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Columbian Autocar Corporation 6/F Pacific Star Bldg., Makati Ave. cor. Buendia, Makati City KIA Headliners is a quarterly newsletter published by KIA for its business partners, dealers and valued clientele


All-new KIA Picanto: The ‘Best Pic’ for first-time car buyers

Message from the President Greetings! The year 2011 is almost over and it is time to give thanks for the many blessings that the Columbian Autocar Corporation family-- its management and staff, its dealers and business partners, has received throughout the year. On a personal note, let me first express my deepest thanks to everyone for warmly welcoming me into the KIA family, and for the support that all of you have extended to me during my first year as CAC president. This year, in particular, has been quite challenging. The move to our new head offices in Makati and the continuing program improvement of internal work systems and policies have brought on their share of upheavals, adjustments and new paradigms.

Ginia Domingo, President (left) and Dodie Gañac, VP for Marketing (right) of Columbian Autocar Corporation pose beside the All-New Picanto

Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC) gave young drivers’ dreams the “green light” last May 24, 2011 at the KIA Global City in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Back from another facelift, the all-new KIA Picanto was designed especially for the first-time car buyer. Every detail of this car, every specification has been designed with one end in mind: that these first-timers take one look at this car and say to them, “this is My Best Pic”. Seen for the very first time by a select group of motoring media members, in a private show hosted by JC Cuadrado, the new KIA Picanto hit the road with all wheels spinning. Armed with a host of impressive features, it embodies the spirit of a new generation of driven, young achievers. Introduced as “My Best Pic,” the new subcompact is poised to give the best value to intelligent, street-savvy young people set to buy their first, brand-new cars. The value that makes the new KIA Picanto, “My Best Pic” is built into its new design DNA, its class-leading fuel economy and its low CO2 emission levels. For a youth that grew up on “makeovers,” the new KIA Picanto breaks out a new

“look”. The latest version of this model gives off the same energetic vigor and refinement as KIA’s bigger models. The front face of the car now sports the distinctive ‘tiger nose’ grille which gives it a more aggressive and livelier look. With dynamic proportions, there is a great sense of stability and strength given by its powerful wheel arches and alloy wheels. Fog lamps for long drives in cool, misty places are standard. A rear windshield wiper clears the back view, helping you reverse into cramped spaces carefully. There’s enough room for desired company with seating for five (5). Double folding, fold flat rear seats, and slide and recline front buckets give you options for making space. Making for a stylish but practical car, it’s clear that the new KIA Picanto has a lot to offer as “My Best Pic.” The sophisticated redesign embodies the exciting drive provided by the new KIA Picanto’s 1.0 liter, in-line, 3-cylinder Kappa MPI engine. The tiny powerhouse produces 69ps at 6,200rpm and 9.6kgm of torque at 3,500rpm. It produces a low CO2 emission level, aligning itself

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But I am sure that with these successfully hurdled, CAC is now more ready, with a clear vision of the future, to take its rightful place among the leading automotive distributors in the country. Robust demand for the KIA brand globally has been driven by the great work that KIA engineers and designers, led by the multi-awarded Peter Schreyer, have been doing. This new-found popularity has put pressure on KIA Motors Corporation to serve the growing demands in all major markets, the Philippines included. This notwithstanding, we remain committed to our business partners to continue interfacing with KMC to ensure a steady supply of vehicles and provide strong support to the marketing efforts for the KIA brand. On the marketing front, noteworthy have been our efforts to endear the market to our various nameplates. The major launches this year included the all-new KIA Picanto, our entrant into the growing A segment. We also launched the KIA Sportage, which has

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2 Message of the President continued from p.1 entrenched itself as the popular choice in the mid-SUV market. In the tradition of KMC, we have also aggressively embarked on sports marketing, strengthening KIA’s thrust as a brand for the young and the young-at-heart. In April, KIA became one of the major sponsors and co-presenter of Le Tour De Filipinas 2011, the premier cycling race in the country. Last May, we also signed on with the Philippine Azkals as their official transport provider, with their key players appearing in many of our promotional materials. In September, we kicked off the first ever KIA Cup football invitational, which attracted more than 50 teams in the men’s and

ladies’ open divisions, with key members of the Azkals themselves participating, as well as the Homeless World Cup street soccer team that CAC supports. Another important undertaking is our utilization of digital and social marketing through the KIA Philippines Website and Facebook. Last May, we launched the allnew KIA Picanto with the ‘My Best Pic’ campaign. We created a microsite for the Picanto where interested buyers can find information about the car.

Many of our KIA nameplates have already been given recognition by the leading industry award-giving bodies. All things considered, 2011 has been quite a productive and fruitful year for CAC and KIA. To all our partners, dealers and staff, thank you for all your invaluable contributions to the business. You are the reason why KIA is today’s shining star in the Philippine automotive industry. Happy Holidays to you and your families!

Our various digital promos, aside from generating a huge following and giving KIA fans opportunities to win exciting merchandise, brings the KIA brand closer to our markets. With all these initiatives, I am confident that the KIA brand is increasingly becoming a byword among discerning car buyers.

All-new KIA Picanto: The ‘Best Pic’ for first-time car buyers continued from p.1

well with the environmentally conscious. Savings in gas and money are enabled by its fuel economy, making it an excellent investment for this practical, financially literate young market. These automotive attributes make the new KIA Picanto, “My Best Pic” among the young, well-informed and value-minded. Ultimately, the new KIA Picanto is a car for a new generation of enlightened young drivers. These young car buyers, know what good value is, and balance practicality with their passions. Individuals within this market have the sophistication to spot false pretenses and discern what matters most to them. They are upwardly mobile, goal-oriented; know what they want and how to get them. For each of them, the new KIA Picanto is poised to be “My Best Pic,” the best and most sensible, value-laden automotive choice to carry them through their desired styles of life. With the unveiling of the new Picanto, KIA has definitely stepped up their game even more. They present the Picanto as the ‘complete’ car, a vehicle that is both fun and functional. Re-engineered to better suit the qualities that first-time car buyers are looking for, it offers top-of-theline features that can certainly hold its own against other brands in the A-car category.

CAC unveils all-new Picanto in a digital movement Media and technology has revolutionized the humankind into a global village as more and more people join the online world. With the click of a button, events that take place from thousands of miles away are easily accessible. Throughout the years, brands have begun to use the Internet as both a communication vehicle and an influential marketing medium. Not to be left behind, CAC has also joined the digital movement to engage their market in the past few years. This year, CAC has placed their campaigns exactly where their market is. FACEBOOK. With over 800 million active users, it is the ideal place for consumer engagement. With the launch of the all-new Picanto early this year, CAC has utilized Facebook pages for KIA Philippines and KIA Picanto to create awareness for the Picanto’s My Best Pic campaign. A Facebook fan page dedicated to Picanto was created to allow KIA fans instant access to

events, news, and promos. Contests revolving around the campaign also allowed higher participation from fans since they are given the chance to win exclusive merchandise from KIA. Some contests include, Tag Your Pic, Show Off Our Best Pic, My Best Pic Treasure Hunt, Caption Our Best Pic, My Best Pic Story, Spread the Best Pic, TransformA-Word and Shout A Pic. Aside from Facebook, CAC reached out to fans in a more traditional approach by launching a microsite exclusively for the all-new Picanto. A link to the microsite is available in the Picanto Facebook page so that fans can easily access the site for more detailed information about the model. Even now, more and more digital marketing technologies are being created. Spurred by WiFi and phone Web access, CAC will continue to bring the KIA brand straight to its consumers.


With its athletic and muscular design, the Sportage fits its name perfectly.”

KIA Sportage:

Finally, it’s here!

The wait is finally over. This year, Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC) – the exclusive distributor of KIA vehicles in the country officially launched the All-New KIA Sportage. “Despite the global economic difficulties, research indicates that the demand for C-segment SUVs in the Philippines will grow steadily over the next five years; we are confident that this model will significantly increase KIA’s share in the compact SUV market,” says CAC president, Ginia R. Domingo. The new Sportage marks a dramatic shift in the design direction for the brand’s

The All-New KIA Sportage on sale has a 2.0-litre Theta II gasoline engine equipped with upgraded electronics and low friction components that produces maximum power of 166 ps, with 20.1 kg-m of peak torque at 4,600 rpm. This DOHC fourcylinder power unit has Dual CVVT (Continuous Variable Valve Timing for both the intake and exhaust valves) that delivers more power and improved durability. It is available in 2WD or AWD system with sixspeed automatic transmission.

popular SUV. Longer, lower and wider than the previous generation model, the new Sportage is immediately identifiable by its ‘tiger’ face – incorporating the striking signature grille design that links all new KIA models. “The new Sportage is fresh and bold and could not be mistaken for anything other than a Kia,” says Peter Schreyer, KIA’s Chief Design Officer. “It embodies KIA’s new-found visual dynamism by successfully taking the key features of an off-road vehicle – the raised ground clearance and the commanding driving position – enveloping them in a sleek and urban-friendly design with global appeal.

“The new KIA Sportage has generated entirely positive responses in the international market and has won various awards for its exceptional design and value for money; we are certain that customers will be impressed by this new model” concludes Domingo. It has already won two world-acclaimed awards for its first-rate and distinctive design: the mostcoveted 2011 Red Dot Design Award and the iF Product Design Award 2011. The All-New KIA Sportage is covered by CAC’s comprehensive warranty program of 5 years or 160,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), offering unparalleled consumer protection. This model is available on display at all Kia dealerships, sales outlets and leading malls nationwide.

KIA Motors Philippines taps the social media Nowadays, digital advertising and digital campaigns are a very effective and cost efficient marketing tool. Almost everyone buys into the social media hype. And why wouldn’t they? Social media is fast replacing traditional means of communication and keeping in touch. It connects people in such a way that it becomes a strong bonding tool with just a click of a button. KIA realized how

powerful this media is and banked on it. KIA on Facebook (http://www.facebook. com/kiainthephilippines) was launched earlier this year and now has a fan base of over 22,000 Facebook users. This fan page is dedicated to everything KIA. Here, fans can discuss what they feel about KIA. The page also informs the fans of the latest news concerning KIA, both locally and globally. Announcement of

promos are also posted here like the very successful KIA Paparazzi promo which increased the fan base from just 2,000 and skyrocketed it to 16,000 in a matter of weeks.

KIA Rio: Never Pretentious! Today, there are standards set in order for someone to be desirable. Pearly white teeth, flawless skin, and a blemish free face are all indicators how attractive people are. Kia breaks all stereotypes about beauty and attractiveness with the all new 2012 Rio. It’s more than that first whiff of scent that permeates when two people are both picking up dropped keys, more than looking at a woman and see an unnatural glow on her face, and more than falling in love with just a smile. Rio sees attractiveness in a whole different light as it plays around with the most accepted and conventional ways of beautifying oneself.

Featuring 3 viral videos (which can be viewed at the Kia Motors Philippines fan page) that play around on the most prominent campaigns for beauty products around, the Rio gets the message through; Real attractiveness comes from Rio. The Rio was featured in a way that it is more desirable than that man that passed you on the street who smells like chocolate, sexier than the woman you met that had glowing skin, and more irresistible than any smile.

The digital launch of the Rio invades the Yahoo mail homepage.


The Philippine Azkals is composed of outstanding players that hail from all over the world. Their powerful line-up boasts exceptional soccer skills and striking good looks. No wonder Filipinos became enamored with them and their game. In a country dominated by basketball fans, The Philippine Azkals opened new doors for football. Along with their rising popularity came many exciting opportunities. Last May, the Azkals kicked off a thrilling partnership with Columbian Autocar Corporation as their official transport provider. “We are thankful for the show of confidence from Kia, as well as from the rest of our countrymen, and now the players, team management and coaching staff are that much more motivated to train hard and give our best” said team manager Dan Palami the man responsible for turning the Philippine team into a winning organization.

KIA and Azkals join forces in a formidable team-up

“We’ve fallen in love with the beautiful game” says Ginia Domingo, the President of CAC. “We want to show our support to these talented young men who bring honor to the country by playing as a team and playing their best every match.” She stated that Kia is committed to help the Azkals

Over the course of the year, the Azkals has competed in numerous local and international matches. During these games, CAC has given its full support to the team, maintaining a constant presence through KIA booths. Last September, the Azkals also gave a special participation in the first ever KIA Cup, engaging youngsters in a fun-filled football clinic.

achieve their goals, “beyond winning matches, they inspire young Filipinos to pursue excellence in sports, and football is a game wherein we have the potential to succeed” she adds.

1st KIA Cup kicks off last September 25, 2011 Football has and always will be a permanent fixture in the sporting world. It is bigger than basketball, baseball, or any other sport. Millions upon millions of fans and followers show their support for their respective teams. In the Philippines, football is now a sport that is recognized and appreciated by the majority of its sports loving citizens. In partnership with the Philippine Azkals, Columbian Autocar Corporation is at the forefront of

Aside from being the team’s official ride, KIA also joined the Azkals in the launch of their ‘We Believe’ campaign last June at the Trinoma Activity Center. It was during the ‘We Believe’ campaign launch that CAC publicly unveiled the all-new KIA Picanto.

corporate organizations supporting Philippine football. Aside from being the official transport provider for the Azkals, CAC also co-sponsored the Philippine Street Soccer Team to the Homeless World Cup 2011 in Paris. In addition to this, CAC staged a one-day football festival last September 25, 2011 at the Alabang Country Club. Dubbed as the 2011 KIA CUP, this event boasted of 60 teams vying for top honors in the men’s and ladies’ open divisions. The 2011 KIA sanctioned event of Capital Region Association (NCRFA) and w a s run by

Cup was a the National Football

Moving as on the major players in Philippine sports, CAC is proud to support these inspiring athletes. The Azkals has been a source of inspiration for many Filipinos and CAC is committed in supporting them as they continue to represent the country’s rising passion for football.

a seasoned football event organization team under the supervision of Coach Hans Peter Smit. The KIA Cup was cosponsored by Lina Group of Companies, owned by Mr. Alberto D. Lina. Under the Lina Group are Air21, Burger King and Integrated Waste Management. Other co-sponsors were Mizuno and Manila Beer. An added treat to the KIA Cup was a special football with the Philippine Azkals. The Azkals took to the pitch for an hour-long clinic with around 100 young football fans aged 12. Other treats for the day included free face-painting, photo booths, and give-aways from KIA.

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KIA sponsors international bike tourney Drive and Fly: KIA announces “KIA Lucky Drive to Australia” winners.

KIA Motors held public test drives of all its leading vehicles in conjunction with the start of the international bike tournament, Le Tour de Filipinas last April 16. This successful event, highlighted by racers from around the world, pitted racers against each other as they pedal from Manila all the way to Baguio City through Bataan, Zambales, and Pangasinan. Le Tour de Filipinas is a recognized and sanctioned event by the Union Cycliste International, the world governing body on cycling. KIA has always been involved in sports and has been the major sponsor of the Australian Open Tennis Championships and other sporting events. It shows the power and dynamism that effectively

convey KIA’s youthful and adventurous brand values. Donned in Kia jerseys, The Philippine Cycling Team came in as guest entrants into this cycling event. Test drives were held at the starting point of the tour at Rajah Sulayman in Ermita, Manila and at the end point of tournament at Burnham Park in Baguio City. KIA’s leading car models the Sorento, Carnival, Carens, Soul, Rio and Picanto were showcased at the display booths in Manila, Zambales, Pangasinan and Baguio City.

During their send-off party, the Philippine Street Soccer Team proudly wore their KIA jerseys to acknowledge the support of their new sponsor. Mr. Boying Soriano of CAC, announced that CAC will award the team with their own vehicle. The Kia K2700 is a high quality, and utilitarian people mover, which will enable them to travel all over the country to promote soccer and the Homeless World Cup. Mr. Soriano in a gesture of effusive praise, readily credits Azkals’ team manager Dan Palami with coming up with the idea for the sponsorship. Upon hearing the

The 5 lucky winners were drawn by Roel Gener of the Philippine Azkals. Each of them won Samsung GT-

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Touching lives one goal at a time KIA also kicked off a new partnership with the Philippine Street Soccer Team to the Homeless World Cup 2011 in Paris, France. The team of underprivileged youths was given a warm despedida by well-wishers last August 9 at the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde (CSB).

KIA motors Philippines does it again. Another successful year for the KIA Lucky Drive to Australia promo. The mechanics of the promo were simple. Register, test drive, and win. All test drive participants each got 1 raffle entry and a chance to win Samsung mobile phones, a Lenovo IdeaPad netbook, and the grand prize, a trip for two to Australia to watch the 2012 Australian Open. Started on October 13, this one month promo went through five cities: Tarlac, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, and Metro Manila. The winners were announced during the Autofocus Motorshow and Auto Expo last November 13 at the Mall of Asia Concert grounds.

proposal, CAC agreed without hesitation. The players of Team Philippines to the Homeless World Cup have proven that they not only have the skills to play, compete, and excel; they also have a testimony to share. The way their lives were changed because of a once in a lifetime opportunity given to them also triggered their passion to help change the lives of others, especially among the youth. The new vehicle will enable them to touch more lives, sharing their passion for soccer and inspiring other underprivileged youth with their own life experiences.


KIA outperforms itself in 2011

KIA Cup continued from p.4 After the final whistle, the 2011 KIA CUP winners were announced: Ladies Open Division:

KIA, now running the campaign, “Inspired by what you like” sure is inspired by how the global market has responded to the aggressive marketing tactics of the brand. A year to year comparison shows a growth of 18.2% in sales throughout the whole world with units being sold reaching more than 2,000,000. Part of this boost in sales, according to Mr. Thomas Oh, Senior Executive Vice President & COO of KIA Motors Corporation, is the fact that the new campaign is now gaining traction in major markets around the world. In the Philippines, CAC also achieved significant gains when it comes to the number of units that their three nameplates have posted. The sleek and savvy Picanto recorded the highest number of increase in sales with an 89% year on year increase. The design- oriented Soul also posted a high number with a 69% increase. The Sportage,having a very fruitful launch year, posted an increase of 56%. Mr. Dodie Gañac, VP for marketing of CAC attributes the increase to

aggressive marketing through tie ups and endorsements from one of the biggest names in sports today, the Philippine Azkals. “All over the world, KIA is known to be associated with sports and sports personalities and CAC took the initiative to partner with the Azkals even before they became a household name”, he said. “This is the kind of sports marketing that KIA is known for”, Mr. Gañac added. CAC also supports the development of soccer in the Philippines through various soccer clinics and through the KIA Cup, which was launched in September of this year. KIA is steadily being recognized as a brand on the rise and Mr. Gañac shares that this is mainly because of two things: design and quality. The new KIA DNA, created by KIA’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, has a distinct look that is unmistakably KIA. The 5 year/ 160,000km coverage of the warranty is a seal of confidence when it comes to quality. “It is comparable and even better than some Japanese, American, or European brands”, he said.


Champion: University of the Philippines- Team A 1st runner up: De la Salle Univeristy- Team A 2nd runner up: University of Sto. Tomas- Team A 3rd runner up: Giligan’s FC Fair Play Award: De la Salle University Team A Most Valuable Player: Bea Quintos - University of the PhilippinesTeam A

Men’s Open Division: Champion: Nomads FC 1st runner up: KAYA FC 2nd runner up: Global FC 3rd runner up: FC Forza Fair Play Award: FC Forza Most Valuable Player: Phil Connally Nomads FC

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KIA Owners: We treat you as family KIA owners all over the Metro gathered at the Kia Family Day Before Service Clinic held at SM Marikina. The 2-day event, open to all KIA owners offered free diagnostic tests to vehicles prior to the scheduled maintenance service or repair.

providing customers the same dedication and dependability expected of family members. Aside from the services offered, customers were able to test drive KIA’s current line-up of vehicles such as the Rio, Soul and the 2010 Automobile of the Year – KIA Sorento.

CAC provided topnotched engineers and certified technicians. The purpose of this after- sales service, with its slogan “Family-like Care”, is to provide a more consistent and differentiated service reflecting KIA’s underlying philosophy of

The KIA Family Day Before Service Clinic is an annual service promotions program of KIA Motors to enhance its after-sales image, showcase its dealer service capabilities, and promote the use of Kia genuine parts.

E1080F phones. Among these winners were Ernesto Katigbak from Pasig, Silverio Ramon Salunson of Tarlac, James Israel Panganiban of Bulacan, Arnel Deliva from Cagayan de Oro, and Mary Greth Pilar of Las Piñas City. Mr. Boying Soriano also drew one winner of a Lenovo netbook and it was Raul Mariano who took home the prize. The biggest prize of the night,

though, the trip for 2 to Australia was drawn by Mr. Dodie Gañac. Out of all the entries, Oliver Manalang of Pasay city will be going to Australia to watch the 2012 Australian Open for free.


KIA Motors Philippines:

At par and on target with the Global Space Identity

KIA Academy: Rewarding through training As part of Kia Motors Corporation’s (KMC) Kia Academy, KMC has recently launched its Sales Consultant’s Recognition Program or SCRP for its overseas dealers. This program aims to foster qualified sales consultants that will provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. This is part of Kia’s on-going efforts to provide customers with world-class sales services. The SCRP was developed to recognize the efforts and reward dealer sales staff and consultants for their dedication and contributions to the success of the Kia brand. The SCRP benefits not only the sales consultants who will receive a quality and systematic education on how to improve their capabilities but also has advantages for the customer who will certainly feel a sense of satisfaction with every service rendered to them.

The program comes into full circle because it also benefits Kia Motors Corporation with the increase in sales brought about by the recommendations from satisfied customers because of the great experience they received from their Kia certified sales consultants trained under the program. There are three stages in the SCRP: The Certified Level which is the initial stage of the program and dwells on the basics of communication skills. The Expert Level is earned after passing the Certified Level and teaches mostly how to close a deal the KIA way. The last and highest level is the Master Level wherein a sales consultant has to pass training on fleet sales techniques, sales team management, and local market development. In the Philippines, there currently 324 dealer sales consultants who have passed the Certified level of the SCRP. We can now say that a customer who transacts with a Kia Certified Sales Consultant is assured that services that will be given to them will be at par or even better than that of competition.

Fleet customers experience KIA from the heart of Korea

Columbian Autocar Corporation follows suit with the Kia Global Space Identity (GSI). GSI aims to identify what KIA is all about through mandatory and fundamental design requirements for all dealers around the globe. This is to make the brand and all the dealerships more attractive, notable, and memorable. Therefore, enhancing brand awareness and familiarity and to improving consumer perception of KIA. The new design aims to differentiate KIA dealerships from the surrounding environment and to make each KIA employee and passer-by take notice of the lively KIA brand. The transparent showroom ensures a direct visual link between the brand and the public. Started in Korea in 2009, the GSI has been implemented all around the world. In the Philippines, it all started with the launch of the Global City dealership in October of 2010. Other KIA dealerships soon followed with Acropolis, Cebu-Mandaue, Las Pinas, Sta. Rosa, Iloilo, Dumaguete and Pangasinan. The latest dealership to go global in its design is the KIA Metroeast dealership which opened its world class doors in August of this year.

Fleet customers are one of the largest customers of KIA as they purchase vehicles by bunches. And to reward these loyal customers, KIA invites them to Korea in order to experience KIA Motors Corporation’s Fine Tune Vision. The event took place in Seoul, South Korea from September 5-9 of this year and was participated by representatives from EMP Taxi, one of the largest taxi fleet in the country with over 200 units servicing the citizens of Metro Manila since 2005. Present for EMP were the Head of the Purchasing Department, Mr. Fernando F. Enriquez and his daughter, Ms. Jacqueline Enriquez. The guests were lodged at the RitzCarlton Hotel and had a nice tour set up for them by KIA. The tour consists of visiting the Namyang R&D Center and

The Global Space Identity of KIA separates itself from the competition through a distinctive, up to date exterior and interior design which achieves maximum visibility

the Hwasung plant. The participants also received the grand tour of the KIA Headquarters in Seoul and were also treated to a Korean Cultural Experience Program. This is KIA’s way of showing its appreciation to its loyal customers who are regarded valued business partners.

and immediate brand recognition.



A public service for KIA owners and the motoring public Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC) teamed up with Petron and Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. for the Holy Week to give emergency assistance to the motoring public. KIA’s Holy Week Motoring Emergency Assistance program was incorporated into Petron’s Lakbay Alalay program. KIA Emergency Roadside Assistance stations were set-up in Star Tollway, South Luzon Express Way and SubicClark-Tarlac Expressway. Hotlines for Antipolo, Baguio and Nueva Ecija were also opened. In addition to the assistance stations, participating KIA dealers offered free check-up and diagnostic tests for all KIA vehicles from March 31 to April 1 and from April 3 to 4. The Holy Week Motoring Emergency Assistance program also joined Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.’s “Trip Mo, Trip Ko!” roadside assistance program in Luzon and Visayas. CAC’s Technical Team gave free service to motorists from April 20-21 and April 23-24, 2011.

KIA champions the best As part of the endeavors to provide an avenue in evaluating and measuring the level of skills and competence of Kia service advisors, technicians and partsmen, Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC) recently staged its 6th National Skills World Cup at the Columbian Technical Training Center in Pasay City. The Skills World Cup, held bi-annually, serves as a motivational means to develop the proficiency and pursuit of excellence of after-sales personnel to meet the customers’ needs. After the 2 day event, 2 winners represented the country in the KIA regional and global skills competition. Hermogenes Patunob of Kia Mandaue flew to Korea to compete with other service advisors for the Global Service Advisors Competition while Jose Lumalang, Jr. of Kia Pasig competed with other technicians in Malaysia for the Regional Skills World Cup.

KIA’s technicians: A cut above the rest KIA takes pride in the programs that promote and enhance the skills and talents of its employees. This is the reason why KIA creates and develops programs that will help develop these skills. KIA’s Technician Recognition Program (TRP) aims to improve the technical knowledge and skills of the technicians that KIA employs. Technicians are classified into four classes, depending on their present skill level. The training that each technician receives is appropriate to their level in the program. The four levels make sure that those taking the training will be ready and equipped when they reach the next level of the program. The four stages of the TRP are the apprentice level, certified level, expert, and master classes. The Expert level is then divided into three other classes: Expert in engine, chassis, and electrical. KIA’s Technician Recognition Program currently has 110 registered technicians, all willing to learn more in order to service in a fashion that shows how KIA really cares for its valued and loyal customers.


CAC commends top employees at 2011 Dealer AfterSales Personnel Recognition Awards CAC commends top employees at 2011 Dealer After-Sales Personnel Recognition Awards After-sales operation plays a very significant role in the dealership by providing a consistent source of profits that can cover overhead expenses especially during slow periods where no vehicles are sold. Being its ultimate business goal is to achieve supreme customer satisfaction thereby capturing customer loyalty; the After-Sales Department can provide quality service only if each of its many varied functions are carried out skillfully by its personnel in their respective task. This can only be achieved when

each employee carries responsibility well.



It is in the above premise that CAC After-Sales Group institutionalized the annual recognition for the dealer aftersales personnel who has exemplified the highest degree of skills and has contributed in the achievement of the organization’s goal. To motivate each personnel by recognizing his/her accomplishment by demonstrating a highest degree of skills, has excelled in his/her field of work, and contributed to the achievement of his/ her dealership’s goal as well as in the enhancement of the Kia brand image.

Kia Headliners Volume 1 Issue 1  
Kia Headliners Volume 1 Issue 1  

Kia Headliners is a quarterly newsletter published by KIA for its business partners, dealers and valued clientele.