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age, and we all realize that we’re probably Dragon Boat Festivals – Are they as much not going to be the top team at a festival fun as they appear to be? when we’re competing against many teams that are a third of our age. But our By Gord Henderson In a word, YES!!! goal is to try to be the top team anyway. Everyone has an individual goal when We work hard in practices. We strive to be paddling. Some paddle for fitness, never the strongest we can be, and we compete intending to participate in any competitive hard. If we paddle a good strong race, and paddling. Others paddle more for the soour timing on the boat is impeccable, cial aspects. Some paddle in order to be we’ve run a good race. If we place in a both physically and mentally prepared to race, that’s gravy. The joy and reward travel and compete in select dragon boat comes from working well as a team. festivals in our area. Many of us travelling Festivals are a lot of fun. On Saturday, to compete are, or are nearing, retirement July 23rd, we participated in a festival on Harrison Lake. I can’t tell you how we did, because we’re not there yet. By the time you read this • On site service John 250-955-0816 article, the Harrison • New computers, parts festival will be long & accessories past, and we’ll have • Authorized reseller of Lenovo & Acer products also competed at the Kamloops festival. Harrison has 70 teams registered to Inc. paddle. It’s a one day festival. The first race is a 200m sprint, and it gets underway at 8:30 am. We’ll race three more 500m rac-

es that same day, and the festival will be over by 4:30 in the afternoon. Each of the races could have up to 6 boats running side by side. Talk about excitement. With each race, the adrenalin is pumping and total focus is on doing the job we’ve trained so hard to do: stay in time, keep the technique strong, and put as much effort into each stroke as is possible, and at the same time try to blot out the drum noises and yelling from the other boats. The sprint will be over in a minute. The 500m races will be about 2 1/2 minutes. That’s 2 1/2 minutes of all out putting it on the line. Last year, in our final race with 5 other boats, all six boats crossed the finish line within a 2 second gap. The GT Racers won that particular race. It’s that feeling of accomplishment and team camaraderie which makes all the gruelling training worthwhile. Many people will spectate at a dragon boat festival, watching wave after wave of boat groupings go out and come in. You cannot feel the excitement and be a part of that whole paddling atmosphere unless you paddle. Words alone cannot describe the feelings and emotions which every paddler feels after competing in a race. How can you get that feeling? It’s easy. Next season, come and join the GT Dragon Boat Society in Blind Bay. Want information? Check out the website at or send me an email at

Carlin School Top of the Class

Submitted by Leslie McInally Go Team Go...... The sports team at Carlin School will be ‘top of the class’ this Fall when they play in new sports shirts provided by The White Lake Fire Department (WLFD). Fund raising this year has allowed the Fire Dept to support a number of local activities and most recently, Garry Loeppky, WLFD member, presented a cheque to Shane

Carlton, Principal, and Craig Smith, from the Athletics programme at Carlin School, to cover the cost of the smart new shirts. The Department is delighted to be able to support kids in the local community and looks forward to hearing of Carlin school’s success at sports events next season. Any questions please contact Lester (250) 803-5230 or “”

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