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Kick-In Magazine 2021


What is the Kick-In? 12 Programme Bachelor 14


Programme Master 16 Mentor groups 17 What is a do-group?


To do list 19 Frequently Asked Questions


Who will you meet during the Kick-In?


Charity 25 Ladies Kick-In 26


Studying at the UT 30 Campus Events 32 Buildings 34 Map 36 Studying abroad 38 Student from abroad 39 Guidance and support 40 International support 41 Student participation 42 (un)Restrained studying 43 Study associations 44 International associations 46 Educational systems and help desks


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Dear Future Student… The fact that you are reading this means that you have made a great decision: you are going to study at the University of Twente! Soon you will start a completely new phase in your life: your life as a student! The step from high school to university is not a small one. Besides the fact that studying will not be a breeze, there are many other things about to change in your life. You will make new friends, discover new hobbies and maybe you will move from your warm parental home into a student accommodation. Unfortunately, the past few months were not exactly how we all expected them to be. A period full of activities and exciting moments of exams, parties, and holidays turned into a period of staying home and keeping distance. We, as Kick-In Committee, understand that this situation has a lot of impact on your daily life. But different times are coming! In about two months you will start your life as a real student at the University of Twente. Maybe you are a little bit scared or maybe you are looking forward to starting something new. To give you a good start to your new life, we are organizing the Kick-In: the introduction period of the University of Twente. The Kick-In is the time to expand your horizon. Countless friendships are formed during the activities, so you will not be alone in the lecture halls. Apart from your fellow students, you will also get to know everything that is part of life in Enschede, such as the city, the campus, and the facilities of the university. From sports to acting or a student association: you will see it all during the Kick-In! We have put together a programme that, on one hand, is going to introduce you to all the aspects of student life here in Enschede. On the other hand, this programme will also be, COVID-19 proof to make sure everyone feels safe. In this way, you can safely get to know new friends, the city and the university and have a lot of fun! We have compiled this magazine – especially for you. Take your time to read this. It is full of stories from other students, tips, important information, and fun articles that you do not want to miss before you leave to Enschede. This year the Kick-In will be held from the 25th of August until the 2nd of September. So mark these dates in red in your calendar! Till that time: read this magazine in your own time to get a taste of what’s to come. Do you want to stay informed and updated about updates of the new programme of the Kick-In and what to expect? Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook or check out our website: www. Register quickly, because you don’t want to miss this epic week! Hope to see you on the 25th of August! Julia, Britt, Mirre, Noa, Tijmen and Pelle Kick-In Committee 2021


Kick-In Committee 2021 Each year, the Kick-In is organized by six enthusiastic students. They set aside their study programme for one year to put all their time and energy into one goal: organizing the coolest Kick-In so far! This year, we have taken on this task. Together we are responsible for devising and developing the programme, arranging the permits, and managing the cooperation with all parties involved. Luckily, we don’t have to organize everything ourselves during the Kick-In; we will be supported by approximately 150 voluntary crew members.

Julia Hubbert Master Psychology

Britt van de Ven

Bachelor Communication Science


Mirre van der Wal

Noa Hassink

Tijmen van de Meent

Pelle van der Mars

Bachelor Applied Physics

Bachelor Technical Computer Science

Master Health Sciences

Bachelor Business Information Technology


Rector magnificus Choosing your path


You have chosen one of the study programmes of the University of Twente. Although I am not fully neutral in this, this is a fine choice I want to congratulate you with. Both our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes get high ratings by our students. What is most important, however, is that you’ve chosen a programme that fits your interests. A programme that allows you to flourish and prepares you for a bright future. And there, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The University of Twente offers you many opportunities for following your own path. Probably, you were already orienting yourself on study programmes, long before the start of the pandemic. In that case, you’ll have paid a visit to our campus and had a first impression of its atmosphere and possibilities. Or maybe, you joined one of our ‘online open days’.

In any case, from August 25 on, it is time for a better acquaintance. We will help you navigate through all possibilities we offer on our campus. If I say ‘we’, I mean the best possible guides we have: our current students. The organization of the ‘Kick-In’ introduction is fully in their hands. At the time of writing, I cannot predict what the programme will look like. Most probably, it will be a combination of online and on-campus events. Meeting your fellow students, getting to know more about all aspects of student life: I truly recommend using the Kick-In to the fullest! I’ll be happy to welcome you in August. Prof. Tom Veldkamp Rector Magnificus

Prof. Tom Veldkamp Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente


Mayor Welcome in the student city of Enschede The atmosphere in Enschede is not only suited for studying, it also makes for good living conditions during your student life. In this magazine you will find extensive information about this. The KickIn Committee of the University of Twente has put a lot of effort in preparing an introduction as good as possible for thousands of new students. This was a challenge this year considering all the regulations around the coronavirus, but this also shows the mentality where Enschede is known for: don’t give up when facing a challenge, but try to work together to get the best results. I wish you a lot of luck in the student city of Enschede. Onno van Veldhuizen Mayor of Enschede


Welcome in the student city of Enschede Studying in Enschede means studying in the beating heart of the East of the Netherlands. Because it happens in Enschede. It is a city that constantly keeps striving towards further development and innovation, also in times when this seems less natural because of the circumstances. Students form one of the pillars on which the community of Enschede has been leaning on for decades already. Together, you make an important contribution to our vibrant city life, both during and next to your study. You can also keep doing this after your graduation. For example, by putting your newly acquired knowledge to use at one of the many companies. Or to show your entrepreneurship by setting up your own company, like many other graduates in Enschede have successfully done before. They put their knowledge to use at various spin-offs and managed to grow to big enterprises. In this way you develop your own career, work on the development of the city and on innovation in your own speciality.

Dr. Onno van Veldhuizen Mayor of the city of Enschede



What is the Kick-In? 12

Programme Bachelor 14

Programme Master 16

What is a do-group? 18

To do list 19

Frequently asked questions 20

Who will you meet during the Kick-In? 22

Charity 25

Ladies Kick-In 26

What is the Kick-In?

The Kick-In is the official introduction period of the University of Twente. We organize this introduction period every year in the week before the lectures start, so all new students are fully prepared to start their study programme and their student life. The Kick-In 2021 includes nine days full of activities to show you as much of student life in Enschede as possible. You will experience a lot of new things during the Kick-In. You will meet new people, but you will also see all the study, sports, performing arts, social and many more associations that are part of student life in Enschede. Of course you don’t have to experience all this by yourself. You will complete the Kick-In together with your do-group and you will be guided by two do-group parents. Further down in the magazine you can read what a do-group is and what do-group parents are.

General Kick-In

The part of the Kick-In that you will complete together with all new students is called the ‘General Kick-In’. During the general part of the Kick-In, there will be different days that are fully dedicated to sports, performing arts and social associations. We will introduce you to the student associations and they will organize many fun activities especially for you! For example, you will be able to try a new sport at the sports associations, enjoy shows or take part in a workshop at the performing arts associations. There will also be a sports barbecue and a Global market where all world and international associations are present.


Why take part in the Kick-In? You have probably heard it before: ‘Your student days are the best time of your life.’ And this is true; your student days will be full of new opportunities, friendships and experiences. The KickIn is set up to show you what all this entails. In nine days you will be professionally prepared for your new life by the entire current student life of Enschede. All this will be done with cool activities and fun events in a relaxing atmosphere. After the Kick- In, you will be immediately in the middle of student life. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this!

Study-Related Programme During the Kick-In, a number of days will be specifically organized for the students of one particular study programme. These days are called the ‘Study-Related Programme’. During the Study-related programme you will meet intensively with all your fellow students and the study association of your study programme. During the Study-Related Programme, a Faculty Day will take place, which we highly recommend you to attend. This way, you will learn everything about your study programme and you can arrange everything that is necessary before you take a seat in the lecture halls. It varies per study association whether the Study-Related Programme will take place on campus, or whether a camp will be organized, during which you will go to camp with all your fellow students for a few days. In both cases, the maximum is gotten out of the introduction and you will have a great time with your fellow students and study association.


It is time to expand your horizon, to meet new friends and to explore hobbies that might otherwise never have come your way!

History Every year a theme is given to the Kick-In. This was already the case when the introduction period was still called “Introduction Period Technische Hogeschool Twente”. During the 1980s there were themes such as “Choose”, “Direction” and (believe it or not) “Goose”. With a theme that varies every year, it is not only possible to make clear what the organizing students want to achieve this year with the intro of the new students, but it is also possible to give a very personalised touch to each introduction period. This will give every introduction a unique atmosphere and its own identity!

Expand Your Horizon

Register! You can register for the Kick-In by using the data in the attached participant letter to log in to the Kick-In website: www.kick-in. nl. Here you can indicate which programmes you want to participate in. You will find the full (provisional) programme of the Kick-In 2021 in this magazine and the latest version on the website. The Kick-In will take place from the 25th of August until the 2nd of September. Be there!



This year, the theme of the Kick-In is ‘Expand your Horizon’! During the Kick-In, we would like to encourage you to expand your horizon and get to know the different study, student, sport, perform-ing arts and world associations, as well as the campus and the city centre. The Kick-In will give you the opportunity to explore all of them and you can decide which of the things offered during the Kick-In you would like to pick up. It is time to expand your horizon, to meet new friends and to ex-plore hobbies that might otherwise never have come your way!

Bachelor Programme













Beyond your Horizon








Under the Stars










SAT / 28.08 SUN / 29.08 MON / 30.0 Chasing the Sun








Rise and Shine



Up Till Dawn





9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 21:30 22:00 22:30 23:00 23:30 00:00 00:30 01:00



Sun Comes Up


WED / 25.08 THU / 26.08 FRI / 27.08


Day 1 – Sun Comes Up

Day 2 – Up Till Dawn

On Wednesday, the 25th of August, the Kick-In will begin! After the registration, you have the chance to get to know all the associations the UT has to offer at the Opening Market. In the afternoon, the Kick-In will be opened, after which you will choose a do-group with which you will enjoy the evening activity!

It’s showtime! On Thursday you can enjoy shows from performing arts associations during the brunch. Next to that, you will meet the performing arts associations at the Apollo Festival. Want to get more active? Your Kick-In experience is not complete without joining the Storming of the Bastille, a challenging obstacle run across Campus! In the evening, there will be a concert in the city centre on the Oude Markt.

08 MON / 30.08 TUE / 31.08 WED / 01.09 THU / 02.09













9:00 Day 9:303 – Rise and Shine Time to get active and put on your sporty 10:00During the Sport Games and the outfit! BBQs, 10:30you will get to know all the sports associations. Besides practicing sports, you 11:00 can also enjoy an evening organized with the sports 11:30associations! 12:00 Day 4 – Chasing the Sun 12:30 Meet the student associations during the Fact13:00 day! During this day multiple activities will be organized 13:30 with the student associations from Enschede. In the evening, you can sing at the 14:00or find out about the pubs on campus! Cantus 14:30 15:00 Day 5 – Under the Stars On Sunday, it is time to relax. There are 15:30 multiple free activities like pooling, bowling, 16:00 and swimming which you can join! Next to this, a church service will be organized 16:30 where everybody is welcome. To end this day 17:00 you can watch a movie in our Openrelaxing, Air Cinema! 17:30 18:00 Day 6, 7 and 8 – Study-related Days 18:30 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all about 19:00getting to know your fellow students and your study. These days are organized by 19:30 your own study association. In the evening on Wednesday, 20:00 you can get to know the student pubs in the city centre at the pub crawl! 20:30 21:00 Day 9 – Into the Sunset 21:30 On the last day of the Kick-In, there is a KickOut Festival! Here you can relax and look back 22:00 on a fantastic Kick-in. There is the possibility 22:30 to join a puzzle hunt, get a bite from one of the food trucks, join an activity like the Studium 23:00 General Talk or just listen to some music. After 23:30 the closing show, you are ready to start your student 00:00 life in Enschede! 00:30 01:00





Into the Sunset


In the Moonlight


Out of this World


Beyond your Horizon



Master programme SUN / 29.08 MON / 30.08 TUE / 31.08 WED / 01.09 THU / 02.09


Beyond your Horizon

Out of this World

In the Moonlight



Into the Sunset




















8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 ONLINE 10:30 REGISTRATION 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 REGISTRATION 14:30 15:00 15:30 CENTRAL OPENING 16:00 16:30 CULTURE CLASS 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 DOMINO’S DINNER 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 DANCE 21:00 WORKSHOP 21:30 22:00 PROVISIONAL 22:30 23:00 MASTER SILENT 23:30 DISCO 00:00 00:30 01:00 ONLINE SPEEDDATING


Under the Stars


8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 21:30 22:00 22:30 23:00 23:30 00:00 00:30 01:00

Day 1 – Under the Stars On Sunday the 29th of August, the Kick-In will begin! After the registration, there is a grand central opening in the tent. In the evening, you will learn how to dance and after that you can show off your skills at the Silent Disco!

Day 2 – Beyond your Horizon The day will start with the possibility to arrange formalities at the Facility Market. After that, there is the chance to get to know all the student associations the UT has to offer at the Campus Experience. At the Food Fair you can taste dishes from different cultures. In the evening, you can sit back and enjoy a nice movie at our Open Air Cinema.

Day 3 – Out of this World This study-related day is all about your study, after which a City Tour and Gaming Night will be organized.

Day 4 – In the Moonlight Wednesday morning is still about your study. After this, you can collaborate with other students at the Think Tank, enjoy a barbecue and choose from several nice evening activities.

Day 5 – Into the Sunset


On the last day of the Kick-In there is a Kick-Out Festival! Here you can relax and look back on a fantastic Kick-In. There is the possibility to join a puzzle hunt, get a bite from one of the food trucks, or just listen to some music. After this, you are ready to start your student life in Enschede.

Mentor groups Your Kick-In will start on the 29th of August. Hundreds of students from all over the world come to Twente to mark the beginning of their student life. You will enter a new environment where you will (probably) hardly know anyone. This is quite exciting, but you are certainly not alone. On the first day of the Kick-In, you will get acquainted with your own mentor group. We will explain how this all works. You will not take part in the Kick-In by yourself. Together with your mentor and several fellow students, you will enjoy the Kick-In and visit all kinds of activities. The mentors are students of the University of Twente as well, so they know their way around campus. Feel free to ask them anything, they are here to guide you during the Kick-In!


What is a do-group?


During the Kick-In, more than 2000 future students from all over the world will come to Enschede to mark the start of their student life here. You will enter a new environment where you will probably hardly know anyone. This is quite exciting of course, but you are certainly not alone. On the very first day of the bachelor Kick-In you will meet your own do-group.

Do-group market

What is a do-group?

Do-group parents

At the Kick-In Opening Market, you and all first-year students from all study programmes will get to know the rich association life of the University of Twente. After an afternoon full of new impressions, all new students from the different study programmes will come together. A separate do-group market will be held for each study programme. At the do-group market you will often get an overview of all possible do-groups to read through. After that, all do-groups will present themselves by means of a video and a short talk, in this way you can determine which do-group will suit you well. When all the do-groups have been addressed, you can choose a dogroup that seems to best suit you. From that moment you will experience the KickIn together with your do-group and the party can really begin!

A do-group is a small group of about 8 to 12 first-year students from the same study programme. During the Kick-In, the various do-groups can easily be recognized by the do-group shirts that you will receive from your do-group parents. You will experience the Kick-In together with your do-group. Often the students from your do-group will remain your friends for the rest of your student life!

The do-groups are guided by two official do-group parents. These are senior students who have already experienced a Kick-In and can therefore show you the best things. Often there are also a lot of extra do-group parents who like to join in during the coolest event of the year. A dogroup can be organized from an association. This can be a sports, performing arts or a social association. There are also independent do-groups which are not linked to an association. These are led by groups of friends or members of an independent fraternity. The do-group parents are happy to show you the way during this unforgettable period.


To do list To make sure that you will be completely ready for the start of your study at the University of Twente, we have listed the most important things that you must arrange! What should I bring or arrange before the Kick-In starts? • • • • • • • •

Register for the Kick-In via our website! Sufficient cash and/or a bank card with sufficient funds A valid proof of ID Plenty of sunscreen lotion Sufficient clothing (including sportswear) A bike with proper lighting Your Kick-In e-ticket A place to sleep (or your overnight bag)

To Do List

In advance, make sure that you have a place to sleep during the Kick-In! The Kick-In organization is not responsible for ensuring a place to sleep for the participants of the Kick-In.


If you do not have a room (yet), check whether you can temporarily stay with (studying) friends or maybe family or acquaintances. Is that really not possible. Then experience shows that there is always someone within your do-group who wants to offer you a place to sleep. So bring your overnight bag!

Of course you don’t want to miss a day of the Kick-In. But it may happen that you are not able to attend due to circumstances and therefore have to miss a few days. That is a shame, but don’t panic: go to our info desk upon arrival at the University of Twente. The crew of the info desk can then help you further and will ensure that you can experience the Kick-In without any problems! However you must register in advance on the website.

What do I need for the start of my academic year? • • • • • •

Check whether your data is correct in Studielink Apply for a personal OV-chipkaart (Dutch card for public transport) Apply for your OV (public transport) student product and collect this from an OV-chipkaart charging point Apply for your student loan through DUO Find out whether you might qualify for an additional scholarship or health care allowance Arrange a laptop that is suitable for your study programme, for example through the Notebook Service Centre

When you stay in a student accommodation in Enschede, there are also a few things you must arrange. Register with your new municipality and find a new general practitioner and dentist. You will find more information and tips about finding a room later in this magazine!


Frequently Asked Questions Questions for future students

I don’t know anyone yet in Enschede, will I be alone during the Kick-In?

Nine days full of new impressions seems a long time, how will I ever keep up witch such an introduction?

I have already paid for the Kick-In Programme. Will this cover everything or will I still have to find an ATM during the Kick-In?

I don’t have to survive on Grolsch alone for 9 days, do I?


Of course not! All participants choose a do-group, which is a group of senior and new students of your own study programme. With these students you can hang out during the entire Kick-In. You will go to all activities together with this do-group, so you will quickly form a close bond. Experience shows that often this soon forms the first basis of a group of friends!

Fortunately, the participant contribution covers by far most of the costs, for example lunch on almost all days. However, tickets must be bought for a few activities. This will involve small contributions, for example approximately 5 Euro for a bite at a restaurant. The drinks in the evenings are also for your own account.

My study programme is in English, do I have to speak English all the time during the Kick-In? The official language at the UT is English. You will notice that there are many international students at the UT, so they certainly can be part of your do-group. If that is the case, even if it is only one person, make sure you speak English in the group, so everyone can follow the conversation. If there are only Dutch students in your do-group, you may of course speak Dutch within the group.


Many enthusiastic do-groups see it as a mission to take advantage of all the activities during the day and the events at night. Luckily, you are under no obligation and you can join as many activities as you want. Also, there will always be a sunny lawn somewhere to have a rest. In addition, there is a rest day on Sunday where everyone can relax a bit. Of course not, we will make sure that there is plenty of drinking water and soft drinks!

I was too busy enjoying my holiday to arrange a room. Can you arrange something for me?

First you should check whether you can stay with friends, family or acquaintances in Enschede. Is that really not possible? Then experience shows that there is always someone within your do-group who wants to offer you a place to sleep. So, make sure you bring your overnight bag on the first day of the KickIn! Unfortunately, the organization itself does not provide any sleeping places.

Questions for parents

My child is invited to the Kick-In, but what exactly does it entail?

What if something happens to my son/daughter?

My son/daughter does not know anyone in Enschede, now what?

It is 8 am in the morning and my child has still not send me a message. He/She was supposed to come home tonight. Now what?

The Kick-In is the official introduction period of the University of Twente. It is the opportunity to get to know the university, the campus and Enschede with all its possibilities and to discover all nice aspects of student life.

All participants choose a do-group with whom they will hang out during the entire Kick-In. Experience shows that often, this soon forms the first basis of a group of friends!

Can I visit during the Kick-In to see how my child is doing?

Can you? Yes. Do we recommend this? No. All activities that the Kick-In organizes are only open to students. If you still want to do come to the campus, we highly recommend you to first consult this with your child.

When registering, the participants will provide a contact person. If necessary, we will ring this person. Fortunately, a lot can also be handled within the group; they will take good care of each other and the do-group parents are there to make sure the new students go through the Kick-In in one piece.

He or she is probably lying on a mat at a do-group parents place – or who knows, maybe with another participant – with a dead phone. Let him or her have a nice sleep in and if you don’t receive a message later on, you can call the Kick-In info desk on 053 489 2356. They can often quickly reach the do-group.

My son/daughter it not yet 18. Will he/she be okay this week?


Corona is still very much present, will the Kick-In go through this year?

Yes, the Kick-In will go through! The aim is to have as many physical activities as possible, but we will always make sure that everyone can safely take part in the Kick-In. Therefore, we will always follow the rules of the government relating to the coronavirus. To keep up to date on the programme, we recommend you to follow us on social media.

Do I have to wear a mouth mask during the Kick-In?

This depends on the corona measures that are in place by that time. For now, it is mandatory to wear a face mask at the University of Twente when you walk around inside university buildings. Once you have taken a seat, you may remove your mask, but if you get up and move around, you must put it back on.

I will come back from holiday or will move to the Netherlands a few days before the Kick-In starts, can I skip my quarantine? No, if you still have to quarantine during (a part of) the Kick-In, you can only follow the online activities. After your quarantine has finished, you can join the physical activities. We recommend you to take this into account when planning a holiday or your trip to the Netherlands.



Of course. Contrary to popular belief, student life is not all about beer! Our programme includes many cool day activities and next to that, parties can also be fun without alcohol. The age for drinking alcohol has been 18 for a few years, so no one thinks this is crazy anymore.

Who will you meet during the Kick-In? The Kick-In is of course completely organized for the new first-year students, but these are certainly not the only people you will meet. Almost all students at the UT will be present during the Kick-In to let you experience the best possible time. We have listed a few of them you.



The largest group that will be present during the Kick-In are of course the kiddos: the future students. The kiddos form small groups of around 8-12 students, a so-called do-group, with whom they will experience the entire Kick-In. All these students are from the same study programme, so these will become your first friends of your student days. Many do-group brothers and sisters (yes, because that is what they are) you will see for years to come!

Pepijn Hoekstra Applied Physics, 19 years old Did you prepare for the KickIn? If so, how did you prepare? Well, I would say yes and no, because just before the Kick-In the government announced that all introductory events from university would be cancelled (this wasn’t the case), so I personally thought that the Kick-In would be an online event. In that sense, I did not prepare because of the uncertainty of it happening. On the other hand, I did have a room in Enschede and a bike, those are the essentials! One of my group didn’t have a place to sleep so he stayed on a campsite...


Did your expectations of the Kick-In come true?

What is the best memory of the Kick-In?

Due to all the measures to fight COVID-19, my expectations were very very low. I thought the whole Kick-In would be a big flop. But I was completely wrong, it was just amazing! Of course, it would be better without measures, but even though we had those measures, the Kick-In was the best it could be.

Well, there were a lot of memories, I made a bunch of new friends who are even better friends now. I think the best memory of the whole week was the music bingo quiz. It was such good fun in the backyard of a do-group mom of mine. We had such good fun and at that moment I just realized I belong here. The environment here at the UT is just great!

Do-group parents

A do-group will be guided by senior students. These students are often in their second or third year and therefore already know a lot more about Enschede, the campus and the university.


Emese van Dalen & her fellow do-group parents Technical Medicine & Biomedical Technology, 22 years old

Why did you become a dogroup parent? I have great memories of my own Kick-In where I was very much overwhelmed with all the cool activities and all the nice people I met. I came to Enschede quite on my own, but I made very good friends during the Kick-In who I still see every day. Of course this is something that you want to give to every kiddo, you want to make every new student as proud and enthusiastic as I am about the endless possibilities of Enschede’s student life. Being a do-group parent is therefore just so much fun!

How are you going to give the new kiddos the best Kick-In ever? With our do-group we always try to listen to what the kiddos would like to do and show all the different aspects of Enschede’s student life, like the student, sports and performing arts associations. We are all members of different associations and from different studies so we can tell a lot about all the possibilities. We try out new sports you’ve never tried before during the day, and enjoy the amazing parties during the night. But most importantly, we make sure that Enschede will start to feel like a home for you, like it does for us.

What makes the Kick-In special for you? The Kick-In is one of the most fun weeks of the year for every student in Enschede. It is the end of the summer, so you haven’t seen a lot of your friends for quite a while, but during this week everyone is back in Enschede and all up to make the best of it again! I think Enschede students are really proud of the community that we have here and they really reserve this holiday week to be in Enschede and transmit their enthusiasm to you. In this week it is all about you having a great time and starting to feel at home. If you compare it to other university introduction weeks, I think it is also very special that you get to experience this week with peers from your study, so that you immediately have friends when your lectures start. And, the Kick-In is more extensive, so you can create even more awesome memories!


Danique Lummen: Info desk crew


Cyber Security, 25 years old What is your role within the Kick-In crew?

Why do you like being a crew member?

The upcoming Kick-In will be my fourth year of being a crew member, all of which I have been a member of the info desk crew. Just like last year, I’ll be the head of the info desk this year. During the Kick-In you can find us in our white Info Desk tent where we try to answer questions, solve problems and ensure that nothing goes wrong during the Kick-In. We also support the Kick-In Committee in the month leading up to the Kick-In so they can completely focus on organizing an awesome event for you! During these weeks we take care of all the emails and phone calls to the KickIn office as well as help with general organizational things. During the Kick-In we mainly organize things behind the scenes, solving problems and answering questions from participants, do-group parents, mentors, suppliers and UT staff. We’re there to make sure that everyone can enjoy the Kick-In as much as possible and without problems. This also includes the Kick-In Committee themselves, as I take over the general end responsibility for the entire Kick-In so they can all fully enjoy the activities that they have organized.

It is really fun to be a crew member! You get a closer look on what goes on behind the scenes in organizing such a big event, which is really awesome. You get to see and do a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally see during the Kick-In as a participant or parent/mentor. The group of crew members is really fun and very diverse, so it’s a nice way to get to know a lot of new people from study programmes that you otherwise wouldn’t meet. Even though you can get quite busy being a crew member, there is still a lot of time for fun, so when we’re not on shift we get to join all the Kick-In parties as well!

What is the most fun of being a crew member?

The most fun of being a crew member is being able to experience the Kick-In every single year again. It’s one of the most exciting events of the year so it is really cool to be able to join every single year and help first year students discover what Enschede has to offer. I really like that I can help the people with their questions and problems and to make sure that they have an awesome Kick-In that way. Next to this, the group of crew members is really fun and we do a lot of fun things together. It kind of feels like for the duration of the Kick-In we’re all one big family. Together with the info desk group we actually even arrange some fun evenings after the Kick-In has ended as well, just to have some fun together.

The Kick-In crew The Kick-In is not possible without the help of crew members. Every year there are 150 crew members who work during the Kick-In to give the kiddos a great time. There are many different crew groups; • All-round crew • Transport crew • Media crew • Technical crew • The care crew • Calamity crew • Info desk crew • iDB Committee (ICT crew)


This year’s charity

Leergeld en Jeugdfonds sport & cultuur Enschede Enschede is a beautiful city that has experienced many developments in recent decades. A very nice and cozy city center, the educational institutions, a football club and many companies including innovating start-ups. However, what many people do not know, is that Enschede has traditionally been a city that deals with poverty. This originates in the textile industry.

We estimate that there are about 5,000 children who are affected by poverty in Enschede. In their families common things, like owning a bicycle or being a member of a sports club, are not self-evident. It’s all about the opportunities you get in life and whether you can participate in your community. This is where our foundation comes in to help out and give children the opportunity to participate in society and develop their talents!

Together with an enthusiastic team of volunteers and various partners, we provide children with: school supplies like a school bag, the payment for a school trip, swimming gear, sportswear, a bicycle, swimming lessons, a computer for homeschooling, a membership for a sports club (football, tennis, fitness etc.) and memberships for a cultural institution (making music, dancing, theatre, painting).

The differences between families become even more visible in the corona era and we are very happy that this year we are the charity of the Kick In of the university. With your contribution we can make a difference and we can ensure that children in Enschede have the opportunity to develop themselves and to participate!



Stichting (foundation) Leergeld and Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur Enschede wants to prevent children (4 to 17 years old) from not being able to participate in school related and extracurricular activities due to lack of money. Households with an income of up to 120 percent of the social minimum are eligible. This includes people who have an income from an employment or who are self-employed or entrepreneurs. Last year (2020) we were able to help almost 3,000 unique children in Enschede and process more than 12,000 applications. In doing so, we have partnerships with several organizations and institutions to reach as many families as possible.

Ladies Introduction Days During the LID, there will be several practicums as well as activities like a pubquiz, crazy 88 or having dinner together. Next to that, it is a great start for the actual Kick-In. ‘After the Ladies Introduction Days, we went all to the central opening of the Kick-In together. It is very nice to already know people when you arrive at campus for the first day of the Kick-In.’ The main reason for Fleur to take part in the Ladies Introduction Days was because she thought it would be nice to already get to know some people. Besides that, she thought it was just a lot of fun and you can extend your Kick-In with two days. She also liked that she was not alone on the first day of the Kick-In as it makes your start easier.

Fleur (19 years old, second year Applied Physics student) will tell you more about the LID: ‘It is a concept specially for girls who will start with a study at the University of Twente that does not have many other girls. Originally, this was for studies with less than 10% women, but now this percentage is a bit higher, which is great to see! It is basically a mini Kick-In of 2 days, before the actual Kick-In starts, where you can get to know girls from your own study, as well as girls from other studies, with whom you can enjoy some nice activities. The Ladies Introduction Days are organized because, at technical universities, you often have some studies with a low amount of girls, and it is important to make sure that those girls feel comfortable when starting their studies and that they can build a network with girls of other studies on which they can rely.’

The Ladies Introduction Days are mainly about having a very nice time with other female students who are all going to follow a ‘male’ study programme. Moreover, all these girls are in the same boat, with everyone at the start of their student life. As a first-year student you will feel completely at home at the University of Twente within a few days and that is a nice start of the Kick-In. ‘I would definitely recommend taking part in the Ladies Introduction Days. It is a very nice beginning of the Kick-In and I enjoyed it so much!’ Would you like more information? Please go to


Are you a female student who will be taking what is seen as a ‘course for men’? Then you might be a little nervous about this, but don’t worry, the transition to this new world will be made a little bit easier! This will be done by the Ladies Introduction Days (LID), which are organized especially for female students who are going to a technical study programme where there is a small percentage of women. These study programmes are Applied Physics, Business Information Technology, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technical Computer Science. The Ladies Introduction Days will start before the Kick-In.





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Well prepared for the future The employment market is changing rapidly. Nowadays it is no longer self-evident that you will continue to do the same work throughout your entire career. Therefore, it is important that you continue to develop yourself. Not just acquiring new knowledge, but also learning skills, such as the ability to quickly acquire new knowledge and to tackle problems in a systematic way. The ‘Twents Onderwijsmodel’ (TOM) (Twente Education Model) that is used at the University of Twente, will help you with this. It makes learning more versatile, effective and fun. Since the academic year 2020-2021, TOM 2.0 is applied, which is the response to evaluations from bodies such as the University Council, the Faculty Council, and the Programme Committees.


Theory and practice, acquiring and applying knowledge An important aspect of the TOM is the intertwining of theory and practice, of acquiring knowledge and applying knowledge. Besides attending lectures about your field of expertise, you will work on projects, yourself. In these projects you will learn and practice systematic problem solving. Cooperating., researching, processing new information quickly and applying knowledge more widely. This approach in combination with the structure of the study will promote your chance of success. But it also requires something from you: an active attitude and commitment. You will have to work from the first day.

the University This is what a bachelor’s study programme looks like

First the basis, then you can decide on your own electives. In the first six to eight modules of your study programme you will lay a professional basis. After that you can decide on your own electives. You can use these in various ways. For example, you can follow a module with students from other study programmes, or study abroad for a while. Modules 11 and 12 are the graduation period. In this period, you will apply all that you have learned in your bachelor assignment. Want to know more about ‘TOM’? Go to



“Psychology and Technology sound in the first moment like two totally contrary things. But during my study, while working on the theories in lectures it becomes apparent how crucial technology is even for Psychology. Being able to understand the human behavior is important in all aspects of our daily lives and technology can help us measuring such behavior. Therefore, we work on technological solutions for societal problems during our projects, which I really enjoy.” - Theresa, Psychology

All bachelor’s study programmes at the University of Twente are based on the Twents Onderwijsmodel. This looks something like this: • Each bachelor’s study programme is divided in 12 ‘modules’ of 15 credits (ECs); • Each module consists of ten weeks; • One theme is central in each module; • Each module includes various activities (module parts), such as work lectures, group assignments, guest lec tures, practicals or project discussions; • For some projects you will work together with students from other study programmes.

Student Union


The Student Union is there for you; to make your student days fantastic! We believe that it is important to do more than just studying. Therefore, we try to do our best to make them as memorable, informative and beneficial as possible.


What is the Student Union (SU)? We, the SU, are an organization run by students. Six students form the full-time board, which is supported by employees and committees. We are committed to you and your fellow students in all kinds of ways. For example, we are responsible for all sports and performing arts facilities on the campus, the organization of events such as a Kick-In, and the stimulation of student entrepreneurship. In addition, we regularly consult with the University’s Executive Board. The SU is seen as the umbrella for all student organizations in Enschede. We form an important bridge between the student organisations and the higher boards of the UT. This means that our position is ideal for representing the interests of students and associations as well as possible.

“Everything we do is done for our fellow students – to empower them to achieve more than a degree”

Why is it so useful to be active? Firstly, it is great fun! Once you are active, you will notice that you will learn a lot in terms of social and organizational skills. The student community in Enschede is completely powered by motivated students. They run the associations and organize all the events. Whether it is a full time board year at a study association or a small committee at a sports club; student activism is vital to keeping the student community at our university going. You will also learn how to deal with great responsibilities, to come up with solutions and you will greatly expand your network. It is an investment in yourself from which you will benefit later on during your study programme and your career. Finally, activism is a scoring point with future employers: they trust the quality of the study programme, but what makes you stand out from all those other students who have obtained the same degree? Do you have special qualities, for example because you have been part of a committee or a board? Then you instantly have an advantage! Almost every student is active at a study, sports, cultural or social association. In Enschede, all these associations are run by and for students. For more information on activism, go to! For more information on activism, go to!

As SU, we do a lot of different things. The board of the SU, the committees and the employees do everything to provide you as a student as well as possible! Below a few examples of the things that we do.

The Kick-In Committee, Create Tomorrow and TEDxTwenteU are SU committees that organize large events. The Buddy Committee helps you feel welcome as an international student.

The UnionCard gives students the opportunity to use all sports and cultural facilities. For example, you can become a member of sports and cultural associations with a UnionCard and you can go swimming, play squash and tennis for free! Since the Student Union is not profit-oriented, we can arrange the very best deals! The individual deals can be found on the UnionDeals platform.

A number of building and locations, namely the Bastille on the campus, the water sports complex, study area Wallstreet in the city and the Pakkerij for the student associations, are managed by the SU.

The UnionShop sells study material, university clothing and gift items. Student activism is awarded through the More Than a Degree Awards and supports activism through the board improvement program. Entrepreneurship is stimulated in cooperation with Novel-T. The Incubase is established in the Bastille, a place for students with their own company.



What do we do?

CAMPUS February


TEDxTwenteU is an independently organized TED event, known for its famous saying ‘ideas worth spreading’. The intention is to share an idea or concept with the audience in a few minutes. And the speakers? These are our own students and teachers of the University of Twente! The audience consists of the 100 most enthusiastic students, giving the event an intimate atmosphere.



Business Days

During the Bedrijvendagen at the University of Twente a series of activities will be organized in February and March. Every year, more than 2,000 students and fresh graduates are introduced to more than 150 companies during a variety of activities. It is the perfect way to find a bachelor and master assignment, an internship or even a job. There are also different workshops during the Bedrijvendagen where you can improve your skills and thus be well prepared for the phase after your study programme!

May On Liberation Day the campus of the university will be transformed into a festival site. Various artists will perform on the main stage to celebrate freedom together. The festival is free and everyone is welcome.

Liberation festival



Every year the largest relay race in the world is launched: The Batavierenrace. The route goes through the centre of Nijmegen, via Germany and the Achterhoek to the campus of the University of Twente. The total walking distance is more than 175 kilometres and is divided into 25 stages. After the finish of the Batavierenrace, the largest student party in the Benelux takes place every year at the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede. It is estimated that there are 13,000 students who are going crazy at different locations on the campus!

EVENTS May Every year, a competitive think tank for students from all over the Netherlands is organized. Participants will work as a team for one day on one of the business cases, where they will be supported by professional consultants. This way Create Tomorrow will bring students and companies closer together in a creative way. Create Tomorrow is a day full entertainment, inspiration and innovative solutions!

Create tomorrow



August CuriousU combines a summer school with a festival and therefore offers a unique experience: academic courses, music, sports, theatre, inspiring speakers. All this takes place at the vibrant campus of the University of Twente. All the courses and speeches are in English. This will give you a great opportunity to further refine your English language skills!


September All associations are filled by a student board. To congratulate these enthusiastic students and to wish them luck with their board year, a constitution gettogether will be held to which the entire association and all other boards are invited. Unique in Enschede is that there are (almost) always free drinks.

June Special National Olymipcs games will be held in Enschede.

Constitution drinks


It has been some time since the Elfstedentocht (Eleven City Tour) took place in the north of our country, but in Enschede the cold is defied every year during the Elfbierentocht (Eleven Beers Tour). A tour across the campus along all the pubs of the study associations, where only the strongest complete the tough trip.

Campus buildings



















Fresh-baked breakfast, a delicious lunch or a quick meal in your study break. Conveniently located at the heart of the campus, the people at Coop happily provide students with their essential supplies. Coop is a supermarket for students; Besides the standard assortment of products, they provide bicycle parts, office supplies and a parcel service. Try their warm snacks for lunch, they’re delicious! ;) 77

The Vestingbar is the most fun student bar on campus. Throughout the year we have a lot of epic (theme-)parties and big parties like the Kick-In and Batavierenparty, but mostly we are opened for you and your friends to come and have a drink! Behind the Vestingbar is a student association “De Gevreesde Koe” because it is run for and by students. Come by and have a drink!




Studying abroad Esther Koopmanschap, 22 years old Industrial Design Engineering Where did you go to study? I went to Trondheim in Norway and I did my minor there at the NTNU. I was there for approximately four months, from August till December. Trondheim is a really nice city, which is located quite north. This means that the winter is much colder compared to the Netherlands. Besides that, the longer I was there the shorter the days got, but that allowed for amazing sunsets.


Did you notice a lot of the cultural differences? Not that much, but I noticed that Norwegians are really sportive and spent a lot of time outdoors, which is really motivating to do the same. Moreover, Norwegians are quite shy and won’t spontaneously talk to you, but when they are having a drink they are not so shy anymore.

What did you study there? I followed four different courses. Two of them in the field of Industrial Design, namely system design and design thinking. Moreover, I wanted to explore other fields as well, that is why I also did two completely different courses, which were ceramic engineering and introduction to childhood studies.

Were there many international students? Yes, there were a lot of them! During the introduction week I already met a lot of new and interesting people from all over the world. I also lived together with three international girls, with whom I have had so much fun in our apartment. After I came back to the Netherlands I even went on a skiing trip together with all the friends I made in Norway.

What is the most bizarre thing you experienced there? I certainly took my time to explore the country and one of the most bizarre things I experienced was seeing the Northern lights at the Lofoten. I cannot explain how unreal and beautiful that is. Viking rituals and the fact that there was a power failure, made this experience even better.

What is the nicest thing you experienced? This is such a hard question! There are so many nice things I can talk about. For example, that my brothers visited and that we made a road trip together. Or that I went to Tromsø all the way in the north and that I experienced only three hours of light per day and saw killer and humpback whales. Or that I could go cross country skiing just outside of Trondheim.

Why would you recommend everyone to study abroad?


It was one of the best times in my life. The study load was a bit lower, which allowed me to explore Trondheim, parts of Norway and even Lapland. By studying abroad you meet a lot of people from all over the world, which is really nice. Moreover, studying abroad gives you the opportunity to live in a foreign country for a couple of months, this is of course challenging in the beginning, but I can guarantee that you will never regret it!

Student from abroad Iona Frîncu, 22 years old, Bucharest, Romania Communication Science Would you recommend studying abroad?

From the bottom of my heart, yes, I fully recommend it. If it is for 6 months or 5 years, studying abroad is an invaluable experience that will help you discover yourself in unique ways. There are always challenges when studying abroad, be it small or big, but your attitude makes a whole difference in how the experience will play out. For me, studying abroad was THE one thing I deeply desired and tried to do my best to live these years as this fearless, curious and enthusiastic foreigner who discovers a new world. I know some of my friends returned to their homeland because they did not enjoy studying abroad, however, ultimately they were grateful that at least they tried it and found what they actually value. Everyone experiences studying abroad differently but this is what makes it so worthwhile, because you do not know how it will be for you until you try it. I recommend studying abroad because, besides the educational aspect where you get to experience others way of studying (for me it was the project work in teams that was a novelty), emerging yourself in a different culture and bonding with other international students will enable you to try different perspectives and in the end it will prove beneficial to your development.

What did you notice when moving to the Netherlands? Can you name something that you found strange about the Netherlands when arriving?

What did you notice when moving to the Netherlands? Can you name something that you found strange about the Netherlands when arriving?

The first time I arrived in Enschede (my first time in the Netherlands as well) it was around 18:00 pm on a Monday and I remembered being stunned by the fact that there were so many bicycle paths, no trash on the ground and everything orderly placed and people living in houses with their curtains open. The perfect word to describe the atmosphere to amused when experiencing the lifestyle and culture. To name a few things, shops closing at 18:00 during weekdays, biking in a skirt, having so many different containers for recycling, learning about borrel culture and eating some bitterballen and laughing at the fact that most words in Dutch are combinations of two other separated words (schildpad = shield + toad -> turtle). Coming from the capital, one definitely notices the lack of city noise when moving to Enschede. Even if the lifestyle is not so nocturnal like Amsterdam for example, I learned to enjoy taking walks in the nature and got used to the friendliness of the locals. I would also like to mention that while everyone points out how direct Dutch people are , I actually noticed their punctuality more. And that was a bit of a struggle for me to get accustomed to.

What do you do here besides studying? (committees, boards, other activism, hobbies)

Since my first Kick-in, I do not think there was a time where I was not active in at least one committee, having been part of 7 committees, ranging from educational to party committee. I am very grateful for choosing to become active within study, sport and cultural associations because I constantly meet a variety of people, strengthen planning and collaboration skills and have fun in an environment that encourages personal and professional growth. I also did a board year for my study association during my second year of studying Communication Science, at S.A. Communique, as Officer of External Affairs. That was an amazing, unforgettable roller coaster. Leading an association forces you to make decisions out of your comfort zone and changes your perspective on how to deal with failures and success. I strongly advise everyone to join committees/boards and experience until they find something that resonates with them, be it organizing raving parties, taking on improving educational aspects, building bridges with professional fields or lead an association as a board. Currently, I am taking pleasure in my hobbies: learning ballet online with S.V Primo Ballerino, aquascaping my aquarium, playing blues and jazz on my guitar and solving sudokus with my housemates every morning.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with new (possibly international) students?

I would say : do not be afraid. Even if things are different than what you are used to back home, you are here to discover more about the subjects you are interested in, about yourself and to shape your dreams. I wish you a ton of memorable moments on your journey!



The first time I arrived in Enschede (my first time in the Netherlands as well) it was around 18:00 pm on a Monday and I remembered being stunned by the fact that there were so many bicycle paths, no trash on the ground and everything orderly placed and people living in houses with their curtains open. The perfect word to describe the atmosphere is open, which at the time made me a bit uncomfortable and shocked me. In the first month of living in Enschede my reactions ranged from confused to amused when experiencing the lifestyle and culture. To name a few things, shops closing at 18:00 during weekdays, biking in a skirt, having so many different containers for recycling, learning about borrel culture and eating some bitterballen and laughing at the fact that most words in Dutch are combinations of two other separated words (schildpad = shield + toad -> turtle). Coming from the capital, one definitely notices the lack of city noise when moving to Enschede. Even if the lifestyle is not so nocturnal like Amsterdam for example, I learned to enjoy taking walks in the nature and got used to the friendliness of the locals. I would also like to mention that while everyone points out how direct Dutch people are , I actually noticed their punctuality more. And that was a bit of a struggle for me to get accustomed to.

Guidance & Support


Your student days are often seen as a great experience and luckily this is often the case. However, you might face some problems. For the most diverse questions or problems that you encounter during your study programme, there are various counsellors you can contact for information, advice and support.

The study advisor knows everything about the curriculum and is the first point of contact within the study programme. The study advisor will guide you with your study programme, will give you advice and support in approaching the study programme, study planning, choice of subject and monitors the study progress. Also if there are personal problems or other circumstances that make studying impossible, you can discuss this with your study advisor.

There are also a lot of opportunities outside your study programme. At Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling the student coaches provide input and help you in a solution-oriented way and give you advice for all your questions and problems. The student counsellor has various informative, advising, mediating and supporting tasks and can be used for cross-curriculum questions. For example, about aspects that hinder your study progress, such as personal circumstances. You can go here for questions about law and regulations, (supporting) schemes and provisions regarding finances, top sports and educational adjustments, about confidential issues and procedures surrounding the Binding Study Advice (BSA). You can go to the student psychologist for personal questions and study problems that you encounter during your study programme. Examples of problems are performance anxiety, study stress, procrastination, lack of discipline or motivation. The student psychologist also offers guidance on personal problems that stop you from functioning during your study programme and student life, for example struggling to make contact with other students, insecurity, worrying or feeling down.


For questions regarding studying with a disability, please contact the diversity coordinator. She will inform and advice you on possible provisions and practical tools and she will coordinate the required extra facilities. For questions about your choice of study programme and career, please go to the career advisor for advice, individual guidance and coaching where your career path and personal profile will come first.

The university’s Ombuds Officer serves both staff and students, providing advice on issues and difficult situations related to studying or working at the University of Twente. The Ombuds Officer’s primary role is to lend a sympathetic ear and to provide advice, guidance, and mediation services. If necessary, the Ombuds Officer can refer people to the appropriate authority, or the Officer may decide to investigate the matter personally. The Ombuds Officer is impartial and does not report to any other authority.

International support Whether you are a Dutch student who likes to gain experience abroad, or a foreign student who is going to study in the Netherlands, these organizations will ensure that you end up in the right place! International Student Handbook The International Student Handbook is full of useful information for students who are going to study at the University of Twente, including the ITC. The Handbook contains extensive information for international students and can be found on the university's website: international-student-handbook.pdf It is also possible to join the international community at the University of Twente by becoming a member of the Facebook group:

Study abroad

Student Services Student Services helps new students, both Dutch and international, with questions about registration, admission, visa, accommodation and tuition fees. You can find the Student Service desk on the first floor of the Vrijhof building. The desk is open every day from 10:00 to 16:00 to answer questions personally. You can contact Student Services via studentservices@utwente. nl. They are there to help you!

Online Facility Market The online Facility Market is part of the Kick-In programme and new, international students are advised to pay a visit. During the Facility Market we offer all students the opportunity to get to know the various facilities of the university and the campus. For example services such as the library or ICT, Student Services, accommodation, Career Services and insurances, but also (international) student associations and study associations.



Thanks to a network of more than 300 partners worldwide, UT students may decide, as part of their study programme at the University of Twente, to follow a study programme or internship abroad. An experience that is not only of added academic value, but will also ensure an unforgettable personal experience. Every year we organize a big event for students who wants to know more about studying abroad: Let’s GO! During the fair day partner university present themselves and students can gather information. In 2021 the Let’s GO! Fair will take place in autumn.

Student participation When you come to study here in Enschede, you naturally want to decide as much as possible what your student life will look like. However, the university also sets a few rules to support students. To ensure that no people are left out and everything goes smoothly, there is student participation at every level of the university where decisions will be made about students. This means that students can provide input on the policy that parts of the university will implement or intend to implement. In this section we will highlight the top two levels of student participation. University Council


At the highest level in the university, the university council provides input on university-wide matters. This concerns all kind of things students encounter during their student days. As it is difficult to ask all 10,000+ students for their opinion, there are elections every year around June, where you as a student can vote for the student party that can best represent you. In addition, it is also very useful to be committed to other students, which is also a lot of fun and educational, so it is worth considering joining a participation council!

Faculty Council The university consists of 5 faculties, each with multiple study programmes. The faculty council consists of 14 people. Half are faculty employees (such as professors and lecturers) and half are just students. Every year, the students are allowed to stand for election, after which all students of the faculty may vote for whom they want on the faculty council. If you are elected, you may talk to important people for a year. All kinds of things are discussed within the faculty council, such as the budget - which consists of a few million euros – or the education and examination regulations: all rules about tests and such. This year each faculty received more than half a million euros from the Ministry of Education, that had to be spent on improving education. The faculty councils had a lot of say in this and because it was about education, they listened carefully to what the students had to say. It is great fun to sit on the faculty council for a year and you will also learn a lot from it. It is also very cool that you actually have a say as a student on how things go within the university.


‘(Un)Restrained studying’ Studying with a disability The transition from high school to university is very demanding for new students. If you are going to be studying with a chronic condition or (psychological) disability, you often have to deal with a lot more. Certainly if the disability is an obstacle to study as this can have a major impact on your study progress. The introduction programme ‘(un)restrained studying’ is cancelled because of Covid-19. However, do please check this website for information:

Briefly, the programme looks like this:

Introduction to the various coaches you will encounter during your study programme: the study advisor of your study programme, the student counsellor, the student psychologist and the diversity coordinator. Finding your way in the practical course of events regarding guidance and support possibilities. Clarity regarding who you should contact for specific questions and facilities. Students will be telling about their own experiences. Information about the Kick-In and how you can participate in the introduction as well as possible with your personal circumstances. Information about specific guidance from external bodies In other words, all kinds of information that you can use to your advantage to start your study programme in the best possible way!



An informative day about studying with a disability for starting students and their parents

Study associations Each study programme at the University of Twente has its own study association. As a first-year student, you will see this immediately. For example, the study association of your study programme will ensure that you become familiarized with your faculty and that you can buy your study books. The study association mainly deals with study-related matters. For example, organizing lectures and excursions to companies and institutions that are interesting for your study programme. The associations also monitors the quality of the study programmes and you can go there with questions and comments about your study programme. Besides all these purposes the study association is also a place for socializing. All study associations regularly organize get-togethers where you can catch up with your fellow students, there are member activities and they organize galas and parties. You can also visit the association room to take a break after a lecture, or to get a well-deserve cup of coffee or tea with a treat in between studying.





Applied Mathematics

Location: Zilverling Room E-203


Applied Physics

Location: Carré Room CR-3190


Academy of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) Location: Citadel Room H-111

Advanced Technology

Location: Horsttoren Room HT-713


Communication Science Location: Cubicus Room B-105




Location: Cubicus Room B-111

Location: Cubicus Room B-115

Location: Horst Room C-016


Location: Horsttoren Rooms 511 to 513


Civil Engineering


Chemical Science and Engineering


Industrial Design Engineering Location: Horst Room C-008

Wijsbegeerte van Wetenschap, Techniek & Samenleving (WWTS)



Location: Zilverling Room E-208

Location: Horst Room C-030

Technical Computer Science & Business & IT

Mechanical Engineering



Location: Ravelijn



Locatie: Ravelijn Room RA-1343

Location: Technohal 1334 C



Faculty ITC

Educational Science and Technology

Biomedical Engineering & Technical Medicine Location: Technohal Room TL-1302


Electrical Engineering Location: Zilverling Room E-204




Education & Communication

Creative Technology & Interaction Technology Location: Zilverling Room A-230


Management, Society and Technology & Health Sciences Location: Technohal Room TL-1300


Industrial Engineering and Management & International Business Administration Location: Ravelijn Room RA-1336


International associations The UT is a large and diverse community, with many students from different countries. That is why there are also many student groups that make the most of this. These are of course accessible to everyone, so come and have a look!


AIESEC We help students to find an unforgettable experience abroad. We do this by organizing volunteer projects, such as: teaching children, combating environmental problems or providing information about equality between men and women. These projects lasts 6 to 12 weeks. Our organization, fully run by students, operates in more than 125 countries. It is our aim to give students a unique opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally during their student days. We do this through our projects, but also in a board position. You can come to us for part-time and full-time board positions. In your position, you will have the opportunity to learn from high-quality companies and you will be involved in managing a team, acquisition, marketing and the guidance of people who go abroad. Interested? Go to www.aiesec. nl or mail to

BUDDY Buddy is a programme from the Student Union that brings Dutch students and foreign students into contact with each other. The aim of the programme is to give a warm welcome to all international students and to make them familiar with the Dutch culture and environment. Each international student is allocated a Dutch buddy (or an international student who has been studying here for some time), who acts as advisor, guide and friend. The interesting thing about this is that you can mutually learn from each other’s culture and that you can gain new and exciting experiences together. To realize these experiences and to have fun with other buddies, the Buddy programme organizes seven to eight activities per semester. Buddies are also encouraged to meet up and do something amongst themselves. This way you will meet people from various countries and with all kinds of different academic, social and cultural backgrounds. Do you want to know more about the Netherlands and its traditions? Are you curious to know about lots of cultures from all over the world? Or are you simply interested in making more friends and enjoy activities online and around the city? Then join Buddy at and enjoy these different opportunities.


ESN Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Twente is a non-profit international student organization. Our mission is to stimulate the mobility of students in higher education and promote diversity under the principle of ‘United in Diversity’. The association is part of a larger network, spread all over Europe, and it is one of the largest student networks of the continent. So if you are going abroad, don’t forget to check whether there is a local ESN association nearby to give you a warm welcome! ESN Twente is the section within ESN that represents Twente. Every semester we welcome about 300 new students; exchange, bachelor, master and PhD, everyone is welcome. Our aim is to make their stay here unforgettable. We do this by giving our members everything that the Netherlands and Europe, but also cultures outside Europe, have to offer. We organize city trips, trips to other countries in Europe, cultural events, fun activities and parties. To ensure that you fully benefit from your ESN membership, we have the ESN card, with which you will receive discounts on not just our activities, but also on the activities of the entire ESN network. So, if you are interested in becoming a member of ESN Twente, or if you want more information, just visit our office or go to See you soon!


UNITE UniTe is the umbrella organization which is responsible for handling the world associations at University of Twente. We strive to create a transparent environment between the University, the World Associations and the international students. Our main aim is internationalization and integration of international community with the Dutch community. Find out all about the different cultures, countries and continents represented in the world associations of the University of Twente on our website ( Already excited to join one of our associations or maybe even create a new one?




VISIT THE NOTEBOOK SERVICE CENTRE WEBSITE TO PURCHASE YOUR NOTEBOOK You can buy a notebook anywhere, but because of high quality and low prices we recommend the NSC notebooks. Note: the software that you will need for your study will function guaranteed on a NSC notebook. We cannot guarantee this for notebooks that have been purchased elsewhere




HERE YOU WILL FIND THE CHECKLIST FOR FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS When you have completed the checklist, you have done everything necessary to use the ICT facilities at the UT.




We make room for you! Are you looking for a place to live in Enschede, Hengelo or the surrounding area? Stop searching! You’ll find it at Roomspot makes looking for housing easy and convenient. You will find a complete overview of all available rooms, studios and apartments offered by trusted landlords. Housing Association De Veste and Stichting Jongeren Huisvesting Twente (SJHT) list new offers on the website daily. You only have to register in one place to see and respond to housing offers. Easy, right? Registering is free of charge and open to everyone over 16. Roomspot is a joint venture by:

Are you looking for a place to live in Enschede? We make room for you



Educational systems & help desks Osiris - student

Canvas - www.canvas.utwente. nl

Timetables - www.rooster.

Osiris is the system where you should register for a module before the start of a new quartile. Registering for a module is important for the grade administration, otherwise you may not take any exams. As soon as your exam has been marked, the grade will appear in Osiris.

Canvas is used at the university for subject related information. Information about the subject, assignments and the necessary files are posted on Canvas. Each module and each subject has its own Canvas page. Once you have registered with Osiris, you will automatically get access to the right Canvas page.

The timetable is digitally available for each module. Initially the calendar will be empty; you can fill this by adding subjects and modules. Finally, you can consult the timetable via the website, Outlook, Google Calendar or your telephone.

Service desk ICT

My Utwente - nl


Where the SNT Help desk focuses on students, the Service desk ICT is there for employees and students. From Library, ICT services & Archive (LISA), ICT services is the department of the university that organizes everything with IT. In addition to employee facilities, such as workplaces and e-mail, they are also responsible for all ICT facilities, such as Canvas and Osiris.

Besides Osiris, Canvas and the timetable, the university has many more websites and systems. There is one central location with an overview of this, the My Utwente portal. This website includes widgets, shortcuts and news items, so you will have all important information at hand at a glance.

Student Services

Notebook Service Centre (NSC)

You can contact Student Services for questions about registering for a study programme, module or subject. Here you can also apply for proof of registration and an official grade list. In addition to these study programme related matter, you also get answers to questions about, for example, the use of Studielink, payment of the tuition fees or applying for a student loan. You can find the Student Services desk in the Vrijhof building.

You will most probably need a laptop for your study programme. Every year, the university has a number of laptop models available at very favourable prices. These laptops can be purchased through the notebook project of the NSC. These laptops are specially designed to be used for your study programme. You can order through the following site: nsc. The NSC also has a help desk where you can go for problems with UT notebooks and the software they provide.


How can you import the timetable into your own calendar? How can you ensure that your smartphone can make a connection with the wireless network? Can you link your student mail to your own e-mail address? At LISA (Library, ICT Services & Archive) there is a manual available for all these questions. If the manual cannot help you, you can also visit the SNT Help desk in the Citadel building. ict/handleidingen/

UT abbreviations A B




Applied Mathematics Admission Office Advanced Technology Academy of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (University College UT)


Civil Engineering Chemical, Science & Engineering Creative Technology Centre for Telematics and Information Technology Executive Board Communication Science





Stufi SU


UB UB’en UR/Uraad UT VB

Business & IT Faculty Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences (CS, MS&T, IBA, PSY, TBK) Biomedical Technology Education Office Binding study advice Bachelor of Science

Education Executive Department

Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine European Credits Transfer System, also called credits Electrical Engineering Faculty Engineering Technology (CE, ID and ME) Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & (Technical) Computer Science (AM, ATLAS, BIT, CreaTE, EE and TCS) Financial Support International Students Financial Support Special Circumstances Students Health sciences

International Business Administration Industrial Design Introduction Data Base Institute Innovation and Government Studies International Support Faculty Geo Information Sciences and Earth Observation Kick-In Committee

Mechanical Engineering Institute for Nano Technology Research centre for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine Master of Science Management, Society & Technology Public Transport

Professional Doctorate in Engineering Doctor of Philosophy Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society Psychology Advisory Board Supervisory Board Student Loan Student Union

Technical Business Administration Technical Computer Science Technical Medicine Twente Graduate School Applied Physics Faculty of Sciences and Technology (AT, BMT, GZW, ST, TG and TN) Twente Education Model University Library Studying in the UB University council University of Twente Vestingbar



Map Enschede


Hotspots of Enschede 55

Pubs in Enschede 56

Events in Enschede 58

Uit in Enschede 60

Twente 62










































H .J.















Parking garage / Parkhaus





Parking area / Parkplatz

Bewaakte Fietsenstalling


Bicycle lock-up / Bewachte Fahrradstation


Hotel / Hotel



Hospital / Krankenhaus

Eerste hulp


First aid / Erste Hilf

NS Station

Train station / Bahnhof






City centre / Innenstadt

Belangrijke gebouwen

Important buildings / Wichtige Gebäude

Overige bebouwing

Other buildings / Übrige Gebäude

Park / Plantsoen

Park / public garden / Park / Grünanlage




Pubs in Enschede Enschede has many pubs where you can enjoy a drink. As future student you might want to know which pubs there are. We like to help you with this and therefore we have compiled a small overview of some of the most famous pubs in Enschede. This concerns the typical student pubs, the pubs for a nice speciality beer and of course the night-life pubs, where you can dance until the early hours.

Speciality beer

These are a number of speciality beer pubs where lovers of any type of beer can enjoy themselves.

De Beiaard De Beiaard, food and beer pub, is located on the Oude Markt. De Beiaard houses several student clubs, but is mainly known for its large range of speciality beers. Apart from the speciality beers, you can also go here for a delicious dish of the day. They have a terrace where you can enjoy a nice beer in the sun during the summer.

Molly Malone Molly Malone is an Irish Pub in Enschede and is located on the Oude Markt 11. Thanks to the Irish interior, it is easy to imagine yourself in a real Irish pub when visiting Molly Malone. They organize a pub quiz every Monday. In addition, Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated big every year by many students and residents of Enschede and no green outfit is crazy enough on this day.

Stanislaus Brewskovitch Stanislaus Brewskovitch is a brewery located in a former church on the Stadsgravenstraat 59. Here, they brew craft beers, which you can enjoy in their pub. Behind the bar, they have a wall where around 25 taps are visible with their own crafted beers in it. At Stanislaus you can also enjoy performances by upcoming artists and rock bands and in the summer, you can enjoy your craft beer in their beer garden.

Enschede also offers a number of student pubs. Here you can find houses, sports associations, fraternities and many other student groups during the week. ‘t Gat in de Markt The name says it all, as this pub is literally located under the Oude Markt and is run for students and by students. ‘t Gat in de Markt is characterised by the cheap beer and the many groups of students who end their night here after spending the evening in their favourite pub. When Billy Joel’s song ‘Piano man’ is played, you know you have survived another night out and you are going to have a rough morning.

San Remo This typical student pub is located on the Stadsgravenstraat 53 and it is one of the oldest student pubs in Enschede. The pub’s interior is characterized by the many different student clubs that can be found on the stools, the tables and attributed on the wall. The San Remo also has a large round bar that runs throughout the pub, so you can order a drink at the bar from anywhere.

Friends Backstage Café Friends is located on the Oude Markt. The Friends is known for the wheel that you can spin and where you can gamble for drinks. The Friends is the home base of many student clubs that have a drink there about once a week. In addition to the wheel, the Friends also has a dance pole, which has been used by many students. Update Update is located on the Stadsgravenstraat 13 and many students can be found here. Study associations or other student clubs often host their (theme) parties here. Besides that, Update also offers karaoke, beer pong or pub quizzes for a fun night out. You can start your evening here early and it feels like a ‘living room’ where people come together.

Night-life pubs These are some pubs where you can party until the early hours.

Aspen Valley The Aspen Valley is located on the Oude Markt and is a wellknown nightspot among students in Enschede. The Aspen Valley is decorated like an apres-ski bar and is characterized by the rotating bar at the back of the pub. Many student associations and student clubs organize parties here, so there is always something going on. Paddy’s Paddy’s is located on the Oude Markt and during the day this is a normal bar where people can enjoy a drink. However, on Friday and Saturday evening, Paddy’s is transformed into a nightspot where students, wo don’t go home to their parents, will celebrate the weekend.



Proeflokaal België Proeflokaal België, often called ‘de Belg’ by students, is located on the Oude Markt and this pub has a very big range of speciality beers. Many students come here in the evening to enjoy some different types of beers. Apart from speciality beer, café België also has a large number of games that everyone can play for free and they arrange some cultural activities.

Student pubs

De Pakkerij De Pakkerij is the large white building located on the Oude Markt, in the heart of the city centre. In the past, this building was used for storage of the textile manufacturer van Heek, to which the building also owes its name. Nowadays, De Pakkerij is the centre of association life, since the four largest student associations are established here: AEGEE, Alpha, Audentis and Taste. You can also enjoy wonderful craft beers at the Beiaard beer café on the ground floor of the building.



The Rutbeek is a lovely place on the outskirts of Enschede where you can relax or do sporting activities. In the middle of the recreation area lies an excavated 40-hectare lake. Rutbeek is visited a lot in summer to enjoy the beautiful weather and swimming in the lake. There is also the opportunity to water ski, survival, paint-ball and climb. Each year the famous dance event Freshtival and the popular pop festival Tuckerville take place here.

Van Heekplein


The van Heekplein is the largest square in Enschede and is the centre of the Enschede shopping area. Well-known chains like Zara, Mango, Costes, Hunkemöller and Søstrene Grene are located on the square. There is a large market on this square every Tuesday and Saturday.

De Oude markt The Oude Markt is the ultimate food court in the centre of Enschede. The Grote Kerk is located in the middle of the Oude Markt and is surrounded by various cafés and restaurants. The square is not just used for the nice terraces, but it is also an appropriate place for small festivals and concerts. For example, the introduction concert during the Kick-In has been held here for years. All this makes the Oude Markt the vibrant heart of Enschede!


Grolsch Brouwerij The only proper beer in Enschede is of course Grolsch! This beer has been brewed in the Enschede area for more than 400 years. The brewery was severely hit during the firework disaster in 2000. As a result thereof, a new brewery has been built on the outskirts of Enschede. This new brewery is one of the most modern breweries in the world and has a capacity of 3.2 million hectolitres per year!

Grolsch Veste When you think of Enschede, you think of Grolsch or FC Twente. Combine the two and you end up at the Grolsch Veste: the FC Twente football stadium. The stadium is located next to Enschede Kennispark station, near the university. It can accommodate as many as 30.000 spectators!


Willem Wilminkplein The Willem Wilminkplein is a square in the centre of Enschede, near the central station. Thanks to the soft grass, the open space and the fountain, the Willem Wilminkplein is a great place to enjoy the sun with an ice cream from Van der Poel.

Performance Factory The Performance Factory is located in the former Polaroid factory in Enschede. Now there is a lot going on; skating, climbing, acting and participating in an escape room! It is a vibrant talent factory for education, art, culture, sports and entrepreneurship.




This is a large park near the centre and therefore also very popular amongst students. During the first warm days, many students go to the Volkspark to enjoy the sun, have a picnic or a barbecue. Many events are also organized in the Volkspark.

Introduction concert


Proef Eet


50th edition!


Military Boekelo

Winter Wonderland

Events in


This concert is a well-known part of the introduction period for students from Saxion and the University of Twente. The introduction is celebrated in style with a large party on the Oude Markt, where not only students, but also all other residents and visitors are welcome.


With a tradition of more than 30 years, the Proef Eet is one of the oldest gastronomic events in the country. Get to know all the culinary treats Enschede has to offer. During this weekend, the Oude Markt will be transformed into a nice open-air testing ground, with a range of cafés, food trucks and even star restaurants.


What will our future look like? At the GOGBOT festival, artists provide answers to that question. You will find a playground of multimedia, music and technology on and around the Oude Markt. GOGBOT connects top art with (regional) talent, exhibitions with live acts and futuristic spectacle with social issues. A little strange, perhaps, but always very exciting.


When the autumn colours are at their best, it is time for the Military; one of the largest equestrian events in the Netherlands, in the middle of the Twente nature. Top sport, meet and enjoy. The Military week offers a diverse programme, with the cross country as highlight. With obstacles for riders and horses and bock beer and hearty food for the spectators.


Walking in a Winter Wonderland. In December, the Christmas hit comes to life in Enschede. Although temperatures drop below freezing, the city centre shows its warmest side in the run-up to the holidays. There will be a romantic skating ring with café on the Oude Markt, the city centre will be beautifully lit and you will find Christmas surprises everywhere.

Enschede April

Enschede has the oldest marathon in the Netherlands. In all these years, the event has acquired a good reputation among national and international athletes. Besides the marathon, participants can also run a half-marathon, 10 or 5 kilometres. There are special runs for children and companies. The special atmosphere also turns the marathon into an attraction for the public.

April May

As soon as the sun starts shining on the beautiful parks of Enschede, the food festivals come back to town. Enjoy the most delicious dishes and the best drinks from the region during Stoer Voer. Or go on a tasty journey of discovery during the Enschede edition of the national food truck festival Trek. Both festivals are of course accompanied by all sorts of activities.

Whit Weekend

Freshtival has been a well-known festival in Enschede since 2009. At the time it attracted 3,000 visitors, now the festival has become an annual tradition with 30,000 visitors from all over Europe. Freshtival is a large festival on the grounds of Recreatiepark Het Rutbeek. Go crazy with music, dance and fun

July & August

Summer break? Not in Enschede! With the Grolsch Summer Sounds, on five consecutive Thursday evenings a summer party is held on the Oude Markt. Each time with a different theme, such as the extravagant Bölke Open Air, the sultry Rico Latino Salsa Night, the cosy Vrieler Holland, Enschede Rocks and the NIX Blues Night.

Check out all events in Enschede on

King’s night & day


Two days of celebration, fun and entertainment in Enschede, all in honour of the King’s birthday. King’s Night is celebrated on the UT campus and at various locations in the city centre. On King’s Day a varied musical and festive programme with all kind of activities will take place in and around the city centre.

Enschede Marathon

Food Festival


Grolsch Summer Sound


Going out in Enschede There is plenty to do and experience in Enschede. Thanks to the extensive range of shops, you can enjoy your shopping, also during Sunday shopping. The Oude Markt is the ultimate food court of the city, here you will find nice bars and pubs where you can enjoy a drink and socialise. Enschede also has a large cultural and musical offer, because almost every day there will be a show, performance or exhibition somewhere. We have collected the highlights of Enschede and tips to enjoy yourself alongside your studies.


As a true student city, Enschede has of course plenty of drinking establishments for a nice evening with friends, fellow students and fellow members of the year club or fraternity. For example, every Sunday night is special beer night at de Beiaard. At Fabels they offer High Wine, with various wines and tasty snacks. Want to try something different? Go for the High Gin from Foodbar Bluff and enjoy three different gin and tonics. Obviously you can have a drink anywhere in the city, so order a drink, sit on the terrace and enjoy!


Must do’s


Shopping in Enschede With the most diverse range of (inter)national chains and local gems, Enschede can rightly call itself the ultimate shopping city of the east of the Netherlands. On the H.J. van Heekplein you will find well-known shops such as Zara, Mango, Primark and Decathlon. But if you really want to explore the city, look beyond the square and discover the special streets such as the Haverstraatpassage, Heurne, Zuiderhagen and the Walstraat.

Sporty Enschede Apart from studying, you may also want to be sporty. There are many different sports associations on and around the campus, but there are also many sporty activities elsewhere in Enschede. In the winter months, experience plenty of ice fun on the IJsbaan Twente, take on the paint-ball battle at Rutbeek, or discover the large indoor trampoline park Krazy Kangaroo. A slightly less active outing? Go and play pool at Poolcafé “The Bridge”, go swimming at Aquadrome or visit The Game Box for a Bar-Arcade experience. This is a small selection from the total range of activities Enschede has to offer, and there is much more.


For more tips, check out

Now you are living and / or studying in Enschede, you must of course also get to know and discover the city. Visit Roombeek, the neighbourhood that was turned into a cultural and architectural hotspot after the firework disaster on 13 May 2000. Or discover the former Vliegbasis Twenthe, which is not just a nature and recreation area, but various major events are also being held here. Make a city walk and leans all about the city. Discover the secrets of Grolsch beer during the Grolsch Brewery Tour or admire the most beautiful synagogue of Western Europe. Enschede also has interesting museums, including the Rijksmuseum Twenthe and De Museumfabriek and you can shop, eat and drink all you like in the city centre.

A night out Cinema - Enschede has four cinemas where you can enjoy the best films; Casino - At Holland Casino you have a complete night out; Theatre - Enschede has many theatres, including De Vrijhof, which is located on the campus.

Eating out in Enschede Enschede has many options where you can go out for a nice meal. Of course you do not always have the time to dine extensively and you often don’t have sufficient financial means for this. Fortunately, there are many restaurant that offer a dish of the day. This way you can still have a nice meal with friends for little money. There are of course also locations for a fancy date or dinner with your dispuut. Hereby an overview of the nice places in Enschede to enjoy a bite to eat.


Bagels & Beans

Super tasty bagels with many different toppings. The cakes and chocolate milk that are on the menu are delicious.


Something simple De Beiaard

Small menu with nice pub dishes. Fries that will make you come back and a recommendation for a certain special beer with each dish.

More extensive dining Humphrey’s

A concept in several cities. Delicious three-course meal for a fixed price. The menu changes several times a year so every season a new reason to go.

El Gaucho

This is the best place in Enschede to eat spareribs. The meat literally falls off the bone. This is also the place to be for other meat specialities.


An authentic South American restaurant. Here you can order a culinary trip with all kinds of different snacks served in three courses.

Theatercafé in de Vrijhof

The restaurant in the Vrijhof is open from 17:00 pm to 20:00 pm where you can eat a daily menu (€8.80) in between studying in the UB.

De Fusting

At this location between Campus and Enschede Centre, you can order a dish of the day or dish of the week for little money in this cosy restaurant.

De Kater

This is really a household name in Enschede. Extensive menu, with something for everyone and also a dish of the day including a small appetizer for just over ten Euros.


Very cool restaurant with an extensive menu, including lunch. The mini desserts are very nice, plenty of little sweets from which you can choose more than one.

Bij Flip

Nice eatery on the Oude Markt with a musical theme. Serves a delicious and quick lunch, surprising dinner, a varied dish of the day and creative appetizers.



Trendy place to have lunch that everyone in Enschede knows. Home-baked buns, richly filled, affordable. It is always really busy. The brownie and Sweet’Nuts are also really great.

Twente “Doe maar normoal” Tukkers are people who live in the region Twente. The motto of a real Tukker is ‘doe normoal’ (do normal), because then you are crazy enough. Tukkers are people who are level-headed, clear and proud. Proud of Twente, the Twente dialect and the Twente traditions. Here you can read more about these down to earth and hospitable people.

Textile industry

The Twente region is mainly known for the large textile industry. The industrial revolution has major consequences for the textile industry in the Twente region. In 1830, the first steam engine in Twente was used to power a spinning machine. This made it possible to work faster and therefore to produce much more. Due to the low wages and the fact that the people in Twente were already used to the textile industry and the greatly improved infrastructure, Twente became the second largest textile city in the world, after Manchester.


Twentse Ros

When you look around in Twente, there is something you will often come across: the Twentse Ros. The Twentse Ros is often pictured in the white with red background. It originates from the Saxons who lived in Twente during the Middle Ages. The Saxons considered the prancing white steed to be a precious animal. When regional awareness arose in the 1920s, the Ros was tied to Twente. This was reflected in the building of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, where the Ros was applied as decoration. Nowadays the Twentse Ros can be found in logos, for example the logo of FC Twente and the Twente bus service.


You might still find Grolsch bitter, but as Grolsch defines it as its motto: One day you will no longer drink beer, you will drink Grolsch. Grolsch is of course the ultimate beer of Twente. You will find it in pubs and restaurants throughout the region. Grolsch was established on 11 May 1615, when Willem Neerfeldt brewed his first beer in Groenlo. The name Grolsch is an adjective derived from Grol, the old name of Groenlo. Grolsch can be recognised by its iconic swing-top bottle, which was designed in 1897 by Theo de Groen. A new brewery was opened in 2004, which is located just of the A35 motorway at the exit to the University of Twente. Grolsch has been the typical beer brand of the region for more than 400 years and will stay that way for a long time!

Twents food

Krentenwegge One of the typical Twente dishes is krentenwegge. This is some kind of raisin bread and is baked in a form of 30 centimetres up to two metres. Krentenwegge is traditionally given at the birth of babies by fellow villagers as token of commitment and noaberschap (neighbourliness).

Kozak Another typical Twente delicacy is a kozak. A kozak is a slice of rolledup sponge cake with jam and cream (Swiss jam roll), that is glazed on both sides with dark chocolate. A kozak is coated with marzipan.


Bakleverworst Bakleverworst is a Twente sausage. The name says it all, it is literally a large liver sausage that is fried in thick slices in a pan with a knob of butter. Balkenbrij This is an old dish that is mainly eaten in autumn and winter. Traditionally, this is made from pork offal (including the head) boiled in a broth, buckwheat flower (sometimes wheat flower) and special spices such as ‘rommelkruid’ (special spice mix), which give it a sweet taste.

Quiz time! Cities in Twente

Twente has several large cities. The most famous and largest in your new student city: Enschede! But Enschede is of course not the only city in the beautiful Twente.


Also known from the song: ‘Hengel-o-o-ooo’. Hengelo borders the north-west of Enschede and is therefore close to the University of Twente. Hengelo is a nice city with more than 80,000 residents. Many events are held in Hengelo during the year and it also has a vibrant centre.

Question 5: Why are people from Twente called Tukkers? a. Because people from Twente sleep a lot b. Because people from Twente like TUC crackers and eat these a lot c. Because Enschede used to be called ‘Tuk’ d. Because people from Twente keep their hands in the tuk (pocket) of their jeans

Den hef ne stek lös Zo dik as doezend man Brommers kiek’n ’T lup wa los Moe jun lik an de bek hem? Wo’j houw’n joh, drietbull?

Take care

We are leaving

He is not in his right mind



Things will be alright Do you want a kiss?

Looking for a fight, you coward?

Question 7: When did FC Twente first win the national football league? a. 2008 b. 2010 c. 2013 d. 2017 Question 8: What is the typical landscape of Twente called? a. Panorama landscape b. Sand landscape c. Bocage landscape d. Moorland landscape 5: D 6: A 7: B 8: C

Wie trap e man

Good day

1: C 2: C 3: B 4: C


Question 6: What is the capacity of the Grolsch brewery? a. 3.2 hectolitres per year b. 3.8 hectolitres per year c. 4.5 hectolitres per year d. 11.3 hectolitres per year




Question 4: How many kilometres is a round of the ring road (singel)? a. 8.0 km b. 9.3 km c. 10.0 km d. 12.3 km

Another famous city in Twente is Almelo. Almelo is about thirty minutes away from Enschede by car and has more than 70,000 residents. Almelo is also known for its premier league football club Heracles.

Good goan

Question 2: In which year was the University of Twente founded? a. 1953 b. 1960 c. 1961 d. 1973 Question 3: Which of the following student associations is not located in the Pakkerij? a. Audentis b. Navigators Enschede c. Alpha d. Taste


Goei’n dag

Question 1: How many residents are there in the municipality of Enschede? a. 90,750 b. 143,000 c. 158,550 d. 173,525

Student life

Activism 66

Performing arts associations 68

Sport associations 69

Other associations & Student Teams 75

More Than a Degree 77

Social associations 78

Study vs. student association 82

Disputen 83

Typical student parties 84

Gala etiquette 85

Cantus 86

Student-like ABC 87

Sustainability 80


Student Life

What is Aloha? At Aloha, we swim, we cycle and we run - preferably all three in a row, as we are the triathlon association here on campus! People of all different levels train together multiple times a week, all with the same goal: getting better and having fun. Even though there are team races, in the end you're only competing against yourself in a triathlon, which makes for a supportive and helpful bunch of people! That, along with a low-threshold activity and delicious cake every once in a while contributes positively to the social atmosphere at our little club.

Which function do you have and what do you do within that function? As secretary of Aloha, I am responsible for the communication to the members and external parties. I also perform some light administrative work to keep track of, for example, membership and who was at each training session during the pandemic. The thing I like the most about my function is making sure everyone receives a warm welcome and can count on me for receiving an answer to all their Aloha-related questions. But ultimately, all tasks are a shared responsibility with my fellow board members Lotte and Dennis.

What have you learned from this? It's been a tough year to be part of the board of a sports club, to be honest. When practicing three times as many sports as other associations, you also get to deal with three times as many locations and protocols. Lucky for us, we have some very proactive trainers, who found creative ways to train outdoors and online. The coronavirus has been demotivating, but it has taught me to appreciate all the things we used to not even consider! What is Fact? Plaatselijke Kamer van Verenigingen Fact (P.K.v.V. Fact) is the umbrella association of the four biggest social student associations in Enschede: A.S.V. Taste, DSCC/DJCR ‘Audentis et Virtutis’, C.S.V. Alpha and AEGEE. Next to the function of formal consultative body, Fact represents the interest of the members of these associations towards the University, municipality and at a national level. Fact also promotes student activism so everyone is able to have the student life that fits them best. To enable everyone to gain valuable experiences while making friends for life in a safe environment, that is Fact’s mission.

P.K.v.V. Fact Name: Joyce Rops Function: Praeses Age: 21 years City of Birth: Enschede


Why did you decide to become a board member of Aloha? Because of the small size of our association, it can be hard to find new board members sometimes. I had gotten quite familiar with the members while volunteering at the UT Triathlon here on campus and especially when organizing the Aloha Gebouwenloop last year (I'm pictured here participating in our mascot suit called "Alo de Haan"). There, I noticed how immensely kind and benevolent everyone was, so I felt responsible to do my part and become part of the board when the opportunity arose.

Alhoa Naam: Tommie Verouden Function: Secretaris D.S.T.V. Aloha City of Birth: Nijmegen

What is your function and what do you do? As President I chair meetings, I am responsible for the policy plans and I check on the overall performance of the board. Next to that, I have several portfolios (tasks) for which I am also responsible. For example, I am the contact person for our national umbrella the Landelijke Kamer van Verenigingen, which is a national body that represents almost all social student associations from The Netherlands toward the national government. Also I am responsible for business partnerships and I represent the four associations in everything that has to do with the Kick-In.

What do you learn from a board year at Fact? During a board year at Fact you learn to deal with a lot of different and big responsibilities. As Fact represents four different associations, you will learn to look at certain matters from an independent point of view and not from the perspective of one association as you might be used to. You learn how to write a policy, how to organize big events and how to deal with large organizations. It is a diverse board in which you will get to know a big spectrum of different aspects that you never realized are an integral part of the functioning of student life as we know it. Next to that it is a great deal of fun to do and to work alongside the amazing individuals that will be your fellow board members! I would absolutely recommend everyone to consider doing a board year, especially at Fact.

What do you do as a board member of a study association? A very general answer to this question would be that all of us board members together keep the association running, but of course it takes a lot more then the seven of us to keep everything going as planned. This is where our active members come into play and of course all the members that take part in our events. As a board our task at the beginning of the year was to find those active members and invite them to work with us in different committees to plan events, such as different social and educational events. Now that we have all our committees in place we start to do a lot of work behind the scenes. I for example have meetings with the faculty to discuss faculty wide matters that could concern our study association. And then once a month all of the study associations come together to discuss matters and vote on different upcoming topics. As chairwoman of the board I also make sure that all of my board members are doing well and that we can all work well together and alongside each other. I do this by having individual check-ins with everyone of my board members around every two months. But of course there are many more tasks that can be part of the work you do as a board member of a study association.

What is Green Team Twente? Green Team Twente is a multidisciplinary student team building the most efficient hydrogen car. We are currently world champions in the urban class in the Shell Eco Marathon. This means that we have developed the most efficient car which has a lot of characteristics from actual cars. The first year the outside of the car will be made from carbon. In the first year, we focus mainly on the outside of the car and in the second year on the inside. What is your position within the team? My position within the team is the communication manager. This means that I am both part of the communication sub-team as well as the management sub-team. This year we have some new projects, one of these is making a documentary and I am the responsible one for making sure everything is organized. I am also working on the website and making sure everything within the communication sub-team runs smoothly

Green Team Twente Name: Anna Bruijning Age: 22 years Function: Communication manager City of Birth: Born in Haarlem but lived her entire live in Utrecht

What is your position within the board? My position within the board is chairwoman, which does not have a very specific task description as a treasurer does, but I basically am in charge of ensuring that meetings run smoothly and that we as a board can work efficiently and well together. Why did you decide to become a board member of a study association? I decided to become a board member to challenge myself, step a bit outside of my comfort zone and to build on and develop my skill set. I was also very keen on getting more involved in the association. I had been part of Dimensie’s Kic’D committee for my first year and then decided to go a step further after that and applied for being a board member. What helped me a bit in the beginning is that I applied together with a friend just to give me the extra push and luckily we now are both members of the board.

What have you learned from this? So far I have learned a lot more about clear communication and how we as a board can work together most effectively. I have also learned a lot about what my strong points are and where some of my weaknesses are, that I can still improve on. During my board experience I have also learned a lot more about how the different functions within the faculty and within the entire university collaborate to achieve certain goals. It has helped me to gain a better understanding of how exactly decisions at many different levels are made. But I am also looking forward to what more I can learn within my board year. Why did you decide to become a board member of a student team? Since I started at the university it was clear that I wanted to take all the opportunities available. Going on exchange, doing a part-time board year, and finally joining a student team. I know it sounds cliché, but you learn so much from joining a board or a student team or a committee for that matter. A student team works together full time on one project, everybody in the team is motivated and wants to achieve the highest possible. That is something I missed in all my other projects and that is something I really wanted to experience. I also wanted to learn whether I would be suitable for a management position and if it would be something I want to do after finishing university.

What have you learned from this? I have learned a lot from joining a student team. Being management is difficult because there are always people who disagree, and they usually want to let you know about it. Whenever no one says something about what you have organized it is probably going well, and that is something I struggle with. However, when you know that this is the case it makes it easier to handle. I have also learned that everyone you work with has a different drive and way of working. When you need something from them you have to approach them in different ways. Even if it might annoy you, you will be working with them for an entire year and not just 8 weeks, so all little frustrations need to disappear somehow.


Student Life

What kind of events do you organize? At the beginning of the year the board organized many events when we did not have committees yet, such as some game nights. And then as soon as we organized the committee market, the committees started organizing events from cocktail workshops to lunch lectures about mindfulness. I help out my board members wherever I can, so then I also help out with planning study nights or similar small scale events. Personally I mostly work with the Kic’D committee and we are currently planning everything surrounding the preparations for next academic year’s Kick-In. So we are planning all the different activities and events the students of Psychology can take part in during their Faculty Kick-In.

S.V. Dimensie Name: Christine Mulrane Age: 20 Function: Chairwomen City of Birth: Höxter, Niedersachsen, Germany

Student Life

Performing arts associations



Musica Silvestra Orkest

Contempary dance association

Student symphony orchestra

Balletrie Bibliotheek


Student library focused on fiction

Vocal Group



Breakdance and Hiphop

Theatre Association

S.D.V. Chassé

Primo Ballerino


Classical ballet

Performing arts centre the Vrijhof is the performing arts centre of the University of Twente and located in de Vrijhof building. It has access to three multi-functional theatre/music rooms (Agora, Amphi theatre and the Audio room), (pop) studios, workshops, workplaces and a nice Theatre café. In addition to the artistic associations, there are also many associations that fall under performing arts, for example books, games and photography associations. For all associations, visit the website of Apollo, the umbrella organization for performing arts: You can also join the association for a day to experience the atmosphere yourself. For more information about the Member for a Day program, go to:


Pro Deo


Improvisation theatre



Board gaming and computer gaming



InSPE Dance, music and theatre

Wind orchestra

Stubiba Bigband

D.S.V. 4 happy feet

Ballroom dancing


Student Life

Performing arts is everywhere, a lot of attention is also paid to this at the University of Twente. There are 16 performing associations that are involved in erforming arts in the broadest sense of the word. For example, there are associations for theatre and cabaret, but also for orchestras, singing and various types of dance. All these associations regularly give performances in performing arts centre the Vrijhof, more than sixty performances every year. More than fifty performing arts courses and workshops are also offered every year. You need a UnionCard to become a member of a student cultural association, you can find more information at:

Student Life

Sports associations


A La Kart

DHC Drienerlo

Cart club


D.S.T.V. Aloha

V.V. Drienerlo

Triathlon (swimming, running & cycling)


V.A.S. Arashi

D.K.V. Euros

Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Pukalan and Teakwondo

Canoe and Canoe Polo

D.B.V. Arriba

D.R.V. Euros




D.Z.V. Euros



E.S.B.V. Buitenwesten

DSV Gascogne



E.E.E.H.V. Cabezota


Handball, Beachhandball

Volleyball, recreational and upper-level


D.W.V. Hardboard


Kite-, Wind- and Wave surfing


Student Life

The options to exercise as a student of the University of Twente are unlimited. From gliding to scuba diving, anything is possible. There are more than 39 associations active in more than 60 different sports. Most sports are practised on campus at the many modern sports facilities of the campus. There is the renewed UTrack, an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a climbing wall and of course the Sports Centre with a large canteen. You need a UnionCard to become a member of a student sports association. All sports associations at the University of Twente are student associations where, besides sports, also is a lot of attention for fun and where many activities are organized. The associations also offer many opportunities to broaden your horizon alongside your study programme, by becoming active in a board or a committee, for example. At you will find more information about which sports and which associations there are. Many associations organize introductory training sessions just after the KickIn, in which you can always participate. You can also join the sports associations for one day to experience the atmosphere yourself. For more information about the Member for a Day programme, go to:

S.K.V. Hercules Crossfit

H.S.V. High Tech Hitters Softball

D.R.V. Hippocampus Horse riding

Student Life

D.W.V. Klein Verzet Cycling

D.A.V. Kronos Running and athletics

Linea Recta Gymnastics

T.C. Ludica Tennis

Messed Up Floorball & unihockey


Motorsportgroep Motorcycles

S.V. Muurvast Squash

Phoenix Lacrosse Lacrosse

Z.P.V. Piranha

Student Life

Diving, swimming and water polo

S.H.B.V. Sagittarius Archery

D.S.V. Skeuvel Speed skating

A.D.S.K.V. Slagvaardig Tampon hockey

S.Y.H.V. Slapping Studs Ice hockey


D.B.V. de Stretchers Omnisport


Climbing and Alpinism

DSSV Tartaros

Student Life

Survival run

D.T.T.V. Thibats Table tennis

Twentse Thestrals Quidditch

S.K.V. Vakgericht Korfball

DKV de Zeeuven Reen Hammer throwing


Business associations Business associations are there to help you with finding internships, start ups and exchanges! KIVI AIESEC BusinessDays Duitenberg DSIF IAESTE Integrand Hive01 UniPartners Negotiation Campus Kabel

Engineering society International internship Business and career event Study investment Venture capital fund Technical student exchange Internship and business Startup Student jobs and challenges Bridge student & business Campus radio and tv signal

Due to the high number of international students, you will meet many different cultures at the University of Twente. If you want to get to know these cultures even better and make friends from all over the world, the global associations are the place to be. They organize cool activities where you will see, hear, taste and experience the other culture. It is also very educational, as getting to know a new culture puts your own principles, habits and customs in perspective. Be inspired and give an international twist to your student days by becoming a member of a world association! UT Muslims SUUT RSA PSA IrNUT ISA AT UT L.A. Voz ESN Twente ICF-E

Muslim Association Surinames Association Romanian Student Association Pakistani Association Iranian Association Indian Association Latin American Association Exchange Erasmus Student Network International Cristian Fellowship Enschede

Student Teams

There are several Student Teams. These are teams consising of students for different study programmes. For technical to gamma, everyone is needed! Stichting Electric Superbike Twente Stichting Solar Team Twente Stichting Robo Team Twente Green Team Twente A3T Stichting Solar Boat Twente

Developing a e-bike Developing a solar car Developing robots Developing a hydrogencar Developing drones Developing a solar boat


Student Life

World associations

Other associations

Student Life

Apart from the fact that the university has many associations that are covered by an umbrella organization, there are still various assocaitions that are not part of the aforementioned umbrella organizations. These are very diverse associations, each with their own expertise. For example, associations with a social orientation, an enterprising character or with focus on facilities for students. Some associations are involved in foreign internships, while others focus on building the most sustainable car in the world. There are also organizations that, for example, take care of the television signal and internet for campus accommodation. Werkgroep OntwikkelingsTechnieken Sustain Vereniging Campus kabel Duitenberg Space Society Studenten Net Twente Studentenstam Radix ITC-SAB Honoursvereniging Ockham Unipartners Integrand Twente AIESEC Twente Borrelbeheer TAP KIVI Students Twente Stiching Borrelbeheer Zilvering Hive01 Business Days Stichting Batavierenrace IAESTE Twente Drienerlose Stichting Torenhoog The negotiation project DSIF IAPC De sevende camer IEEE Student Branch Stichting PJO Twente Generatin Stichting Hardstart JEF-Enschede Stichting Kantine Sporcentrum Universiteit Twente Stichting ‘t Fluitje Enactus Twente

Technical applications for development countries Sustainability Management television signal on campus Investment club Space exploration technologies Support for network facilities Scouting ITC faculty Honours Student consultancy Bridge between businesses and students Personal development for students TAP Organisation for engineers Borrelkelder Startup accelerator Organizes bedrijvendagen Organizing Batavierenrace International internships Exploitation of the Toren Negotiation Project Twente Investment fund ICT shop Pub Network of electrical engineers Stimulating polictical engagement Sustainability Platform for student entrepreneurs Jonge europese federalisting Bar in the Sportcentre Bar for several study associations Societal involvement


Stukafest is an annual festival that is organized for and by students in 18 student houses throughout the city. A singersongwriter, cabaret artist, band or other talent will perform in each student room.


More than a degree Activism or being active are terms you will often hear within the walls of the campus of the University of Twente. You can do a lot in Enschede apart from obtaining your credits. For example, you can play hockey, show your acting skills or go to the pub night at the many sports, (performing) arts, social, study and world associations that are available in Enschede and the UT. All of those associations are fully run by students. So in Enschede, a lot of students are achieving More Than A Degree! Activism comes in many forms; from the boards that ensure the continuity of associations to the committees that organize many events. These boards and committees have regular meetings to facilitate activities for students or to organize an event together. Without those thousands of enthusiastic, active students, the student life at the UT would not be what it is today.

Student Life

Achieving More Than A Degree is good for your personal development. Students with experiences outside their study programme can already learn skills, that might be very useful for their further career. So will you soon be organizing a memorable gala night for your study association? Will you make sure that your arts club is able to give performances? Will you soon compete for winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, with your own build solar car? Or will you be organizing the next Kick-In for 2500 new students? To stimulate and facilitate students to develop themselves in addition to their study programme, the Student Union has set up the More Than A Degree programme. The Student Union is committed through personal development trainings, the issue of activism recognitions and a real award show where the most active students will be rewarded. So what are you waiting for, get active and achieve More Than A Degree!


Social associations There are various social associations in Enschede, these are better known as student associations. Student associations are there to have a great time during your student days and to build a network from which you will benefit a lot during and after your study programme. You will find the core of the social associations in the Pakkerij, on the Oude Markt in the middle of the centre of Enschede. Here you will find the four large student associations, each with their own society. These four associations fall under the Plaatselijke Kamer van Verenigingen, P.K.v.V. Fact. In addition to pub nights, numerous parties are organized in the Pakkerij and the social associations offer the opportunity to join committees or a board.

Student Life

A.S.V. Taste A.S.V. Taste is the largest and most enterprising social association of Enschede. The association consists of several yearclubs, disputen and genootschappen. Every week the members of Taste go to Sociëteit Antigoon to meet each other and have a drink. In addition to weekly drinks, there are various ways to develop yourself. A.S.V. Taste has more than 30 committees, where members gain experience in organizing activities and learn how to handle responsibilities. What you can organize ranges from a ski tip to a gala for 450 students and everything is organized, by and for members of Taste. All in all, Taste is the ideal breeding ground for success and friendships for life. All are different, together we are one!

C.S.V. Alpha Christian student association 101 members Intake: all year No introduction programme

C.S.V. Alpha

C.S.V. Alpha is the Christian social association in Enschede. Fun and Christianity are combined to an unique social association. Next to members who believe in God, we do have members that respect the faith. In this association friendship, formation and responsibility are central topics. The friendship is visible in close friendship bonds that the members form. You will see that during weekly drinks and activities. The formation is visible in activities like theme evenings and sing-ins, but deep conversations that members have as well. Moreover, there is a big responsibility under members to organize fun activities and have responsibility to the society.


A.S.V. Taste General student association 520 members Intake: September Introduction programme in September

DSCC/DJCR ‘Audentis et Virtutis’ Audentis is the most traditional and largest student association of Enschede. The traditional aspect can be found in our traditions, unwritten rules and the jacket-tie culture at our pub. And where will this lead? In brief: making friends for life, developing yourself socially and professionally and building a network which will be a good base for later.

Student Life

You will undoubtedly see a lot of us during the coming Kick-In; on our beautiful terrace where you can enjoy the sun and great songs. Or maybe we will see you at one of the many activities that we will organize! Anyway; it is going to be a lovely time, see you at the Kick-In!

DSCC/DJCR ‘Audentis et Virutis’ Traditional student association 510 members Intake: September Introduction programme in September

AEGEE-Enschede Social association with European network 250 members Intake: all year Non-binding introduction programme

AEGEE Enschede AEGEE Enschede is the ultimate open social association in Enschede. This means that the association has no hazing and that you can become a member at any time! AEGEE also has yearclubs, fraternities and societies where you make friends for life. You can develop yourself to become a member in committees or to do a board year. Every Tuesday and Thursday the members meet at our bar Asterion, at the ground floor of the Pakkerij, to have a drink together.

During the Kick-In you can find us everywhere, but mainly at the Pubquiz! After the Kick-In we organize the HAIP, The After Intro Programme. You can get to know AEGEE a lot better. Are you interested in this adventure? Make sure you come by!


Reformational Student Circle Christian student association


Student Life


The RSK is a Christian student association with sharing your faith together at it’s core. Every week, members come together in bible study groups to study God’s work, ask questions, and help each other grow. Additionally, we organize lectures, association meals and praise & prayers. We also have many social activities such as association weekends, sports activities, house parties and more. Since we only have 55 members, everyone is very close, so you will know everyone in no time. Because the RSK has got ties with both Ichthus and C.S.F.R., we are an association where people with various backgrounds will feel at home.


Christian student association


Navigators Studentenvereniging Enschede (NSE) is a Christian student association with about 90 members. We’re students with all kinds of (church)backgrounds and studies. Together we want to get to know God and to make God known in Enschede. Every Tuesday evening we have an association evening. There is a meeting night once every two weeks, where the association gets together to eat, listen to a motivational speaker and have a drink. The other week we have a Bible study, where we have conversations and discussions about our faith in smaller groups. We also like having different activities, such as having a drink, a gala, going on weekend trips and more! These association evenings and activities create many good friendships within our association. Would you like to join a nice group of Christian students? Feel free to join one of our evenings!

RKS Ariëns

Email: Website: Facebook: Ariëns is a community for international and dutch Catholic students. Our goal is to serve as a platform for students from diverse cultural backgrounds to meet, learn, and experience the Catholic faith together by partaking in monthly meetings. We pray together, listen to talks from invited speakers or simply have game nights. We also transmit a weekly rosary prayer through Facebook, help organize the international services at one of the churches in the city center, offer our service through the Ariëns Music Ministry as well as other kinds of social activities within our group. If you want to learn more about us, or want to join the Music Ministry, just send us a message in any of our social media or to our email, we will be happy to hear from you!


Exaltio focuses on adolescents and students from the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum between the age of 18 and 28. Our association’s prime mission is providing a safe environment for adolescents within the Twente region in which they can safely make new LGBTQ+ friends. Is such a platform really necessary in this day and age? Absolutely! Many LGBTQ+ adolescents acknowledge that they value meeting peers that have also struggled with their (sexual) identity, relationships, visions of the future, self-acceptance and coming out. It can be very hard to meet like-minded peers that recognize and understand these challenges. In addition to a wide variety of awesome activities, Exaltio also aims to offer a platform to meet LGBT+ peers and to lend an ear when needed.


Student Life

LGBTQ+ youth and student association

Study association versus Student association Study association and student associations are often confused. However, they are certainly different. We will explain them in this summary of the most frequently asked questions.



Study association

Student association




Study books

Student Life

Activities with companies Yes Some kind of year club/ fraternity


Travelling abroad


Activities aimed at the study programme Can you have a great student time here?



Yes Yes Yes

Sometimes Yes


Is a student association just to have fun?

Is a study association only useful for my studies?

If you become a member of a student association, you will end up in a group of fellow students who you will continue to know for the rest of your (student) life. They also organise distant trips and trips to other cities. There are also activities with companies, lectures are given and the association even has a study area. Finally, some sports teams or bands are affiliated with a student associations. So a real addition to your student days!

Definitely not! You can of course go to your study association if you have a question or complaint about a study programmerelated subject, but in addition they also organise a lot of activities! These are both educational activities such as lunch lectures and symposiums, but also informal activities like laser gaming, weekly drinks and travelling abroad!


Where can I best something besides study programme?

do my

As you might have notices, it is very difficult to explain the difference between a study association and student associations especially in Enschede. The best tip we can give you is to have an open attitude and to be open to all associations because you will meet them all during the Kick-In! All student associations and most study associations will be present at the opening market, so why not drop by! You will get to know your study association even better during the training introduction on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!


A dispuut is a close group of friends from different cohorts. Every year a new “batch” joins this group. Dispuuts have regular drinks, most of the time once a week, in their local pub. Besides that, they organize a lot of activities including sports, trips abroad, fancy dinners and weekend trips. Most of the dispuuts consist of only men or only women, however some dispuuts are mixed. A dispuut can be part of a study or student associations, where you can join them if you are also a member of that associations. For other independent dispuuts it does not matter where you are from: everyone is welcome. Some dispuuts are a tight group of friends, where other dispuuts are huge with large social networks. To join a dispuut, you will be asked by its current members. You will receive an invitation to join them on one of their regular drinks. During this evening you will get to know the members of the dispuut, their hobbies and interests. Before joining the dispuut an introduction period is held, in which you, together with your batch, need to fulfill assignments. In this way you get to learn the dispuut, its members and its rituals. Your batch will become your closest group of friends. Graduated students from a dispuut are called “oud-lid” (former member). Former members stay closely connected to the dispuut and once in a while join its activities, like weekend trip or the Dies (birthday of the dispuut).


We are the ladies’ dispuut Bastet, since 1992 the oldest and largest ladies’ dispuut of A.S.V. Taste. Every Thursday evening you can find us as at the Society Antigoon, the A.S.V. Taste pub. Clearly recognisable in our burgundy jackets, we make every Thursday evening a true highlight. Bastet is not just partying with each other on Thursday evening, we also organise many more activities throughout the year! Baaaaastet!

Sigma We are SIGMA, an independent mixed dispuut in bordeaux red. Our dispuut was founded by 5 students on a constitution drink in 2016. Now, five years later, we celebrate our first lustrum and we have grown into a full dispuut, or in different words; a close group of friends! Once every two weeks we can be found in the city for a cozy drink. The other week, we eat together at someone’s home (preferably corn dog wraps). Besides that, we organize different activities every year, such as a Christmas dinner, our PET bottle and pitcher drink and of course, our DIES-weekend. ‘Completo Propagatio!’

Het Genootschap BIT We are Het Genootschap BIT, HGB for short, an independent dispuut that gets their members mostly from the study program Bit. We were founded in 2007 and from that moment onwards we have a weekly drink at our ‘stamkroeg’ De Beiaard on Wednesdays. Our dispuut has multiple committees that organize things like bbq’s and activities such as weekends abroad. We characterize ourselves by wearing an amazing purple tie that has our logo embroidered on it.


The Cnødde College, Cnødde for short, is the oldest active dispuut associated with the UT and has been a well-known name in Enschede since 1970. Every Wednesday we have drinks in our yellow jumpers at our own society “the Gele Kater”, located in the centre of the Enschede student life: de Oude Markt. Cnødde is pride, knowledge and character with friendship for the rest of your life. Hopefully, we will see you during the the Kick-In, the start of your student life!


Typical student parties Of which you never thought you would end up there Sometimes a friend or roommate drags you to a party. Sometimes you are really not in the mood and sometimes it doesn’t sound fun at all. But sometimes you come across a gem. Somewhere you wouldn’t have gone if they hadn’t dragged you there, but of which you make it a tradition to come back every year. Here you will find a few examples of such parties and of course also a few parties that are so typical for Enschede, that they should be included in this magazine. Those are parties you never thought of going every year!

Student Life


Hubertusfeest is the most famous and largest house party in Enschede. Once a year, huize Heilige Hubertus, a ‘normal’ student home for the rest of the year, will be transformed into a party location for 600 people. This popular party is always sold out in record times, the last time within 26 seconds! Every year, the party has another theme, such as ‘Het Jachtsvertoon’, ‘Ons Verleden Kwijtperk’ or ‘Rumoerknal’. You are not allowed to go to the party without a matching outfit, but luckily the theme is not too strict.

Flatfeest A true concept on the UT campus is the Los Chichis flatfeest. It is a party organized by three campus houses and is usually sold out within 5 minutes! If you did manage to get a ticket and you arrive dressed in theme, you can enjoy various artists and unlimited drinks all night long.


Het Pott Gala

Huize ‘t Pott is a student home in Enschede that is known by most students. Once a year, the residents of Huize ‘t Pott spend two full weeks to prepare the biggest student home gala of the Netherlands. This is an event where everyone celebrates smartly dressed in white tie. People from all over the Netherlands visit this party and it is already a tradition for over 30 years!

Rosé Boulevard

Do you love rosé? Then the rosé boulevard party might be something for you! Huize Chop throws a hous party every year, where they only sell one drink: rosé. Obviously this rosé is carefully selected at their annual rosé tasting. The party just takes place on the street in the centre of Enschede, however, the next day, shoppers will no longer notice a thing.

Gala etiquette Perhaps the most beautiful student tradition in the Netherlands: galas! These events are special enough to bring entire associations together in their best clothing. But what does this tradition exactly entail? How is it done, inviting your date? We have listed some tips for you so you are well prepared for your student days! Invitations


The dress code is decisive for the clothing during the gala. Black tie means that the gentleman will wear a tuxedo, the lady will wear an evening dress or a neat cocktail dress. If the dress code is white tie (the most formal dress code), the lady literally pulls all the stops out for her dress, and the gentleman will wear a suit. In both cases, the gentleman will take care of the corsages, to make clear to the other guests that he and his date belong together. He will wear his corsage on the left, she will wear hers upside down.

Gala etiquette has a fairly classic division of roles: it is the gentleman’s task to invite a lady. But beware: if it is a leap year, it will be the other way around! Invitations must be made in writing.

The gentleman will pick the lady up well in time for the gala and will greet her with a modest hand kiss (unless she is wearing gloves). From that moment he will be responsible for her well-being. The gentleman will walk on the right side of the lady and will always led her lead the way, except for stairs. These rules may be deviated from if the stairs are particularly steep: in that case the gentleman must be able to catch the lady if she might fall.

The gentleman poetically expresses his advances in silver letters, on blue paper. He will recognize the lady’s reply from the golden writing on pink paper, in which she invites him to tea. Traditionally, there is no mention of the gala during this tea date. The gentleman only bases his conclusions on what the lady serves with the tea. If she only offers tea, it means that she is not interested. A dry biscuit means that she will accept the invitation, but her intentions are mainly friendly. If the cup of tea is accompanied by cake, the gentleman knows that it is possible to win the heart of his lady. It is also possible that the cake is served with whipped cream: then the gentleman is sure of a romantic end to the evening.

Once arrived at the gala, the gentleman may ask the lady to dance by means of a slight bow. If she agree, she will nod her head. In case the lady declines the offer, the gentleman must not immediately approach another lady, in order to avoid feeling second choice.


Student Life



Student Life

Permanently present in the Kick-In programme is; the Cantus, organized by Ius Sanctus. This is a sorority of student association Taste. The Cantus is probably the most student-like part of the KickIn and is held at student association throughout the year. Here we will try, with the help of one of the organizers, to lift a piece of the veil. Without taking away too much of the mystery, of course!

Probably still an unknown phenomenon for many, but I can assure you that you will come into contact with it more often. Cantus is Latin for singing and stands for a certain student-like singing and drinking feast. Despite the drinking and singing, the main purpose of the cantus is to fraternise. Getting to know each other better by singing together and sharing a glass. The Mores society Ius Sanctus ensures that the mores (= unwritten rules and / or customs) are preserved within the student life in Enschede. The cantus is a real student tradition that once came from Leuven to Enschede. The Mores society Ius Sanctus brought the cantus to Enschede and made it big. In addition, Ius Sanctus has also been the lord of master of guiding the cantus for years. Ius Sanctus was also the first person to hold a public city cantus in the Netherlands, in the middle of the Oude Markt. But every year the Taste Cantus during the Kick-In is the largest Enschede has ever known, each year the tickets are sold out faster than you can pronounce the name of the capital of Madagascar. Every year there is someone like you waiting nervously at the gates for the unknown to come. Yes, because this will be the most beautiful cantus in your early life. During your first introduction to student life, the Kick-In, you will immediately go to one of the largest student events in Enschede; The Taste Cantus.

As you notice, I do not reveal a lot of what is actually going to happen, the best way to find out is to experience it! So pull the most student-like outfit out of the closet, arrange a ticket (within the 30 seconds, in which they will be sold out), lubricate your vocal cords with some beer or not and show yourself during the Kick-In!


Student-like ABC

Student culture sometimes uses words that you do not recognize. These words are not always neat, but it is useful if you know them.


Ab Actis Ad Fundum Adtje bedelaar Adtje des Adten Afpilsen Almanak ALV Anciënniteit Antigoon Apollo Asterion AVG


Bachelor BaCo Bastille Bata Boortoren Bodem leggen Brak Braakje leggen Brallen Brasjasje Brassen

Broertjes Bul Burger BVO’tje


Campus Cantus Clubje CoBo College Colloquium Commissie


Das Dichtgetikt Dies Dies Natalis Dispuut Doegroep Doegroepouder Doorhalen Drukken

Secretary Drinking a glass in one go (Latin for ‘drink up’) The glass should be drunk quickly as a penalty because dice are accepted Adje desinteresse: the glass should be drunk quickly as a penalty because a mistake is made or no attention is paid Drinking a beer (or other drink) as quickly as possible Finishing a get-together or activity somewhere else by drinking a final beer there A book work containing an annual overview of an association General members meeting Ranking determined by the number of years that someone has been a member; the higher in seniority, the more privileges and prestige that person has The society of the student association A.S.V. Taste in the Pakkerij Umbrella organization that includes all cultural associations The society of the AEGEE-Enschede student association in the Pakkerij Potatoes, meat and vegetables The first three years of your study programme where you obtain 180 EC and complete this with a Bachelor assignment Bacardi Cola The student building of the campus. There are a number of boards and committees located here, including the Kick-In Committee Abbreviation for Batavierenrace, the largest relay race in the world that runs from Nijmegen to Enschede The clubhouse of hockey association DHC Drienerlo Eating plenty of good food so you are less likely to get drunk afterwards Hangover, you feel tired and bad because you drank too much (the night) before Throwing up Bragging An old jacket that is used during brassen to avoid damage to clothing 1. Stealing an object from a club; then a claim letter must be written within 24 hours that states a favour in return to get the object back 2. A student-like way to solve a dispute. You grab each other by the collar of each other’s jacket; the person who is thrown to the ground first has to get a drink for the other person and himselff Another male first-year student in your do-group An official document of the university that you received after you have completed your study programme Someone who works full-time, also called a ‘worker’ Beer for on the road

The university area where faculties, student accommodation and other facilities are located A student-like drinking and singing feast An umbrella name for a fraternity, year club, house, association or team; or a group of people who are connected to each other Constitution drink; a get-together to announce and congratulate a new board Lesson (in general two times 45 minutes) from a university professor The defence of your thesis (see ‘thesis’) A group of students that organizes activities, for example for an association. Student-like name for a tie A person or club where it is only about the association or club in question The anniversary of an association, club or university see ‘Dies’ A fraternity consisting of students and former students who joined in different years Group of fellow students with whom you go through the Kick-In A senior student that guides a do-group Not going to sleep for one night Trying to not having to do something


EC Epibreren

European Credits, these are the credits you have to get to pass your study; which is 60 ECs per year Pretending to be very busy with important matters


Fact Faculteit Falen Feut Feuten Flux

The umbrella organization of the four largest student associations in Enschede Umbrella organization of study programmes in the same field Failing, not achieving something A prospective member of an association, house or fraternity, also called an incapable or clumsy person Teasing someone or having someone do a tedious job The society of the student association C.S.V. Alpha in the Pakkerij


Gemengd Groene knuppel Grolsch

When a club includes both men and women Bottle of Grolsch beer Beer of Twente origin


Halve Leo Her HJ Hoogleraar Hospiteren Hulde

Half a litre Retake Youngest in the home, the resident of a student home who has lived there the shortest time A teacher at the university Applying for a room in a student home Exclamation of good deeds


Inauguratie Indrinken Inkoppen Integreren

Solemn ceremony after which you are a full member of an association or fraternity Drinking a few drinks before going out Achieving something, for example passing an exam Making contact with other students and clubs


Jaarclub Jasje-dasje Jopen

A club of students from the same year of a student association who eat and drink together once a week A dress code: jacket, shirt and tie Beer brand

Kaken Kiddo Koepel Koning Kwartiel

Kissing Name of a first-year student during the Kick-In An umbrella organization that is responsible for different associations Exceptionally positive compliment Period of 10 weeks during an academic year



Lam Lamballen Lichting Local Ludiek Lustrum Mama Master Mensa Meuk Minor Module Mores Mos Muur

Being very drunk Doing nothing or being annoying A group of members who joined an association/fraternity in the same year A native resident of the city or region Original When something has existed for five years, or a multiple of five

Female do-group parent A specialization that you can do after your bachelor programme. This can take one, two or three years The canteen on the campus where you can have lunch or dinner Mess A free space within your study programme of usually 30 credits that you can full with subjects from another study programme or discipline Block of 15 ECs of subjects and projects that lasts 10 weeks Plural for mos (see ‘mos’) An unwritten rule within a student association The snack bar in the centre of Enschede where you can get snacks out of the wall


Nekken Nestor/Nestrix Neus, de Nuldejaars

Puking Oldest in the house, the resident of a student home who has been living there the longest Per person, as in “20 Euros per person’ Someone who has not yet started his or her study programme, but is already registered


Ohne ende Oude Markt

Endless/a great lot Square in the middle of the centre of Enschede around the Grote Kerk where many restaurants, cafés and the Pakkerij are located A member who has already graduated

Ouwe lul


Paardenkut Pakkerij Papa Paviljoen, het Piano Man Pils Praeses PreLa Profileren Prominent


Apfelkorn with mineral water A building on the Oude Markt where the societies of the four largest student associations in Enschede are located Male do group parent The clubhouse of tennis association T.C. Ludica Billy Joel’s song Piano Man, when this song is played it means that the pub will close Beer President The denial phase of a starting relationship Bringing yourself or your club to the attention Someone who is important or stands out



Recipiëren Rector Magnificus Repareren Rokkostuum

Congratulating a new board at their constitution drink The university rector; this is Tom Veldkamp at the University of Twente Retaking a subject/exam A suit worn by male students during galas


Scharrel Scriptie Sevende Camer Sjaars Sjait Skeer Skippen Sociëteit SOB SOG Spa goud Sportkoepel Student association Studentikoos Studieadviseur Study association Study-related programme Symposium


Someone with whom you meet/date regularly A report of your graduation assignment The pub of the university Watersportscomplex, which is shared by the rowing, sailing and canoeing association Euros First-year student Mess/a dirty substance Skimpy Skipping something (for example a lecture) The pub of a student association Beer to avoid studying Behaviour to avoid studying Beer Umbrella organisation of all sports associations Social assocaition for and by students who organise get-togethers and activities together A playful student way in which something is done A coach who advises you on your study programme, study progress and planning Association of your study programme for and by students who organise fun activities and study programme-related matters Kick-In of your own study programme

A (part of a) day on which talks/presentations are held by various speakers about a certain topic

T.R.A.M. Tentamen Thuis Thuis thuis Tjak Toko Tukker Twaars Twee woorden, negen letters

The society of the Audentis student association in the Pakkerij Written test of a subject Student house The parental home Mess Name for a pub, restaurant or random location People who originally come from Twente Second-year student Two words, nine letter. In general used for “duurt lang” which means ‘it takes a long time’ or “bier halen”, meaning ‘getting beer’


Uitbrakken Unit

Taking it easy for a day because you have a hangover Object


‘Vo Verticaal Vrijhof



Exclamation to indicate that you agree with something, derived from ‘bravo’ A group of members within an organisation who joined in different years The cultural centre of the University of Twente where performances, lectures and courses are regularly given


The other female first-year student in your do-group

Sustainability tips and tricks Each year the Kick-In Committee takes steps towards making UTwente’s introduction week more sustainable. To get an overview of what the Kick-In does for sustainability have a look at With big events like these, there are a lot of actions, big and small, which everyone can take to make a difference. YOU included! Here are some tips and tricks on how you can become more sustainable.

1. Choose the right bin! Waste separation is actively promoted at the University of Twente: you will find garbage cans with four different bins everywhere at the UT. Make sure you choose the right bin for your waste! Each waste container states more information about how waste should be separated. During the Kick-In, a similar system will be used to separate your waste, so keep an eye out for them.

3. Take the bike! Taking the bike is one of the most sustainable ways of transport. Before you start the Kick-In, it is highly recommended to have a bike in Enschede. Many first-year students will bring their bike from home (thuis-thuis, see the student-like ABC), but when this is not possible, there are some other options.


Buying your own bike is a very good option. As a student, it is better not to choose the most expensive and fancy model, as bikes are, unfortunately, still occasionally stolen. Besides, only if your bike has a beautiful rattling sound while biking, you can call it a real student bike. A second-hand bike is therefore often a better option and it is also more sustainable! Get one at Marktplaats, eBay or a second-hand shop. Don’t forget to check out the University of Twente Marketplace on Facebook.


If you don’t want to buy your own bike you could always rent one. You could, for example, rent one of the campus bikes which you can find around campus, for a shorter amount of time. But you could also rent one for a longer period of time at a company like Swapfiets.


If you just don’t want or have a bike at your disposal, public transport offers a good sustainable alternative to taking the car. Both the campus and centre of Enschede are easily accessible by public transport. Bus line 1 and 9 stop at both locations!

2. Fill your bottle! During the Kick-In we want to encourage you to use a reusable water bottle! This way we can jointly limit the waste flow from plastic bottles. Tap water in the Netherlands is drinkable, so you can refill your bottle on the entire campus, at the toilets or at the waterpoints outside on the O&O square and at the Utrack. During the Kick-In, extra water tap points will be installed, so that water is always available. Thus, bring your bottle and just keep filling.

4. Try to eat less meat!

The production of meat has a big impact on the environment. Thus, choosing at least one day in the week where you don’t eat meat would make a big difference. During the Kick-In you will be provided with some vegan options, so you can experience that eating meatless is most definitely not tasteless.

Student home

Practical matters 94

Applying for a room 96

Traditional student houses 98

Unwritten’ rules 101

Student job 102

Financial matters 104

Crash course Dutch 105

Student recipies 106

Transportation 108

Practical matters Finally: you have finished high school, you are going to study in the far east, maybe even move into student accommodation. You often hear that your student days are the best days of your life, but how do you prepare yourself perfectly? Here you can find all useful tips & tricks to get your students days off to a good start.

Moving into a student accommodation

Student Home

Is it is not possible to travel back and forth to Enschede every day or would you just like to move into student accommodation? Then you should of course know how this works. First you must find a room. There are various websites that offer rooms.

These will be further explained later. Send a well-motivated e-mail or message to the housemates of the house where you want to live, in which you tell a lot about yourself. Hopefully you will be invited to apply for the room. How to apply for a room, will be explained later.

Registering at the municipality of Enschede

Once you have found a room, you must register at the municipality of Enschede. Do this as quickly as possible, no later than five days after you have moved. On the website of the municipality of Enschede ( you can arrange your move and registration with the municipality online.

Student loan In recent years, a lot has changed in terms of student loans as a Dutch citizen. Youcan still apply for a student loan, but you will have to pay thisback after your studies. Fortunately, this repayment is interest free. Only if you borrow extra, you will have the pay interest on that amount, but this percentage is very low. In addition to the basic loan, you can also apply for an additional grant and your student travel product. The additional grant is determined based on your parents’ salary. The more your parents earn, the lower your additional grant will be. With the student travel product you can use public transport for free during the weekend and during the week. At times when free travel does not apply to you, you will get 40% discount on your trip by public transport with the student travel product. Please note, for some holidays and national holidays there are different rules for the student travel product. For more information, go to the website of the student travel product ( The additional grant and the student travel product become a gift if you complete a study programme within ten years. From the age of 18 you can apply for all the above through the DUO website (

Contents insurance

If your housemate has forgotten to turn off the sandwich maker or the deep fryer again, you may well wake up to the fire alarm. For only a few Euros per month you can take out a contents insurance with one of the larger insurance companies. Should it then occur that you are burgled or a fire breaks out, you will be insured and you will at least get your laptop back.



When you move to a new city it is recommended that you are registered with a general practitioner in the city you live. General practitioners may not refuse you if you do not have a general practitioner yet in Enschede. On the campus you will find a general practice and dental practice near the outdoor swimming pool. (

Student Home

Useful websites www.

Where can you find a room? Kamernet

Via other people

De Veste

Every week hundreds of rooms, studios and apartments are posted on Kamernet. Sign up for free to view these homes. When you search, you can immediately find the offer that suits your needs with the handy filters. By activating alerts, you will be immediately informed of the latest offer. The rooms, studios and apartments are not managed by Kamernet, but landlords and housemates offer these rooms when they are looking for a new or additional resident. You need a Premium Account to be able to respond to ads.

The easiest way to find a room in Enschede is of course via other people. Do you know someone who is already studying in Enschede, let them know that you are looking for a room.

If you want to live on the campus, you can rent a room at De Veste housing corporation. On their website ( you will find the current offer of student accommodation on the campus.

Student Union


The Student Union has its own (free) room site: Here you will find all the rooms for students of the University of Twente. These are mainly rooms in Enschede, on the campus and in Hengelo.

The SJHT (Stichting Jongeren Huisvesting Twente) rents out various homes in Enschede and Hengelo to young people aged 18 to 30. They manage many student homes in Enschede and Hengelo. On their website ( you will find all the rooms that are currently available.


Applying for a room Now you have decided to study at the University of Twente, is it time for the next step: Finding a room. It is definitely recommended to find a room in Enschede. This is a must for many students, given the travel time, but also if your parents live nearby, finding your own room is often worthwhile! The rental prices are low, the offer is high and you only really experience student life when you live in student accommodation! Student house

Ask questions

Most rooms in Enschede can be found in student homes. As the name suggests, these are homes where only students live. These homes come in all shapes and sizes: quiet, active, clean, dirty, mixed or only students of one gender. In other words, plenty of choice. You must also choose between a home on campus or in the centre of Enschede. The campus is nearer to the lecture halls and the sports facilities; the city is nearer to the shops and the nightlife. But above all: the atmosphere is different. So take a good look around to see what appeals to you most.

Don't only try to just answer, but also ask questions yourself. Obviously about the home in general, but also about the life of the residents. This is especially fun during the introduction round. In addition to learning as much as possible about the home and the residents, you will also come across as interested and social. In general, a home wants a new housemate with whom you can have a nice conversation and a conversation must of course come from both sides.

Student Home

Room sites

Right. Now we have convinced you, you will think: How do I get a room? This starts on a room site. A good (and free!) example is the Student Union room site ( This site contains adverts for student rooms, where the student homes present themselves. Here you must carefully look for a room in a home that you like. Found it? Then you are ready for the next step:


Now it is time to present yourself. You usually get a room in Enschede when it suits both sides. You must like the home, but the home must also like you! To be invited for an interview to apply for the room, you must send a nice message in which you present yourself. Please keep in mind that each home will probably get dozens of e-mails, so make sure yours stands out! If the home likes your message, they will invite you for an interview to apply for the room. In general, this means that you will have a quick talk (20-60 minutes) at the home. During this interview, the home and you will see whether you fit inside the home. To give you a small advantage, you will find some tips below for your interview.


Start looking for a room early

Choosing a room is very important, so take your time. Also keep in mind: students also go on holiday! It would be perfect if you could move in one week before the Kick-In, but paying an extra month to ensure you have a roof over your head, might be worthwhile.

Be on time

But not 10 minutes early! Most homes have several interviews in a row and they therefore appreciate it if you stick to their schedule. If you have to travel far and you are afraid of a delay, ask for a telephone number; so you can call the home if you are running late.

Make a good first impression

Come well dressed, alone (leave your mother at home or in the car) and introduce yourself politely to all housemates when you enter. In case you were still unsure: don't bring any presents if you are invited for a short interview.

Join the conversation

Be honest

An evening where you apply for a room obviously begins with introductions and asking each other questions. It often happens – especially if you are the fifth person looking for a room – that you continue with an ordinary conversation after this. This does not have to be about you or the home, but can also be about everyone's holiday or a strange story someone has heard. If you cannot talk about this, ask some questions. At such a moment, the home will best notice the difference between a person joining the conversation and a person who is just sitting there.

Of course you want to sell yourself to a home, but: the truth will always come out. This is of course a cliché, but: be yourself. Being honest about difficult eating habits or other weird customs is usually appreciated. And you never know, they might remember you because of your weird story...

Expect strange questions

You and the home should be a match. There is a good change that the first home where you apply is not immediately a perfect match. You are really no exception if you only find a home after applying 5 or 10 times. Being rejected is of course not nice, but fortunately there are plenty of rooms to choose from, so just send another message!

It must come from both side

A home must like you, but one thing is even more important for you personally: you must like the home. Ask yourself whether this home can be the perfect base for you to explore student life. A nice house is the best start you can wish for your future student life.


Student Home

During an interview to apply for a room you may occasionally get the strangest questions thrown at you, such as: "What do you see in the wallpaper pattern?" The residents do of course understand that you do not have a prepared or sensible answer for this, but that's the whole point. They just want to know how you respond to questions other than, "What are you studying?".

Don't be put off

Student houses Huize Basta

Student Home

Since 2005, we are at De Klomp: Huize Basta! We live with 7 women and there is a lot of laughter, nice foods and mostly ‘gezelligheid’! Not only with the current housemates, but with our oldies as well. At least twice a year we see our old roommates; at the annual New Years dinner and a house weekend in November. ven in these boring times we are able to talk for days on. We made a big Bucket List of all the things we want to do, like: a high tea, costume parties, painting and cooking. Or we just turn our house into a bar. In the comfort of our cute and little living room we enjoy our Gin & Tonics & craft beer and on our rooftop we can dance for hours. And now that the summer is coming the rooftop becomes our favourite place to eat, drink and have fun! We are all active in the student life of Enschede. We are board members, committee members and more. So there is always a nice story to tell and a lot of motivation around you! En daarmee.. Basta!

7 girls 2 bathrooms Cozy living room Rooftop Big bedrooms UT: 15 minutes by bike City: 1 minute


Huize de Boskamp Boskamp is one of the most beautiful houses in Enschede. Since 1983, the Boskampers live in the villa ‘Boskamp’ at the Noord Esmarkerrondweg. However, the students were forced to move. In 1992, the residents at that time moved to the ‘new’ Boskamp, which is located at Steenweg 130. In order to never have to move again, the (former) residents decided to put together enough money to buy the new house, this led to forming Stichting de Boskamp. The big white house at the corner is in our own management, so we don’t have a landlord. Boskamp thus has many facilities that make the life of a Boskamper just a little bit better than that of the average student. We have our own car, two bars, one for indoor and one for outdoor use, and a fireplace for the cold winter months.

The ‘Mooie Mannen’ of the Boskamp consist of a group of 9 friends. All nine are members of various fraternities and student associations. Despite all having these various clubs and associations, we do a lot together as well. We all meet every Monday night at 6 o’clock in the living room for the house evening on which we conduct different activities, from drinking beer and playing games to watching movies. We also have a yearly Christmas dinner and there are yearly activities where old residents take part in. Moreover, Huize de Boskamp is member of the SHE (Student House Relay), where we have a monthly drink with other SHE-houses in our fuchsia longcoats. Because Boskamp is a member of the SHE, we organize a drink every year. Huize de Boskamp organizes the famous Easter Drink. The ‘Mooie mannen’ of the Boskamp wish you a incredible KickIn!

Student Home


9 men UT: 15 minutes by bike & 10 minutes by car City: 5 minutes by bike Big kitchen, cellar, Spacious bathroom, Two toilets, utility room, Big garden, big living room & two bars


Student Home

Huize DAZTA Huize DAZTA is an active, mixed student house on the picturesque campus of the university. You can recognize us by the big blue banner you see when you cycle past the bus stop on the Witbreuksweg. We live with 3 men and 3 women. Everybody is active at various associations, including study and sport associations and several disputen, and most of us have even done a board year at their association! We are an open-minded house without many obligations, but that does not mean that we never see each other. On the contrary, we eat together every day and we have regular house evenings. Next to this we also have yearly traditions like our Christmas dinner with old housemates and our house weekend. Normally we go to places like Hamburg and France, but this year we went to Zeeland to have some quality strawa’s together during lockdown. Apart from all the activities we do together, we often relax in our cosy living room, watching movies and bad reality tv. During summertime, we also like to spend our evenings on our roof terrace, where we have a nice view of the forests of the campus! Everybody has their own bathroom, so you don’t have to wait for someone else to finish showering in the morning. Furthermore, because we already live on campus, it is about 3 forward rolls to the nearest university building. However, experience has learned us that this still gives no guarantee to be at physical lectures in time (oops). The city is a little further away, as it takes about 15 minutes from the city to our place. All of us have had a great time during our Kick-In’s, so we hope you will all experience this as well and create loads of fun memories you will remember for the rest of your student life!

3 men and 3 women Personal bathrooms for everyone Rooftop terrace Cozy living room UT: 3 forward rolls City: 15 minutes by bike


‘Unwritten’ rules You may have already heard beautiful stories from other students about student life, chances are that you regularly though: ‘what?!’ There are a lot of things in student life that are very different from being at high school. There are unwritten rules, things you cannot read anywhere and that is simply how it should be. We make an exception in this article: we write down a few important points, so you will not face any surprises during your first steps as a student.

Student Home

Choice of words


As a student, you are in between two phases. You are no longer a child, but you are not exactly an adult yet. Nevertheless, no matter how picky this might sound, it is important that certain words are changed. You no longer go to school, but to university; not to a lesson, but to a lecture. You don’t do your homework, but you study and you don’t make tests, but exams. You will get used to this soon, but if you use the wrong word, you may expect surprised looks.

There is a certain hierarchy within student life. This sounds scary but it most certainly is not. In some student houses, you have a hierarchy in order of who moved in last. The person who has been living there the longest is the Nestor/Nestrix, the person who has been living there the shorted, is the youngest in the home. There may also be a certain hierarchy within associations. All in all, you can be sure that you will regularly be called ‘sjaars’ (abbreviation for first-year student), as for the rest, this hierarchy is not too bad in practice.

Pub behaviour

In the past you used to go ‘out’, when you are a student you will go ‘to the pub’ or ‘just go for a drink’. Not only does this sound different, but slightly different behaviour is expected as well. In the past you used to go dancing a lot and maybe even some ‘grinding’ now and then. You will not see this a lot during your student days. If you are flirting with someone and you eventually decide to take action, it will be appreciated if you find a somewhat quieter place for this than in the middle of the pub.

Finally, it is recommended to just let things happen. Studying is great! You might recognize some of the things mentioned above, or maybe not. During the first few weeks, everything will surprise you, but that is actually a lot of fun. Hopefully you are a bit better prepared with the above information, have fun!


Student jobs Student life is great, but must of course be funded in some way. In addition to the option of borrowing from DUO and maybe a little help from parents, you may also want to earn some extra money. Many students therefore decide to work next to their study programme; which in many cases can be easily combined. Below you will find a list of some student jobs to give you an impression of the opportunities for students. The hourly wages are of course a nice bonus, but the main thing is that you find a student job where you enjoy working and hopefully also learn a lot from. If you are interested in a job within the University of Twente, it is useful to actively inform whether places become available at certain positions. Vacancies are often filled quickly and are often promoted via other people. Each student job briefly states how you can get more information. Most vacancies go through the employment agency of the university: UT-FLEX. You can register for this via

Student Home

Student assistant

Net hourly wage: €10 - €15 per hour As a student assistant you will help the teacher with a certain subject or a certain module. This often concerns a subject/module where you have shown that you have enough skills and interest to support fellow students. Assistance may also be required at work lectures, practicals, projects, or even marking. This is a fun and also educational job, which can also be of help later on. In general you must be at least a second-year student and have successfully completed the subject. Ask the teacher whether he/she requires any support.

Caretaker / Service desk assistant

Net hourly wage: €10 - €15 per hour As a caretaker you are the central point of contact in a building of the university. In addition to issuing keys and reservations, you are also responsible for order and safety in the building. Helping others is a core task within this position. However, when things are quiet, you can relax behind the service desk with a study book or video. In other words: the perfect student job. Pay attention to whether a vacancy becomes available in UT-FLEX or check with the service desks.


Assistant Open Days / Degree Information Officer

Net hourly wage: €9 - €15 per hour As assistant at the Open Days, you represent the university. You may be deployed for information provision, guided tours or study programme information. You will learn how you can best show or explain your study programme and the rest of the university to potential fellow students. It is important that you have a friendly and open appearance, so that people like to approach you with questions. Ask your study programme about the information team or register via UT-FLEX.


Hospitality industry

Pre-U assistant

Study Information Centre

Net hourly wage: €10 - €15 per hour As a tutor you will help other students with subjects they find difficult. You can be a tutor on elementary school, high school and also on the university. To become a tutor, you should have passed the subject (for example physics) sufficient yourself. There are many companies where you can apply for such a job. They will then introduce you to a school where you can start tutoring.

Net hourly wage: €10 - €15 per hour At the Study Information Centre you have a lot of contact with upcoming students. You are responsible for emails, chats and phonecalls to answer questions about the UT. And you can help upcoming students to make the decision the come study here. As a member of the Study Information Centre team, you also go on School Visits, to give presentations about the UT and you are a part of the Open Days team, to answer queastion at the Info Festival.


Student Home

Net hourly wage: €10 - €15 per hour As a Pre-U assistant (the Pre-University College of the University of Twente), you work with a team on various projects for high school students. You can think about for example, master classes, workshops and camps. Pre-U is regularly looking for new assistants who like being involved in the development of teaching materials, tutoring or supporting projects. Would you like more information? Go to werkenbijpre-u/vacatures/.

Net hourly wage: €6 - €10 per hour There is a wide range of jobs available within the hospitality industry. Via an employment agency for hospitality jobs you always end up in different places and you can decide where and when you work. Examples are: festivals, congresses, catering, football matches and parties. The flexible work environment also ensures that you will quickly meet a lot of new people. You can also apply for a job as a waiter/waitress in a restaurant or in a pub. You often get an extra tip on top of your fixed hourly wage. However, a job in the hospitality industry is often hard work, but you will get a lot of fun and a good salary in return.

Financial matters Studying is an expensive hobby. In addition to your tuition fees, your living expenses are also a major cost item. If you live on your own, you must take various fixed costs into account. Below we have made a list of these monthly costs for you (Nibud Student Research, 2017)! • • • • • • • •

Rent €417 Groceries €181 Study books and –supplies €58 Transport (in addition to public transport) €63 Relaxation, going out, sports €146 Clothing and shoes €47 Health care insurance €106 Telephone €26

Student Home

Total: €1044

These amounts are average for all students in the Netherlands. However, in Enschede we are lucky; the costs are a bit lower here. For example, a student pays on average only €329 rent per month. Enschede is also known for its low beer prices. In an average pub you will only pay €1.80 for a beer and in student pubs this is often only half the price.

There are of course various ways to pay for the expensive student life. For example, many students rely on a student job to make ends meet every month. DUO also offers the opportunity to borrow up to € 1.101,84 per month with an interest rate of 0.0%. Many students make maximum use of this. “Maximum borrowing is maximum life”, is therefore a common motto of many students. These students may borrow the maximum amount, but they don’t spend it all at once. They put the money they don’t use in a saving account, to already save some money for after their study programme or to have a buffer in case of an emergency.

However, maximum borrowing also entails some risks. For example, many students will be more inclined to spend more money if they have more to spend. In addition, most banks use an historic low interest rate of only 0.05% per year. So you won’t make money while you sleep.


Apart from borrowing and working, it is always good to keep a critical eye on your expenses. Can you save some money somewhere? This way you might have to borrow less, or you can spend it on other, nice things. We have made a list of a few useful saving tips for you:

1. As a student you are entitled to a health care allowance and maybe also a rent allowance. You can apply for this at the Tax Authorities; 2. Some students are also entitled to an additional grant. Via DUO you can check whether you are also entitled to this; 3. Check whether you can find second-hand study books (online). You can also borrow these from a senior student; 4. Learn how to repair your own bike. Bike repair shops easily charge a few tenners for repairing a tire; 5. Go to recycling shops or flea markets to furnish your student room; 6. Buy second-hand clothing. You can buy cheap secondhand designer clothes via trendy websites, such as United Wardrobe. You can also sell any clothes you no longer wear; 7. Play sports at a low rate at a student sports association; 8. Pack your own lunch instead of buying a sandwich in the canteen; 9. Cook bigger portions and put these in the freezer for when you eat alone; 10. Use student discounts. Via the website services/student/uniondeals/you can check which discounts you can get when you show your student card. For example, you can go to FC Twente for a cheap rate, get your driving licence with a discount and go to the cinema for just €7.50!

Crash Course Dutch Goedemorgen Goedemiddag Goedenavond Hoe heet je? Ik ben... Hoe gaat het me je? Het gaat goed met mij Dankjewel Graag gedaan Waar kom je vandaag? Ik kom uit... Kun je mij helpen? Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands Ik studeer... Eet smakelijk Tot ziens Doei

Student Home

Goodmorning Goodafternoon Good evening What’s your name? I am... How are you doing? I am fine Thank you You’re welcome Where are you from? I am from... Can you help me? I speak a little bit of Dutch I am studying... Enjoy your meal Goodbye Bye

Water Taps Tap water is very high quality and perfectly safe to drink. Chlorine is not added to our drinking water, which ensures a better taste. Most of the Dutch citizens don’t buy water at the supermarket. Instead they just fill up their bottle at the toilet sink. Also in public areas, you don’t have to worry about water contamination. We recommend you to get a reusable water bottle and fill it with water from the tap. This saves you a lot of money and prevents the pollution of disposable water bottles.

Waste Separation In the Netherlands it is common to separate your waste. At most households it is already common to separate PMD (Plastics, Metals and Drink cartons), organics, paper and residual. Also at the University of Twente, these four waste streams are separated. After separation, the waste is being processed into new products, e.g. toiletpaper, compost, packaging, electricity, etc. You can contribute to this recycling process by separating your waste correctly. More information can be found on the trash bins.


Student recipes There you are. In the slightly dirty kitchen of your student home. It is your turn to put a meal on the table for you and your housemates. But what will you cook? And maybe even more important: How will you make that? Here you will find four delicious and mainly easy recipes to surprise your housemates.

Pasta Red Pesto

Student Home

This easy recipe is very delicious and won’t break the bank! It is very easy to make vegetarian, just leave the meat out and add some more vegetables. Shopping list (for 4 people) • 300 gr pasta • 180 gr Drentse Kosterworst • 1 onion • 1 glove garlic • 250 ml cream • 250 gr cherry tomatoes • 275 gr courgette • 275 gr bell peppers • salt and pepper • splash of olive oil • Some rucola • 6 tablespoons of red pesto • Grated cheese

1. Finely chop the onion and garlic and fry briefly in a splash of olive oil. Add the pieces of bell pepper and courgette and fry for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the pasta until done. Add the (home-made) pesto and cream to the chicken and stir well. Quickly taste whether it need salt or pepper. 2. Cut the meat and fry it without oil in a separate pan. 3. Let the pesto sauce simmer gently for a few minutes. Add the cooked pasta and mix it together. Cut the tomatoes in half and also stir into the pasta pesto and heat for another minute. Serve the pasta pesto in the pan or on a plate with some rocket, grated cheese and the roasted pine nuts.


Mini pavlovas with white chocolate cream Go old-school with these mini pavlovas, raised above and beyond with white chocolate cream and rosé raspberry syrup. Shopping list (6 serves) • egg whites 3 • caster sugar 150g • cornflour ½ tsp • white wine vinegar ½ tsp White chocolate cream • white chocolate 100g, broken into pieces • double cream 400ml Rosé syrup • rose wine 300ml • caster sugar 150g • raspberries 300g

1. Line two baking sheets with baking paper and draw 3 x 10cm circles on each piece of paper. 2. Heat the oven to 170C/fan 150C/gas. 3. Put the egg whites into a large, clean bowl and use electric beaters to whisk to firm peaks. Add the sugar 1 tbsp at a time, while whisking, until the mixture holds stiff peaks and is shiny and glossy. Carefully whisk in the cornflour and vinegar. 4. Divide the mixture between the 6 circles on the baking paper, then use a dessertspoon to make into rounds with nests in the middle. Put into the oven and immediately turn the temperature down to 150C/fan 130C/gas 2 and cook for 40 minutes, then turn the oven off and leave inside to cool for 1 hour. Move onto a wire rack to cool completely. 5. For the white chocolate cream, put the white chocolate and 150ml of the cream into a small pan and gently heat until all of the chocolate has melted. Pour into a bowl, cover the surface with clingfilm and chill until cool and thickened. 6. For the rosé syrup, put the wine and sugar into a small pan, and simmer until reduced and syrupy. Leave for 15 minutes to cool, stir in the raspberries, then leave to cool completely. 7. To finish the white chocolate cream, whip the remaining cream to soft peaks, then gently fold in the white chocolate ganache, whisking again to thicken, if needed. 8. Put the meringues onto plates, spoon on some cream, then finish with the rosé syrup and raspberries.

STUDIOS FOR RENT Campus 053 - Hogekamp De Veldmaat


Student Home

Rent allowance possible on all studios Private kitchen and bathroom Size varies between 22 m² and 41 m²

Equipped with fast internet connection Shared facilities: game room, lounge area, study area, laundry room, cinema and roof terrace Interested? Please scan the QR code for the current offer. 109

Transportation Get a bike

Public transport

When starting your studies in Enschede, we would recommend you to quickly get a bike. In the Netherlands, cycling is one of the easiest and most common ways to get around quickly and sustainably. There are different ways to get a bike:

In the Netherlands, it is very common to move around by bike. For bigger distances, public transport is a very good solution. Sometimes, the Dutch Railways (NS) sells day tickets via (online) shops, which generally are way cheaper than regular fares. Both the university and the city centre can easily be reached by bus or train. The bus lines that stop on or near the campus are line 1 (city centre to campus) and line 9 (between Enschede and Hengelo, via the campus). When planning your travels, just check for the best connection on An explanation on how to use the Dutch public transport and the OV-chipcard can be found on the Kick-In website.

Student Home

Renting a bike

If you need a bike for a couple of hours (e.g. during a city trip in another Dutch city) you can make use of the OV-fiets. These public transport bicycles are available at almost any train station and cost only €3,85 per day. For more information, you can visit You will need a personal OV-chipcard to use these bikes! More info about the OV-chipcard can be found at When using a bike for a longer period of time, you can choose a long term renting programme like Swapfiets ( Swapfiets charges €14,50 per month. You can visit their website for more information.

Buying a bike

A more low-budget option is to buy your own bike. If you are looking to buy a second-hand bike, there are some options on where to look: • Online marketplace where sec ond-hand products are offered by locals (the Dutch ver sion of Ebay) • The UT equivalent of marktplaats. • A lot of bicycle shops also sell second-hand bikes


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