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First Responders BUSY, BUSY

By Anne Long Wow! South Shuswap Responders have been unusually busy this month. Every day we have attended 2 - 5 medical emergencies. Looking back at our statistics at our number of calls definitely is increasing. It is a challenge for our volunteer first responders who already have busy lives with jobs and families. We are proud to say that we still reach every emergency within a few minutes. Locals know how much traffic increases on the TransCanada Highway in the summer months. Many of our calls are to motor vehicle accidents, truck or car rollovers, motorcycle accidents, etc. These scenes require several responders to care for multiple injuries and ensure safety by managing traffic until Fire, RCMP and rescue come to help. The trick is for first responder vehicles to weave through traffic to reach the accident. Please give rightof-way to vehicles with South Shuswap First Responder plates. Still busy. Sometimes we have another call at the same time! More responders

jump in to help; or, transfer from one emergency to another. Watch for our vehicles. Mid-day and evening are somewhat busier but emergencies happen 24 hours a day. Most of our emergencies involve sudden health problems, often for seniors. But accidents and health emergencies happen to infants, children, swimmers, boaters, people with allergies or adults on mowers/ ladders. Responders train for managing whatever you can imagine. They review and practice situations and skills every two weeks at Firehall #1 in Sorrento. We welcome anyone interested in volunteering as a First Responder. Call Debbie at 250 675 3355 for more information and practice dates.


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