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Keynote Speakers Dr. David Kahane

Dr. David Kahane (PhD Cambridge University) is an Associate Professor in the department of Political Science at the University of Alberta. He is also the lead investigator on a major Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) project, “Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD),” exploring how participation by citizens in problem-solving and decisionmaking can influence government policies on climate change in Alberta. He is also the principal investigator on a KIAS Research Cluster, related to the ABCD project. Dr. Kahane’s primary research interests are democratic theory and practice, especially as these relate to the design of public dialogues and consultations, and what moral and political theory can (and can’t) teach us about how we relate to the suffering of distant strangers. For full descriptions of the ABCD project and its important work, visit:

Ms. Nell Beecham Nell Beecham is a recent first class honours graduate from the University of York in the United Kingdom, where she majored in Sociology, specialising in political sociology, gender studies, and the role of the media. Ms. Beecham attended the inaugural “Tomorrow’s Ideas, Now” conference in August 2011, where she presented an essay focusing on online communities and their enhancement of our sense of belonging in a physical community. Nell/ Ms. Beecham originates from North London, an area badly affected by the 2011 British riots, this is reflected in her contribution this year exploring the underlying causes of youth unrest in Britain. She maintains a blog with current research, opinions, and other interesting information, which you can find at: http://


Tomorrow's Ideas, Now 2012 Program  
Tomorrow's Ideas, Now 2012 Program  

The detailed program for the second annual "Tomorrow's Ideas, Now" international interdisciplinary undergraduate conference, hosted by the K...