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Malrch 1988

Thehappy groupabove representssomeof the large team who helpto produce the KibworthChronicle. Despite the mud underfoot we gathered at Foxton Locks for a 10th Birthday photo taken by our original photographer-indeed originator- Geoff Crowther

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In Brief.

“FOUND March-April 鲁 Large neutered male tabby cat,3-4 MARCH years old.。 Very well1 cared for and 24 and District Cardenaffectionate. Arrived in Springfield Club “Wildl1ife Gardening“ Crescent about one month ago. Please Mr B Webster * can owner Cl1aim as finder unable to 24 Kib:,Smeeton . Group Meeting keep. Ring 2626 0r 2610. at Fleckney . 26 Jumble Sale lst Langton Cub Pack 鲜 The Scouts Jumble Sale on the 12th Hanbury Hall。 Church Langton. raised f65 for the general funds : 9.30 - 12.30. Tombola,Raff1e , Refreshments. 鲁 Mrs 0scar Briggs,who 1ived in The APRIL Villas,Kibworth for more than fifty 5 _Kib.Harcourt P.C. 7.30 pm years, celebrated her 100th birthday 6 “Kib.Smeeton_WI Weekend Enteron 1 March at the home of her grandtaining - Anne Holden son,Simon Park “in 0xfordshire. 12 Kib.Beauchamp _PC pm 13 Kib.Smeeton_WI 70th Birthday Party 鲜 Congratulations to Andrew Kemp, 14 Wives Young Talk and Display of shop manager at John Wil11iamsons Alpine Plants - Mrs Thurpe butchers,on his engagement to KCC 7.30 pm Eileen Kisby who works in the offices 16 Kibworth_Parent「s Fundraising at Portman Products. They hope to Association - Disco Dance by get marFied next year . 「0uter Space Disco「 Tickets 52.50 浩木 林 标7技 Kib,Chronicle Layup-Vi11age Hal1l 鲁Smeeton esterby Parish Council have The Langtons_WI Cookery Entersome alloltments to let. Please containing - Mrs 0xnam tact the en _Kibworth 2136. Kib,Society AGM 7.30 / 卯 \郭 bb Buffet Supper . Fashion Show by “Spot“in aid of WANTED - AEE C0NCERN VOLUNTEERS Cancer Research.Kib Vil1l1age Hall Age Concemm Want to recruit a vol7.30 p、m:.for 7.45 p.m.Coffee unteer from each Millage who wil1 be & Cake 82. Tickets from 1Spot「。 a contact elderly residents Mothers“Union “_Mrs Lil1ian and the bodies concerned Simpson. “My visit to with their msellleeing. A Neighbourhood in Botswana and Diocese of Kilimanjaror“with s1ides.Methodist Care Scheme aims to attract voluntary Church 2 p.m. helpers,called willage contacts,who | HI ::: wil11ing to Rrovide friendly, ww practical help to elderly people 1livSar Apz 王 16. St E Church Tur Langton. 7.30 pm Musical Evening ing near them. If you feel yoe wogld 1ike to help with Harborough Brass Band and 1ocal | artists.。 Admission Adult 82.Child 1 and would 1ike ta jenoW more :about the scheme write ee telephone Mrs E A (inc.、wine and finger buffet) For wWocdfield (Head a Fieldwork) at Age tickets E East Langton 296. Concern,6 St aztins,。Eeicester H| gt LEl 5DB.、 Tel : leieester 22837 .

呼圭州 人 华 单 伟 州地 M M&aunday _fhursday_31st March Farish Communion ~- o1lowed by stripping of the Altars and Watch till Midnight -8,00 P , Royal u 小, X D Good Friday lst Mifeboat,央 限尿 A Mattins and Ante Communion -9,30 & 达 . -11.00a, , The Last Hour -2.00 Market u 一4工 edto> SERVICES AMN刀 BVENTS Holy Saturday 2nd &pzil Lifeboat Guild Q6 hA4RC Laursday _March Mattin5s ~9.30 又 巩 。 Hozy Coummuunion 8,30 : 诊 , Decorating the Church KIEBWORTH ~10. 00a. 二 . MMANITY 65ENTRE Saturday _19th MarcCb “Blessing of the Fascha1 8pm-I130 5 (ine:floughnievs5.fnj Hoiy Comumunion 9,30 a 达 , Candle and Reaffirmation c TOKET0ONLY「 7e! 2326 Eassion Suaday_20th March Baptismal Yows -8.00 PFarish Communiomt Eastsr Day _3rd Apri1 & Ihanksgiving Seryvice for Family Communion -10. 00a. 达, W 2TOW 人 GCARDEN Christian Stewardshi p -9-30 ,Evensong -6.30 P 达 Holy 〉 -6.30 ,、Euaday _10tb ApZKi1_ Exiday_25th March Holy Communion -8,00 a 达 Holy Communiom -~8.30 Parish Communiom 9.30 & 达 , Ealm Suanday _27th Marcbh Euaday_17tb Apxi1_ Holy Colmmuniont -8,00 , Family Seryice 9.30 &. 达 , Farish Communion ~9.30 Hoiy Communion ~-6.30 P Monday _28th _March Luesday _29th _MarcLh , OPEN EVERY D4Y 9.00am -6.00pm XD 4RB 4RML7 TNVIT5D Ysdnesday _30th March Hoiy Communion and hddress “_-8, 00 p,m, T7D US I OUR WDRSRTP Large Sefectior of Conifers.Trees. YOU RREB WRRMLY INVITED TO JOIN US「 IN OUR NORSHIP Shrubs and Heather Pfants 移




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Railway Station 2

E : A packed Village Hall was welcomed by Mr Johnson,Chairman of Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council and introduced to Mr D Taylor-3mith from the Railway “_Development Society,a national consumer body fighting to Fetain or reopen stations and to improve the network. He told the meeting that LANRAC (Leics & Northants Rail Action Committee) would 1ike to reopen five stations between Derby and Kettering - Barrow-on-Soar,Sileby,Syston, Kibworth and Desborough. The cost would be 8f150,000 and twyo trains would have to be provided.。 BR would not fund this. However,LCC supports the idea of new stations,so if a good case can be put forward,they may consider it.、 Mr- Taylor-Smith pointed out the benefits of reopening the station. Users could be in Leicester in ten minutes. Mr J Waterfield,representative from the sub-committee of the Parish Council then told the meeting that they had studied various sites,but stressed that the County Council would have to study car park facil1ities and access etc - they would have the final say. Many questions were asked from the floor Will the station affect the development of the vi1l1age2 Yes but electrification up to Harborough wil1 bring this anyway、 Where are the possible sites? _Down School Road or Council Street. It was pointed out that the platforms do not have to be directly opposite and would need to be about 80 feet long to cope with a four-coach train. There would be need for a carpark but at Narborough only forty -five Ccars (on average) are left per day and this is low compared with the number who use the trains . How frequently would the trains run? _Two per hour during peak periods then maybe one per hour. (Mr Taylor-Smith quoted South Wigston as an example - ten trains ran per day initially,now 16 - 18) . Would passengers be able to take a bicycle? _Not certain. Would invalid chairs be allowed? Yes. When all questions had been answered Mr Johnson asked the meeting to Vote. Did they think the reopening of a station in Kibworth was a viable proposition? There was a substantial majority and Mrs Bery1 Tory was asked to give a vote of thanks to Mr Taylor-Smith. Anne Bailey Where have all the Flowers As the planting of trees and shrubs on _Church Hil11 at Kibworth was meant to have been completed by December 31 1ast year,we thought it possible that residents would 1ike to know what to expect to see growing on that nasty patch of bare earth.。 Whatever can be holding up the work? “The weather cannot be blamed. Dare we suggest interdepartmental wrangles at the Council 0ffices2 Here are the full1 details of the landscaping scheme for the bank、The trees are to be Field Maple,B1ind Cherry,Whitebeam,Rowan,Wi1d Cherry,Sycamore; Shrubs are Holly,, Common Hawthorn,Hazel,Guelder Rose,Common Dogwood,Dog Rose. Al1

6arbage waSs the description applied by Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council Chairman,Tony Johnson to the letter received from the Department of Transport at Nottingham in reply to Council「s request for an extension of the 30 mph speed 1imit to the Harborough side of the Rubbish Tip. The Department reported that “they have investigated Council1「s request, including the number of accidents, the character of the road and Local conditions and that bearing in mind that the speed 1imit has to be realistic to drivers and enforceable by the police,an extension could not be justified,the present 1imit being considered appropriate“ . They are , they say, constantly monitoring accident situations on Trunk Roads. Councillors are determined not to let the matter rest there - “How many people have to die before action is | taken2?“ asked one.

Kibworth Carnival 1988 is being organised by Kibworth Town Footbal1 Club to raise funds to assist in the building of new changing facil1ities at our Warwick Road ground. Carnival Day will1 be Saturday 6 August with events taking place in the evenings of the week before. As usual the format wil1 be basically the same with the majority of activities taking place at the Community Centre. This year we are attempting to inyolve all of the vil1l1age community in a variety of events. A disco wil1 be held on 5aturday 18 June to select the Carnival Queen who,with her attendants,wil1 win dresses,shoes,a hair-do and 1ots of attentionl Forms are now available for entry to the Carnival Float Parade,the (and Trees ) Gone ? Its-a-Knockout Competition and Lhe various sports events. Additionally these are to be positioned in front anyone wishing to run a stal1 or of the fence but behind the site sideshow at the Carnival should 1ines. The remaining unplanted area request a form,so we can determine wil1 be seeded with a mixture of wild the 1ayout for the stalls. flowers and grasses containing twenty The Carnival Saturday wil11 end with per cent wild flowers: yellow archthe usual popular dance at the angel,wood avens,bluebell,bugle, Community Centre and a disco to 5e red campion,cows1ip,meadow ‖ held at the Village Hall. cranesbil1,oxeye daisy,dandelion, Entry forms for the various events goats beard,upright-hedge-parsley「, and for stallholders can be obtained common _knapweed,common mallow,dark from any member of Kibworth Town F.C. mullein,garlic mustard,CoW parSs1ley,, primrose,greater stitchwort,wi1ld or directly from Ian McCann -Kib .2654 David Grant -Kib.3112 strawberry,tufted vetch,hedge Clive Ward -Kib .3442 woundwort and eighty percent Low We wil1 update our progress in the maintenance grasses.。 There wil11 also forthcoming months . be clumps of 15 - 20 daffodils at Ian McCann (Secretary ) various spots within the grass.

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4 [育 医t |

An Echo from the Past Ray Bailey of 20 Home Close,Kibworth (Tel: 2097) has been an electrician for twenty-five years and has been self-employed in the vi11lage for nine years.。 Now he has added a new venture. Having been interested in photography for many years,the acquisition of a box of old family portraits inspired him to try to reproduce them. Most of his reprints are in sepia colouring , which is in keeping with the age of the photographs,but “black-and-white prints can be reproduced in this shade. Some of his enlargements have been made from a single member of a group photograph and these come out very clearly provided the original is clear With the increasing popularity of using old,framed photographs as wal1 decoration,Ray should find his efforts appreciated.

Photographers this month: Ian Will1iams Rod Hardwick,Gina Dwyer,Bert Aggas , Sam Butcher,and Jonahan Malpass.

l 林 | AY E

Remembering Anne spicknell 2nd Kibworth Guides combined with the Brownies to hold an evening of celebration. The occasion was Thinking Day when prayers were said for Guides and Brownies all over the wor1ld The highlight of the evening was the presentation by Mr Bil1 Spicknel11 of a trophy in memory of his late wife Anne,who worked steadily and unobtrusively for the company for over ten years until her sudden death in 1986. She has been greatly missed by us all. The Guide who received the Trophy, Claire Wilson has,1ike Anne,been totally reliable and quietly dependable despite whatever problems may arise. We all look forward to the next fifty presentations of the Anne Spicknell Memorial Trophy although the Guides have been assured they 「11 be far too old to attend.

o n bythe Primary School


Rubbish Since before Christmas,boys from Kibworth Primary School,have been clearing 1itter from the pathways leading down to the High Schoo1. We, Mark,Richard,Adam,Stewart,Jonathan Charles,Matthew, Harley and Robert from MJ2 have done this unpleasant job in our playtime. We put up some posters. They lasted for two days。 Please help us to keep Kibworth “1itter free“.。 Take your rubbish home,or,use the bins. We should be proud of our vi1lage,not ashamed.

Eqitorial note: This clean-up project was started entirely on the initiative of the children from MJ2.。 The Chronicle wil1 follow it up next month with news of Aai

Beny D 刑 林

%WEDDINGS el 怀 ibtuortb) &uo33753) 2215


人p |厢 州 口


Response to our Essay Competition was gratifying and somewhat overwhelmingl! “Thanks to the enthusiastic Cco-operation of the Church Langton and Foxton Primary Schools and the Kibworth High School,we received over 200 entries.、。 A sub-committee of Corral Sutherland,Tony Vick and the writer carefully read every eSSay, made a selection of the most promising and gradually whittled these down until we were able to agree on the Winners. From the 8/11 age group,we selected Julia Dilworth「s story of a hedgehog and for this Julia receives a Book Token for 525.。 We 1iked her fresh, individual approach and considered her use of English quite advanced for a nine year 01d.。 The essay was also neatly written and showed a high standard of spelling and punctuation. Julia attends Church Langton Primary School and 1ives in Shangton. For both age groups it was decided to give an extra runner-up“ prize of a 85 Book Token. In the junior group,we chose the essay on a day in the 1ife of a by Kathryn Sharman of Kibworth High School,who is 11 years old.、。 This essay was imaginative and humorous and the dialogue waSs very well handLed. In the 12116 age group,we finally selected Rebecca Skinner「s “Empire Day,1911“. Apart from its interesting and imaginative content,we particularly 1iked the style of writing in keeping with the period.、 “A touch of Jane Austen“ was mentioned more than once. Rebecca is 14 years old, 1ives at Fleckney,attends Kibworth High School1 and Will Feceive her prize of a525 Book Token. An essay by Chris 0ther on how he sees the future came a close second and so we awarded him the runner-up prize of a 85 Book Token. Chris is also 14 years old, 1ives in Kibworth and attends the High Schoo1. The runner-up essays Will be pub1ished in our April issue. Meanwhile , the winning essays will be on display in Kibworth 1ibrary and a selection of essays of particular merit and interest wil1 be displayed at the Community Centre during the Chronic1e Party weekend.。 The prize winners wi11 receive their Book Tokens at the“1ayup“of this issue on 13 March. Apart from the winners,there were many entries of a very high standard and some which were particularly 1iked by the judges.、 We hope that we may have an opportunity of printing some of the most interesting essays in future editions of the Chronicle. Meanwhile,thanks are due to the schools who co-operated in the competition and to all the children who spent so much time and thought on their eSssays. Audrey Brown



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| (WINNER 12-16) THE _PERIOD_0F_HISTORY _IN_WHICH I「D LIKE _TO LIVE EMPIRE DAY _1911 I am now 1iving with my sister , Emily,in the county of Leicestershire. Her home is a small but suitable cottage in the village of Fleckney. Fleckney is surrounded by fields and is something of a curiosity to the young l1ady of town I consider myself to be. Emily speaks of whimsical place names 1ike Mowby「s Lane,Up Street,Birdcage Hil1,Backside, Bracken Moor and a selection of ponds and waterwaySs. Come fine weather I hope to explore these country sites. 0n arrival,however,hopes of 1ight feminine work were wiped from my thoughts. It seems if you are happy to serve in a mineral water factory, as a hosiery producer,brick maker , farmer or lamplighter「s assistant , you are well1 suited to this vi11age. Emily referred to the hosiery plant as “,Rowley「s Jail“which in my opinion is a sinister name,capable of putting off the most dedicated worker. Furnival「s,the mineral waterer,on the other hand sounds exciting and I (WINNER 8 - 11) 1ook forward to the prospect of samp1ing the produce. It Looks as if THE DAY _IN THE EIFE 0F _MY_PET fate pictures me as a dedicated 0ne day I was walking in the garden housewife and mother! because I am a female hedgehog and, The buildings of this community as I was walking in the garden,some- must _have touched an architectural thing happened.。 Someone picked me up nerve in my body though,for I find and tickled me. It was funny so I myself gazing at cottages,some had to 1augh. Then someone put me thatched,others not unlike the town down and chased me round the garden but which have woken from their dreary ten times with a broom. Then I hid sleep by climbing roses,ivy and rings behind the bush. I was panting.、 I of holly,poppies,buttercups and Saw who it was.。 It was Mrs Green. wild flowers I have never heard word She was brushing up the leaves from of in the city、 where the wind had blown the leaves The Post 0ffice also catches my eye, off the trees.。 There were such a lot. an ugly not noticeable building with I came out from hiding and she noticed 1ace curtains,panelled shutters and me.。 Then she put some of the old a painted sign of careful letters : leaves on top of me - it felt funny. P0ST 0FFICE FOR MONEY Then she had an idea which was a good 0RDER SAVINGS BANK one.。 Mrs Green went to the hedge,I PARCEL P0ST TELEGRAPH went with Mrs Green. She was holding INSURANCE ANNUITY & my Ssaucer of milk and she took with EXPRESS DELIVERY BUSINESS her to the hedge the leaves she had swept up and made a nest in the hedge for me. Then I saw another hedgehog The whole effect of workmanship is and the male fell1 in Love with me, so completed by the traditional boot it happened we had babies.、 We had scrape. The village also boasts two ten babies,five were boys and five public houses: ,The Crown「 and the were girls and they married each 「Dun Cow「 ,a fairly new school house other and we all 1ived happily ever with 1arge windows and a dominant after . bell tower and a small parish church Julia Dilworth,aged 3 peering from a good forest of 1ime Church Langton Primary School trees .

As I thumb the pages of history the ink merges with dreams and wishes to join the festivity of 1911. Rebecca Skinner,aged 14 Kibworth High School

Special mention shou1d a1lso be made of the fo1l1owing essays In the Junior“ section,we 17Ked 0av7d MidqIleton “s story of an outing to Erqigg. 41an Bowers accoupnt of a v7sit to Germany, 5amantha Pare 「s aqescription of her qancing and Garner 「s account of her go1fing In “My pet section, WE thought the fo17owing wrote verU Imaginative stories: Dupncan Reece, James 5tubbs,5ian Curtis,Robert

VUickers,Matthew Burton anQ Richard PaImer were of particu1ar merit。 0n“The period of I Which 工 wou7d 11ke to have L Ved 「, We pzcked out the essays of Louise Bur6ecKk,A4mandga King,5amapntha Green, C1aire 师 1sopn,Benedicta M 75s, 万ucuy 8uffrey and 4 Cogin、 0n tphe subject 0 “Hiolepce ipn Moderpn “, thoughtfu1 essays were 5y 上 uco Price, HWe1len Bozman, James Snusha1 ] and Mark_6reen。

5herborpe,He1en Smith,Joy Gravett, Thomas B8ritten,Emma Reyno1ds,E1177ot Lewis, 5aran Mo11ertopn and Rache1 Menson. For humour, we appreciated the essays Written b5y James and Jamnie Wnne about their pets and found Robert Goodman 「s favourite activity of “s1eeping「“「“very amusing0n the subjJect of the Future essays o CIaire Pruvost, Ha1imah C1Iare 8rom1ey,5teven Eqwards, 0wepn MHright, James Thompsopn , Mei 1 o



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标 PHysical&StressyTReraplsf

It may seem strange that I Know s0 much about a vi11age I「d never seen until yesterday,but I learnt much of this in three hours; _whilst government debated a National Insurance Act,Fleckney paraded through the vˇvil11age in celebration of Empire Day. I shall never forget today,for noone was at work,but every coal merchant,farmer and anyone e1se who possessed a horse and cart,transformed the common transport into a festive float of coloured crepe with halos and collars of daisies. They were marched through the vi11age in style by floats of fairy-tale quality. We ate and celebrated into the smal1 hours. It draws close to dawn as T write these words. The colours of the day still1 haunt me; the floorlength drapes of 1adies「, ski>ts ; the lace and the bonnets of so many blooms and blossoms . The people I have met have been merry and welcoming but the farming talk was above my comprehension and it took Emily as a trans1ator to make me _understand,so I「m 1isting my new vocabulary in a hope to learn it and to discuss the interests of my new friends. Borate : an oxgang 0xgang : as much land as an 0x can pull in one year Mercer : dealer in silks,cottons


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5.SCHO0LS CAN 0PT-0UT 0F EDUCATION AUTHORITY CONTROL % Parents and local communities can run their own schools funded direct1y from Central Government,if they Wish * These are called Grant Maintained schools % school1 can onl1y opt-out if such a proposal is supported by a majority of parents. A postal ballot would have to be held.

Like many parents with children at school; I am anxious that my child does well1 and if possible goes on to further education. Few would argue with Lthe importance of getting a good education,particularly at a time of widespread unemployment when _the job market is so competitive.。 News that the Government is about to move the education goal posts is interesting,but the strongest spirits quail at the thought of wading through piles of bumph to get a thorough understanding of what is about to happen. I have tried to get behind the head1ines with the minimum of effort。 Fortunately,there is an excellent booklet which helps.。 It 「s Ccalled, rather starkly,Education Reform: the Government 「s Proposals for Schoo1s.。 It is published by the Department of Education and Science yet it is simple and easy to read.。 If you write to Publications Despatch Centre,DE3, Government Buildings,Honeypot Lane , Stanmore,Middlesex HA7 1AZ , you should get a copy sent to you. No cost is specified so I assume it「s free. The main legislation is included in the 1986 Education Act with further proposals in the 1988 Education Bi11. The latter have yet to be made 1aw. Government policy is as follows : 1.A NATIONAL CURRICULUM,0R COURSE 0F STUDY,WILL BE INTRODUCED * Pupils are achieving less than they Should * Teachers「 expectations are too 1ow * Some school courses are too narrow * Particular stress wil1 be 1aid on English,Maths and Science. A foreign l1anguage should be studied unti] 16 仕

* Pupils will be tested at 7,11,14 & 16, against national benchmarks % The_national curriculum wil11 not apply to Independent, privyate SCchools. 2.THERE WILL BE GREATER FREEDOM FOR Y0U TO CH00SE WHAT SCHO0OL YOUR CHILD G0ES T0 * No child should be refused admission unless a schoo1 is genuinely ful1 * Schools.will haye to admit at 1east aSs many pupils as tLhey had in 1979, Or 1988,whichever is the greater number _unless special dispensation is obtained from the Secretary of 5tate. 3.INDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS WILL BE RESPON3IBLE F0R THEIR 0WN SPENDINC * During 1989 the Leicestershire Education Authority wil1 have to publish a scheme for allocating cash to the schools in its area # Funds will1 be shared 1argely on the basis of pupil numbers *% School Governors wil1 be responsible for all expenditure on: staff salaries,books and equipment,1ighting and heating,cleaning; ˇbut not on _capital expenditure 1ike new buildings. 4.THE MAKE-UP 0F SCHOOL GOVERNING B0DIES I5 TO CHANGE * There wil11 be more places on the governing board for parents,1ocal people and businesses. The head teacher will also be a governor * The Governors wil1 manage the school * The Governors wil1 be directly responsible to parents through the presentation of an annual report and parent/governor meetings. 仪

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No 28612

To bring the issue closer to home , it might be useful to use Kibworth High School as an example.。 First some facts.。 Pupil numbers for the schoo1 have stabilized at about 585; in 1979 there were some 700.。 There are about 30 members of staff.。 The cost of running the school,excluding evening classes and providing the buildings is about 8650,000 a year; a big business. To help my understanding,the High School headmaster,one of the parent governors and the Chairman of the Covernors have kindly spared time to speak to me. David Still

Headmaster at Kibworth for 18 years .、welcomes most of the proposed 1legislation,particularly the increase in the numbers of parent governors and the inyolvement of local businesses in Funning the school1.。 Education may have been too remote in the past. He is not sure,however,that the Covernment have got the details quite right.、 Parent/Governor evenings are a flop. Parents are interested in how their particular child is doing at scheol and wil1 turn up in droves to listen to Upper Schoo1 teachers when _an impending move to Robert Smythe is discussed,but generally they are not interested in the school「s management. Mr Still1 sees no advantage in opting-out of the Leicestershire Education Authority「s control. The school has good relations With the LEA.。 There is no point in swapping a 1ocal funding body for a remote national one 1ike the Department of Education and Science. The headmaster would not want to take on full responsibility for spending without specialist help from someone 1ike a bursar …

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E灯 1

John Bundey

John Malpass


Senior Lecturer in 0rganic Chemistry at Leicester University has been a parent governor for about one year . . Welcomes the idea of greater parental involvement but hopes that there is enough commonsense in the local community for any changes in the schools to be gradual evolution。

To clarify the situation and put your mind at rest over payments: we stil1 give you CASH over the counter. Credit transfer is not necessary unless you want to be paid monthly in arrears. The Post 0ffice method wil1 not change and you can keep your money where you need it most - in your hand. KIBWORTH BAND The spring contest season has got off to a dream start for Kibworth Band with a ,third「placing at the North Midlands area contest in Nottingham. The Band are now hoping that their Easter trip to Pontin「 s contest near Creat Yarmouth brings further success. M Dando,Publicity 0fficer

More prosperous areas,1Like ours, might choose to leave Education Authority control. If this were to happen on any significant scale nationally,there would be the danger of creating a two class system,with poorer areas suffering shortages cf both funds and more able,better qualified,staff.。 This would go against long held principles of equal opportunities for all.。 0pting-out is a fundamental change which is not necessary. Should such a change ever be considered it should only be done with a real majority of those who bothered to respond to any ballot papers. Dr Malpass doubts that stronger local management control wi11 result in many benefits. For example, there is not much point in giving discretion to appoint more teachers without extra money being available to~ pay for them. It is a great disappointment that at a time when pupil numbers have been falling that funding has not been available to improve the ratio of teachers to pupils …

C.D.SIMONS S SON Painting 8 Decorating Contraciors 55 FLECKNEY ROAD


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Principal in a local firm of architects has been a governor for about 16 years and chairman for some 11 yearsi …the new legislation has been 1 drafted to evoke changes in the educa-| 【 tion system of some 1arger urban authorities, not a rural shire 1ike our own. However,the result of the changes could affect us too.。 In reality there is 1ittle parental choice in countryside areas; there are not enough schools. There is no advantage in opting-out of the Education Authority. The curriculum needs to be employer-led. When children 1eave school they must be able to add . up and spell1. The idea of tests,so that individual parents can see how his or her child is doing against a national benchmark,is sound. But there is the danger that the results of these tests wil11 be used to set-up national league tables of school1s. This could be damaging and unfair. Schools get good and bad years. Different areas have different resources and problems . - FINAL COMMENT I am not going to attempt to sum-up: I shall leave that to you.。 I wil1 pose a couple of opposing propositions instead.。 Should we grasp eagerly the opportunity now offered to run our own schools7? “Surely a more academic regime with stricter discipline coula be emiplcysd with What about bringing back school uniforms or reKkindLling a local Grammar School1 per- 9 haps? _Conversely,should we be suspicious and hold back2? This is a time when cash for the public sector is being withdrawn. The new pol1icy is just a con: It wil1 be just 1ike the health service; give responsibility for spending to the 1ocals , 行 then the Government can step back and blame them when things go wrong because of a shortage of funds。 WHAT D0O YOU THINK2 Please write to the Chronicle; we would 1ike to know. Colin Thompson




Cleo,a 2 year 01d Flat-coated Retriever offIicia11y Kpown as 肖zarawood 81ack Magic of Shiredale,won the Limit 81tch c1ass at Crufts on 77 February this year.。C1eo 1ives with her owne, Jenny B8ird of Kibworth-

Painterand Decorator Interioror Exterior AlsoGeneralPropertyRepairs For FreeEstimates TelGreat Glen 2924


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Open six days a week, 800-530 Mon -Sat For all your demolition, building, access, cutting, driling, woodworking, decorating, plumbing, lighting,heating, cleaning 8 gardening needs, R Widtever/00

hie ltsyjitr fe bo//

51000 Village Hall Bonanza About eighteen months ago as a Contribution to the Vil1lage Hall Renovation Fund,Marion and Eric Scott of the Railway Arms assisted by Bery1 Kisby,started a weekly raffle for a Sunday joint of meat. This proved to be very popular with the patrons of the Railway and it was supported enthusiastically.、 As a result,a cheque for fl ,074.81 was handed over to Mr Sid Coleman who expressed his thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Village Hall Committee and the _residents of the village. He stated that this excellent contribution would now enable the Vil11age Hall to be decorated to round off the extensive repairs which had already been carried out.

FAKAWAT FLALE ALL classes commence week beginning 18.4.88 In the February issue of The ChronhMonday icle,the first part of Howard and Guitar 8 wkS 7430 - 9.00 p.m: 〖12 Kathy Morrison「s experiences in Fiji Yoga 6 wks 7.30 - 9.00 p.m。 〖 9 were The story continues.. Bodyworkshop 8 KS 30 = 乡 30 p Computers (Jnr) 8 wks 4.15 - 5.45 p.m。 玮 8 In March 1987 the Labour Coalition Tuesday 8 WK5 9.30 -E0.30 a.m。 玟 月 party dominated by Indian Politicians 5-0 Club 8 wks 11.00 - 12 noon 5 不 beat the ruling ALliance party in a Badminton (Snr) 6 wks 李 林 林 , 荣 fairly fought general election,but Yoga 日 WKS 7.30 - 9.00 p.m。 12 Todd,Movement 8 WKS 2.00 - 2.45 p。m. 4.80 unrest amongst the indigenous Fijian Wednesday population followed.、。 Demonstrations Yoga 日 WKS 9.30 =11.00 a-m: E12 were held by Fijians scared that HMens Keep Fit 8 WKs 7*30 - 9.00-Pam,。 玟 12 land-holding systems might be reformed. Violin 8 WKS 730 = 9.30 pm 《16 Yoga (Fleckney)〗 7 wks 7.30 - 9.00 p.m. 510.50 Individuals with much to lose should Thursday an anti-corruption investigation be 毛 o林 8 wWks 3.30 -10.30 a.m.、 〖 8 pursued,played their role and much Bodymovement 8 WKS 8.00 - 9.30 E12 Ssinister intrigue went hand in hand Eriday with genuine and understandable fears. FLowers 8 wWKs 9.30 -11.30 a.m。 E16 0n the 14th May 1987 Lt.Col.Sitivent Rabuka 1ed a commando style raid on fo11owing the recent increase in tutor the _parliament chamber,twenty-five fees,the KCC Executive Committee came yards from where Howard worked and the t0 a oaecision to raise the adu1t fees to L1 per hour as from the summer Lterm. newly elected Prime Minister and most of his cabinet were l1ed away at gun Junior fees remain una1tered for the point. The expatriate community was time Enrolments wi71 be taken from Monday 21 March and straight after shaken; _many left,some neyer to return. Minor riots and tensions the Easter holiqays.P1ease enro1 by erupted and the scene was set for te1ephone,post or personal ca11 after 21 _March.。 violence and chaos、 Fortunately ,the worst was avoided by careful political he Seqguence Dancing on Thursday evenings in the Drama 5tudio s proving and legal manoeuvring and the coup was contained。 However,trying to popu1ar - qo come a1long and gzve ft a maintain the rule of 1aw placed a great strain on the courts.。 Although uao, now he1d at the 01d Schoo2 , always we1comes new membe7s . calm for a while,the hard men of the nationalists Tankei movement were for more information,p1ease ring Kibworth 3689. working against efforts of a resourceful Governor-General and,in September



1987,a second and much more determined coup took place. This time,it was the rule of the gun with road blocks,curfews,arbitrary arrest and imprisonment.。 Holding independent courts became increasingly difficult. 0ne of the Magistrates was arrested and assaulted and although Howard had access to Colonel Rabuka, he could obtain no more than an apology without assurances that it would not recur.。 In mid-0ctober the situation became untenable and after refusing to swear any allegiance to the new regime,all the Supreme Court and most of the Magistrates resigned. After some anxious few days avoiding some extremely hostile and wel1l armed individuals,the Morrison family left Fiji for New Zealand where they spend three weeks touring that delightful and varied country - South Island,New Zealand being one of the world「s best kept travel secrets. From New Zealand,the Morrison「 s flew to Sydney and experienced their first taste of the Land of sunshine and flies. As in New Zealand they were impressed by the openness and friendliness of the people.From Sydney,they flew across the vastness of Australia to Perth,a city in splendid isolation,nearer to Jakafta than to Sydney,and a real initiation into the outback. Sarah and Edward marvelled at hand feeding Kangaroos and the sight of metre Long 1izards by the roadside. A relaxing week in Perth was followed by a busy week in the hustle and bustle of Hong-Kong. Expensive to stay (but try the excellent YMCA in Kowloon) ,cheap to shop and wonderful for food. A long,1long homeward flight by Cathay Pacific, brought Howard,Kathy and children back to England and a chilly but welcome Kibworth. Al11 in all -an experience they wil1 always remember,but who,wherever they go, isn「t just a 1ittle glad to see fami1ly,friends and home again2


NI. T BRYAN Phone Leicester 719547 anytime 1QUINEY WAY OADBY


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3@up LtetbepS Dear Editor Congratulations. Hundredth release of newspaper inyvites Community 「s 1avish eulogies. R M C Whiteway 66 High Street Dear Editor May I through the _Kibworth Chronicle thank all my friends in Kibworth and Smeeton Westerby for the donations received in memory of my dear sister Edith Coombes,for Smeeton Westerby Church,which was gratefully received and thank you all very much 、 Mrs Eva Dolman Smeeton Terrace Dear Editor Every St George「s Day,a woman rings Kibworth Rectory,refusing to give her name,complaining in a very unpleaspathetic Vanaals qestroy al1 home matches of primary Schoo1 soccer“ team. ant way that the flag is not flying Members 1ook an in gismay. These posts were recent1y rep1aced after a over the church tower . simi1ar incident n December.。 Here is the reason - and for others who may regret the absence of the f1ag from the “national“church on a nationTRE ES MAYBE SAVED KIBWORTH FORUM al day . The trees in the field below AND FELLOWSHIP Just at the moment,the repair of Hillcrest Avenue which we reported HELP IS AVAILABLE … the fl1agpole and its stays (running 1ast month as being under threat are into several hundred pounds) is not a Last month it was reported that hopefully going to be saved.。 The top priority. Apart from the new buildKibworth Methodist Men「s Forum is three trees,one of which was planted maintaining the momentum at its month- ing,we also have to spend several as an acorn to commemorate George V「s thousands on necessary structural work ly meetings which began with its coronation are outside the Conseron the church itself over ,the next few creation 1ast autumn. The women of vation area so if they pass the tree years.The flagpole really is“the the church have gone one better specialist「s criteria of the “three icing on the cake“. their Fellowship,founded nine years Ds“, dead,dangerous or dying,a TP0 If villagers would 1ike to see the ago,gets tremendous support.、 They (Tree Preservation 0rder) will be fl1ag flying,perhaps someone would have weekly meetings and a very ful1 placed on all three. Many thanks 1ike to put up the money for the repair| and varied programme right up til1 to Michael Stops for his quick action Perhaps the 1ady who rings would care their annual rally on 11 May.、。 Both in this matter . to make an anonymous donation instead the Forum and the Fellowship are of an anonymous phone cal1? interdenominational - the 1atter held Certainly,the church l1ooks fine with a coffee morning to help their funds GRAND MIDSUMMER BALL a flag flying from its tower. I hope , on Saturday,5 March and,despite competing events elsewhere in Kibworth though,that most readers would underPlans are now completed for the stand that there really are many more managed to raise more than 580. Midsummer Ball to be held at Wendy important calls on church funds. The Methodists also have a women 「 s and John Josephs「“house in Smeeton Fred Dawson Contact Group who specialise in keepRoad,Kibworth on 24 June next ing an eye on need and noy have a Midsummer Day. The event,in aid of A VILLAGE MARKET ? Helpline section (Kib: 3272) who hope St Wilfrid「s Church Hall Fund,wi11 What do you think of this2 to be able to respond effectively to take place in a Marquee on the 1awn. We have received a suggestion that crisis,emergency or whatever kind of Dancing wil1 be to Norman Cooper「s it would be a good idea to hayve a help may be needed by anyone. Jazz Band and a three-course Supper market once a week on the Paget Street The congregation are especially is incLluded in the cost of the ticket. car park. Unfortunately,the letter grateful to Messrs Ray Thorpe and Ian There wil1 be a fully 1icenced Bar , was anonymous so we are unable to Varey for fi11ing in the aisle “we1l1“ a Tombola and other surprises - al1 for 15 a ticket.You can reserve yours (it was below the general floor leve1) print it in full1. It is the Chronicle「s policy not to print unsigned by ringing Kibworth 2414.。 The maximum making it safer for al1. and unaddressed letters. number that can be accommodated is 150 B Vanter


57 St. Mary「s Road, Market Harborough, Leics LE16 7DS、Tei: (0858) 65715 13 Station Street, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leics LE8 OLN- Tel:(053 753) 2322 7 Saddington Road, Fleckney, Leics LE8 0AX. Tel: (0533) 402888

Estates ESTATE AGENTS & VALUERS Selling your house in the Kibworth area ? Remember we are your local experienced agent offering: 粉 Free valuations - wWithout obligatiorl 米 ˇCompetitive fees 粉 Personal service from the Principal Paul Farmndon who has 16 years experience t 迈 his ate 米 SKy successful hight sales ratio 娄 Your house is not lost「 in amongst thousands of others 粹 Prominent display in three local offices - also at Mkt. Harborough and Fleckney 松 Full mortgage and investment facilities available through the Halifax Building Society Agent for HALIFAX BUILDING SOCIETY 13 SIRTION STREET,KIBWORTH BEAUCHRAMP,Tel: 2322

Primary Soccer Two teams were entered in a Fecent 6-a-side tournament at Harborough : both managed only one win as against two defeats.。 Far more encouraging was the team「s victory in the semi-final s of the Golden Wonder Trophy: 6-2 away to Wycliffe. Scorers were Tim Anstead (2) ,Charles Tate,Chris Doyle,James Grant and Andrew Galloway. The final will take place on 19 March at Harborough C of E School against Farndon Fields. Any support wil1 be welcome。 Netbali In “the past few weeks, Kibworth Primary Schoo1 netball squad has played three matches,one at Sherrier and two home matches against Market Harborough C of E and Little Bowden. Unfortunately,they L1ost all1 three matches because they alwayS have to play against taller gir1s1 0n S5aturday morning the squad is playing in an area tournament at Little Bowden and hope to win some matches there . Emily Tyler & Rachae1 Freer

pictured above are qarts p1ayers (top) pAauz Matson,Ken and Tony Hoo7pnough, Tan Lomas,Apndqy Fisher,and (botton) Steve #oo1pnough,George Seabrook and Rop Darts _Marathon Swifts The marathon men whose efforts were The l1eague season ended with disfeatured on this page 1ast month appointment for the Swifts,as they finally raised a total of just over suffered an 8-1 hiding by Clawson f1,100 for the Great 0rmond Street Kings,one of the division「s top sides. Children「s Hospital. The sum was There is still something to play for supplemented by the proceeds of a though,as a 3-2 victory in the League jumble sale held recently at the WMC. Cup against 3rd Division champions The team hope to travel to London Royce Rangers has seen bthe team within the next week or two to present through to the quarter-finals of the their cheque to the hospital . competition. Swifts「“ scorers in an excellent performance were Danny Cricket Nixon,Simon Banks and Jamie Holmes. Kibworth Cricket Club held their AGM recently in the _clubhouse , 5Save Our Swiftfs attended by 43 members. 0fficers At the end of this season,after elected for the coming season were: more than twenty yearSs , Kibworth President - John Josephs,Chairman Swifts wil11 cease to exist,unless one Tony Wicks,Secretary - Paul Abbott , or two people can be found to run the Treasurer - John Lucas,5at、 1st XI club. The present team wil1 play in Captain - Richard Nicholson,Sat.、2nd an intermediate league next Season , XI Captain - Geoff Lee,Sunday 1st XI ‖ and although there are plenty of under Captain - Richard Poyner,Sunday 2nd | 11s only too keen to keep the Swifts XI Captain_ - _John Armitage,Bar ‖ trad ition alive,nobody has been found Committee Chairman - Peter Verhoeven, | to take charge of management and Social Committee Chairman - Leigh administration. It would be a sad Holmes. day for Kibworth if junior footbal1 The Club will again be competing should no longer be represented in in the 上 .C.C.L,the lst XI in Div. 1 the vil11age,not 1east because the and the 2nd XI in Div.、4,the first 8800 recently spent on improving the 1league games being on 30 April1. The recreation ground changing faci1ities Club wil1 also be running two Sunday would have gone 1argely to waste. sides,competing in the Harborough The players are ready and waiting , Midweek League,entering three cup the pitch and changing rooms are there competitions and fielding junior teams to be used,and training faci1ities at under-16 and under-18 levels.。 The are available at the Community Centre : season commences on 16 April with an Tony VicK: 5ports Eqitor - or wanted is all this potential to count for away game against Isham and the first man7? “4rrest this man on sight if ycu nothing for 1ack of adult support2 Sunday fixture wil11 be against have anythipng to say to himn 1of Any parent or anyone else who would Loughborough Carrillon on the 17th. Sporting interest 1 1ike to assist in the survival of Kibworth Swifts is asked to contact either Richard Barkworth (K.3018) or SIATE REGISTERED CHIROPODIST Bob BLluck (K.2029) . E Practice In Mixed Hockey Market Harborough The 2nd XI have enjoyed a conspicDENNIS PALMER uously successful month,which has 善 ELECTRICIAIN FHome Visits Ayailable seen them rise to the top of Division 连 4 They began with an 11-0 trouncing of Loughborough Carillon Kestrels For Appointment Telephone Electrical Installationsand Rewiring and added further victories over Miss L.A.Earland MCh.S S.RCh. Eagles (1-0), Forest Wanderers (3-1) 8月AN New Road Estimates Free Great Glen 3413 and Loughborough Caril1lon ) Huw Parry has once again emerged as ,1leading goalscorer.


MEMORIAL 93IONE9 异 河 伟 人

0836 523001(Wobije telephone) HARBOROU6 or ipwort (053 753) 3817

Cleaning & Repairing

CONTACT: HERBEKRTe (Masonry Contractors) Lid. 68/70 ST MARY「S RD. MKT H「BOROL. Tel. 62102

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1 PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES (continued) “P4RJS 厂LCOLUVNLLpS Concern was expressed by local resiKIBWORTH BEAUCHAMP - 8.3.88 dents at the height of the proposed A6_Bypass: Council received from building - Council suggested this Sir John Farr a copy of a 1etter written to him by Peter Bottomley say- Ccould be overcome by some screen planting and would object to the ing that various possibilities have proposal to take down an established been considered. tree on the site、 A6 - Extension of Speed Limit: e Mrs Fuiler - Featherbed Lane: “_HDC separate report.。 Page 3 advised -Council that this matter is to A6E/West Langton Road Stop Sign: be the subject of an appeal to the Leics. CC are submitting a report to High Court。 the Department of Transport. Recreation Comite: Minutes Church Hil1 Bank: “No reply has been have been received received from the developerSs to VilageAppraitsal: Members felt that Council「s urging to proceed with plant it was important to provide some ing scheme - Council Wil1 write to HDC (Copies to Silverdale Developments restricted time parking during dayhours and vital that parking was and their solicitors ) asking them to allowed in certain areas after dark honour the .assurances to plant shrubs 〖 the essential is to avoid the vi11age and trees 。 being turned into a racetrack at any Cricket Club -_Request for Grant: time,day or night. Council had received advice from the E.M.E.B: advised Council of inCricket Club of other grants sought creased maintenance charges for Street and promised together with details of 1ighting in the year beginning April the total cost of providing an all1lst but were at present unable to weather area at the cricket ground. specify amounts of such increases.。 Discussion revealed the majority in Council wil1 seek local tenders favour of contributing something to KIBWCRTH HARCOURT P.C.- 工 .3.88 support the cLlub in their work with Planning: 0utline planning sought the youth of the village and a grant for two-storey house in Leicester Road of f100 was agreed. was refused.。 Permission for the School Road/High Street Enhancement erection of a garage in Main 5treet Scheme: ˇ_HDC have written accepting was approved、。 Nursery Centre on HarCouncil「s offer to provide f660 toborough Road sought permission for wards this scheme 。 retailing of ancillary items; opposed Best_Kept Village: Council1 agreed by Council on grounds of access and to enter the 1988 Competition at a traffic volume. An appeal to the High cost of 85.。 Hope was expressed that Court puts in abeyance any move conthe High Street/School Road Scheme cerning certain Featherbed Lane would be completed in time to inf1luactivity . ence the result。 The Lane: “Conservation Society Eeics. Rural Community Council and requested financial help towards cost Market Harborough Citizens Advice of “reinstating“The Lane and asked Bureau: Council agreed to repeat Council to be the “cl1ient“for the last year「s donations to these bodies work.。 Council were in agreement that -E10 and f100 respectively. such funding was not available at Smeeton Road: Council received a present time and that the cost was out TIetter from a resident expressing of proportion to the possible concern that plans for a car park in In addition two relevant schemes Smeeton Road show no provision for remained to be resolved and until loading/unloading at Slaters factory they were,it was prudent to reserve with the possible congestion if lorries were to be loaded in the street any expenditure。 Joint_Recreation: A barrier is to Plans: be put up on the Wistow Road ground S1laters Factory Site - HDC - Change of use to car park, Council welcomed to stop cars going on the pitches. the possibility with ecstasy,subject There have been two inquiries from youth football teams for playing space. to reservations on 1oading S1laters Site - Demolition of 2 build- Footpath from railway bridge to Rookings and garage - supported by Council ery Close to go ahead.、。 Two posts to Products - Proposed extension. be erected on Larkswood ground for football. Slabs to be 1aid at the





entrance to the play area on Wistow Road ground. The A6 seat has been ordered and Mr Coleman has agreed to site the seat and fix it with galvanised bolts.。 The Conservation Society has planted @uick Thorn along the Wistow Road . Roads: There had been a complaint concerning a suggestion to alleviate vehicle congestion during rush hours at the Church Hil1 turn off the A6 by moving the white 1ine. Complainant said pedestrians could only cross when traffic was held up by cars waiting to turn . Clerk to write again re a crossing warden. Police have matter in hand regarding parked lorries on A6 1ay5y.. PLANNING APPLICATIONS Cranoe. 88/0240/3L. MW Yaughan. Demolition of existing w.c.s.and erection of double car 01d School. Kibworth Beauchamp. 88/0269130. B Fletcher. Erection of a dwel1ling and formation of access.12 Harcourt Rd Kibworth Beauchamp.。 88/0297/30. HDC. Change of use from factory site to public car park. Smeeton Road (Slaters Factory Site) Kibworth Beauchamp. 88/0309/3M. G R Eaton. Extension to form garage , porch and utility room. 23 Brookfie1ld Way . Kibworth Beauchamp. 88/0320/3M. A E Cox & Co (Builders) Ltd. Erection of dwelling and garage. Plot 12 0aktree Close。 S1lawston. 88/10327/3L. T B ELliott. Conservatory extension to existing house - installation of windows and internal alterations. Ivy House. Kibworth Harcourt.。 88/0356/3P. K & D M 0swin, Use of 2000 sq.ft:. of land for retail use of items ancillary to horticulture. Pt 0s 2653 Harborough Road. Kibworth Harcourt:, 88/0374/3P. Severn Trent Water Authority . Siting of water boosting plant.Carlton Rd. Kibworth Beauchamp.88/0377/3P. Kleena Products Ltd.。 Extension to factory and alteration to access。 New Road. I1lston-on-the-Hil1. 88/10420/3P. Mr & Mrs M Deacon. Extension to form a study and construction of canopy over front door. The 01d Forge,Main St. Thorpe Langton. 88/0425/3P.R Haynes Erection of dwelling and alteration to access. Land adjacent to Meadow Farm



L Thefullrangeof1988 Volvosisavailablenowforyoutotestdrive at Leicesters premierVolvospecialist Trinity Aylestone.Asrecentwinnersofthe VolvoAlex PriceAwardforoutstanding customerserviceand care forthe secondtimeinthreeyearsyoucanrelyon Trinity Aylestonetogiveyouthefullstory onthe 1988 Volvos. So,callinto TrinityAylestoneandsee the 1988 Volvosfor yourself.

TRINITY AfLLIES5TCNE RXCLRT 459 Aylestone Road, Leicester. Tel: 831052


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ldentif the strange objects aboves Write Joun answers Plus name,age 吊 5 mto the Chrontcle Box inthe Lbyaru


on Post0ffiee.


Te rsy Coyymeck ev7Xyes pm tbe / wl W 0




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Compost- Levington,Shamrock and Irish Moss Peat. Hanging Baskets Refilled For Collection End May. Order Your Super Quality Geranums and Bedding Plants Etc Potted BulbBowls Now Available ..



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KIBevwvORTH NURSERY CEN 79 HARBOUGH RD,KIBWORTH HARCOURT, Tel2117... FullRangeofshrubs,Conifers and FruitTrees. NowinStock Excellent StandardRoses (20 Varieties) Also Hybrid Tea,Floribunda and Climbers.


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COMMENTS from the CHATIR doing a great deal。 This 1ist is constantly changing with new peop1e coming in to replace others and this is one of the strengths of the Kibworth Chronicle,with new blood bringing new skills into the paper。 Howeyver,we ar8 fortunate that there are a few names who have been involved in one capacity or another over most , if not all,of the 1ast ten years and we salute_these people in particular during this celebration. The Management of the Association is entrusted to a committee of twentythree who meet,,usually on the Wednesday of the week following each publication. This committee deserves a- mention as it acts as a sounding board for the Editor,sets advertising targets,financial controls and decides the distribution area and printing runs at each issue. It My warmest congratulations go to also maintains a reserve fund for The 10th Birthday edition of the Richard Darke,my successor,as Chairfuture expenses in the running of the Kibworth Chronicle is a significant man _and to Merie1 Godfrey,the paper. 0ur thanks go to this Commitmilestone and it has been my privilongest serving editor and al1 those tee who,over the ten years,have lege to have been associated with the enthusiasts who are stil1 doing so maintained uninterrupted production paper nearly all of that time; the much to entertain us through the quite an achievement. 1ast five years as Chairman。 pages of the Kibworth Chronicle. Finally,our thanks must go to each It may not be widely known that Many years and editions ago,I was Editor who has brought their own there is a 1aid down _constitution for pressed by Bryan Porteous to meet a individual style to the production of the Kibworth Chronicle Association team of the most enthusiastic people one hundred Kibworth Chronicles. and the membership at any one time imaginable who were utterly determThey,together with the artists , are those people who are wi11irig to ined to start a local newspapezr.、。 I photograpihers,1ay-up team and everygive their services voluntarily on have neyer enjoeyed an experience more one else,have maintained a high the composition,production,administhan the time that I was privileged tration and distribution of the paper. standard which we hope wil1 be conto be Chairman. I am sure those tinued during the next ten years in At any one time there are over one producing today!s Chronicle wi11 also hundred names on the membership 1ist - the 1ife of the Kibworth Chronic1e. get their own pleasure from a job Some doing a 1ittle each month,others Richard Darke so very wel1 done. D 3 Palfreyman

Our Surroundimng District... From the outset the Kibworth Chronwe had a better bus service Fox Cubs icle,despite its name,has tried to every hour,but that was too good to include items from and of interest to 林 residents of nearby villages that may visit Kibworth or use its facil1ities。 “In East Langton the cosy pub became To start with we distributed the afirst class Restaurant - a gain for paper to Smeeton Westerby,Saddington, visitors from Leicester but a meeting Gumley and Church,East and Tur Langplace lost for the locals“. ton. 0ver the ten years we have grad“8uilding projects have proliferated ually increased the area covered by recently nd Planning Permission is bringing in twelve more Yillages being sought for large numbers of West and Thorpe Langton,Car1lton dwellings at West Langton Hall and Curlieu,Shangton,King「s Norton, smaller numbers for Thorpe Langton. I1l1ston,Storiton The population of East Langton wi11 Caulby,Slawston,Cranoe and Foxton。 have nearly doubled when the Stables The man who has seen this expansion conversion is complete1“ at first hand is Andrew Lang of Albert “0n the good side,however,we now Street who takes the copies out to the have North Sea Gas 1aid on for our vˇill1ages one Thursday evening every convenience and,of course,the month. Being the Senior Supervisor Kibworth . for Kirby & West he is no stranger to “ditstribution“ but he particularly E/sewher enjoys taking the Chronicle round b ecause he gets such a Warm welcome the tesn years seem to have brought at every call and 位 nds everyone is relatively 1ittle change. At Wistow, Mrs Jean Morris at Shangton,finds 1ooking out for him. Mrs Brooks reminded us of the conthe information about the Community The only time that he has had comCentre classes and the shop advertise- tinued development of the Carden plaints was in February 1987 when the Centre,the return of the swans and ments especially useful . snow prevented him getting through to more restoration of the church。 At Foxton,Mrs Mollie West commented some of the more remote vi11ages 1ike At Gumley,Geoff Davis,who has that,apart from some new houses,the Caulby and Glooston until his third contributed many historical articles , main difference in their vi11age is attempt、 reads the Chronicle from cover to that the number of farmers and smal1Ccover before getting it round the Changes holders has decreased to just three, ˇyillage; in their vil1lage the old Unlike Kibworth,most of the vi11ages compared with twelve when she first world appearance is in course of being have seen 1ittle change during the went to the village nearly forty affected by new houses now going up past ten years. A quick ring round years ago。 but the general atmosphere is stil1 some of our Village Correspondents pleasantly rural 。 3 revealed that on the whole there The Langtions And at Saddington,Mrs Bery1 Deacon , hadn 「t been many developments and 1ife who has been our representative since Here some considerable changes have goes on much as before. At Slawston,Mrs .Sue Smith finds the occurred and Stella Kinmonth,a foFmer we began,cuts the more interesting Editor and now our local Correspondent bits out for her scrapbook。 paper is always welcomed; their main So,on the Whole,we were glad to Writes : change has been the building of their learn that our readers in the nearby “There have been some gradual changes new Vil11age Hall. At Cranoe,Mrs Betty Sanderson finds - more traffic and 1arger vehicles use vil1lages find the Chronicle 1.>31pful to 0ur narrow roads. They plough furrows their communities too - and something that the Chronicle makes them fee] a to look forward to. in grass verges and drive less care1ittle 1ess isolated and they always fully past our houses.。 For a while B Porteous 1ook out for its arrival。 PAGE 2


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Carol Baker After Darry1 Taylor-Smith had produced the first Chronicle Carol Baker was elected to be Editor and she edited the next ten issues. Carol then found that the Chronicle began to take over her 1ife and,as at that time,she was also making jewellery at home and working on her first book “Reading through PL1ay“it was proving difficult to combine all these activities.。 So with mixed feelings she handed over the editorship, and concentrated on the book,which was published in 1980. It has done extremely well1,being distributed mainly through the Ear1y Learning Centre. Then along came Hannah and that started Carol off again; she produced a playpack , based on her experiences with her two

daughters,Emily and Hannah,for the 3 - 5 age group。 Thess projects brought her to the notice of the new Editor of Living Magazine,who asked her to do a couple of articles on pre-school1 children these extended to more articles on Ceneral Family Matters and work for the Times Educational Supplement Parents Magazine. CGradually ,jewellery making was superseded by regular monthly articles.。 It fitted in wel1 with having a small child in the house and,by working in the evenings and at weekends,Carol managed to meet her deadlines - typically Childhood crises always coincided with deadlines but Peter rose to the occasion and is generally acknowledged to be an enormous help. In 1986 Carol became involvyed in general counselling and by January 1987 was asked to edit a Famil y Helpline page for “Living“ - with a panel consisting of a doctor , 1awyer,Ccareer adviser , psychologist and educationist。 Now she manages to divide her work between home and the office in London quite successfully - she certainly doesn 三 give the impression of being too harrassedl “I learned a lot from working on the ChronicLle“ reflected Carol . “In some ways,doing a voluntary paper gives rise to more problems than working on a national magazine. Being inyolyed in the community gives you a great sense of responsibility and it is easy to upset people when feelings run high. Even nine years later I am occasionally told in aggrieved terms ,“You have cut my copy 1 .

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M4KE N0 MT5T4KE 4B0U7 IT hese are two simple guestions to a Have we epougph income through adyve pzIinting 27 2.。 Have we an EDI7T0R2 Me are very fortunate to have been a times so far,and 1et us hope it Wi17 first of al1,our thanks go to the advertisers for SUpport。 hese eight Eqitors over the past 10 who over the years have givepn hundreds phave been professional experts to typlng and there have been those Who they dqid have sKi11s to offer“ such as The flinal resu1t, Which 5 de11vereQ combined effort dqrawn together by the .

Darry1 Taylor-Smith Carol Baker Barbara Carner Janet Newbery Stella Kinmonth Cil11 Wol1lerton Meriel Godfrey

Mathematical Education and promotion hunting . I look forward to continuing to enjov the friendliness and caring of this community and may the Chronicle continue to enhance it.

Kevin Feltham Peter Craig Merie1 Godfrey

Barbara Garner It was very exciting being involved in the Chronicle from the start. Considering some people thought a Community Newspaper undesirable and many thought it wouldn“t 1ast,I am delighted to be celebrating its 100th ISssue。 As a single-parent/full1-time teacher when I succeeded Carol as Editor,it waSs on condition that someone else would soon be will1ing to replace me. I unloaded the Sports「“「“page on to Jeff Mettrick,features on to Janet Newbery and relied heavily on Assistant Editr Marion Angless. For me,the paper was essentially about all1 of us in the community The more news,names and faces included , the better. While wishing to use the talents and knowledge of vi11agers in its production,the paper was not to become merely a magazine of interesting articles. 0nly on the periphery of the paper now, devote my time to other interests including encouraging first punk to aspire to maturity,and commencing my 17th year of Ladies「“Rounders because they won「t let me retire! _Presently, 「m concentrating on a Diploma Course in PAGE 4

Janet Newbery (兄t charlotte) It seems only yesterday that I spent Saturday evening with pieces of copy all over the lounge floor at 1 Rectory Lane thinking that it would never come together. Where would I have been . Stella Kinmonth eight years ago without the help of I was Editor in 1981/82 and it seems Corral Sutherland,Geoff Crowther , Kyria Crombie and the rest of the small- a very long time agol ˇFrom what I hear,things「“haven「t changed very enthusiastic Chronicle Team.。 To say much - it is,and always was a marvelnothing of the calming influence of lous joint effort with many people David Palfreyman in times of crisis! dove-tailing their talents to produce In those days we found the news , a really good result.、 However,seven interviewed,wrote features and the years on,the current Editor is stil1 telephone never stopped ringing. hopefully seeking an assistant and Perhaps my worst moment was an ear1ly relying in a crisis on a few longedition when I wrote almost everything term dependables - which all1 sounds myself. During the next two years familiar to me! 4 new wil1l1ing hands were bullied and cajoled into helping to expand the In my day we worried,among other c team until all jobs were shared,my things,about vandalism,The Draft job became easier and Saturday evening District Plan and The Cook Book and welcomed the opening of the High was no longer a nightmare,thanks to shared responsibility. School「s Headmaster「s House as a music schoo1.。 In April1 182 we said “It is When the “Chronicle by thought that though the growth of the through our door in Leamington it villages wil1 not be as great as it brings back many happy Kibworth memhas been …. 155 new houses wil11 be ories and above all,those of the fun required.“ How wonder,have of contributing in a small1 way to been built since then2 village 1ife.

40 E07T0R - NO CHRONITCLE each time we pub1lish the Chronic1e: tisements to finance the cost of 1e to say “YES5S,“to each “_qguestion 100 ontinue far many years tao Come. Pd-working sales staff and a1l1 our

Kevin Feltham Meriel Godfrey had stayed at the helm until 0ctober 1985 but gave up the post years hayve 1ed a team 0 vo1unteers for baby No、4. Reluctantly,I was of hours to the Chronic1e. There cajolled to head up a triumyirate with photography,1ayout, artwozk _and Audrey Brown and Dennis Mann for 3 ye found,sometimes to Lhei7 months until another editor could be zting 0r“ reportingfound. to you by your pneighbour,5 a The November edition carried the D770R. headline “Rape of a Village?“and the furore that ensued from the articles describing the planning applications for 200 new houses was enormous.、The HDC executive rang to complain that the Chronicle were i1legally inciting people to attend a Public meeting! The protests were definitely ˇ_noticed but as Wwe all now know,the houses stil1 sprouted.December and January passed as quietly as Halley「s Comet! The editorial experience taught me that the Chronicle needs a full-time , local person with their ear very firmly to the ground in the Editorial spot. The Chronicle team were amazing and both Audrey and Dennis kept the local news and organisation ticking over,and Louisa,my wife,dealt admirably with the telephone and excesses of the HDC during the day . I trust that the news and support Gill Wollerton wil11 always be the mainstay. A Community newspaper should mirror community I was the classic“victim“ of the Chronicle pyramid personne1 procedure. temperament and views You just help out with the distribution. . . .would you mind Writing a few words about the vi11age fete. … we「re short of somebody to take a photograph,etc.etc. Rapid promotion led to newsdesk writer, vi11age correspondent and executive committee member Before long I landed the job of typist which was apparently a natural training ground for things to come. The editorial experience led on to my. being “offered“the daunting task of editor. This is when all the fun began. When you spend three weeks worrying that you are never going to have enough copy and photos to fil11 the Meriel Godfrey paper,followed by an equally traumatic 24 hours wondering how you are I feel1 very Drivileged to have had going to fit it all inl the opportunity to be involved with Nevertheless,I can now look back the Kibworth Chronicle in the past and say that it was all1 worthwhile. and especially for this edition. Not the least of which there were I hope that Geoff Crowther and all alwayS plenty of humorous moments , those enthusiasts who had the foreespecially with the fixed equipment sight to start things off have a fee1viZz. Corral Sutherland! _Furthermore ing of satisfaction that the Chronic1le it gave me a great deal of personal has continued and flourished and their satisfaction and experience that has hard work and perseverance was worthproved invaluable since,especially while. It is of no doubt that the the renewed confidence that has helped Chronicle is a valued asset,not on1ly me re-establish my career. It also as a communication vehicle,but also gave me the platform to tackLle an as a constant factor on an everchang0pen University degree of which I am ing environment。 on y fourth year . For my own part it is hard to imagine We are due to move to Foxton at 1ife without the Chronicle. It is Easter and hope to be acting as overalwaySs there rather 1ike a demanding canals correspondents.。 Might also individual needing endless attention do a bit of recruitment - so stand by to keep it satisfied,1ively and editors designate in Foxton. interesting: There is great relief

Peter Craig Another ex-Chronicle Editor who has clearly benefited from the experience is Peter Craig who is now Chief Editor of a scientific journal called Applied 0rganometallic Chemistry. AlLlthough the title is a mouthful,what it does “is cCloser to Kibworth hearts than might be imagined. Peter「s journal (published by Longmans) prints research papers by leading scientists worldwide on technical aspects of the environment, Cconservation,etc.。 Academic papers 1ike these form the factual background against which administrators and politicians decide for example on whether or not a material is an environmental problem or benefit. It「s not all that remote an area as nearly all Chronicle readers wil1 have direct experience of at least one organometallic compound - the kind of lead we put in petrol for our cars. Quite a lot of us wil1 also have painted our boats with anti - fouling paints which contain an organotin compound.。 Peter「s journal has pub1ished original research papers on both these topics in the 1ast year. The Journal comes out six times 3 year,so it occupies plenty of what would otherwise be spare-time actively for Peter,who「s at the Chemistry Department at Leicester Polytechnic. The publishing process for this kind of complex article is itself long and complicated but the final results look ˇvery impressive and,Peter hopes , of some long term value as basic knowledge _about the world we 1ive in. 0ne small achievement of the Journal is its positive balance of trade with Japan. Lots of copies circulate there with avid Japanese scientists eager to read up on the latest advances in these research areas. It「s been an interesting and extremely busy two years for Peter,who「s acquired a varied stamp collection as a result of his international correspondence , as Wwell as providing the odd puzz1e for Kibworth Post 0ffice, looking up the cost of airmail to outof-the-way places 。

when it it eventually “goes to 0nce a month,four days of relative peace while the printer does his bit, then there it is again in its current format to be agonized over,mistakes and al1. It is fun and frustrating but it is also very rewarding to work with such a fantastic team and to come into contact with so many people. It has fitted in we11 with my 1ife and all of the family has benefited. from the added dimension the Chronic1e has provided. It is rather daunting to see that previous editors have achieved great things in the publishing wor1ld,0pen University and interesting careers、 I am afraid my overriding ambition is to disappear to the Yorkshire Dales with sheep,ducks and a pony or two and , of course,my family. PAGE 5

March 1998 lssue No 3120


Corporation President D Ark Esq , (Incorporating TTimes Newspapers PLC) Editor Ms G D Fry, Scoop

K1lbby Head 0ffice Station Boulevard GREATER KIBWORTH

TODAY Mayor S-L Mother is quoted as saying that she feels …“the provision of a further 10 hectacres of 1and for the enlarged Kibworth Station Commuter Vehicle Park creates no insuperable problems“...。 She exclaimed that … “we will1 just have to buy a few people out,then we can knock down _the houses It「s a pity that St Michael「s and the Meeting Rooms wil1 have to be demolished,but too bad“ … This same bold approach was adopted with the High Street shoppers parking problem. As readers wil11 recall,the whole area was redeveloped for a 1.5 million sq metres 0ut of Town Shopping Centre just five years ag03 shortly after the completion of the Leicester AL1/M1I 1ink which by-passed our then vi11age. Bishop F Red is reported as being a keen supporter of the station vehicle park idea. Those close to him indicate that the Bishop always thought that the church was too small, old and draughty. The Diocesan Board of Finance,whose offices are now in Miami,are thought to be considering the purchase of a disused warehouse in Kibworth「s industrial East End for the relocated cathedral. Lord S Tops and the Morton Building Corporation are said to be implicated in the multi-mil1ion pound deal.。 Sir Roland Jones , Kibworth「s famous property magnate , denies any knowledge of the matter .

怡H Kbwt C

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Asked if she has been surprised by the recent fast rate of growth of Kibworth since 1989,when the railway station was first reopened,Ms Mother agreed that it …“had been staggering.、 It is difficult to believe that our thriving metropolis of some 丶 million souls was just an insignificant hamlet a short decade Unfortunately the mayor had to terminate the interview hurriedly due to an urgent prior engagement , when asked to Comment 0n City rumours about,certain“1Land deals.。 A final comment hurled at our intrepid reporter as her Rolls sped away to Paddocks International Airport was that there was no truth whatsoever

r C

in the rumours that Carlton House Prisons PLC were hoping to buy 1and in Central Kibworth to relocate a nearby Top Security jail. Nor was it true that …“all the best peop1le, including some past editors of this paper,were moving to the desirable Foxton . 07sc1aime 411 the characters in this artic1e are entire1y fictitious.。 4py simi1arity they may bear to any real per75 entire7y cofincidenta1 -


伟 Over the past ten years the sports (and other) pages have played host to a number of famous yisitors from the sporting world.。 Unsurprisingly,, a number of Leicester City footballers and Leicestershire cricketers have chosen Kibworth as a desirable place to 1ive,and others have paid visits, and found their way into our columns . 伊 Among the earliest was footballer Eddie Kelly,who was interviewed in the 0ctober 「79 edition. In the same month ex-Vill1a and Worcester City player,John Inglis “_moved to Kibworth to take up permanent residence; “he was featured in September “80 and his name has since cropped up innumerable times in connection with the Swifts , to whom he gave several years of dedicated service. Ex-City player,Len Glover,now the most-visited resident of Smeeton Westerby,showed his face on the front page in March “81,whilst an honourable outsider,sharp-shooter Jimmy Greaves turned up at the Leicestershire Wildfowlers Association,and on our title page in March “87. 禽 From the Leicestershire cricket XT we have been visited by Barry Dudleston and Paddy C1ift,both local residents at one time, Roger Tolchard,seen fire-raising in his home vi1lage of Thorpe Langton in June “81,Chris Balderstone,and,of course,David Cower . 伊 Dart-player supreme,John Lowe,has been named on our pages,and Wil1ie PAGE 6

Thorne has shed hair on the tables of Kibworth WMC; “whilst among those who have not made it to the top as players in their field,Alan Chamber1ain,now a household face in mill1ions of homes , has appeared on several occasions. 界 Amongst local residents who may not be so well-known outside the area several deserye another mention for outstanding achievement: “_most notable perhaps is cyclist Peter Witting wio, while he may hold a virtual monopoly In his sport l1ocally,has nevertheless gained pre-eminent success throughout our ten year 1ifespan in national Tourist races.。 0ther high achievers include Andy Breeze and Lisa York in athletics,Helen Murray ,a women「s hockey international,Richard I1iffe, rally driver,and Di Harris,ex-Leics . 1 adies“Golf Captain. 伊 There are doubtless countless personalties and feats I have neglected to Fecall,for which I apologise: “my B.R.A.I.N. word-processor is not entirely bug-proof Yet they all, mentioned here or not,have already won the accolade of the Chronicle「s notice and their glory cannot be taken from them. It is our intention that for the next ten years we shall continue to bring to the public「s attention all the personalities and achievements , both great and not so great,which reflect on the undiminished sporting health of Kibworth. Tony Vick

. MIXED HOCKEY TEN YEARS ON The _collectors amongst our readers who have been prompted to dig out their first Chronicle wi11 notice that it featured a photo of the Mixed Hockey Team. Despite the passing of the years,four players in the original photo are still1 members of the club. At that time,the Club,1ike the paper,was a recent addition to Kibworth 1ife; having been instigated by Sid Coleman in 1977. In March ,78 it was in its first full season in the 4th Division of the Leic. 1league. Since those early daySs,the Club, 1ike the Chronicle has flourished , with the team gaining rapid promotion to the 1st Division in successive seasons. They have remained there since 1982,becoming an established team with a high standard of play. TIn 1980 the club started a 「B, team and this has provided an excellent poo1l of talented players. They are 1ikely to gain promotion to Div. 3 this season. At the start the club played at the High School but more recently they moved to a pitch at Warwick Road with their own 1imited facilities.。 The future may also see some games being played on the new all-weather pitch at Harborough when it is completed. At this time when the Chronicle is celebrating its first ten years,the Hockey Club can also look back on many successful years and it hopes that both organisations wil1 continue to flourish in the next decade. Carole Craig




Back in 1981 the Chronicle was wel1 established and being enjoyed by the majority of the community . We had even produced and had printed our very own_Kibworth Cookery Book,with recipes supplied by us all1. The cook book sold very well1 and indeed made a profit,so the question was what to do with the proceeds as the idea of the Chronicle was to put any money made back into the community . We realized that,although most of the villagers were enjoying the Chronicle there was a small minority who could not - the blind.。 We knew the Harborough Mail was recorded every week by the Harborough Theatre players for the benefit of the blind in their town so we asked them how to set about it. With the information they gave us we went independently to the B1ind Institute for al1 their help and advice. They gave us a 1ist of registered blind people in our area and also arranged to send one of their team to help set it up. We approached the Kibworth Drama Group who were very pleased to help and took on the job of recording the Chronicle onto tape. In the beginning with instructions from the B1ind Institute we used their reel to ree1 recorder. The master tape from this was then taken back to the Institute where they recorded it onto small cassette tapes. The cassette tapes are then posted out to each registered blind person in the Kibworth area.。 They are al1

摄 C e Wan HMay,6eorge Thompson and Sue Jackson caught recordqing the February TalkKing Chronic1eprovided with a cassette tape recorder from the B1ind Institute and could now hear the Chronicle in their own The Drama Group used different voices for each article on the tape to make it more interesting and easy to follow.。 5tella Kinmonth did the editing and members of the Drama Group could be found with small bits of Chronicle in their hands nervously waiting to speak into the microphone. With the recording now well1 estab1ished we thought the best idea was to buy a master tape recorder solely for the community and this was done with the money made by the Cook Book. The recorder lent by the Institute was then able to be returned and is perhaps now starting off another talking newspaper .

The responsibility for the recording has been passed on a few times and at present is being co-ordinated by Nan Hay with about ten _helpers,which means on a rota doing a recording about every three months. Nan _now delivers a few of the tapes herself but most are stil1 posted out. The Talking Chronicle now also goes to anyone who is sick 0r disabled or needs it for any reason. Everyone who has received it has really enjoyed “hearing“the vi11age news. 0nce a year now the Chronicle gives a donation to the BLind Institute for all the good work they continue to do. This has been a successful venture for the Chronicle and has helped our friendly vi11age paper reach everyone in our community . A Perry

e&allover UK

The Chronicle is not confined to its distribution area alone and can be found far afield.。 As can be seen from the map it goes just about all over the world and in the British Isles it is enjoyed in Lincoln,North Wales , Devon,Norfolk,Warwickshire and Northampton . It is also sent to The British Library in London,Libraries in Market Harborough,Fleckney and Creat Glen,Harborough District Council, Rural Community Council1,Radio Leicester,S.VY.B.、Hospital Radio. Tf you know of anyone Who wou1d 11ke to maintain a contact With and the surroupndging area this can be aone for x4 a year for anywhere In Lhe 8ritish Ts1es or 65 abroad.。 Te1lephone A4nne Hearth on 2326.

An early cartoon by our original artist,Reg Cartwright。



Ten years may not seem a 1ong time but if you think back it is remarkable how much the face of Kibworth has changed since we started publishing the Chronic1le. Certainly a l1ot of new houses have appeared - al1 the “Prime Minister“ streets at the end of the old Dover and Gladstone 3treets as wel1 as the more recent Tithings,Birdie Close , Mason「s Farm,Rochester Close,Cedar Close,0ak Close,South Way ,Gainsborough Road,Beech Tree Close, Cranary Close and others as we1l1 as all the“infil11“ that has gone on. And,of course,Morrison Court and the bungalows there are a11 But the changes are more apparent when taking a walk along the “Memory Lanes! of Station Street,High Street and Fleckney Road. Although the Chemist「s shop was long established “The Spot“hadn「t yet opened、 Across the road Frost「s greengrocery occupied



what is now Harborough Building Society who then shared what is now the “Flomar“ office with Barc1lays Bank and Wartnaby5.. Ken Mattock had only just turned Diane Critchley「s vegetable shop into his Hardware store - and that has since been replaced by Farndon Estates.。 And,as Bert Aggas「“ top photograph shows,the rest of “The Square“ was quite different too. The Post 0ffice (now County Music) had recently been taken over by Mrs Collis from Keith and Mary Stoneleigh and Fine Fare occupied what iS now Spiers and the Wine had not Long moved from High Street into what had been a Garden 5hop. Across the road Bettinas,now Patricia Charles,was run by the Cheshires and Hadfields the Estate Agents were in what is now The Lantern children「s shop. And Lillie Meadows「 Weir Road Antiques Centre extended

right up to the High Street corner。 Along High Street,Ted and Freda Smith ran the Newsagents and had recently moved across the road from the Rowe「s old shop into what used to be the Doctor「s surgery. 0n the corner of Smeeton Road was Lipton 「 s grocery (taken over from Worthingtons) and beyond them what is now Farthing Travel was a house and garage. The present Post 0ffice was Butters the butchers and Stringers「“ butchers shop was then Wood「s. Sarah Kendal1l had taken over from “Look“and Top Drawer was stil1 a private house. Across the road,as Bert「s other picture shows,Arthur Tom1linson had only just given up cutting men「s hair in what is now “Smith「3““greengrocers and Jane「s “In-steps“ was just a gateway! “_Further along towards a much smaller Co-op was Mrs Yates,「 shoe shop - now their private house. In Fleckney Road,Geoff Lee ran a grocery in what is now “Prospects“ and the Biddle family (now of“Champers「“「 fame!) looked after a smaller 0ffLicence. 0pposite was Vendy 「s Antique shop (now Bamfords) ,John Sewell the Butcher had only just taken over the Laundrette and “Bits “n Pieces“was Gina「s hairdressers . 5o the main street Looked really quite different. Elsewhere too , things have changed: 0n the A6 Joe Nourish was stil1 “cobbling“ , Countryman「s Gallery was Mrs Bingham「s haberdashery , the 0ff-Licence was the “Singing Kettle“while Gardners ran the butcher「s shop. _And,of course , some of the pubs have changed hands or been modernised. It「s hard to believe it was just ten years ago isn「t it,but,as was Said way back in 1577 in “Description of Bxitain“ - “Times change - and we change with tEhem“ . Bryan Porteous

About 250,000 copies of the Chronicle have been delivered over the past ten years: 5,160 advertisements have been placed; approximately 1,250 pages have been 1aid out on 100 Sundays in the Village Hall1; and at least 10,000 photographs have been taken. Average gross weekly earnings as at April1 1978: _University Teacher 8136; _Primary Teacher - 899; Train Driver - 886; _Postman - 74; Dustman - 70; _Hospital Porter - 866; Ceneral Farm Worker - 57 .

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What we were paying for houses ten years aqo Terraced House Cottage (Paget Street) 2 Bed、Bungalow 3 Bed、 Semi with garage 4 Bed. detached PAGE 8

810,000 812,500 gl16 - 17,000 815 - 20,000 525. - _26,000

NOW 840 - 42,000 NOY 846,000 NOW 870-75,000 NOW 850 - 60,000 NOW 885,000