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Dear Students, Here is another edition of our beloved Students’ Magazine! In it you’ll find an interesting selection of articles created by students during our Thursday Study Club called “Writing for the K+ Students’ Magazine”. Please comment and feel free to submit more articles on anything that you think may interest our students’ community. It could be recipes, movie reviews, travel stories, poems… We look forward to hearing from all of you. Keep up the good work and keep sharing your stories. KIC Dublin Staff



Dear Friend...

Hi Ruben,

I arrived in Ireland in April, on Friday, the 4th . The flight was long with one stop over in Madrid. The first day I stayed in hostel Generator and on Saturday I moved in with my Irish family. My host mother is Anne and my host father is Raymond but I call him Ray and they are very friendly. In Dublin there are many students and people from all around the world. It is very interesting because their traditions are different - for example I have Arabian, South Korean, Mexican, Venezuelan and Bolivian classmates in my class. The city is beautiful. There are some castles, the sea and the river, but I didn’t see a beach like we have in Chile. The weather is very different and changes all day and everyday and during the day, too. I can wake up with sun, with 15 degrees, but after 1 hour all changes and it may be raining, be very cold and windy. The people are friendly, but for me it is complicated, because I am a beginner student and I don’t speak fluent English. Yours,

Marcelo Sepulveda, Chile

Hi my friend, tiful city. In the Dublin is a beau d an try un co l tifu ke a bus tour and beau land youis like a to know more about the Italian culture? IreWould many shops or ta d fin d an alk w ce. There are a n city centre you ca aces Dublin. Temple Bar is very ni place is best pl hat see 33 important have to choose w u yo d see the an le op pe Ireland: you can in e ac pl lot of very happy l fu ti re are another beau ally! The people he ple, re , ul tif for you. Howth is au be is ountains. It able: for exam ocean and the m her is very change evening is really at we e Th y. dl ien very nice and fr is warm and the ld, the afternoon co is ng ni or m e th wet. ld come! to study. You shou e ac pl t ea gr a is Dublin ente Prado Jorge Humberto Pu





If I could travel in %me... Where I would like to be? If I could travel in me I would like to be in 1994, because I was a child, I didn't have any kind of responsability and my parents looked aer me in a huge and beauful house in the suburbs of Caracas. At that me, people had a strong sense of community and in general we had a happy society. Aer 1998, when the polical power of my country changed in a completely dierent way, the situaon changed. The president who was a great person with outstanding

speech skills highlighted the poor's situaon, but, at the same me, he made the poor resen'ul against the rich people. We started a vicious circle of violence and polical problems which seems not to have ended. Moreover, the economics policies have made people around the goverment have the opportunity to steal, give away the big enterprises and naonalize the whole industry. This made the naonal producon decrease, leaving our society without jobs and some

mes without food in supermarkets. It has produced unse,lement in our society, and people now want to end years and years of violence and problems related with polics. That's one of the reasons why I would like to be a child again and go back to my beauful land and my happy society.

Johnny Salas, Venezuela

The most famous event in my country

The most famous event in Germany is the "Oktoberfest" and it has a long tradition. In the south of Germany there are many similar kinds of celebration, but the "Oktoberfest" is the biggest in the world. The most important things you need to celebrate it, are a big beer tent, which is decorated in the traditional way. You need beer benches to dance on it. You take a seat on it only to eat your meal, for example chicken or "Weisswueste", which is a sausage with a pretzel. Of course, with your meal you must drink a litre beer in beer mug. Even if you want to take a gulp you must clink the mugs with your friends and all others which stand around you. There you say loud: "Prost!" Also there plays a band which is singing German songs and all people in the tent singing together. It is a great amazing atmosphere in the tent. And because of I visit it so much I can. Franka




What’s on in Dublin? May 17th to May 25th FREE & F O X I AM ENTS! V E D E T TICKE

Dublin Writers Festival is

The Dublin Writers Festi-

delighted to be returning

val, founded in 1998, is

this May with an extended

Ireland’s premier liter-

9 day festival. Musicians,

ary event and gathers



the finest writers in the

and dancers will all take

world to debate, pro-

part in events at the 2014

voke, delight and en-



thral. Described by the

which will take place from

events from over 130 es-

17th – 25th May, and will

tablished and emerging

feature over 90 different

authors over 9 days.


For more information:: h,p://



Easter Celebrations Around the World... Easter in my Country….. The commemoraon of Easter begins on Friday. It is a holiday when people stay at home, don’t eat meat but fish only and it’s me to pray. On Sunday, people go to church to celebrate Christ’s resurrecon. At lunch, my immediate family and I eat tradional food, like turkey or cod and aer it there is a chocolate egg exchange. Luciana, Brazil

….my Easter Experience in Dublin Easter me was very interesng for me. Japanese people usually don’t celebrate Easter so this was my first celebraon of Easter. When I got up on April 18th, I went to kitchen and I found the Easter Eggs on the table. They were very colourful and painted in cute pa,erns. These eggs were made by my housemate. I asked them how they celebrate Easter and one girl old me, ‘Just rest. And we will be eang lamb and good food on Easter Sunday.’ I had no informaon about Easter before I came to Ireland. So I tried to eat lamb and some tradional food on Easter Sunday!! It’s delicious experience for me.

Saori Shimizu, Japan



Easter in Italy‌.! In Italy the tradition is very simple. Easter is very important for us. We go to Church on Saturday night at 12:00pm or on Sunday morning at 10:00 am. After mass, we usually eat together a lot of good dishes. The food is homemade, for example a traditional type of Pasta called "Zuppetta". A soup like dish.

We also eat a lot of special breads and a lo t of sea food (Octopus) with Pasta. After the main course, we eat fruit. According to me, Easter Eggs are very good, because I love Chocolate. In fact, in Italy is a tradition to exchange Chocolate Easter Eggs.

After lunch, we play cards, because this is popular in my country, it's part of Easter. I love being with my parents, my sister and my cousins. I like this celebration because we are all together all day long.

Mariachiara Cosenzo, Italy

Why should you visit Ireland? READ ON...


Do you like coasts and castles? Do you like to enjoy your evening in a pub with a great atmosphere? Do you like to have a look on a really specific country? Let`s go to Ireland! Ireland is a green island in the North Atlan%c. With temperature not over 30 degrees everyone can enjoy the different places they have to see. The Cliffs of Moher is one of the most popular places in Ireland. It`s a cliff which is 204m high. On stormy days you will see big waves crash against the “stone wall”. The blue Atlan%c sea lets you see far far away. But Ireland has more than only fantas%c coasts. Blarney Castle, Ashford Castle or Doe Castle are only few examples of more than 70 castles in Ireland. All are individual and have to be visit. A;er a good touris%c tour you can enjoy Irish beer in a pub with live music every day. The popula%on love to sing, to celebrate and are open for new conversa%ons. Specialize for beginner it’s easy to find a conversa%on and to learn more about that unique country. Addi%onal every tourist points have a lot of informa%on about all what you can do in Ireland. Ireland is not so famous than America. It`s more a insider %p for a good trip in a wonderful new country, which have minimum at least as much to offer as America. Let`s have a trip and see for yourself.

Maria Feifarek, Germany




Enjoying Irish lifestyle...

If you want to study English, I recommend going abroad to somewhere people speak English. But if you are also interested in music, I suggest to going to Ireland. Definitely suggest!! Many famous artists was born and raised in Ireland. U2, Enya, may be you know. Many street musician are in the Ireland, especially Dublin and Galway. They played traditional Irish music .They are skilful about their music instrument. You could listen to their grate music if you went to Ireland. Of course not only street but also you could listen in the Pub. In the Irish pub, you could enjoy listening to music with Guinness or Irish dance. Do you like beer or dance? Both are also famous in Ireland. Does this article make you interested in Ireland? We really want to see you in Ireland.

Dublin is such a special city! It is the capital of Ireland, but it is smaller than Turin, my hometown in Italy. I came here for the first time in 2009 and I visited just the city centre and the main tourist attractions. On the 23rd of March I arrived in Dublin for an internship. Now I am working at the Kaplan international English as a trainee and I’m going to stay here until the end of June. I am really enjoying my time here.. in my spare time I like travelling along the coast. I have been to Bray, Howth, Dun Laoghaire and I have to admit that these places are amazing! You really need to go there if you want to relax a bit and admire the precious Irish landscapes! I have been to Cork as well, and this weekend I am going to visit Belfast! It sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? By the way, you can find me at the reception! Hope you enjoy your time in Dublin as I do! Cheers!






Dun Laoghaire


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