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Ryan Sheckler

A few weeks ago, our readers sent suggestion for witch skaters they want us to interview and a lot of people wanted us to interview Ryan Sheckler. I picked up the phone and called him and asked him if I could come to Los Angeles to meet him and interview him for the Kick-Flip magazine, and he liked that idea a lot because he liked the Kick-Flip magazine. I met Ryan at the L.A.X airport. He was happy that I would like to do a big interview with him. I asked Ryan how he became pro, he said it’s all thanks to my parents; they pushed me all the time. Of course I had myself from the beginning, I got in to skateboarding, one day I when I went to the park I saw a lot skateboarders it looked like they were having fun and from my point of view it looked like a lot fun too. So I told my parents that I wanted to start with skateboarding and they went and bought a skateboard for me and from that day I’ve been training alone and watching skating videos to learn what to do. One day I went to skate in the Summer X Games and I came second but there was a scout there who watched the skaters and he somehow got my number and he signed me. I was with him one year but nothing big happened so I quit our contract. My mother became my manager and she worked a lot for me and big things happened as soon as she called people. How have you experienced your childhood? – I loved my childhood, until my parents divorced. Me and two younger brothers were very sad and we still are but our family is still one family even though that my parents can’t work it out. We make everything work. Recently you have been in a lot of movies? Tell me about that – Well a lot of producers nowadays make movies that are about skateboarding and they call me and ask if I want to appear in their skating movie and of course I say yes, I love skateboarding and that’s the least I can do to show that. It’s the same thing about the skateboarding video games I’ve appeared in. The Sheckler Foundation, does that ring a bell? – Haha, of course. Now that I’ve made it in the skating business I would like to do my best to help poor children around the world. So I created my own foundation and I myself donate money every day but also people can donate to the foundation and help poor children. I admired Ryan and how he wanted to help people and what he has done at a young age. He made it pro and he didn’t just help himself, he helped people who need a lot of help. Ryan asked me if I wanted to stay with him for the weekend and of course I said yes, I mean who doesn’t say yes to be with a professional skater for a weekend and see what he does.

We went to the skate park and skated a bit and the next day he had a lot of meetings and people think being professional skater means money and success and nothing more, they are wrong. Ryan is working harder than I’ve ever seen, he’s like a perfectionist he need to know everything and he doesn’t ask his manager what to say in the meetings he tells the manager what to say. I really think Ryan should be a big role model for you young guys out there trying to make it pro. Just work hard and you’ll eventually get there, Signing out – Hemen Hassani.

Skaters Don’t Hibernate. By Sebastian Atterby

If the winter weather allows zero days of skating, it does not mean the skateboarding mindset needs to be shut down completely. Practice makes perfect, and performing some tricks and maneuvers on flatland can be done indoors. Videos of skating, trick tip tutorials and skateboarding articles can open new doors and ideas while you’re inactive. For longboarders, it’s a different story. Safely performing a normal long distance skate or hill bombing session with mounds of snow and ice on the roads is not a practical option. The only solution would be to dish out the money for plane tickets. Just thinking of how nice it would be to skate and try new tricks or maneuvers makes one want the opportunity even more. This may lead to an overwhelming feeling of frustration witch easily could be released in an act of raging physical violence directed towards an innocent kitchen appliance. Such acts are not always be appreciated by mothers and are best avoided by actually grabbing your board and heading to the nearest indoor skate park. Or try snow skate, these tend to cost more than a regular skateboard but it’s probably cheaper than stocking up on mixers and refrigerator magnets. With a bit of practice almost any trick that can be done on a skate board and more can be done on a snow skateboard. Simply removing the truks on your skateboard will work but they are not made for snow and will probably not leave you very satisfied, instead the snow will stick to the grip tape and make it extremely slippery and close to impossible to stand on, Once again the only sensible option is to dish out some money. Taking a break from any activity that you normally perform may improve your skills and open up new possibilities when you make your return back to that certain sport or doing. Skating is no different. Some say that having a break is great. When they start back up with whatever it may be, they’re better than ever. Some will declare that having a break or not being able to continue their normal routine hurts their abilities. However true these claims may be, one thing is certain. That fact is, once a person returns to their beloved activity after a length of in active time spending, they will go harder than ever, cherishing every single moment they spend taking part in the motions of their sport or hobby.

Skate Board: A Hobby Turn Serious

By Ara Nawzid Ali Skateboard shed its transport equipment image of the late 40s and 50s to become what it is today, the recreational tool. The early skateboard championships were ‘soap box derbies’ held in cities during that era of crude skateboards, which sometimes used to double up as surf boards too. Skateboards as Sports Gear With mass production becoming a reality in the 1960s skateboards underwent a lot of transformation for better; from solid wood or metals to plywood for decks, flat no shape to concavity, clay composite steel wheels to polyurethane made ones and finally single action trucks (axles) to aluminum constructed two part trucks. There is so much more in the safety, comfort and durability departments that you need to look into when buying skateboards. Well, how do these things help? At first, the question may strike an irrelevant chord, but not so when you see the difference. Just taste this for samples: Without that innovative concavity would it have been possible for those champion skateboarders to takeoff from flat ground? Forget that for a minute, speeding along the streets wouldn’t have been a reality but for the grip tapes now you find on the decks, which prevent you from slipping even as you takeoff. Did you know, what helped easy turning at such high speeds? Of course you do your skillful 'foot work’ but the rubber cushion in between the two part truck flexes when you turn by front foot while pressing by the back foot. It is this flexibility that gives you additional turn which was harder in older skateboards. Skateboard Ramps If you are not on the streets you are skateboarding on the ramps. Ramps are carpentry constructions made in plywood. As you are aware, there are just as many ramp plans as you like and the simplest one is the obvious bank plan (flat plan), half pipe, quarter pipe, pyramid plans etc, all of which are named after their shapes. Then you have the 'launcher’ ramp for the lion hearted guys and girls. Skateboarding over this launches you into the skies vertically. If you don’t want to fly, you still have an option that interests you. You can ride the walls with two identical ramps placed at a distance apart. Skateboarding Championships Championships have encouraged many aspirants to takeup the sport and excel there. Television coverage has catapulted skateboarding to top youth sport. The most famous competition are them all is the annual X-Game Skateboard Championships. Skateboarders from all around the world take part this is event to gain recognition and fame, not to mention lucrative sponsorships and turn this one time hobby to a serious career path

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