback

This 1 oz Replica is not engraveable. Full buffalo design on reverse.

Comes in presentation cases & encapsulated.

O-20 Reverse

O-170 Arrowhead Warrior Room on reverse for engraving. Comes in capsule & pouch. approx. 1 troy oz. .999 silver

Singles - $27.95 (10 or more 26.50) Enameled $34.95 (see designs marked EN) S-3 Sitting Bull Medallion

O-20EN Enameled Goodluck Horseshoe

O-20Goodluck Horseshoe

S-36 Horsehead Plain silver only

These designs are not available in bronze.

O-37 4-H

New Designs

S-2 Soaring Eagle Medallion

Plastic snapcase with S-2 Soaring Eagle A1. 28.95 O-37EN Enameled 4-H

Silver Replicas Not engraveable. Two-sided. .999 Fine Silver

Half pound - 6 troy oz. Pound - 12 troy oz. S-4 Red Cloud Medallion S-32 Moonlit Warrior S-32EN Enameled S-5 Indian Chief

American Eagle call for pricing O-101 1/2#

S-5EN Enameled

Buffalo call for pricing O-109 1/2# O-108 1#

O-79A Polar Bear

Prices are subject to change with market fluctuation


O-79B Black Bear

S-1 - 1 oz. $27.95 O-140 - 5 oz. call for pricing O-141 - 10 oz. call for pricing S-23 Wolf

O-79C Brown Bear

O-102 1#

each has a waffled reverse, not engravable

S-26 Elephant

O-57 Mule Deer

O-39 Black Bear

O-61 Moose

O-39A Polar Bear

Prices are subject to change with market fluctuation O-39B Brown Bear O-58 Whitetail Deer



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