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Dear KIC Dublin Students, Student Life


Irish History


The aim of this school magazine is to bring in students’ contribuons and share them among you. We hope you will ďŹ nd this publicaon informave and inspiring for your stay in Ireland . As you can read through this ďŹ rst edion, all topics and wring styles are welcome. This is a truly free creave space made by students and for students.

Dublin for Beginners


IT Geeks


Daniel Pena Guajardo spent almost a year with us. His arcle explores the progress he has made in learning English . As you can read from his own words, friendship played a big part in helping him gaining conďŹ dence in a country away from his home.

Teachers Corner


Sabrina Biondo wrote a short poem on friendship before leaving the school. We believe her though-ul words are a posive incipit for the purpose of this magazine.

English World


Alix Thomas wrote a very moving story set in 1850s Ireland. Read his ďŹ rst person account of an Irish emigrant during the Famine. Page 5 is devoted to our IT Geeks. Carlos is an Informaon Engineer and is exploring a new trend in the IT world: cloud compung. This is going to be the future of IT. Jean Claude is also very passionate in media and communicaon tools so he wrote about the origins of a very handy gadget: the Blackberry. The ďŹ rst KIC Dublin Teacher to contribute to the students Magazine is our lovely Louise. She loves diving and is an expert on sea life. Read about her face to face encounter with a SunďŹ sh and how she managed to rescue it from illegal ďŹ shing nets. Felymar and Marco have been studying with us for several months now. They are therefore here to share ps and useful apps links to help you make the most of your learning experience outside class me.

KIC Dublin Sta

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“The real voyage of

discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.� Marcel Proust French author

One of my goals when I came to Dublin was to communicate smoothly and naturally and to immerse myself in English. I am the person who talks very much so a?ending a General English class at any English school is good for me but in other language is bit diďŹƒcult. I decided to take English lessons with Kaplan. I did not feel like I was studying when I came to class. I felt like I met friends and had conversaon with everyone like in I would do in my city. Not only did the teachers teach me English but they also taught me how to mingle with dierent cultures and good ways to enjoy a foreign city. They also gave me some ps on living in Ireland because everything was good for me (food, weather, culture, etc.) and with the experience them knew how make me feel

comfortable, that is how I gradually improved. Before my course in English and Culture, I was really stuck with English. I had the urgency to learn, but I felt a lot of insecurity and a feeling of desperaon with English. I was very bored and discouraged. I didn't know what to do to improve, what method I had to follow to progress. And I really was thinking about If I didn't have the capacity to be uent in English. I only could say good things about Kaplan and of course the teachers in academic system. The city is not huge and make it easier to walk around every places, I was studying in Kaplan for 1 academic year so I Could spend my me in many places and is really beauful place to study, you can travel to another state with a low cost like Cork, Gal-

way etc. The people are kind in general but somemes the teenager are so crazy. On another way the small building make it the atmosphere like in home and easier to make friendship and alter class I used to hang up with my friends and is a good way to improve the English skills and have fun, the pints inside the typical bar (PUB) are great but Guinness. The last thing is thanks the teachers and friends that I met in the way because I learned how is the real life outside the city where I was born, have fun with dierent acvies and the how ďŹ nd fun and interesng the English as my mother tongue.

Friendship is a Journey A Poem by Sabrina Maeva Biondo This is a long journey. You can laugh with the people around you.

the journey with you.

You can play with them, but you may also cry.

Somemes they may disappear for a while, but if you need help, they’ll always be there for you.

Everyday, new people knock on the door hoping to be accepted in your carriage. It may be just to say hello or maybe for more‌

K I C + D u b l i n M a g a z i n e

However, the most important thing is that you spend me with them. You will never forget the people who began

Some people deďŹ nitely leave the train and some else open their eyes for the ďŹ rst me. Some people will try to stop you and leave you no opon but to ďŹ ght.

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The crossing of Ireland Alix Thomas Read This first-person account of a passage to America on a Famine Ship. This short story is set in the 1850’s.

We were back in the mud, trying to find our way through the last marsh we had to cross. We felt completely washed out. The crossing of Ireland from Dublin to Galway had been a real pain but the feeling that the awful trip was almost over brought us relief so that we could see an end in our desperate journey.

path that an old man indicated us. When we arrived at the port of Galway we found the imposing ship by meandering through the crowd. We had no packages except for some potatoes in our pockets. AGer geHng on the ship I lost track of my family and thought I was be?er off not looking for them. AGer arriving in America there was no way I could have found them anyway. Half of the passengers were reported dead and another quarter missing, including my family.

I was indeed relieved that my parents had finally made the decision to leave that filthy city which was more and more looking like a giganc grave than an actual city. The only reason my two li?le brothers and I were able to survive was thanks to our ability to scrape by every day in Dublin, hustling over the few wealthy people passing by on the streets. One of my brothers would have probably died if we had not found a dry untraveled

THE IRISH FAMINE In Ireland, the Great Famine was a period of mass starvaon, disease and emigraon between 1845 and 1852. The proximate cause of famine was a potato disease commonly known as potato blight. During the famine approximately 1 million people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland.


IRISH LIFEST YLE by Dmitry Kulakov Having arrived in Dublin nearly 1 month ago I can honestly say that this city is very special. What makes it so unique: the residents, the environment or the landscape? It’s all of this and even more. Almost everyone can notice that it is the climate that makes Ireland special. My judgement might be biased, but during the summer you can experience different temperatures similar to spring or autumn. Crisp, refreshing, mild weather in the morning is usually followed by sunny and fair afternoons with ten-minute periods of soaking rain, although not steady. Then as the day light fades away it may get breezy and chilly. Yet, you can never be sure what the weather is going to be like, so leave your expectations at home, check the weather forecast and grasp your Umbrella . Changeable is the key word here. As the weather changes the people may seem to behave in the same way. The streets are packed with people in the morning, when almost everyone rushes for the public transport to get to work, university or school. Then the intensity changes and after 3 or 4 hours of "settling down" incoming waves of tourists tend to spread all over the city centre, occupying landmark streets such as Temple bar or Grafton street, halting to see street performances, take some photos or pop into a pub or coffee, lingering until around midnight. This is a perfect opportunity to make new friends, try to familiarise with the culture and mode of life, history and values of this remote country. Beyond Dublin you can find more lovely towns such as Galway, Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick and more. In my humble opinion Ireland also has on of the most splendiferous mountains and coastlines: the Cliffs of Moher, Giant's Causeway and Wicklow mountains are national assets. The contrast one can see is beyond comparison: the hills touching the skies, various vegetation together with limestone rocks and sea are in itself great tourist highlights and ideal sceneries. Foreigners, students and visitors are most likely to come up with idea of arriving here for the above-mentioned reasons. If you are a student residing somewhere in Dublin do not miss a chance to explore every single corner of the city: from Malahide to Bray, from Phoenix park to Howth. On weekends take a book or iPod and go to Trinity College. Find a spare lawn and isolate yourself from the hullabaloo of urban centre. Later on join your friends and drop in a pub and listen to a live music session being played by a local band while slowly sipping a pint of Guinness. I wish I had more words to describe the Irish lifestyle. Even though I am not a long-term resident I can say that these I mentioned are all aspects that contribute making Ireland so distinctive.

CLOUD COMPUTING? MY COMPUTER ON A CLOUD? By Carlos Matheus Chaucin No, you don’t have to put your computer on a cloud in the sky. It isn’t literal! Can you imagine travelling around the world and at some point you lose your computer? And even worst, what if you were right on your way to an important business meeng? What would you do? Well, that is where cloud compung comes to save the day. When you use cloud compung, all the important informaon you stored in your computer could have a copy on the internet; this copy is private. That is, only the person who knows the password can access it. Going back to our li?le problem, if we use this tool, an internet connecon is all we need. Whether you use a tablet, your smartphone or a laptop just login to your account and there you go: all the informaon you stored on your computer is there, ready to be downloaded. Many companies offer cloud compung but only three of them stand above the others: Dropbox, Google Drive and MicrosoG SkyDrive. Each of them offer a free version that you can try in order to choose the most suitable for yoru needs. They also offer apps for your mobile and soGware that you can install on your personal computer. This is a great opon to be connected anywhere in the world. So, what are you waing for, start using the new tools of web 2.0! Do not keep it too long or you may end up losing your computer and all your data!

vestedin the new phone era, started to undermine the RIM posion, unl they make it. Here start the BlackBerry fall. RIM take they must change if they don't want go bankrupt. RIM did an own goal in 2011, on 10 October , for 3 days, e-mail, BBM ( BlackBerryMessanger) doesn't work for a RIM server crash. Another The year was 1996, Pink Floyd become part of the Hall of Fame, one was the sale of Playbook (RIM tablet), a complete failure. Take That melt, first free elecons in the Russian Federaon to Then, in 2011, the new RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, his priority will elect the President of the Republic,Bill Clinton was re-elected for be to stake everything on what now seems to be the only lifeline: a second term and a Canadian Company called RIM rise the world the new operang system BlackBerry 10 (BB10). AGer delays for market with a product never seen before, upseHng the future various reasons, RIM in 30 January 2013 have presented the new concept of mobile phone. RIM has succeeded to minimized the BlackBerry device with BB10, and in the same me, Heins anqwerty pc keyboard on a pager with advantage text system, the nounces than RIM changes name in BlackBerry. In 26 August RIM 850, the first Blackberry Device. Maybe we can think it wasBlackBerry showed his “new” device, the BlackBerry 9720, a den't a great innovaon in the mobile world, but at the me, it was vice with BB7, not the new and desired BB10, for many this is a something wonderful, like when Apple in 2007 saw to the world big mistake, because this can mean “take a step back”, but Blackthe first Mul-Touch Phone. From then on, BlackBerry devices Berry can't make that, because that is what it is trying to improve will conquered the businessmen pocket whit their affordability ( BB10 in fact is it).BlackBerry launched at the same me his new and security. RIM born in 1984, in Waterloo, by Mike Lazaridis. OS tablet with the new his tablet. In 9 July, Thorsten Heins conRIM started to work on commission from different company. In vened over 95% of the shareholders, illustrang the BlackBerry the '90s, RIM gets involved to wireless technology, especially for future, saying that BlackBerry has started his transional period, pagers. But the BlackBerry founder ,equipped with a voice call, that could during years before became leader in mobile compuwas the BlackBerry 5810. Year by year, RIM connues to increase ng. their device quality, creang new service, like for scripng data exchange, creaon of web features and push noficaons form e -mails, soGware for company internal servers. All was good up to the mobile devices world entered the touch Smart Phone era. RIM was sure their devices connues to being the center of a?enon, but Apple and Google with their new OS JEAN CLAUDE GRAZIOLI (operaon system) and the other company that has in-

The Fall of Business Phones

Scuba divers to the rescue! A few weekends ago, I went on a diving trip with my dad and a few diving buddies. We went to a beauful island off the west coast of Ireland called Inishbofin. On Saturday morning, aGer a thrilling boat ride, we arrived at the first dive site. The sun was shining and the sea was flat calm. We got into the water and descended into the beauful blue Atlanc Ocean. AGer a few minutes, we were at 25 metres, but in the distance we could see something moving. As we descended to 30 metres, we realised it was a sunfish! Wow!! I’ve only ever seen these on TV! However, there was something strange about this sunfish; he didn’t swim away from

us. As we got closer, we realised that it was caught in an illegal fishing net. Immediately, we took out our diving knives and began to cut through the net. I remember looking at it in amazement, but I could see the panic in its big round eye. Finally, aGer a few minutes of struggle, we managed to set him free. It was absolutely exhilarang to watch him swim away! We cheered and high fived (yes, even underwater)! AGer the dive, we had a picnic on the island is the sparkling sunshine and with the wonderful feeling of having freed such a beauful creature.

By LOUISE KIC Dublin Teacher


ENGLISH OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM All of us are taking these classes to learn and improve our English, but what if I told you, you could make the most of your learning experience outside the classroom? Yes, it is possible if you just think outside the box and try t beneďŹ t from other ways in which your English could be polished.

Who does not have a smartphone today? I think everyone does! So try and ďŹ nd apps that will support you in your learning process.

This of course goes is in addion to what you can already ďŹ nd in the school. You can lend movies and books from the Library on the 3rd Floor. RememFor example, going to see a movie will en- ber to make the most of K+ Tools Online Study, hance your listening skills, the same happens when and of the study clubs. you listen to music and you try and translate the lyrics. Another helpful thing could be reading a newspaper, books or online blogs. By doing this Here is a list of useful websites and APPS: you will gain a lot of new vocabulary. Drawn on the fact that you are studying aboard, try and make friends with people from other countries so that you will be forced to speak English all the me. This is the best way to gain more conďŹ dence while you are abroad. You should go out and meet local people.

Also, there are many websites that are designed for students where you can ďŹ nd English grammar, vocabulary, idioms and dierent pracce test.

Best of Luck,

www. 

Felymar Meza and Marco Parra


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