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Cover Photo: Kostis Migkos

Photographers: Riders: - Petros Vaxevanakis - A.C. - Apo - Tasos Kosmatopoulos - Akis Koh. - Kostis Migkos

- Petros Vaxevanakis - Tasos Gkougkoudis - Konstantinos Kourkoulis - Petros Martinos - Kostis Migkos

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Edit/Design: Kostis Migkos

Contributor: Petros Vaxevanakis



It’s theNut7ine#4, ladies and gentlemen! In the nutzine world, we love our friends, even if we see them every day, or we ride together every single session, or even if we have been tied up for months; because they are missing from our every day life and they have chosen to surf in other unfamiliar, cold, dark and unknown waters and waves, but we know that they are happy! We also have friends, that we haven’t seen for many days, or months, even if our homes are some minutes away, but we know that they are somewhere in the city and capturing some moments with their analogue camera; or they are somewhere in Europe or around the world and living the dream!

Take a look at the 4th issue here taking into account that we are not designers or writers or pro surfers, but we really like and love what we do. Show some understanding, we are shedding sweat for this (because it’s summer :) )!! Kostis Migkos




surf in UK


Text: Petros Vaxevanakis


Petros Vaxevanakis


5/4 in... Booties in... hood in...…gloves in.... Cold wax in... Lots of courage in...and here we go! Well, in the long run it’s not that bad as it sounds, but if you are used to surf in truncks in the worst case scenario, then it kinda sucks. Yeah I know, the lines look perfect, but bro the brain freeze on your first duck dive out there, its gonna bring back bad childhood memories and you’re gonna look for mamas tities to suck. Anyway, that’s surf in Uk, but in order to get there, especial y if your home base is London and a car is not an option... YET! then it’s a whole different story. So, this is gonna be a newbies perception story, coming from a faraway warm place with average surf, to a New country, New city, New weather, New swells and definitely New habits! This was my first ever surf trip in the island. Had no car, no knowledge, not even a surfboard as mine was stil in Greece... (Thanks Apo for lending your baby, although last week I lost your 500 euro bicycle!)

Road to glory started with taking the tube(20min), then the over ground(30min), arriving at airport and taking a bus to go to the rental place with the cheapest tarriff(20min), waiting in queue for the car(20min). Loaded the car while excitement finally hits red just to drive half an hour on the highway to realize that its bank holiday and the traffic until destination wil be just f* bad(390 min)-490 in total. Thank you! When we got to Devon (one of the best surf destinations close to London) people told me that this was one of the coldest days during the winter. After this encouragement I am ready to go out. Waves I have to admit looked perfect and the cold wouldn’t stop me. Luckily, I have just bought a maybe too thick wetsuit from our friends at, but that wasn’t enough to reach the line up when trying to duckdive some pretty badass foam as this was a big day. After getting used to the brain freezes, the gloves and the booties I managed to get some solid ones and everything was back in order after that. Best thing: When the tide is up to 9 meters, you can surf in Croyde; during a day some pretty powerful beachbreak peaks, a right pointbreak, a left pointbreak and when the tide is low a quick shorebreak.. Not bad for an 800metre beach.

Petros Vaxevanakis


The crowd was super friendly and the surfers can vary from a business executive, to a soul surfer, to a Greek newbie, to a british ripper. The level in the UK is really good with groms kil ing it and older people sharing some style. There is definitely lots of surf culture, great stores and while visiting the vil ages on the coastline you‘ll understand that this is their main touristic attraction! Believe it or not, surfing is something that the local communities are relying on and investing in.



After a couple of more weekend trips I have to admit that I was really a newbie on my first trip. The water is actually not that bad (left the gloves and booties home) and there are better ways to get there making it actually a 4 hours drive to the spot with lots of places to choose for every level. If UK is not your next surf destination, at least arrange a surf trip whenever you happen to be in the Island. You wont regret it.


Petros Vaxevanakis APO




Kostis Migkos

Kostis Migkos








Kostis Migkos

Giorgos Legakis An Analogue photographer in a Digital world

Words by Petros Vaxevanakis


I first met him in a bar in Athens. Then I went on a surf trip with him and the Cohete crew, where I got to know him a bit better. I was talking to him about action sports with passion but didn’t actually know who or what he was, he just let me talk and the only thing I knew about him was that he is some kind of photographer.…


“Sometimes you hear but you don’t listen. Sometimes you talk but you don’t speak. Sometimes you look but you don’t see.

I never understood why he is not riding any kind of board and most of all I never understood why the fuck he loves action sports so much..

One’s life is measured not by the number of times you breath in, but the number of moments you are struck out of breath!

It was exactly such momentary flashes of inspiration that threw me the challenge of shooting action sports photography.

29 I am not sure how, but I got to know him a bit better…(it’s not like I understand him, even now that I know him). He’s the kinda guy that wil easily make you feel uncomfortable in some situations either with his silence, or with his sincere laugh and smile (when he shares a bit of himself). I have hung out with him, not a lot, but enough to realise that he is there, but at the same time he is not. It’s like he is cruising in his own world. .

Art...? Is photography an art? Some of us wonder... Well, to me art is not a project, art is not a canvas or a play.. To me art is the journey, it’s the lifestyle and the pain to get somewhere.. Anywhere.. And to me, George is truly one of the best artists I know! George is kinda wise and dumb at the same time... He is lost, but has a clear understanding... George is the guy that doesn’t need to be there, he doesn’t need to reach anything, and he doesn’t need to go there in order to understand that it’s just a mind trick... He knows who he is and who he could be..

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight;

and never stop fighting.


Kostis Migkos





IS SOCIAl d i f




Tasos Kosmatopoulos Konstantinos Kourkoulis


Petros Vaxevanakis


Petros Vaxevanakis

Petros Vaxevanakis


Kostis Migkos

Tasos Gougoudis



Is sun Overated? I mean it’s just sun, you don’t need to try or anything because it’s just here! And what if it’s not...? I mean, you stil can make it to the lineup, you stil can ride your bike and you definitely can kiss your girl! But what if it’s sunny..? I mean when it’s sunny everything is magic. You can reach the line up after ridiculously many duck dives stil wearing that sil y smile. You ride your bike moving to that same rhythm from the sil y song that is stuck in your head, daydreaming , loosing concentration from the road, thinking of pil ing waves and naked girls playing like a movie in your mind without realizing all this. Well, I mean like the song says “Here comes the sun, tururu...…” What if you are taking off your wetsuit and the sun is shining... What if you duckdive and once you are breaking through the other side you see through the wave that shiny colorful glimpse... What if you are between sessions taking a walk to the closest grocery store or you just stare at the waves while the rest of the boys are out there.. What if your wetsuit really drys between sessions cause its not only shining but its warm as well. . What if it’s a very early session before all others and your shiny and warm friend pops up bright and happy!

If sun is so warm, how is it possible to make you feel so cool??? Text: Petros Vaxevanakis


Kostis Migkos

w Tasos Kosmatopoulos Petros Martinos


thenutzine #4  

surf magazine about Greek surfing by akickinthenut.

thenutzine #4  

surf magazine about Greek surfing by akickinthenut.