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Portfolio Bogdan Obr ado vi c architectual design



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Bogdan Obradovic


Exposure to architectural work environment

24. July 1983. in Belgrade, Serbia


Strong business and visual arts background

1 Jin Yu Chi Zhong Jiemore, hao yuan 1 hao lou 4 ceng 1 dan yuan 454 Dong Cheng Qu, Beijing, China, 100005


Ability to work independently, and as part of a team


Good organizational and communication skills


Proficient use of both hands-on and computer based tools

cell e-mail

+86 18600633582 kiborge@gmail.com

www.issuu.com/kiborge/docs/portfolio.architecture EDUCATION


2010 - 2012

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture; graduate studies (MArch)


Extremely ambitious and reliable person, characterized by persistence and dedication to work and perseverance in overcoming the most difficult tasks.

2007 - 2010

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture; undergraduate studies (BArch)


Approaching the tasks with congenital perfectionism, showing a strong sense of detail.

2003 - 2007

University of Belgrade, Advanced School for Electrotechnical and Computer Science (BSc) - major in Audio and video technologies


Charismatic and social person who spreads positive energy and channels it properly in collaborative work.

1998 - 2002

High school


Intelligent and easy going by nature, perfectly adapts to any kind of professional atmosphere


2012 aug/dec

2011 july/sept

2010 july/aug

2009 - present

2006 jun/oct


4of7 Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia - architectural office; www.4ofseven.com Internship (5 months) Schematic design; concept design, production of drawings, 3D renderings and graphical presentations; In+Of Architecture, Beijing, China - architectural office; www.chinese-architects.com/en/in-of_architecture/en Internship (3 months) Interior design; schematic design, 3D renderings and graphical presentations; MODULAR doo, Belgrade, Serbia - architectural office; Internship (2 months) Production of drawings and specifications for construction teams; production of 3D renderings and graphical presentations; KUBIK Labs, Belgrade, Serbia - design studio; Founder; design and management; (4 years) web/graphic design, 3D modeling/rendering, video production Boyne Resorts, Big Sky, Montana, USA - hotel; www.bigskyresort.com CS department, AV technical service and management (5 months) organization / audio and video production for conferences and meetings of different scales

2003 - 2004

Gavrosh, Belgrade, Serbia - cocktail bar; Full-time job (10 months) Cocktail maker

2002 - 2013

Large number of freelance jobs in video production, design and architecture

First phase of his education and period of practicing mostly video production and 3D animation was completed with graduation thesis entitled "Digital lighting in architecture�. Thanks to five-month trip to USA he had chance to visually experience deconstructivism in architecture, and closely encounter contemporary architectural masterpieces that changed his perception. Realising how infinite and complex are the processes and results of contemporary architectural design, he decided to spend next five years studying architecture at Belgrade University. During that period his affections evolved as he tried to experiment with different styles, typologies and object scales. Progressing towards the end of studies, he carefully balanced his knowledge of traditional principles of architectural design with new paradigms that relied on science and technology, trying to become more than just a concept designer. Although exploration of generative world of processes and parametric design excites him more, he is proud to be capable of solving problems by using just straight lines. During fifteen years of practicing computer skills he developed the ability to very quickly adapt to a new software platforms, as well as excellent knowledge of their hardware background. Crucial for his development is migration to architecture from a different and completely digital art field. During last ten years he was continuously involved in different projects that included graphic design, web technologies, multimedia production and project management, and part of that was realised by his own design studio. Multidisciplinary working experience helps him to perceive and solve more complex tasks with better understanding of end-user needs. Carefully selecting the steps and taking advantage of innate resources, tends to build up himself into a highly professional player in the field of architecture and visual arts, and thus satisfy his ambitions. He enjoys everything he does, because he manages to do what he loves, especially when he’s surrounded with music and inspiring people.



3D/CAD/rendering Autodesk Maya

basic Maya 2013 Certified Professional



* * * *

licence 00262138

Autodesk 3ds max Autodesk AutoCAD Autodesk Revit Rhino Grasshopper Google Sketchup V-ray mental ray

hobbies * * *

drivers license; driver from 2001. member of MENSA member of Serbian bartender association holding a SSN (for US) VJing projection mapping photography


video/audio/VJ Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Resolume Arena VPT Sony Sound Forge


December 2012. - Second prize at the competition to redesign Slavija Square in Belgrade, Serbia.


February 2012. - Second prize at the competition for redesigning and extending a National museum of Smederevo, Serbia. Project was selected to be realized and is curently in progress.


November 2011. - Second prize at the competition for designing a extension of a Main public library in Novi Sad, Serbia.

2D/DTP/web Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Dreamweaver Corel DRAW


Jully 2011. - spent three months in Beijing, China, working as an architecture intern for “In+Of Architecture”.


August 2009 - June 2011. - alone and with the team he worked on a number of realized projects for companies such as Alter, Maximus Expo, Unicredit Bank, Zenith Engineering, Liber Novus, Tehnoprogres, Binemikom, CEED, ...


August 2009. - founded a design studio “KUBIK Labs” by gathering a group of creative people together to work in a field of architecture, web, design and audio/video production.


August 2008. - participated in the contest for a short video commercial, organized by Telenor, telecommunication company


January 2007. - First prize at the Advanced School of Electrical Engineering competition for design of glass hall showcase. Project realized after competition.


February 2006 - On the festival of short electronic form ("KEF 06") his video work "Hysteria Contrastis" entered in the competition shortlisted.


Summer 2006. - he spent five months in America, working as an audio-video technician in a large conference center in the state of Montana. Gained extensive experience in organizing and staging conferences of different scale, and improving communication skills in English.


October 2005. - participation in architectural competition for interior design and design of modular furniture for one of the branches of Dunav insurance company. Although the competition consisted of teams of architects, his work was exhibited and honoured.


June 2005. - First prize at the salon of landscape architecture in the class of student works; he won with a group of landscape architecture students. Project called "Under Construction" was declared as most inventive.


August 2005. - video editing of the 5th EXIT Festival festival report

office/OS Windows OS X Microsoft Office LANGUAGES





English Italian Mandarin



France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria

North America

New York, Washington, California, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada


China; Beijing, Shanghai

Profile for Bogdan Obradovic

Architectural design portfolio  

Selected competitions, professional and academic work

Architectural design portfolio  

Selected competitions, professional and academic work

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