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MAGAZINE “Educaon is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.� (Nelson Mandela)

Dear Students, Welcome to the December Issue of the KIC + Dublin Magazine. This has been an unforgeable year for our school and we would like to thank each one of you for contribung in making it so special. This issue is a colourful collecon of short arcles on food, winter me celebraons and Christmas tradions around the world. The school hosts 32 dierent naonalies at the moment and we hope you’ll make the most of this internaonal melng pot! You can read about very diverse food tradions for Christmas dinner which may be inspiring for your own Christmas menu. You will ďŹ nd students recounts of their memories and impressions of winter me as well as recommendaons for a Christmas Themed Movie Night. Also, there is a reecon on the way regional food exported abroad inuences the establishment of a country’s food tradion internaonally. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and keep sharing your stories.

Wishing you a wonderful winter break and a happy New Year! KIC DUBLIN STAFF

Special Brazilian Occasion Food - Christmas Turkey The main Christmas meal is traditionally eaten on December 24th in Brazil. The whole family celebrates together and chats. Dinner is served before midnight. After dinner people start exchanging gifts. For children it is a little bit different as they live in a magical world and believe that “Santa Claus is coming to town.” They put their shoes on the window pane waiting for gifts. It is true that turkey is delicious at Christmas. It’s served with a wide variety of dishes that include salad, rice, mashed potatoes and “farofa”, a toasted manioc or maize flour mixture. The turkey is roasted and served with wine, soft drinks and water. On December 25th, Brazilian people usually pray and go to mass.

Antonio Fernando O. Costa, Brazil

Christmas Meal in Italy At Christmas, we usually eat spaghetti ai frutti di mare. Here is the recipe to prepare this pasta dish: Put clams and cockles in cold salted water for 2 hours. Add the shellfish, olive oil, lightly peeled and crushed garlic, chili and chopped parsley. Cook on low flame until the shellfish is open. Add shrimps, add tomatoes and let it cook for ten minutes. We eat this meal with our family the evening before Christmas. Another occasion when we eat this dish is at dinner parties with friends . We also drink fine white wine or very cold Champagne then and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Donato Di Lelsi , Italy

Spaghetti Ai Frutti Di Mare

New Year’s Eve Meals in Russia The Russians like New Year’s Eve a lot. It’s their favorite holiday in the year.

about going to the stores. :) Usually, we lay out the big table with many delicious dishes. Our dishes have many calories and are not healthy. The main dish can be a whole duck or chicken roasted in the oven with golden crust. We also boil potatoes. We make many different salads and snacks.

I like to spend New Year’s Eve with my family because for me, it’s a family holiday. But some young people enjoy having fun with their friends in this magic night. We have a long vacation after New Year’s Eve. So we don’t go back to work or to our studies before January 9th or 10th.

We can’t imagine these holidays without salad “Olivier” (which is known as “Russian Salad” in the rest of the world), “Herring under fur coat”, tangerines and Champagne.

Before these holidays people try to buy a lot of food and drinks to spend these days without thinking

following ingredients: meat, vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots, herbs) and eggs. To prepare “Herring under fur coat” you need: beetroot, herring, potatoes, eggs, onion etc. We eat too much food on this day, but this is just how you spend New Year’s Eve.

“New Year’s Eve is the Russians’ most favorite holiday in the year.”

by Elmira

To prepare “Olivier” we use the

Korean New Year’s Eve Breakfast: Rice Cake Soup (Tteok Guk) We celebrate New Year’s Day with rice cake soup which is called Tteok Guk in Korean.

a joke. Secondly, it brings luck for the new year. So, they prepare it with the hope of bringing fortune to their family.

The Koreans get one year older on New Year’s Day. And we have Tteok Guk for The main ingredient of the breakfast. dish is rice cake. It is like a The custom of having Tteok kind of rice pasta in Korea. Guk for New Year’s break- We boil the soup with a fast has some interesting mixture of pepper, beef, stories. sesame oil, sauce and some First of all, one plate of Tteok Guk means you are one year old. So we talk to each other about how many bowls you had. If there is someone who has had two bowls of Tteok Guk, we say “you get two years old” as

vegetables. After a while, we put the rice cake in the soup. And then we add the big dumplings which means fortune. Finally, we decorate the soup with colorful ingredients: red with carrots,

green with peppers, yellow with scrambled eggs, black with dried “One plate seaweeds. of Tteok The recipe of Tteok Guk is not that difficult. That’s why Kore- Guk means ans have always used to have it you are for New Year’s Day. There one year wasn’t enough food to celebrate because it’s winter that time. But with simple meals and older.” recipes they could celebrate getting older happily during the cold winter time.


Mexico’s Independence Day Meal Ingredients Chili Walnut Cream Grenadine Fruits (pears, apples, peaches) Vegetables (potatoes, carrots) Meet (beef) Xeres (strong red wine)

This meal is typical of Independence day born in Puebla, which is a city near the capital (Mexico D.F).

The filling is very important because it is the main component of the taste.

First, cook the chili in hot water. Then prepare the filling: Cook the meat, the spices, the vegetables and the fruits and mix them. Now you can put the filling into the chili. Then prepare the dressing: mix the cream, red wine and ground walnut. Finally, serve the meal on a plate and add grenadine and spices.

Juan Francisco Alvarez Zorrilla

Christmas Holiday in the small Republic of San Marino San Marino is a small independent Republic in the middle of Italy. During the Christmas period, the city centre becomes crowded by shoppers and market-goers who walk along the sparkling streets. A lot of small stands like wooden houses are placed through the streets where you can buy special gi.s as Christmas presents. While walking through the streets you can smell “vin brule’”, roasted chestnuts and you can taste “bombardino”, the typical super-alcohol that is advised with the cold. There are performances of street arsts and you can feel the posive atmosphere of happiness and serenity walking through the well-lit street. On the “Monte Titano” you can appreciate the wonderful landscape and see all the panorama around you, which is especially beauful when it snows. On Christmas, San Marino becomes a magic city like a snow globe.

Laura Corbelli

VENEZUELAN FOOD Venezuela is a country located in South America, However, we also have sophiscated dishes coming which is why we have access to many different types from many variees of naonalies with a naonal of food coming from many places around the World. tastes in them. For instance, Japanese food, Italian We are in a strategic place. On the other hand, the food, Spanish food, Arabic food, Mexican food but presame locaon per se, allows us to have access to sev- pared by Venezuelans and with naonal ingredients. eral food cook techniques that come from the other Finally I can say that Venezuelan food and sophiscat-

South American Countries and North America.

All these components allow us to have a variety of ed dishes with naonal ingredients are so delicious dishes in our Country. From Nave to well sophiscat- that we have many Gourmet Academies where many people around the World can have access to studying

ed dishes which includes naonal ingredients.

for a career in this field. One of the nave dishes is “Arepa”. This consists of a sort of corn flour well cooked or fried made in a bun


shape and filled with many kind of meats, vegetables or even fruits. There is another important dish for us named “Pabellon Nacional” which consists of flank steak, black beans, rice and fried plantains. Both of them are the most representave nave dishes in Venezuela.

Christmas Time

by Cristina

Every year Christmas is a special time where you can enjoy a cheerful atmosphere. Everybody seems to be enthusiastic. You are able to feel the happiness. Each shop in the streets is decorated with typical and amazing adornments. There are red carpets along the footpaths. Everything is cool! The children are delighted to think about their new gifts. They may have not been nice, good and friendly enough, so that Papa Noel or the Magic Kings bring them a present. They are always nervous due to that. Al least, so I was when I was a child. It seems that they behave well just because the Magic Kings are everywhere. This is gorgeous for parents! You can also see Magic Kings' messengers collecting children' letters with their wishes until the Twelfth Night procession that is hold the last night before King day. It is also time to remember your relatives who aren't there. Unfortunately, a lot of people can say that it's blue. And if you haven’t a big family maybe Christmas means loneliness. Or it is possible too that you can't afford too much luxury whereas other enjoy eating different, big dishes. In my opinion Christmas is not your relatives who aren't there. Unfortunately, a lot of people can say that it's blue. And if you haven’t a big family maybe Christmas means loneliness. Or it is possible too that you can't afford too much luxury whereas other enjoy eating different, big dishes. In my opinion Christmas is not that special. However, I think this one will be. My elder brother is going back home to Mexico. I will go as well and I guess it will be warmer and cosier.

WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME by ALICE My name is Alice I’m from Spain so I want to tell you how we celebrate Christmas. A few days before Christmas we start shopping to buy presents for the family. On Christmas Eve we meet all together in our parents’ house and enjoy having a big dinner. Turkey, vegetables, and many sweets are laid on the table that we have arranged in the morning. After dinner we meet around the Christmas tree to exchange presents that we bought during the previous days. Each present has a tag with the name of the person it’s directed to so we enjoy watching the faces when they open them, especially children. When we finish with this tradition we go to church at midnight. On Christmas day we go back to our parents’ house and enjoy again a big meal around the table. We talk about the things that happened to us in the year and remember when we were children.

Winter Holidays in Italy

a6ernoon! The 6th of January is the day of Epiphany, this is another day to have a meeng with all relaves and sit for another dinner, another long dinner!

Apart from all the love and affecon you can share with your family, the present you will receive and the me By Paolo Suardi you’ll spend with your parents, when this season is over you must enrol at the gym because the minimum you In Italy the winter holiday season starts on December 8th, have put on is 5 kg. the day of the Immaculate Concepon. On December 24th begins a period when a lot of people decide to stay home from the work, because of three days fesvals. The first is December 24th, when everybody is preparing presents for family and friends, parents prepare the famous lunch and then go to church to celebrate the Mass at midnight. The 25th of December is Christmas, when people wake up they unwrap their gi6s and then have a big dinner together. This meal may last all

The Best Christmas movies: Vito Cellamaro Every year during the Christmas holidays there are some typical movies on tv. What’s the best Christmas me movie you’ve ever seen? For me the best is Bad Santa, with Bill Bob Thornton: a very good comedy with very badly behaviour characters. The story: a child meets a professional robber that is organising a great robbery at the town’s biggest mall. The child lives alone with his grandmother in a very large and beauful manor; the robber enters into the child’s home and starts living there, as usual as his own, spending last days before the robbery. The contrast between child’s ingenuousness and the robber’s badness and alcoholism make this movie very funny. But it’s Xmas me, so a miracle is in the air. The child will change the old man and even help him to find a very beauful girlfriend. For all tastes, this it the first 5 movies of our chart: 1. A Christmas Carol 2. Miracle on 34th street 3. Elf 4. Gremlins 5. The nightmare before Xmas

Italian Food So famous, so different Lorenzo Vallisa

There are many outrageous interpretaons of Italian most famous food-recipes throughout the world. Everything started at the me when the first Italian forbearers decided to emigrate seeking for fortune and wellness in other countries’ blooming economies. These emigrants were mainly poor low-skilled people unaware of the existence of a life outside their ny house walls, living with extremely low standards of life, mostly unemployed and in the worst condions due to ailment and starvaon. Despite the lack of a minimum-required educaon system, children were driven from a very young age into the holy culture of food. Food namely has always been one of the main traits belonging to Italian tradion: from grandmothers to nephews, from generaon to generaon the art of preparing food has been transmiBed and has steadily improved to the point that it has become the most remarkable exported Italian product all over the world.

What led to the creaon of misleading copies of authenc Italian food has most likely been the generaonal gap and the external environment. That is to say, the first generaon emigrants’ strong food tradion and recipes preparaon mixed somehow with the host countries’ foodcultures. A clear example of this “lost in transion” process is the difference in taste between a pizza Margherita made in Naples and the same pizza tasted in restaurants from New York to Berlin. To this extent it’s important to idenfy which variable has played such a big role in creang this gap: ingredients remain basically the same, whereas what changed is the care and dedicaon put into the preparaon process itself. This got lost somewhere between the overcoming influence of the local tradion and the loss of method and technique.

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The Winter Special Edition

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