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November 2019

44th Edition

Strategic Technical Challenges Guide Military Career


By Barbra Fairclough After completing work in Belgium, International affairs, project he attended the NATO Defence College management and system engineering in Rome. were prominent themes in the military “When we moved to Rome the kids career of Jean-Luc attended St. Stevens Desgroseilliers. International School. Jean-Luc entered the But my course ended College Militaire Royal in February. Our de St-Jean in 1971 and daughter was in the graduated from the last year of her Royal Military College schooling. Our kids (RMC) of Canada in were teenagers, so we Kingston Ontario with made arrangements to a Bachelor’s degree in leave our two kids in engineering and Rome and we moved management in 1976. back to Ottawa.” Jean He later returned to Luc says “it was hard RMC to complete a to leave the two Master’s degree in kids...” In 1994, the computer engineering. kids finished their During his career he schooling and moved worked in places all back home. over the world. Postings Jean-Luc Desgroseilliers at change of In July 1996 following at Canadian Forces a position in Ottawa at Command Parade CFB Bagotville Photos Courtesy of Jean-Luc Stations in Holberg, National Defense Desgroseilliers Alert and Bermuda, Headquarters, Jeanamong others, allowed Luc arrived at Jean-Luc to put plenty of experience Canadian Forces Base Bagotville under his belt. Quebec to work as Chief of the Logistics With his next postings in Brussels, Division. The day he arrived, the Jean-Luc held two different positions Colonel says to Jean-Luc “Welcome, working at both NATO Headquarters start a plan to house, feed and clothe and the NATO Communications and thousands of people.” This was JeanInformation Systems Agency. Having Luc’s introduction to his new job and a risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, “one in a 10,000-year flood.” The his responsibilities were increasing in Saguenay disaster was the biggest scope. (Continued on page 3)





Strategic Technical Challenges continued overland flood in 20th century military personnel in the US, JeanCanadian history. As many as 3,000 Luc had to make sure they were all people took refuge at CFB accounted for, in case any were in Bagotville. New York. “The military “That was a teaches you how to trying time. react to situations like After things this. There is no time calmed down to sit down and make they opened the a detailed plan. You doors for a need to respond shift change today.” but from that He remembers an time on until older gentleman with approximately his wife, dressed in Christmas we military clothes worked shifts because they had lost 24hrs a day in everything. “The case anything gentleman says ‘I lost happened.” my house, I lost my “At the end of car, I lost my truck, I my posting at lost my tractor, I lost Colorado my barn, I lost my Springs I had Jean-Luc and wife at a formal Dinner at skidoo. The worst, I 32 years of lost my land.’ Nature Peterson Air Force Base Colorado Springs service. I then took back its course took a NATO and his farm became the river. The civilian post in the Netherlands as man was holding his wife’s hand and Chief of the Implementation Division he said, ‘but its okay we have each at the NATO Airborne Early other.’ it was very touching.” Warning and Control Program “You think of the military in Management Agency. It encapsulated going to war, but in Canada we do a everything I had done in my whole lot of aid to the public. Like to career in one package. It was a tornados or flooding. There is a wonderful experience.” human side of it.” “It is really a family commitment A promotion from Bagotville took when you join the military. It impacts Jean-Luc and his wife to Colorado the kids schooling, spouse’s Springs where, as Colonel, he took employment and adapting to new on the position of Division Chief, locations and cultures.” System Certification division at Since leaving the military JeanNORAD/US Space Command Luc calls Blind Bay home. Headquarters. “Sometimes what I miss the most is On September 11th, 2001, the two the problem solving challenges.” 110 storey buildings of the World But Jean Luc has filled his time Trade Center complex in New York with a commitment to the community City collapsed after highjacked in roles with the Board of Directors planes flew into them. Jean-Luc was at the Cedar Heights Community working in Cheyenne Mountain in Association and member of the Colorado Springs, a military finance committee of Our Lady of installation and defensive bunker the Lake Parish. He keeps fit by built under 2000 feet of granite. leading the Shuswap Karate Dojo as “I recall in minutes we went from Chief Instructor. exercise mode to real. Everyone Express your gratitude and knew what to do. On the big screen respects to our military veterans. On we could see thousands of civilian November 11th this year, planes in the air landing and then it Remembrance Ceremonies are at the was eventually blank.” As Chief of Sorrento Memorial Hall at 11 am. Staff for all Canadian NORAD



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The Director’s Scoop News of Note from the CSRD

Paul Demenok Director, Electoral Area C (South Shuswap)

Cell: 250-517-0810

Sorrento-Blind Bay Incorporation Study is Moving Forward In August 2017, the Area C Governance Study Committee presented its final report to the CSRD Board and recommended that “….a restructure study for Electoral Area C be undertaken and that the restructure study examine two options: -the incorporation of a portion of the electoral area; and -the division of the electoral area into two electoral areas.” In February 2018 the CSRD received funding and terms of reference for a Boundary Analysis to address these alternatives. Quantitative and qualitative data were used under a set of criteria to create a study area for each of the scenarios. Based on this report the CSRD Board unanimously supported a resolution to request funding for an Incorporation Study to examine the potential creation of a new Sorrento-Blind Bay municipality. In addition, the Board also requested that in the event the incorporation option is unfeasible or is not supported by voters, that the Minister support the division of Area C into two electoral areas (the default option). The CSRD has now received approval and funding from the Province to support the Sorrento-Blind Bay Incorporation Study. We have selected our consultant to lead the study which is Neilsen Strategies, the same consultant who successfully completed the Area C Governance Review Study. We have also selected the Incorporation Study Committee, a group of residents who have volunteered to serve their community as an objective fact-finding and oversight body to ensure that all stages of the study are conducted in a neutral and balanced fashion. I would like to thank everyone who submitted an expression of interest form. The primary purpose of this study is to provide the voters in Blind Bay and Sorrento with the information and understanding required to make an informed decision on incorpora-

tion. As outlined in the Terms of Reference, “…the study will undertake a thorough, objective and technical examination of the incorporation option and its implications for governance and service delivery,” and “…will present these implications against the governance and service delivery situations associated with the division of the existing Electoral Area C into two electoral areas.” The study will be conducted in a number of stages as follows: • a background research stage outlining current governance, service delivery and funding as compared to that projected for two separate electoral areas • a comparative analysis which will describe service governance, financial, property tax and other implications associated with incorporation as compared to the default option • an implementation process which would include an overview of the restructure assistance provided by the Province, and in particular the Province’s funding commitment regarding local roads • multi-year operating budgets • property tax implications for incorporation as compared to two electoral areas • a preliminary report which will be circulated for review and comment by the CSRD and the Ministry • a community engagement program aimed at ensuring that electors have opportunities to review, understand and question the implications of incorporation as compared to the default option • a final report which will include the above plus a synopsis of public engagement proceedings and Ministry and CSRD comments. Based on this report a recommendation will be made to the CSRD Board. The Incorporation Study must be completed and delivered to the CSRD and Ministry by February 2021. A number of committee meetings will be conducted and the public will be invited to attend all meetings, and four open houses are also planned. Web-based and hard copies of information will be generated, including a series of information fact sheets to highlight specific issues and implications. This Incorporation Study will be a pivotal process that will have a number of highly significant implications for the future of the South Shuswap. I would encourage everyone to get involved to seek the facts and to make a fully informed decision.



Sorrento-Blind Bay Incorporation Advisory Committee Appointed CSRD Press Release A group of 12 citizens from Sorrento and Blind Bay has been formed to guide a study looking into the possibility of incorporating the two communities into a separate municipality. The committee will be active until the conclusion of the Incorporation Study report, which must be submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs by February 28, 2021. The committee’s role is to be an objective factfinding and oversight body, ensuring all stages of the study, including the community consultation process, are conducted in a neutral and balanced fashion. The purpose of the study is to provide the people of Sorrento and Blind Bay with information to make an informed decision on the implications of incorporation, as well as examine an alternative option of splitting Electoral Area C into two separate CSRD electoral areas. The committee members include: • Brian Butcher (Blind Bay); • Patrick Earley (Blind Bay); • Rose Fritz (Blind Bay); • Sandra Heschuk (Sorrento); • Lorrie Kelsey (Blind Bay); • Darlene Lincoln (Blind Bay); • Tracy Lundberg-Schimpf (Blind Bay); • Rex Porter (Sorrento); • Michael Shapcott (Sorrento);

• John Smith (Blind Bay); • Larry Stephenson (Blind Bay); • Tim Van Den Heuvel (Blind Bay). “I hope that all residents in Blind Bay and Sorrento get actively involved in this process and take every opportunity to become thoroughly informed,” says Electoral Area C Director Paul Demenok. “Assisting us with the process will be the SorrentoBlind Bay Incorporation Study Committee, a group of community volunteers who have stepped up to guide the process and help ensure that the appropriate questions are addressed. I would like to thank all of those who applied and I look forward to working with the committee in the months to come.” Demenok notes incorporation has been an important topic of discussion in these two communities for more than 20 years. “The goal of this study is to provide the information needed for residents to consider in making a crucial decision that will affect the future of this community for generations to come,” he adds. The first meeting of the committee will take place in mid-November and meeting details will be posted on the CSRD website.





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Remembrance Day 2019 By Alan Cook This Remembrance Day will be my seventh year of organizing and officiating of the Ceremony in Sorrento. It has been a privilege to be able to bring the community together on November 11th. Alas, the Veterans who attend and we pay our respects to, are now very few. As we Remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice those many years ago, we must also show our respect to those who have served to give us the Freedom that we enjoy today. Those who have given their oath to serve this country, and those like myself, from other countries who now proudly call Canada their home. There have been many conflicts involving Canadian forces over the past decades that should be recognized and Remembered on November 11th. I would, therefore request, that any retired or serving member of our armed forces or RCMP, please attend the Ceremony in Sorrento and be recognized by marching on with

the Colors. We need to keep honouring those who have served this Great Country, wherever they have served. Those attending the Ceremony at the Memorial Hall on Paschendaele Road should be seated by 10:40am and those wishing to lay a wreath on behalf of an organization or as an individual should contact Alan Cook at 250463-4897 (pls. leave message) to have their names included. Following the Ceremony, the wreaths laid during the Ceremony will be paraded across the Highway to the Cenotaph located in front of St. Mary’s Church. Refreshments will be served at the Drop In Society in the lower level of the Memorial Hall, after the laying of the wreaths. If you can help with donations of refreshments, please contact Mary Husieff at 250-675-2746. Any contribution (squares, cookies or baked goods) should be taken to the Drop In Society on November 10th. Appreciation is guaranteed.

All Season Vacation Rentals in Seymour Arm

250-804-6818 ● 360-663-4441 Your hosts are . . . Blair Donison and Leeann Herechuk

CSRD Board Sets Direction with New Strategic Plan CSRD Press Release The Columbia Shuswap Regional District Board laid the foundation for its term in office by endorsing a Strategic Plan for 2019 to 2022. The document was developed by the Board, in conjunction with senior staff, after participating in two planning sessions held in early 2019. The Strategic Plan is designed to create a shared vision for the region and a series of actions that will guide the work undertaken by the CSRD

in the coming years. In addition, the plan includes a mission statement and set of values to guide the Board in decision-making. The report identifies seven priority theme areas including: natural disaster mitigation, action on environment and climate change, responsible governance, healthy communities, transportation advocacy, the culture of engagement and economic partnerships. “Taken together, the themes reflect the

Board's sense of future challenges and opportunities, and speak to a shared vision for the Columbia Shuswap as region that is innovative, prosperous, and resilient in the face of change,” says Board Chair Rhona Martin. The intent is for this strategic plan to become a living document, which is reviewed and updated on an annual basis. The complete document is available on the CSRD website,, under the Reports tab.




Chamber News Submitted by Karen Brown Support Your Local Shops, Artisans and Experience Providers This Christmas The South Shuswap is so fortunate to have an abundance of great retail shops, local artisan markets and many companies that provide experiences to give as gifts. Here’s just a sampling of what one can expect to find in our area. For contact information for each of these businesses or associations, be sure to check out the Chamber webpage: Christmas Markets: • November 9 Annual Craft Sale – Sorrento Memorial Hall • November 16/17 Artistry Gift & Bake Sale – Blind Bay Hall • November 16 Christmas Craft Sale – Carlin Hall Community Centre • November 23 Christmas Craft Sale – Lakeview Community Centre • November 23 Christmas Artisan Market & Sale – Cedar Heights Centre • November 30 Kids Only Christmas Market – Cedar Heights Centre GIVE an Experience One Won’t Forget: Suggestions include dinner out at one of our member restaurants: Duffers Den at Shuswap Lake Estates Golf Course, Jack Sam’s Restaurant at Quaaout Lodge Talking Rock Resort, Namaste Restaurant, Spinnaker Café, Sprokkets Café, Steamers Coffee Co or Stratis Mediterranean.

Other member companies offering Gift Certificates for great experiences, workshops and lessons include Breathe Yoga, Copper Island Diving, Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum, Shuswap Fitness, Shuswap Lake Estates and Talking Rock Golf Courses. Art, music & dance lessons are also offered through FACES and the Arts Council for the South Shuswap. GIVE Some Spirit of the Bubbly Kind We have three amazing wineries who are part of the Chamber membership: Monte Creek Winery, Recline Ridge Winery and Sunnybrae Vineyards & Winery all offer up a great selection of local wines for giving as a gift or taking as a host or hostess gift. GIVE Something Special from One of Our Retailers A great assortment of gifts at any price point are available at: 7 Sisters Boutique Sorrento, Lindy’s Boutique Blind Bay, Loonie on the Lake Sorrento, Munro’s Sorrento Prescriptions and at Little Bear Gift Shop at the Quaaout Resort on Little Shuswap. For a truly unique gift, be sure to check out the Shuswap Artisan Market located at 1204 Notch Hill Road beside Steamers. The market represents over 20 amazing artists and artisans from the Shuswap region so you won’t be disappointed! GIVE Someone Special a Pampering And let’s not forget Mrs. Claus herself or that someone special on your list.

Great ideas include Gift Certificates for treatments or a makeover from Blush & Blossom Boutique Spa, Hidden Gem Medispa & Salon, Lake Life Boutique Spa and The Spa in Sorrento. Calling All Christmas Party Planners! Sparkle & Spirits Gala: What better way to kick off the holiday season than dusting off your dancing shoes for a good cause? Mark November 23rd on your calendar for the hottest ticket in Blind Bay. Hosted and organized by the “Fun-raisers,” a local group of savvy business women, this event is sure to be a hit. This semi-formal gala will start off with a variety of gourmet appetizers. “Each ticket includes ten exquisite wine tastings from local wineries,” says organizer Kasey Lewis of Taste This. The entertainment for the evening kicks off with adorable local dancers from FACES performing pieces of their upcoming Nutcracker show, followed by the popular dance band, Jukebox, who will bring the house down with their infectious sets of your favourite songs. A live auction will take place during the course of the evening with some incredible items up for grabs. “We are encouraging local corporations to consider this event to host their Christmas staff parties and buy a table or two. It is a wonderful cause to support (Continued on page 9)



(Continued from page 8)

the arts and the children in our community. What better way to give during the holidays and have fun at the same time!” says organizer Dee Lewis of Dee Lewis Employment Consulting. “We are deeply grateful to be considered as the recipient for this fundraising event,” replied Karen Brown, the Executive Director for the Arts Council for the South Shuswap. “It is so wonderful to see our community come together to celebrate both the arts and children.” Tickets are now on sale at Lindy's Boutique in Blind Bay and Deb's Style Loft in Salmon Arm. For event information or to reserve your tickets or a table, call Kasey at 250.631.2179. Holiday Train & Other Exciting Events in Our Area CP Holiday Train: The Holiday Train arrives in Notch Hill on Saturday December 14th. The train is due to arrive shortly after 9:00 pm. This year’s headliner will be Terri Clark. This year the good people at the Notch Hill Town Hall will be serving up dogs, hot chocolate and goodies to all who attend. Be sure to bring a donation for the Food Bank and drop it off at the Notch Hill Hall prior to the train’s arrival. Other Area Events: For all area holiday events and happenings, be sure to check out our area’s community events calendar at: Alternatively, you can follow Shuswap Culture on Facebook: shuswapculture The Board of Directors and Staff of the South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. See you in the New Year.

INDEPENDENT AND ASSISTED LIVING 250-679-1512 ● 250-320-0400 743 Okanagan Ave, Chase, BC





Eagle Bay Fire Department Submitted by Peter O’Brien Things have been thankfully quiet for us the past couple of months with only a couple of burning complaints and a wires down call. Of note though was a burning complaint call where it turns out the property owner did not have a registration number for the size of fire. A Category 3 open fire is a fire that burns material in

piles larger than two metres high and three metres wide, windrows, or grass over an area larger than 0.2 hectares (2000 square metres) in size. Anyone lighting a Category 3 fire must first obtain a burn registration number by calling 1 888 797-1717. Registration numbers are free and can be obtained over the phone.

November 3rd brought us back to standard time and if you haven't already done so, it's a great time to test your smoke, fire and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms at home and change batteries if necessary. With cooler temperatures comes home heating and in this area many people use wood or pellet stoves and fireplaces to heat their homes. Before the season gets started you should have the chimney cleaned of creosote and flyash to improve burning efficiency and reduce the threat of a chimney fire. Depending on the frequency of use of your stove and the temperature at which you burn, it may be necessary to clean the chimney during the burning season as well. Members have continued our busy training schedule and weekly practices. We now have 13 certified Exterior Operations qualified members and 10 of those are also certified Interior Operations. Excellent commitment from our members to have those kind of numbers. We currently have 16 active members with a couple of those on a LOA or limited availability. We would like to have 22 to 24 people active on the roster. Our numbers have dropped a few members in recent months and we welcome anyone interested in joining us to contact Chief Alan Rendell at 250-5170429. He will be happy to answer any questions and give you a tour of our facility. Though we are often called "Volunteer" we are actually Paid on Call. That means we get paid for practices, training in Salmon Arm or other areas, and all callouts. While it certainly won't pay all the bills, it is recognition for what we do and it might be enough to get YOU to check us out and contribute to our community. Practice is every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. for 2 hours. All equipment and training is provided. You can keep up to date on lots of fire related and Fire Department information on our Facebook page. You can find us under Eagle Bay Fire Department.




First Responders Help is on the way!

By Sandra Reutlinger The clock ticked louder than usual, or so it seemed. The space between the seconds seemed to drag on for far too long. He could hear the thumping of his heart, feel the pounding of the blood making its way through his body and taste the fear in the back of his throat. Breathing was fast and he now felt furious. It was taking too long he thought out loud. "Try and remain calm dear" were the words whispered by his wife. He knew he should heed her reminder but fear had already gripped his heart before he had even called for help. Four minutes prior, the South Shuswap First Responders had been dispatched by B.C. Ambulance Services to attend a call and now several Responders were driving around in the starless black November night. One Responder had her window open and was shining her flashlight towards the houses as she drove slowly by urgently trying to read the

house address numbers. Another Responder had his high beams on driving from the other end of the street, also trying to read house numbers. Surely they must be close now, they thought. Surely they must be close now, the husband thought. How long had it been since he had called 911 and requested an ambulance? He tried to look at his watch. His wife reached over and held his hand. "Hang in there!" Those words seemed to be all he could offer this sweet love of his life for the past 41 years. She had gotten up to go to the washroom in the middle of the night, just like so many other nights. It was the loud crash and her cries for help that had awoken him and now as she lay there, he couldn't imagine what had gone wrong. "Hello, First Responders here to help!" came the call through the slightly ajar front door. Gratefulness filled his heart to hear that help had arrived and he was glad he had thought to turn on the

outside light and open the door for them. After his dear wife had been compassionately and thoroughly attended to and taken to the hospital via ambulance, he sat at the kitchen table chatting with the Responders. This helped him to gather his wits and calm his nerves before he drove in to be with her. One of the Responders gave him their card so that he could order a reflective house number address sign. He had sort of noticed them before on some people’s houses but had never really given it much thought. Now, thinking of different scenarios and possibilities, he knew he would be making it a priority to order one. $30 isn't too much to pay when the seconds count. If you would like to order an address sign, give us a call at: 250-833-5060 If you would like to volunteer to be a First Responder or just want some more information, call that number or check out our website:




Artistry A Unique Artisan Event By Jean Toker This year, the Artistry Gift and Bake Sale at the Blind Bay Memorial Hall will offer a great selection of special items for your home decorating as well as that special something for yourself, family or friends. At this time of year, the search is on for unusual and unique items made by local Artisans and we have just what you are looking for. Imagine putting a one of a kind item under the tree for someone special in your life, Whether it is a specialty soap, handcrafted wooden bowl, box or sign, a wonderful hand made fabric wrap, silk scarf, or unique jewelry, a beautiful purse or wallet, homemade cards or a lovely painting, you will find something to delight. This year there will be many new items to decorate your home in the spirit of the season. Welcome your guests with signs, wreaths, wonderful table and tree decorations and find something at the bake sale to put on your newly decorated table. Come down to Blind Bay Memorial Hall at 2510 Blind Bay Road and take time to talk to the Artisans. We have a wonderful community rich with very talented individuals. Make some new friends or visit with your neighbors over a cup of coffee and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at this years’ Artistry. Make a point this year to get out and about in your community and enjoy the local events. Artistry is open November 16th and 17th 10am to 3pm.

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The Time to Help your Community

White Lake Fire Department White Lake Fire DepartBy Dawn Clarke Halloween has come and ment will, once again, be leading the way in their comgone, the clocks have been turned back, and we munity with their 12th are settling in for, 12th Annual Annual Food Drive. Food Drive On Tuesday, 3rd Dewhat we hope, is a Tuesday, winter of reasonable cember, Department December 3rd members will be goweather. So, what is next? The fesing door to door collecting donations to the tive season is only a Sorrento Food Bank. short time away and The fire truck and tenthat means not only der, together with the preparing our own Departments members’ celebrations and fampersonal vehicles, are all ily times, but also remembering that there are used to collect donations from those members of the coma community that has become munity that need some help to more generous as the years make their holidays a little (Continued on page 13) more enjoyable.

NOVEMBER 2019 (Continued from page 12)

have passed. Last year’s collection totalled 1905lbs of food and cash donations of $805.00; totals that the Department hoping to beat this year. It is true to say that the White Lake firefighters truly enjoy the opportunity to meet and greet as many of the community as possible, and they look forward to the Food Drive, each and every year. The Department members leave the Hall at 5:30pm and start their planned routes around the Community, homeowners will hear them approaching with sirens and friendly greetings. If residents are not at home, or unavailable, on the evening of 3rd December, donations can be left at the Fire Hall on any Tuesday evening prior to the 3rd December, between 7 and 9pm. Bryan Griffin, White Lake Fire Chief comments, “We are very grateful to each and everyone in the White Lake area for supporting this event and we look forward to another Food Drive that will mean a better festive season for those less fortunate.”



Light Up Sorrento! Bundle up the kids and come on out for the brilliant Light Up, free hot dogs, hot chocolate, ice tea and candy canes. Enjoy the lights while listening to local live musical entertainment. Also, keep an eye out for a big red fire engine as rumor has it that Santa has been known to catch a lift with our local Fire Department, to visit with By Jenn Wilchuk the children and take note of their ChristThe magic of Christmas in all its splendor is just around the corner as the mas wishes! Last but not least, the whole Sorrento Memorial Hall Board is prepar- family will be thrilled by a spectacular fireworks finale to end the evening! ing for the 24th Annual LIGHT UP This entire holiday community event SORRENTO event on Friday December is sponsored in large by the generous 6th from 6pm until 8pm at the Sorrento Memorial Hall. This community tradition CSRD, hosted by the Sorrento Memorial Hall and assisted by community groups promises to be a fun cost-free evening for the whole family as well as an excit- such as the Credit Union, our Volunteer Fire Department, the Lions and many ing commencement for all the holiday more. festivities.




Get Creative In Your Gift Gifting This Year

Wills & Estates Conveyancing * Family Law

Chase office now open on Thursdays 10am to 4:00pm #4 - 834 Shuswap Ave

250-679-3180 Submitted by Karen Brown, This time of year can be hectic as • Saturday, November 30 Kids Christour thoughts turn to preparing for the mas Make & Take Art Gift Instrucholiday season. Part of that pre-holiday tor: Heather Yip. Cost $10 inc all supplanning is deciding on gifts for those plies. Register: 250-515-3276 or shusclose to you and let’s face it, finding the ‘perfect’ gift for those important people Gift Something Unique in your life is not easy. So here’s an Support our Local Artists idea. This holiday season, why not give & Artisans the gift of creativity? Another way to show The Shuswap is fast your support for the emerging as a burgeonarts is to buy someing arts and cultural thing from an artist or scene. Why not considartisan. This takes the er some of the followpressure off of making ing options this year? something yourself while gifting someGive Your Gift thing that is not only Meaning - Become handmade, but unique the Artist Never underestimate as well. We are so forthe power of handmade tunate to have so many gifts; you’ll find that talented artists in our these are the presents area. The Shuswap that bear the most Artisan Market boasts meaning. Not only will an incredible collection you be showing the of artisan ware created recipient how deeply Water Marbled Silk Scarf Creation . by Shuswap artists. Register for class on November 24 Great pieces of art and you care, you’ll be able to test out your art artisan ware are availaskills as well. There are plenty of work- ble at many price points. The market is shops and classes happening in our area located at 1204 Notch Hill Road in Sorthis month to allow time to create your rento (next to Steamers). own gift. Here’s just two of those workDon’t miss the wide offering of shops, one for kids and one for adults, Christmas craft shows, bake sales and that are being held this month out of the artisan markets this holiday season. Be Arts Council Studios (Lower Level Car- sure to check out: lin Hall): • November 9 Annual Craft Sale – Sorrento Memorial Hall • Sunday, November 24 Water Marbled Silk Scarf Creation. Instructor: • November 16/17 Artistry Gift & Bake Colour Drop Design. Cost $49 inc all (Continued on page 15) supplies. Register: 250-515-3276 or

NOVEMBER 2019 (Continued from page 14)

Sale – Blind Bay Hall • November 16 Christmas Craft Sale – Carlin Hall Community Centre • November 23 Christmas Craft Sale – Lakeview Community Centre • November 23 Christmas Artisan Market & Sale – Cedar Heights Centre • November 30 Kids Only Christmas Market – Cedar Heights Centre • November 30 Shuswap Artisan Market – Open House 9 to 4 Information on all of these amazing markets is available at Spread Happiness Give the Gift of an Experience According to most experts, the key to finding personal happiness is driven mostly by experiences and not through the acquisition of material things. Drawing on the positive memories created through experiences promotes endorphin in the brain, one of four chemicals that can drive positive emotions when released. Buying a new chair or throw pillow for your home can bring a sense of instant satisfaction however the positive feelings created are short-lived. Experiences, on the other hand, deliver long-lasting memories. With that in mind, what about considering a Gift Certificate for that special someone to take in an experience in the New Year? Experiential gifts can range anywhere from movie passes to gifting a trip abroad. Keeping it at the local level, one can gift a lovely dinner or brunch, a live music concert, museum or gallery showings, a cooking class, an experience steeped in Secwepemc culture and more. Shuswap Culture shus-

THE SOUTH SHUSWAP SCOOP is the area’s local events calendar and offers many types of experiences that can be sorted by date, interest area, location and more. Let them start the New Year off right - Gift Lessons in Art, Dance or Music If you're looking for an innovative gift for your loved ones this holiday season, try giving the gift of creativity. There are plenty of children and adults who wish to be more creative but don't know where to start. Giving the gift of expression is powerful. Leaving one’s comfort zone, expanding knowledge and becoming vulnerable as one tries new things is key in leading a productive and selfconfident life. Lessons in art, dance and music can all come in the form of workshops or through weekly lessons. For example FACES, run by the Arts Council for the South Shuswap, will open up in January for a half-year in lessons. FACES offers dance lessons (ballet, contemporary, musical theatre, acro, modern and jazz) . Adults can take an Adult Barre class, a fabulous workout to strengthen one’s core, abs and legs. Art classes and workshops for kids and adults are also offered and finally, FACES offers lessons in voice, piano, guitar, banjo, flute, trumpet, violin, trombone, saxophone and more. It’s wonderful to have so many learning opportunities in the arts all under one roof in our community. FACES offers Gift Certificates available for holiday giving. New classes start in January. All schedules are at Connect with them by calling 250.515.3276 or by emailing Jacquie:


Shuswap Septic and Site Preparation Septic Design & Install Septic Repairs, Inspections & Location All types of Excavation Steven Rogers R.O.W.P. 250.803.3456

Enforcement Effort Nets 53 Non-Compliant Buoys CSRD Release Another 53 non-compliant buoys were removed from Shuswap and Mara Lakes by Transport Canada following an enforcement effort during the week of October 21 to 25, 2019. The proliferation of buoys on Shuswap and Mara Lakes has been a continual source of public complaints to both the CSRD and Transport Canada. Buoys can be removed if they are not following the regulations regarding the correct size, colour and identification. This can be hazardous for boaters and other users of the lake. The majority of the buoys were removed after being tagged earlier this year as non-compliant. This gives owners time to rectify the situation prior to removal. Transport Canada, however, can remove buoys deemed to be a safety hazard without notice. Following a similar enforcement effort in 2018, Transport Canada staff, along with assistance form CSRD Bylaw Enforcement, pulled 27 buoys over the course of two days in the Scotch Creek and Magna Bay area of the North Shuswap. Another day was spent on Mara Lake, pulling out 26 additional non-compliant buoys. Due to the water level, staff were unable to remove buoys north of the Bruhn Bridge in Sicamous as planned. This will be followed up next year. A total of 186 non-compliant buoys were also tagged in the (Continued on page 16)




Elevate Your Voice with Friendship and Music By Barbra Fairclough Pastor Tim Hill and his wife Miriam moved here recently from Castlegar and when he is not busy ministering at the Evangelical Free Church, he is conducting the Sorrento Glee Club Choir. His associate degree in conducting and performance makes him well suited for this role. Tim was interested in voice teaching and choir directing and had the intention of

joining a choir, and the glee club needed a director. Tim says, “It’s what I do for fun.” The choir already had a schedule of activities in place and Tim brings a new view to possibilities. In choosing music for the choir, Tim looks for songs that will match the range of the choir’s voices. There is quite a range of music, contemporary, jazz, music from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s, Christmas music, and patriotic for

Remembrance Day. There is some secular and some sacred music as well. Although there is some acapella, most music is accompanied. Calvin Machmer of Chase is a pianist and music teacher and he has taken up the helm at the keys to accompany the choir. Tim will be introducing new music, but he takes into account how the voices in the choir can accomplish the song and perform it well. It’s not just the old classics. The song has to fit the occasion or season. Tim says they have sent out a call to former members to come back. The choir currently has 21 members and needs more male voices. Tim is hoping the choir can grow a bit and with the addition of new voices, the depth and range of music can grow. Wendy Dean, who has been a member for many years describes it as good exercise and “its like family with lots of camaraderie.” You can hear the choir at the Lions Christmas party on November 29th. And on December 12th they have been invited to sing in Salmon Arm at Andover Terrace Christmas Party. Come down to the Sorrento Drop-In Centre (located in the Sorrento Memorial Hall at the lower level.) No auditions required. All ages welcome. Music will be provided, and songs do not have to be memorized. Practices are Monday morning 9:30 -11:30 am so come enjoy a weekly dose of learning together, friendship, and music. For Information call Tim at 250 304 7578.

Enforcement Effort continued (Continued from page 15)

North Shuswap to alert owners of violations. These buoys will be the target of future enforcement efforts. For more information on Transport Canada buoy regulations, see the Transport Canada website at https:// for the Owner’s Guide to Private Buoys. The CSRD also has its own set of regulations dealing with docks and buoys for waterfront property owners. For more on these regulations, see the CSRD website under Dock & Buoy Regulations.




Notch Hill Natter By Anna-Marie Eckhart Hello from the Natter. To recap and to share with you, the hall welcomed many local Notch Hill neighbors during the month of October. The hall was rented for a CSRD Public Meeting and to Elections Canada to use as a Voting Station. A special thankyou to Jerre Paquette from the South Shuswap Scoop. Jerre came out to the hall and interviewed me as President of the NHTH. Jerre’s article shone a favorable light on the history of the hall and area, as well as the desperate need for Volunteers at the hall. The Shuswap Community Foundation of Salmon Arm held its Annual Awards night October 17. The Notch Hill Town Hall was the Recipient of an Award Grant of $2,850. The hall was awarded the Grant by the Allan and Rosemary Wilson Preserving Memories Fund, Reid/Wright Families Endowment, Sheldon and Karen Pukas Family Endowment. Together with a Community Support Program Funding Grant from SASCU in the amount of $2,820, it has made it possible to have the

original hardwood Fir flooring in the hall restored. The restoration project is now complete and the hall will be welcoming all to attend our Open House/ Heritage Day in Spring 2020. At one of the last General Board meetings held at the hall, it was suggested that the NHTH should have a Heritage Plaque installed on the hall grounds. With the newly installed Highway Attraction signs up promoting the Historical Notch Hill, the board thought it was fitting to share the History of the area and of the Heritage buildings. The hall is now working with the CSRD to have a visitor Heritage Plaque installed 2020. The CP Holiday train has announced it will be stopping at Notch Hill, Saturday December 14. Terri Clark will be the music entertainment this year. The hall would like to build on this great Community event. If you are willing to help plan, organize or set up, we have many volunteer positions waiting to be filled. Could be a great opportunity for the Community, just need some helping hands.

On November 11, the Notch Hill Town Hall will be laying a Wreath at the Sorrento Cenotaph in Remembrance of our Notch Hill Veterans. We invite you to attend the Ceremony held at the Sorrento Hall. Lost but not forgotten. Upcoming Community Events at the hall: • November 7 - Painting class with Rayna Vdh 6:30pm. Sold Out. • November 22 - NHTH Appreciation Volunteer Dinner 5:30pm • December 8 – Children’s Christmas Party 2:30 to 4:30pm (Registration required) • December 14 - CP Holiday Train Night • December 21 - Ladies Christmas Social For Hall enquiries or Rentals please contact Marianne 250 835-4721 or Sheila 250 803-5206.

SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS WANTED School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) requires School Bus Drivers to work in All Areas. The work involves the operation of school buses used to transport students within the district and on field trips. The successful applicant will have a valid B.C. Class 2 Driver’s license with an air brake endorsement. Work experience in the operations of passenger buses an asset. Further details on required qualifications, please visit Make a Future at The rate of pay is $26.43 per hour. Interested individuals are invited to submit their resume with full supporting documents (proof of qualifications must accompany application), including three professional references, please apply on the Make a Future webpage at We appreciate the interest of all applicants, but only those selected for interviews will be contacted. North Okanagan-Shuswap School District No. 83

Form Rentals Available





Somewhere Over the Rainbow lessons, acting direction from an expert— Gabrielle is about to By Jerre Paquette In June of this year, 16-year-old Gabrielle Boutet from change her future and now she has the shoes to make it all hapWhite Lake was prompted by the Wicked Witch of the West to pen. try out for a role in Shuswap Theatre’s upcoming production The timing of her participation in The Wizard of Oz is very of The Wizard of Oz. good for this 16-year old actress, she sees the play being largely Gabrielle spent several days reflecting on the challenges and about self-discovery, not so much a comedy as a drama, a perthe level of commitment involved in taking up sonal journey she gets to take. Not only that, the suggestion from the Wicked Witch, who in but it also reflects her own family’s special her other life serves as Gabrielle’s English emphasis on the role of homelife in growing teacher, Julia Body. She watched the Judy up. Garland movie (1939) and was captivated by “The more I think of my own family, the the Scarecrow (understandably attracted to more I relate to this play as a journey of playing a character without a brain and with learning, especially about the meaning of rubber legs—what an opportunity!). However, home—going on a journey and returning it was not to be—the casting directors were home and appreciating it in ways maybe you saving that role for an adult male. They asked never thought of before.” her, instead, to join others reading for the role As worthwhile as that is, Gabrielle is finely of Dorothy. To her surprise and pleasure (she tuned to the thematic and dramatic impact of thinks it’s because she’s short), she became live theatre in its own right: the chosen one. “Theatre helps you build empathy as you As a consequence, she spends several give so much attention to other people’s cirhours five days a week preparing for her new cumstances and not your own. Being in venture, through regular rehearsals and a rigsomeone else’s life on stage means you’re orous schedule of singing lessons at FACES taking a break from focus on your own life, your own difficulties; on stage, you just School for Dance, Art, & Music Gabrielle Boute ( All the work is have to let it all go. You learn to build emnot just work, as far as she’s concerned. When Jacquie Middlek- pathy for others.” The combination of Gabrielle’s home life, her participation oop of Shuswap asked her what her favourite part of FACES is, she quickly pointed out that “There is a high quality in such a wonderfully scripted play as The Wizard of Oz, the of performance that comes out of FACES and we get there not support she is receiving from the play’s structural team and from her community has provided her with a clear perspective through tough discipline and drills, but through fun, cooperaof who she is at this time in her life: “Right now at this moment tion, and support.” And that suits her just fine! She and the rest of the cast will be in superb hands on stage, in my life, I realize I’m a learner, a learner about life and about too, for the board of Shuswap Theatre decided to bring in direc- people.” Will this opportunity lead to a career in theatre? She’s not tor James Fagan Tait (Jimmy), two-time winner of Vancouver’s certain yet, but she is certain theatre is going to remain an imJessie Richardson Theatre Award, in recognition of his portant part of her life either as a participant or as a spectator. achievement in professional theater. Dancing lessons, singing The Wizard of Oz runs November 22—December 8 in Salmon Arm’s Shuswap Theatre ( For more information about FACES in Tappen B.C.: Email or call (250) 515-3276 ●Practical ●Available ●Nearby

Legal services for you 533 Nicola St., Kamloops

250.374.6226 and at Shopper’s Plaza in Sorrento




Arts Council for the South Shuswap fortunate to have someSubmitted by Jacquie Middlekoop one so experienced, FACES is Featuring Two Make and qualified, and dedicated to teaching chilTake Art Workshops This Month Krista Stoneman of Colour Drop Dedren as part of our FACES team. sign will be bringing a silk scarf water Kate grew up in Alberta and found her marbling workshop to FACES November love of music early in Yamaha’s Early 24th, 2019. Create your own masterpiece Childhood Music Program in Edmonton. using the beautiful, ancient art of water She is technically trained in both piano and marbling. You will receive a hands on the flute, and has received private vocal indemonstration before creating your scarf. struction. She graduated in Calgary with a If you can sprinkle cheese on a pizza you diploma in film production, a BA in Engcan create this art – all ages welcome! For lish, and teacher training and diploma in more information or to purchase tickets Kodaly Music Education. Welcome Ms. visit or shusKate! Children’s Choir Registration FACES is also hosting a Children’s Still Open make and take workshop on November Registration for the Children’s 30th, 2019. This workshop Choir is ongoing at FACES! will be led by our own This excellent choir will reHeather Yip – Art Director hearse on the newly renovated of FACES. Kids will have stage of Carlin Community the chance to make their Hall on Wednesdays from 3:00 own Christmas ornament to to 4:30. give to a special someone Due to the amazing support on their list! Heather will of many area businesses and lead 2 projects, 1 for chilorganizations, the South Shusdren ages 4 - 9 and a prowap Children’s Choir will be a ject for kids ages 10 - 13. free offering for the year. Cost To register visit shusto each participating student is or shusjust the cost of an Arts Council Ms. Kate McKie, membership - $10 per year. Choir Director This is a wonderful opportuniInstructor Spotlight – ty for local youth to join each week to sing Introducing Ms. Kate McKie, together. Visit to regisChoir Director FACES is pleased to welcome to its ter. teaching team, Ms. Kate McKie as Choir Visit Shuswap Culture for all SeaDirector. Kate brings with her years of ex- sonal Events & Happenings perience teaching as a music specialist in the school system. Kate is also the former North Okanagan-Shuswap Honour Children’s Choir Diector. We’re very

South Shuswap Library (250) 675-4818 #1 - 2425 Golf Course Drive, Blind Bay Market

Tues. 10am to 6pm Wed. 10am to 5pm Thurs. 10am to 3pm Fri. 10am to 5pm Sat. 10am to 5pm CLOSED: Sun., Mon. & Statutory Holidays

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Shuswap Culture is fast becoming THE go-to calendar for many area events and happenings in the Shuswap. Check out these featured events: Remembrance Day Ceremony, Nov.11th at 11am, hosted at Sorrento Memorial Hall. Coffee House Concerts – Nov.2nd at Carlin Hall, Nov.9th at the Sunnybrae Hall, and Nov.23rd at the Eagle Bay Hall The Sparkles and Spirits Winter Gala Presented by the FUN-RAISERS! Hosted at the Shuswap Lake Estates Lodge on Nov.23rd at 7pm. Enjoy gourmet appetizers, spectacular wine tastings and fantastic live music to dance to by JUKEBOX! Tickets are $50 and are available at Proceeds from this glamorous and fun filled evening will benefit children’s programming offered by the Arts Council for the South Shuswap. If you are an event organizer and would like to see your event on Shuswap Culture, please email




South Shuswap Health Services #10 – 2417 Golf Course Drive, Blind Bay

Mel Arnold Thanks Voters Media Release Mel Arnold issued the following statement on his reelection in the 43rd General Election: “It is truly an honour to be re-elected as the Member of Parliament for the North Okanagan- Shuswap. “I thank all the voters that have trusted me to be their voice in Ottawa and I will continue to work hard for results for the North Okanagan- Shuswap. “I share this victory with the volunteers on my campaign team- each of whom made a valuable contribution in their own way to make our campaign a success. “I also thank all candidates and campaign teams that ran campaigns in the

North Okanagan- Shuswap. “Our democracy is strongest when we are all invested in democratic processes that uphold our democratic representation and accountability of our representatives. “My work would not be possible without the support of my wife, Linda, my family and friends who have made sacrifices supporting my work to help the people of the North Okanagan- Shuswap get ahead. “Since I was elected in 2015, I have committed myself to representing all citizens of the North Okanagan Shuswap regardless of partisan affiliations and I will continue to uphold this commitment.”

By Sandra Reutlinger WALK IN CLINIC: now open every Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm We are pleased to welcome Dr. Beech who is the Physician on duty at our weekly Walk In Clinic. Anyone is able to access this service and it saves the drive into Salmon Arm or Kamloops. Nutrition: What an amazing event in October called: Wild Weeds and Nutrition Needs where we learned from educator Miriam Leggett how to collect, dry, store and use common weeds for our health. Did you know that an abundance of weeds are available locally to use as a tea, spice and poultice for all kinds of health benefits? South Shuswap Health Services Society knows the value of promoting a healthy lifestyle and even the laughter and and collaboration shared during this event contributed to that. Join us in January for the next session in our Nutrition Series. Mobile Lab Services: available for collections and ECGs every Tuesday and Thursday, 8 am – 2pm. Foot Care: Every 2 weeks: Nov 20, Dec 4 & 18. Call 250-675-3661 to book your appointment. The fee is $30. Seniors Computer Pro-

gram: Tuesdays and Wednesdays run by the Literacy Alliance of the Shuswap Society (LASS) in partnership with South Shuswap Health Services Society. Free one-on-one tutoring lessons to help improve your computer skills with your PC, Mac, Ipad, tablet, Iphone or Android. Classes are held at the South Shuswap Library. Contact or call 250-463-4555. Copper Island Health and Wellness Centre: has a volunteer on duty every Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm to answer any of your questions or for resources concerning help for seniors and families. For more information: check, on Facebook, by calling: 250-675-3661 by emailing or popping by the office in the Blind Bay Country Market Mall. We welcome your support of our vision to bring health care services closer to home and help build healthy communities. SSHSS invites you to support our vision by becoming a member of the Society. Help us demonstrate through a collective voice, our commitment to support healthy communities in the South Shuswap (Area C CSRD). We welcome volunteers and new board members.

What`s the SCOOP in your neck of the woods? Let us know! Email at or Call at 2 5 0 . 4 6 3 . 2 6 1 1




Name That Tune – Our One Fundraiser of The Year By Marilyn Clark We deliver primary health care every weekday (except statutory holidays) at the Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre. Our mission is to facilitate the delivery of primary health care to residents of Sorrento and Area. Our Centre is operated and funded by the community through the Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre Society. We are the landlord to an Interior Health employee, the fabulous Theresa Smith, Nurse Practitioner! To accomplish our mission, we seek donations that are eligible for tax deductible receipts and we host one fundraiser in November each year. It's November and it is time for Name That Tune! On Saturday, November 16, Memorial Hall will rock with music, laughter, dancing, competition and just plain fun! Tickets for this annual event are $25 and available in Sorrento at the Health Centre (above Munro's IDA Pharmacy), at Munro's Pharmacy, at Lighthouse Market and in Blind Bay at Lindy's Boutique in the Blind Bay Mall (her winter hours are 11 am to 4 pm, Tuesday to Saturday). The ticket includes supper at 6 pm, Name That Tune competition starting at 7 followed by dancing and so much fun. There is a cash bar, a phenomenal silent auction providing the opportunity to save on so many services, buy Christmas gifts and support the Health Centre while doing so, and a safe ride home provided by River of Life Community Church. Don't delay. This event is happening next week and there are still tickets available. Take note: the format of the evening is changing. You will love it even more! On a more serious note, it is flu season. If you haven't yet had your flu shot, think seriously about doing so. Interior Health has changed their focus with respect to flu shots and are hosting fewer public health clinics and encouraging pharmacies to pick up the task. Munro's in Sorrento is providing the shots by appointment (call 250 675-4411, extension 1) as are many of the pharmacies in Salmon Arm. Public Health clinics are scheduled from 2 pm to 7 pm on Monday, Nov 18, 2019, Monday, Dec 2, 2019 and Monday, December 16, 2019 at the Salmon Arm Health Centre at 851 - 16th St NE by appointment only: 250 833-4100.

Other dates and events to note: The public health immunization clinic at our Health Centre is scheduled for Monday morning, November 25. Please call Salmon Arm Public Health to schedule an appointment at 250 833-4101. It is necessary to make an appointment to ensure the nurses bring the required vaccines. Vanna King, Shuswap Soles, is in the clinic on alternate Thursday mornings to provide footcare by appointment. Call Vanna at 1 250 574-9969. In November those dates are November 14 and 28 and in December, December 12. On November 11, we will not forget!

Providing Variable Light Control to Insulate Rooms Against Heat & Cold We offer a fine collection of Window Fashions by Hunter Douglas. With innovative functions in stylish, versatile looks, we can make every room more beautiful! Contact Jason at 250.832.9444 Or

775 Lakeshore Dr SW




oneTree Exhibition 2019 By Marilyn Clark Phil Clark, a twenty-year resident of Sorrento, is an inveterate woodworker producing items reflective primarily of the Arts & Crafts genre of the early 20th Century. For the second time, Phil has been invited to submit an item for the prestigious biennial oneTree exhibit at the Bateman Foundation Gallery of Nature in Victoria (Nov 16 – Feb 29). The Bateman exhibit celebrates the life and value of a single tree by inviting participating artisans to create something from its wood. In past exhibits the value added has approached $500,000 from a tree that would otherwise have become firewood. This year 80 artisans are applying the wood of a Bigleaf Maple that had reached the end of its life. It started life in the fertile flood plain of the Chemainus River on Vancouver Island in about 1815 and grew to be one of the oldest and largest trees of its kind. This oneTree was rotting from the top and bottom, dropping limbs and ready to split in half when taken down last year. It weighed more than 40 tonnes. A proud tree, living to double the age of most of its species, it will be survived by the countless seeds it spawned and The River Side Table, this the legacy established through the year's project work produced by the oneTree artiPhotos credit: Marilyn Clark sans. Check out https://

Shuswap Better at Home • • •

“A little extra help for seniors to remain confidently in their own homes.” Light Housekeeping • Friendly Visiting • Snow Shoveling Light Yardwork Minor Home Repair • Transportation

Appointments/Shopping etc.

Staff, Volunteers and Contractors have been carefully ve ed and trained for your security. Central Intake



Funded by the Government of BC. Income based service fees may apply. Phil’s entry this year is a side table with a “river” top, inspired by the nature of the wood that was available for the oneTree project – incredibly it is made from part of a limb that was two feet in diameter. His 2017 entry was a floor lamp with art glass shade. Nineteen years ago Phil estabThe 2017 project, a walnut floor lished a woodworkers’ guild for lamp with art glass shade, with the Shuswap which, at its peak Phil Clark at the Gallery had 75 members and for six years put on the Carvers & Woodworkers Show that exhibited the work of local artisans. This was purely a volunteer effort and eventually the volunteers ran out of steam. A friend describes his work for the oneTree exhibit selection jury: “When you wander through Phil’s home you will have the experience of travelling though time. From his early projects that are very nicely executed, to his latest accomplishments that are remarkable, you will appreciate both the old and the new that he presents as an accomplished artist….His hands have an actual feel for the medium that he has had a long time passion for.” Phil is proprietor of Legacy Woodcraft and can be reached at 250-675-2449.

Cedar Heights Community Association Where Neighbours Become Friends

By Shaunne Letourneau The fourth annual Fall Fashion Show was held on October 18th and 19th. Over 160 women enjoyed a light lunch of fancy sandwiches and trays of goodies, while being treated to the latest in fashion from Lindy’s Boutique and Suspense Designs. Cedar Heights Association members modeled everything from the latest in cruise wear to lounge wear and boudoir attire. The very charming under 6 years old models, wearing Victorian era nighties, were the hit of the show. Over 30 volunteers participated in a pie making “bee” on October 23. These volunteers peeled apples, rolled out piecrust and put together 145 pies in 2.5 hours!! These homemade pies are eagerly anticipated by community members and were sold out in a few days. Over 60 people enjoyed Oktoberfest, held October 25th. We celebrated with a smokie dinner, complete with sauerkraut. The feel good movie “Upside” rounded out the evening. Our last event in October was the annual flu clinic on October 29. Interior Health nurses provided flu immunizations and Cedar Heights supported the event (Continued on page 23)



(Continued from page 22)

with volunteer helpers and goodies. November continues to be busy with activities and events for all ages. In addition to the weekly indoor programs such as canasta, bridge and snooker, there will be another movie night on November 15th. The feature film is “Stan and Ollie”. The public is always welcome. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the movie starts at 7:00 pm. Saturday, November 23nd from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm is the very popular Artisan Market. The fifth annual market features 25 local artisans who produce professional designed and created merchandise. It is a great place to purchase those one-of-akind Christmas presents for everyone from that new baby to great aunt Sue. Tired of shopping? Need lunch? Join us on the Upper Level of the Centre for Soup and a Bun. And just in case your sweet tooth is tingling – November 23 is also our annual Christmas bake sale. The goodies are home made by the ladies


and men of our Association. Kids Christmas Shopping, now in its 22nd year, is an event excitedly anticipated by local children and Association volunteers alike. On Saturday Nov. 3th from 9:30 am to noon, children age 3-12 can shop for everyone on their lists – even their four- legged friends. The Cedar Heights “elves” help the children with selecting items and “elves” wrap all the presents so they are ready to go under the tree. Items are priced from 50 cents to $5.00. All funds raised are donated to a local children’s program. Parents can have a coffee and goodie upstairs while they wait for their children to complete their shopping. The Christmas Dinner and Dance will be held on Monday, December 9th. Doors open and 5pm. The planning committee has been busy selecting the menu, decorations and entertainment. This is always a very popular pre-Christmas event. Check our website for details on ticket sales.

Green is the New Black By Deb Armour, Owner Deb’s Style Loft Green is the New Black is on a mission to wake people up and empower them to take positive action so Green living and sustainability becomes mainstream. By educating ourselves as consumers, we can take daily “Little Green Steps” to “Live more Consciously.” For women who care about global warming and next season’s hot looks, Green is the New Black is a must-have accessory. Does our shopping addiction contribute to climate change? What’s so special about organic cotton? Who are the real fashion victims behind $5 jeans? The mass production of fast fashion focuses on speed and low costs, which generates more and more textile waste, thus damaging the environment and polluting our oceans. Fortunately, there are fashion brands doing new things to save the planet, and it’s important for you, as a consumer, to do your research and make conscious choices ahead of making any purchases. The fashion industry is taking steps. In September thanks to a congratulatory round of “green is the new black” headlines, 32 global companies representing more than 150 brands have joined French President Emmanuel Macron’s environmental Fashion Pact. The voluntary compliance initiative sees well-know signatories commit to goals around reduced carbon emissions, sustainable textile options and single-use plastics. These luxury and

mass brands are being lauded by environmental activists despite the fact their targets are being promised for distant 2030 and 2050, and that pact doesn’t mention supply-chain labour practices. It also omits the biggest offender: our own appetites. (The Globe and Mail) As consumers, we are enthralled by the cult of the new. Style on Repeat: isn’t it time to take the Step-and-Repeat more literally and also eliminate single use clothing, that attitude toward special-occasion dressing used to be reserved for one’s wedding dress, not an everyday wardrobe. The average garment is only worn seven times before it’s thrown away. No wonder when tens-of-thousands of “new styles” hit shop floors every single week. Sustainable pledges and promises from the fashion industry don’t amount to much when the problem is behaviour, not material. Many stars as well as the duchess of Cambridge have taken to shopping in their closets and restyling past outfits with different accessories. Whether the lull between wears is years, months or days, reworking a favorite piece can be very rewarding. This should not be a novelty, nor should it be treated as a fashion faux pas; wearing an outfit on multiple occasions should go back to being the norm. Ladies, today this should be looked at as a sustainable style statement, saving you both time and expense. After all, men can wear a black suit and

change their shirt and or tie and get away with it time and time again. And when you feel good in something, why not? I think if women wore the same clothes more often, we’d talk less about what they’re wearing and more about what they’re doing. If you take away that talk, it becomes look what she’s working on these days. Refresh-Reuse-Recycle




A 70th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Eagle Bay By Cathy Wolf, On Saturday, October 19 the Eagle Bay Hall filled with over 80 neighbours, friends, and family to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of Bob and Dot Salter. It was a great celebration for two people who have contributed so much to the Eagle Bay Community over many years. Bob and Dot have been pillars in the community since they moved here from Kamloops to run the Wild Rose Bay Fishing camp in 1975. They have quite a story to tell of those early days when the store, cabins, camping grounds, and gas marina were in need of a refit to make the business profitable. While Bob was a jack-of-all-trades having worked in construction as a crane operator and later as a service man for Valley View Electrical, he also discovered that he needed to be a fast and convincing talker to the wholesalers who were not that interested in doing business out in Wild Rose Bay any longer. And if you know Bob, you know he brought them around. He convinced his suppliers that he and Dot were people you could trust and that they together would make a go of it. Dorothy, for her part, brought her years of experience as a supervisor at Zellers but then, unfortunately, had no staff in those early years to command, except for Bob of course, when he was not on the road picking up supplies. She took charge of the store and the cabins and she laughs when recalling her days and nights managing the work and welcoming the people who took a new interest in spending time at the camp. Their adventure into Wild Rose Bay lasted more than the one year they had planned. For six years they dedicated themselves to a business that would become the busiest and biggest station on the lake. They made good their commitments to their wholesalers and their customers and business thrived. It was a testament to their hard work, skill, and belief in building community. By the time a new investment group had taken over the Wild Rose property in 1982, Bob and Dot knew that Eagle Bay was where they wanted to stay. Bob built their new home that year on Galligan Road, where they live today. Dot now had time to connect more closely to the community

that they had come to know and enjoy. Dot’s involvement with the “Hamsters”, a fledgling local theatrical group, lasted 20 years. This troupe of actors not only wrote and produced annual plays, but made and served a dinner as well to those who came to watch. It was a great success in the community and, while some of the actors have changed and some scripts and duties have shifted, the Hamsters’ Dinner Theatre has become a mainstay in Eagle Bay and sells out to full houses for three performances each year. Dot also took a lead role in the Eagle Bay Community Church where she participated in the Women’s Auxiliary and could be counted on to lend a helping hand to the many activities and events the church supported. Today Dot leads the crafting group at the hall which meets each Wednesday to share their skill and knowledge. She continues to bring people together and share in their experiences and talents. Bob played his part in the church as well, working on the new church wiring, roof and general construction. He was the Master of Ceremonies for the Hamsters for many years. He also stepped up to take on the presidency of the Eagle Bay Hall Society for a year and a half when the sitting president had to take a leave. Bob was known throughout the community as a man who could be called upon to fix almost anything and could be trusted to look after homes and properties when the owners were away. Bob turned 93 two days before the celebration of their 70th Anniversary this month. Dorothy turned 90 this summer. They married 70 years ago and are amazed at having such a wonderful life, raising 3 children and living in such a vibrant community. Bob credits both his and Dot’s longevity to “not having enough to eat” which translates into the resiliency, courage, and fortitude that they both share. Congratulations to you Bob and Dot. We thank you for your commitment to the community and for your laughter, good cheer, and sharp wit. Bob and Dot will be at the Harvest Supper at the Eagle Bay Hall on November 16. If you have a chance to attend, you can still pass on your personal congratulations. Jane Dale is selling tickets for $25.00/person. She can be reached at 250 675-3772 or


Your Shuswap Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling Dealer Wild Indigo Wellness provides quality & affordable massage services to local Shuswap communities. Michelle's technique is described as a stress reduction relaxation massage with specialized deep tissue work. Her warm and caring personality along with her knowledge in the body's anatomy will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed after your session with her.

Located at Breathe Yoga Studio in Sorrento Mobile services available. Check Facebook for list of services.

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Sorrento Lions By Judi Kembel We were sorry to not hold an evening Halloween Party this year. We did, however, continue the practice of making a pumpkin patch on the grounds of the Sorrento Elementary School. Thanks and much appreciation once again to Demille's and Pedro's in Salmon Arm for suplying over 200 pumpkins. These were spread out on October 29th for all of the students to choose their very own pumpkin to take home. We hosted the elementary school and the day care at the hall during the day on Halloween. Games, Cake Walk – thanks to all who donated the cakes – and games with prizes. Everyone involved had a wonderful time. Thank you all for your past support. THE SENIORS' CHRISTMAS PARTY will be held this year on Friday, November 29 and will feature the Sorrento Glee Club as well as our annual Silent Auction. The doors will open at 6:00 pm and light refreshments will be served at 8:00 pm following the entertainment. Snacks will be on all of the tables as well as our usual poinsettias which will be raffled off at the end of the 50/50 draw so keep your tickets handy. Please make note that there will not be a meat draw on this night as our members will be busy at the Christmas Party at Sorrento Memorial Hall. Our club enjoyed a wonderful roast beef dinner (thank you to Lions Sharon and Wayne for cooking) to celebrate a visit from our 1st Vice-President Joe Nilles on October 3rd. We welcome

him and visiting Lions from the Kamloops Paddlewheelers, North Shuswap Lions and Valleyview Overlanders Lions clubs. In keeping with the current bans on plastic bags, we wish to announce that the Sorrento Lions Club has gone green. We are using paper bags imprinted with our crest and name for the meat draw prizes. We also have bright yellow, jumbo tote bags imprinted with our crest and name for sale at $5.00 per bag. These cloth bags will be available for purchase at our meat draws or you can call Wayne at 250-675-2616 to place an order. Remember when you support your Sorrento Lions Club, you are supporting your community. Our weekly meat draws at the Copper Island Pub & Grill on the TransCanada Highway in Sorrento began on September 20th, 2019 and with the exception of November 29th will run until June 26th, 2020. All funds raised go right back into the community. We always welcome new members. If you are over 19 years of age (male or female) and would like more information about becoming a Lion, please join us on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at the Sorrento Memorial Hall, 1150 Passchendaele Road, Sorrento at 6:45 pm or contact the Sorrento Lions Club Secretary Lion Leona at our email address: We would love to hear from you! Check out our website at sorrentobc/ .

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Shuswap overland Adventures Jamieson Creek Falls

By Jason Lutterman Awoken by the pacing of an impatient husky, I knew even before I opened my eyes how this day was going to play out. Revived by the thought of caffeine I made my way into the kitchen with my four-legged shadow. In strong contrast Hazel our bulldog had taken up my place in bed and looked annoyed that we were already up and studying a list of trails. But funny enough as soon as those pieces of kibble rang out as they fell into that stainless bowl, she too was on board. It’s the coldest morning so far this fall, crystal clear sky, the sun bright and I can see my breath as I begin to load our packs into the hatch of the Land Cruiser. Jamieson Creek Falls is the spot we are going to clear off my list of BC waterfalls today.

With the very Canadian combo of the heat cranked and the sunroof open, we make our way west toward Kamloops. Eagles of every type in large gatherings line the beaches and trees of the West Shuswap, gorging on the remains of our annually returned Salmon. Once we get to North Kamloops, we turn onto Westsyde Rd and follow it down along the river for 20 minutes. Then making a left onto the Jamieson Creek FSR, the trail head is exactly 13km up the heavy washboard road. The dirt road winds its way along side Jamieson Creek. A small bridge takes you from the bottom of a steep cliff into the icy shade of the trees. What were puddles at the bottom are sheets of ice in here. We park beside the tree with the 13km marker nailed to it and cross the road to the left entering the short frosty trail. Large boulders and roots line both sides of the trail as we come to an old bridge with some suspect gaps in the planking. The bridge is solid but has a mild glaze of ice from the mist of the falls crashing down a few hundred feet ahead of us. The main trail ends at the falls and for those agile enough, a small goat trail heads up along side the falls but today that section is too icy to follow. A fallen tree lays across the cascading falls and its bare branches have become encased in ice, it’s clear winter is on its way. The dogs drink from the base of the falls and don’t seem bothered by the frigid water they’re standing in. We weren’t the only ones crossing this spot off our list today as we meet half a dozen or so people while taking in the stunning view.

Winter is just around the corner, take advantage of those sunny days together. In our last breaths we don’t wish for more money. We wish for more moments. #findyourscoop.

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The New-Age Salesperson By Rob Marshall Times they are a changing, unfortunately a lot of salespeople are not following suit. There are old-school salespeople at work everywhere; if you're not convinced, visit your local big box furniture store, or car dealership, and witness them in their natural habitat. That's not to say that there aren't good salespeople out there too; there are, but even the good ones could be better. He's a quick run-down of the characteristics of a new -age salesperson. The new-age salesperson is informed, they sell to people who want to buy and discover what their customer needs. They know the objective of each sales interaction and partner with buyers in the decision-making process. They also know that closing a sale is not necessarily the objective of every interaction with a prospect. He or she plans ahead and knows in advance their customers' potential objections and how best to handle them. During the sales process, they use open-ended questions; they probe, digging for information and hidden objections—seeking out issues and concerns. The new salesperson is trustworthy and sells with integrity. They are not pushy

and only sell something when it's the right decision for the buyer. They think long-term relationship, rather than shortterm commission. They understand personality types and build effective relationships no matter the social or behavioral style of their prospects or customers. And, they listen more than they talk. Our new-age salesperson is likeable and welcomed back by customers as a valuable resource. Finally, our new-age salesperson is always closing; not forcefully, but by asking questions that identify where the prospect is in the journey toward a sale. They use trial close questions which expose fears, concerns, issues and anything that may be standing in the way of a sale. In this way, they never actually need to ask for the order; closing becomes the most natural climax to the salespersoncustomer interaction. The new-age salesperson is a consultant, product and industry expert, confidant, friend, and trusted supplier. And, highly successful. Rob Marshall is the Executive Director of Community Futures Shuswap. For more small business tips and resources, visit

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250-675-2523, Many more events on webpage Line Dance (intermediate) 1-3pm, Sponge Ball 9-12pm • Tues: Ladies Bridge 1-4pm, Good Time Quilters 1st & 3rd, 9am-3pm, Sponge Ball 9-12pm • Wed: Line Dance (beginners) 10-11:30am, (Advanced) 1:30-3pm. Ballroom Dance 7-9pm. Lego Club 2nd Wed 6:30-8pm • Thurs: Play Group 9-12pm, Shuswap Pipers1-4pm • Friday: Sponge Ball 9-12pm, Youth Group (Gr. 5-7)6:30-7:30pm - (Gr. 8 & up)7:309:30pm, Scrappy Quilt Chics 9-3pm • River of Life Service: Sun. 10am (Sunday School 10:15am) Sorrento Drop in Society 1148 Passchendaele Rd. 250-675-5358 • Mon - Glee Club - 9:30am 804-3987/ AA at 7pm • Tues - Wheels to Meals 2nd & 4th Tues. 6754871. Snooker (men)1pm Rick 675-2829 • Wed - Five Crowns, 1 pm Ralph 675-5485, Snooker, 6pm 675-2829 - Shuswap Wood Carvers: 9am FMI Peter 675-2746. • Thurs - Quilting 10am Kathy 675-3605/ Snooker (men)1pm 675-2829 • Fri - Ladies Snooker, 1pm Sheena 253-0820 Sorrento Lions Club • Meet 1st & 3rd Thursday at 6:45pm at Sorrento Memorial Hall, 1150 Passchendaele Rd. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about the Lions to join us. FMI Trudy Grigg, • Lions Club Weekly Meat Draws Fridays at Copper Island Pub 5-7pm Sunnybrae Community Hall 3595 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Rd. Hall Rentals - Vicki Green - 250- 835-2199, • Badminton Mon 7-9pm & Thur 2-4pm • Karate - Tues & Thurs 6pm • Coffee House - 2nd Sat - Oct to May • General Meeting 4th Wed: 7:30pm Sunnybrae Seniors Hall 3585 Sunnybrae Canoe Pt. Rd., Maddie Welch 250-803-8890 • Arts & Crafts Mon 10am- 2pm (except statutory holidays) FMI 250-803-8890 • Sit & Fit Tues. & Fri. 1-2pm • Games Day Wed 1pm • Potluck luncheon - 3rd Wed, 5pm (except July/Aug) • Shuswap Needle Arts Guild (SNAG) meet 1st & 3rd Thursday, 9am (Sept to Jun) FMI Jo (250) -832-9308 or Sharon (250)-832-4588. • Coffee House Dinner 2nd Sat. 5pm. Please Reserve: Cam 250-835-8800 • Mon:



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10:00am - 3:00pm. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Beech to the Copper Island Wellness Centre at Blind Bay Marketplace. FMI 250-675-3661 • Cedar Heights Community: • Movie Night Nov 15 Film is “Stan and Ollie” Doors open 6:30pm, movie 7pm. • Artisan Market & Bake Sale Nov 23, 10am - 2pm. • Kid’s Only Christmas Shopping Nov 30, 9:30am - 12pm for kids ages 3-12. • Christmas Dinner and Dance Mon. Dec. 9, 5pm For a list of all events at Cedar Heights go to • Artistry Gift And Bake Sale - Nov. 16 & 17, 10am 3 pm. Blind Bay Memorial Hall. • Jean Toker Fluid Art Class - Nov. 22 Blind Bay Memorial Hall. Agnes at or call 250-253-5200 • Sparkles & Spirits Winter Gala - Nov 23, doors open at 7pm. Gourmet Appy’s, wine tasting, Live music, live Auction. Shuswap Lake Estates Lodge Lower Level. FMI • NSSCR’s Stay Safe Home Alone Program - Thurs Nov 28, 3-5pm at the South Shuswap Library. FMI/ Registration Leigh 250-515-4682 or • South Shuswap Library - Baby Talk - A health nurse program with a variety of topics. Nov. 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 10:15 am. Pajama Storytime: Dec. 3, 6 -6:45pm. Get Crafty with the Silverbacks Dec. 2nd. 3-4:30pm. Pre-registration required. ADULTS Learn to Crochet with Terry. Start with basic stitches, then simple projects! Ages 8 and up. Preregistration required. Hooks and practice wool provided. Sat, Nov. 9, 16, 23, 30, 11 am -12pm. Mandala Rock Painting and Acrylic Ink Pour Nov. 21 12:30-1:30pm. Pre-registration required. Max. 10 participants. Laughter Yoga. Nov. 14, 28 and Dec. 5,10:15- 11:15am. Please pre-register by calling the branch at 250-675-4818. Max. 15 participants Eagle Bay • Harvest Supper - Sat. Nov. 16, 6pm. Homestyle Tukey Dinner with all the fixin’s. Wine & Beer.. Eagle Bay Hall. Space limited. Tickets at Eagle Bay Mercantile or 250-675-3772 • Samaritan’s Purse Packing Party - Wed Nov 20, 2 -4pm at 4357 Eagle Bay Rd. Refreshments served. RSVP 250-675-3884 • Garden Club Christmas Crating - Nov. 21st , 10:30am. At Eagle Bay Hall. Chrismas swag and/or wreath making. BYO supplies. FMI. 250-675-2125 • Coffee House - Nov 23 Potluck supper at 6:30pm. Music at 7:30pm at Eagle Bay Hall SORRENTO • Christmas Craft & Bake Sale - Nov. 9, 9am - 2pm. Sorrento Drop In Centre, lower level 1148 Passchendaele Road. • Craft Sale - Nov 9, 9am - 2pm at Sorrento Memorial Hall. 1150 Passchendaele Road. Free Admission. Stock up for the holiday season with varied wares of local artisans. • Name That Tune - Got Your Tickets Yet-Nov 16 at


Sorrento Memorial Hall. Supper, Dancing, Prizes. Tickets and FMI see ad on pg 21 • Seniors' Christmas Party and Silent Auction – Fri. Nov. 29. Doors open 6 pm. Sorrento Glee Club will entertain. Light refreshments at 8 pm. Free to all area seniors. Sorrento Memorial Hall. • Light Up Sorrento - Dec 6, 6pm - 8pm at Sorrento Memorial Hall. Free hot dogs, hot chocolate, candy canes, live music, Santa Claus and fireworks. Fun for the whole family. • Notch Hill Hall: • Painting Class Nov 7 with Rayna Vdh-Sold Out • NHTH Appreciation Volunteer Dinner Nov 22, 5:30pm • Children’s Christmas Party Dec 8, 2:30-4:30pm (Registration req.) FMI Marianne 250-835-4721 • CP Christmas Train Dec 14. Arrival 9:10pm, Event 9:30-10pm TAPPEN / SUNNYBRAE • Sunnybrae Coffeehouse & Dinner - Nov. 9, Dinner at 5:30pm at Sunnybrae Seniors Hall Please reserve: 250-835-8800. Coffee house doors open at 6:30pm • Christmas Craft Sale - Sat. Nov 16, 9am to 2pm at Carlin Hall. For table rentals call Joan 250-835-0104 • Kids make-and take Christmas Craft - Nov 30, 12:30pm to 3:30pm at FACES studio. FMI & register at • Silk Scarf Water Marbling Workshop - Nov 24 at FACES Studio. All ages welcome. FMI • Carlin Hall Coffeehouse - Dec. 7, 7pm • The Nutcracker - Sun Dec 15, 6pm at Carlin Hall Community Stage. A traditional holiday favourite. Tickets 250-515-3276 or See ad on pg 19. WHITE LAKE • Annual Food Drive - Dec 3 White Lake Fire Dept will be going door to door to collect donations. NORTH SHUSWAP • Cabaret & Silent Auction - Nov. 9, 6:30pm at NS Community Hall. Entertainment by The Mountain Mamas. Drinks and appy’s, 50/50 draw. Hosted by NS Lions. Tickets - Dianne at 250-955-0138. • Janis Joplin Dinner Theatre - Nov. 16 at the Hub. FMI & tickets call 250-955-2002. • Christmas Craft Fair - Nov. 23, 10 am – 2 pm. Lakeview Centre Anglemont. Support local artists and vendors. FMI Suzanne 250-572-0411 • Tim Reardon / Sip & Shop - Nov. 23 at the Hub. FMI & tickets call 250-955-2002. • Stiff Whiskers - Nov. 30 at the Hub. FMI & tickets call 250-955-2002. • Christmas Parade - Dec. 7, 5:30pm Scotch Creek. To enter a float • Farmers’ Market Craft Fair - Dec. 7, 10am to 2pm. At NS Community Hall. • Christmas Dinner and Dance - Dec. 7, 5pm at Lakeview Centre. Music by ‘Sleepless Nights’ Turkey supper. Tickets after Nov. 7. Call Ann 250-955-2899. For more North Shuswap Events check out the Kicker



• HD Live from the Met - Opera at Salmar Classic,

Salmon Arm., Nov 9, 9:55 am - Madama Butterfly. / Sat. Nov. 23, 9:55am “Akhnaten”. Tickets & FMI • Buddhist Meditation Centre - Guided Meditation/ Freedom from Painful Emotions: Nov.13, 20, 27 / 78:30 pm. Lunchtime Toonie Thurs. Nov. 7, 14, 21, 28 / 12-12:25 pm. Universal Compassion book study: Nov.29, 7-9 pm/ Nov.30, 9:30 -11:30 am. (Registration required for book study) call Diane @ 250-463-3163. Prayers for Peace, Sunday Nov. 3, 11-noon. #130-2960 Okanagan Ave SE. • The Wizard of Oz - Nov 22 to Dec 8 at Shuswap Theatre, 41, Hudson Ave. FMI • Dancing with the Shuswap Stars - Nov.22, 6pm at SASCU Rec Centere. FMI and tickets https:// • Bolshoi Ballet “Le Corsaire” - Sun. Nov. 24, 1pm On the bazaar square of Andrinopolis, the Pacha is struck by the beauty of Medora and tries to buy her, but the lovely young woman is not for sale. Salmar Classic Theatre • Downtown Light-up - Nov. 29 9pm Salmon Arm. • Christmas Dance - by Enderby Old Time Dance Club on Dec 6 at 7pm. Enderby Hall. Everyone welcome. FMI 250-515-1176 CHASE & AREA • Chase & District Fish & Game Club AGM - Mon. Nov. 18, 7pm at Creekside Centre. • 25th Chase Country Christmas - Starts Dec. 6 with parade at 5:30pm. Continues Dec. 7 with breakfast, pics with Santa, craft & vendor fair FLU SHOTS • South Shuswap-Munro’s Pharmacy by appt. 250675-4411 REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICES • Sorrento - Services start at 10:45am (Please be seated by 10:40) at Sorrento Memorial Hall with colour Party March and Veteran Procession, laying of wreaths and a walk to the Cenotaph. • The Lakeview Centre - Anglemont - The Lakeview Community Centre invites everyone to attend our Remembrance Day Service. Doors open at 10:30am. Please be in your seats by 10:45 as the service will start promptly. The theme this year is Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan. Please come and honour our Veterans. Lunch will follow the service. FMI please call Gloria Goodchild at 250-575-5749 • Chase - Parade starts at 10:30am with the ceremony at 11am at Chase Community Hall. • Salmon Arm - Ceremony at the Cenotaph starts at 10:45 am. Entertainment at the Legion branch from 2pm to 5pm.

For more events in the Shuswap check out





What Scientists not Paid by Industry say on 5G Citizens in Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, California and several US states have begun legal actions against 5G after experiencing symptoms of illness immediately after installation. Electromagnetic radiation from cell towers & phones, smart meters, baby monitors, etc., causes biological damage to every cell in our body. This results in cellular inflammation, which is the enabler of all health conditions including headaches, dizziness, pain, fatigue, irritability, forgetfulness, anxiety, shortness of breath, cancer, Parkinson's, infertility, autism, etc. It kills other life forms including animals, birds and insects There are safe technology alternatives. Let’s use them. Facebook group: 'Parents For Safe Schools’ has information. Citizens For Safe Technology Eva Lyman & Patricia White


CLASSIFIED ADS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE $7 up to 25 words, 20¢ ea. additional word. $2 for box-around. Single column Classified Display Ads: $12.00 for the first inch, then $2.25 per 1/4 inch thereafter. Email ads to or 250-463-2611. Email money transfers for payment or mail cheque to 7320 Estate Place, Anglemont, B.C. V0E 1M8.



BUSINESS SERVICES Dave Jones Painting Service

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New & Used Medical Equipment Scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, bathroom safety, stair-lifts, hospital beds. Free Screening for obstructive sleep apnea, treatment and follow-up. CPAP masks, parts, and accessories. Respiratory therapy equipment and home oxygen. Located in Salmon Arm 250-832-2431 and Vernon 250-542-2425

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(Shuswap Lions Manor)

Rental Suite Available Subsidized Independent Living for Seniors Manor is located in Sorrento with a view of the lake

1 Bedroom - 1 Bath Includes:

Common area room & laundry room “No Smoking. No Pets’’ Contact the Manor for more information: 250-675-2757 or

Residential, Land and Recreational Properties We live in the area - give us a call today!


Toll Free: 855.431.4313 Toll Free Fax: 888.377.4313 Shuswap Piano Tuning, Restoration & Grand Piano Consultation Call or Text 250-517-7717 Ship Shape Shelter Indoor Boat and RV Storage. Call: 250-835-4224 cell: 250-852-2900 or email: for special introductory rates.

FOR SALE Firewood For Sale $200 / Cord. Split / Delivered. Call 250-5150798 or 780-523-7819 —————————————4 Goodyear ULTRAGRIP 185/65R15 Winter Tires. Studded, like New on Toyota Corolla Rims. $500. Call 778-490-5055







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South Shuswap Scoop November 2019  

Free monthly community newsletter serving the South Shuswap and surrounding area.

South Shuswap Scoop November 2019  

Free monthly community newsletter serving the South Shuswap and surrounding area.

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