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Proposal: Intuit   Concepts   proposes   to   be   your   o n e -­‐ s t o p   m a r k e t   a n d   m e d i a   management   solu9on.   As   event   producers,   we   have   amassed   a   considerable   list   of   sponsor-­‐friendly   &   media   partners.   We   believe   that   we  could  effec9vely  catapult  imagine   as   the   premier   family   event   of   the   C h r i s t m a s   s e a s o n .       Intuit  Concepts  Deliverables:   •  Sponsor  Presenta9ons  &   proposals   •  Sponsorship  solicita9on  &   nego9a9ons   •  PR  management  |  Plan  Execu9on   •   Adver9sing   •  conceptualize  and  iden9fy     new  income  and  earning  stream  

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a p p r o a c h

Imagine |  Market  Approach  

  Our   approach   would   be   to   target    parents   and   centers   that   cater   to   children.   This   would   require   adult   driven   adver9sements   as   well   a   direct   marke9ng   through   schools   and   agencies   that   work   with   children.       Target:  Family,  Schools,  Clubs,  Charity   drives,  Tourist,  Out  of  Towner’s     Avenues:   •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Tradi9on media:  Television,  Radio  &  Print   New  Media:  Social  media,    assigned  Bloggers,   SMS  solu9ons     Digital  &  stagnant  billboards   Thoroughfares,  Super  markets  etc   Compe99ons:  Sponsored  call-­‐to-­‐ac9on   proper9es   Children’s  Own  –(school  magazine)   Primary  school  incen9ve  programs   Outdoor  signage  


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R e l a t i o n s h i p s

INTUIT MEDIA & Promotion Partners •  Jamaica  Observer   •  CVM  Television      FLOW  Cable     •  Radio:  Power  106,  Na9on  wide   •  Bloggers:  IRIE  Diva  |  Kingston  Belle   •  STUSH  Media   •  RISQ  magazine  &  SLEEK     NEW  OPTIONS   Children’s  Own   Imagine  coloring  book   primary  school  incen9ve  program       4  

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a b o u t


Company Profile  

INTUIT Concepts  is  a  dynamic  marke9ng  

and produc9on   management   company.   In   addi9on  to  events,  the  company  produces   lifestyle   television   series   Splash!   for   BET   NETWORKS.   The   company   is   most   noted   f o r   t h e   m a r k e 9 n g ,   p r o d u c 9 o n ,   management   and   conceptualiza9on   of   three   (3)   of   Jamaica’s   most   successful   annual  mul9-­‐day  events:       •  The  Collec:on  Moda  (4  days)   US$80,000  produc9on   •  Kingston  Bridal  Week  (8  days)   US$300,000  produc9on   •  Wedding  Spectacular  (2  days)     US$40,000  produc9on   •  SPLASH!  on  BET/Centric  Network   13  episode  (  3  seasons)   US$120,000  produc9on    




Sean Lyn:    With  over  10  years  experience  in  night  

club &  bar  management  Mr.  Lyn  is  considered  as  one   of  Jamaica’s  most  recognized  faces  in  Entertainment.     He   has   also   been   featured   in   interna9onal   publica9ons  such  as  Forbes  magazine  for  recogni9on   as   one   of   the   owners   of   Jamaica’s   most   successful   club  franchises  QUAD  

D i r e c t o r s

Kibwe McGann:   Recognized   as   one   of   Jamaica’s  

most successful   interna9onal   models   and   television   p r o d u c e r s ,   K i b w e   o ff e r s   a   d y n a m i c   g l o b a l   understanding   of   brands   and   marke9ng.   He   has   produced  3  successful  lifestyle  series  for  BET  Networks,   and   TEMPO.   His   marke9ng   accolades   extend   beyond   Jamaica   as   he   has   marketed   and   produced   successful   events  throughout  the  Caribbean.     6  




Kibwe McGann  876.  368-­‐6940   Sean  Lyn                        876.  383-­‐7326   INTUIT  Concepts    (o)  876.924-­‐4147       (c)  876.2786807    (e)  

i n f o r m a t i o n


Informa9on  contained  in  this  presenta9on  &  any  connected   files  are  the  private  property  of  INTUIT  Concepts  &  Kara-­‐Ann   Anderson.  As  such  you  are  bound  to  keep  the  content  of  the   presenta9on   confiden9al   and   are   prohibited   from   using   the   informa9on   for   your   benefit   and   without   the   consent   of   INTUIT  Concepts  &  Kara-­‐Ann  Anderson  


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