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RECTOR Of Crimea State Medical University Named after S.I. Georgievsky Professor Babanin A.A. 95006 Lenin blvd. 517 Simdferopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Administration of Hospital



hospital names

agrees to accept the student of the 5- th year course of the Medical International Faculty of Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) by the name of Student names

for the medical elective posting in the polyclinic in Therapy, Surgery, Gynecology and Pediatric officeses to complete the medical training of doctor without a degree for a period of 4 weeks under direction of the University (CSMU) (4 weeks -1 44 hours) or 2 officeses ( 6 weeks).

There are very own structure officeses of Therapy,. Surgery, Gynecology and Pediatric in our hospital. After the medical elective posting of student names

we will forward the student a valid document which states that the student has accomplishted the medical training in our hospital for the above clinical subjects.

Financial interconting and claims about practical work of Student names

between the medical University and the Hospital are completely excluded. On behalf of the Hospital , I hereby would like to thank you in advance and express the hope L.

for future cooperation. Director of Hospital, Name of Hospital Stamp Name: Signature: -


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