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Eagle Bay News Submitted by Rod Dale I wish, how I wish, that November to March would pass as quickly as June to August. Don’t get me wrong I like four seasons, I just think it should be fair, 3,3,3,3 …. and if you’re from Calgary …. I bet you agree. Our Eagle Bay summer friends are providing a bonanza for the store and for our bottle bank. We love to see you and thank you for all the contributions you make to the community, and of course it’s no surprise to us that inevitably when you retire you choose to live here full time …… incidentally our store now has six proprietors, the latest to arrive is Emma Hailey, born about three weeks ago …. please continue to contribute to her trousseau. We also welcome visitors and locals alike to our pretty little ecumenical church. Services are at 10am every sum-

mer Sunday .. a perfect spot for a country

wedding. Listening to a radio show a few days ago, I was reminded that in the 60’s and 70’s a ‘doctor’ in a white coat advocated smoking menthol cigarettes because they were good for the throat. As eighteen year olds in the navy we almost all smoked. Even ashore they were duty free (which must have been a tremendous coup for the tobacco lobbyists). A package of two hundred cost about two dollars … less than a bar of chocolate; and now the teens are smoking ‘e’ cigarettes ‘because it’s cool’. An old friend recently died of esophageal cancer, he hadn’t smoked for 25 years (but of course smoked for 45 years before that). I’m sure he won’t be the last to die young. I was listening to someone else’s conversation at a BBQ the other day (as I am wont to do); he was advocating for Mr.

White Lake Residents Photo Contest Must be of White Lake and surrounding area. Two categories: Adult & Youth, three photo limit per registrant. FMI and prizes, contact Shirley DeKelver at Entry deadline is Sept. 2, 2016

Trump’s policies and who wouldn’t … (stop terrorist attacks, defeat ISIS, make the streets safe, employment for all, bring jobs back to the US). I have a friend who hopes that he will win … after all, the friend says, he must be a whole lot smarter than we think, he’s obviously got plans that no-one else has come up with, to do what everybody needs with just the snap of his fingers. Vote Trump if you believe in magic. We are pleased to welcome tour buses along Eagle Bay Road … and why not, they stop at Jade Palace for Chinese food, Pedro’s for fresh fruit, and Eagle Bay Road for the scenery. As far as we know none has stopped for selfies with our Eagle … but they will .. they will. Incidentally we need a name for our mascot bird .. somewhat sadly, unless we get some better suggestions I’m afraid he’ll end up being Eddie. Let me know.


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Shuswap Scoop August 2016  

Free publication serving the South Shuswap and surrounding area

Shuswap Scoop August 2016  

Free publication serving the South Shuswap and surrounding area