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Huis Kiaat

First Year Guide

Huis Kiaat Information Brochure 2012

Compiled by T.T. Ramakgoakgoa October 2011

Table of Contents Welcome ...........................................................1 Groenkloof Campus ..........................................2 Huis Kiaat ..........................................................4 Introduction of House Committee (HK) .............6 Orientation Week ..............................................22 Traditions ...........................................................26 Residence activities Academics ..................................................30 Culture ........................................................32 RAG ............................................................33 Sport ...........................................................34 Facilities ............................................................35 Rooms ...............................................................40 What you may bring to res ................................41 Dining facilities ..................................................46 Transport ...........................................................48 Code of Conduct ...............................................49 Summary ...........................................................51

Welcome to our Ambush! I would like to take this favourable opportunity to welcome you as a First Year to Kiaat. Weeks of tireless preparation have been employed into ensuring that your arrival can be as welcoming and convenient as possible. As a young adult, you now sit at the threshold of developing from a boy to a young man. These next few years at University will serve as the ideal agent for your personal development. Here at Kiaat, we have been adequately trained to act as mentors for you through this challenging, yet exciting time in your life. It is my personal responsibility to ensure that you and all other First Years are taken care of for the entire duration of your first year in Kiaat. I am convinced that you will find Kiaat a pleasant home away from home. This booklet has been compiled for you and your parents/guardians to thoroughly look through and enlighten you about Kiaat. Please read through it completely. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thomas Ramakgoakgoa First Year Guardian/Ienkvoog: Huis Kiaat 079 760 0480/

Groenkloof Campus Kiaat is situated on the Groenkloof Campus of the University of Pretoria. This is one of the most beautiful places you will have the privilege of calling your home. Groenkloof is situated approximately 3.5km from the Hatfield Campus (Main Campus) and is also home to 3 female residences. This campus was formerly the Onderwyskollege of Pretoria, it has since been integrated into the University of Pretoria and is now an integral part of the University. Our campus is the home of the Faculty of Education, however, as far as the residences are concerned, students from all career paths reside here. We share our dining hall with the three female residences: Lilium, Zinnia and Inca. This also ensures good company while you eat. Here you will enjoy the comfort of living in one of Pretoriaâ€&#x;s affluent suburbs. This serenity is a pleasurable contrast to the raucous living conditions in any of the other male residences of the University. However, the vibrant culture of student life is not compromised. Being the only male residence on the Groenkloof Campus, Kiaat has certainly claimed ownership of this prestigious campus. This is our home. This is the territory of the Tiger‌

Groenkloof Campus

Huis Kiaat Kiaat is the youngest male residence at the University of Pretoria. It was formed in 2002 from all the male residences of the former Onderwyskollege of Pretoria. Despite being the youngest male residence, it has not stopped us from being a highly competitive residence and older residences consider us as firm competitors. We are 329 students in Kiaat, which makes us the largest male residence in the whole of Tuks. First years comprise approximately 40% of this total. Our motto, “Tirisano”, means “Working Together”. That being said, we rely on one another to get things done. We are working our way up in the rankings of Tuks. We take pride in the tiger as our mascot and he is known as “Oats”.

House Kiaat


Kiaat House Committee All residences of the University are managed by the House Committee (HK for short, from the Afrikaans translation: Huiskomitee) of that particular house. These committees are democratically elected by the members of that particular house towards the end of the year. The current HK of Kiaat was elected in September 2011. They will serve in office until August 2012. You will become well acquainted with your HK, as these are the guys who will serve as your mentors through your first year at University. They are analogous to your big brothers at home, always looking out for you and helping you through all the difficulties you will encounter as a Cub. Our Head of Residence, Professor Ernest van Eck and his wife Glenda, the Chairman of Kiaat, Carl Harding and the rest of the Kiaat HK would like to individually introduce themselves to you. This is to ensure that youâ€&#x;re not completely unfamiliar with our faces when you do arrive in January. So, here is the House Committee of Kiaat for 2012:

Kiaat HK 2012

Prof Ernest van Eck and Glenda van Eck A heartily welcome to all of you! We as Houseparent‟s focus on each and every student in Huis Kiaat on an individual basis. We believe that no person has the same background, personality and dreams. In Kiaat everybody is somebody. We therefore will meet every one of you during the first weeks personally. We are responsible for your well-being, and will support you in any way necessary. As Houseparent‟s we will spend quite a bit of time with the first-years in the first week of their stay at Kiaat to ensure that they are properly integrated into our community without being subjected to any humiliating “initiation” practices. Thereafter we will take a keen interest in your progress towards becoming a participating member of the house. Special attention will be given to your studies, compliance to study times and the monitoring of your academic progress. To achieve this, you will be visited on a regular basis in your room also. You are also welcome to come downstairs and talk to us 24/7.

In Kiaat we are building a culture of mutual respect, integrity, accountability, fairness, commitment, excellence, pride and relevance. These values are nonnegotiable. Since Kiaat has 329 residents, discipline is also a first priority. Bring with you your enthusiasm, your dedication, and your willingness to cooperate. Leave at home your worries, your fears and your prejudices. Come and enjoy Res and student life! We look forward to meeting you! You are on the doorstep of becoming part of a wonderful family!

ďƒ Prof and Glenda

Carl Harding Chairman, Finances Ho-Haaaa me Jarre! I would like to be the first to welcome you to the time of your life. Kiaat is a place where we make brothers and friends for life. My job as Chairman is to ensure that the house runs smoothly and to teach you how Kiaat men should behave. I will be staying in the presidential suite on Floor 1 (Alcatraz). The Chairmanâ€&#x;s floor is open to all those that wish to participate and have a good time. I hope that you will apply for my floor to see how the real Kiaat men live. I hope that your results are good and that we will be able to see you next year for the time of your life. Until then please rest up as you are in for a whirlwind first couple of weeks of university life.

ďƒ Oupa Carl

Thomas Ramakgoakgoa First Year Guardian/Ienkvoog, Academics Greetings Cubs I would firstly like to congratulate you for making it to university. A very small percentage of people in the WORLD actually make it here so consider yourself part of an elite group, regardless what course you have enrolled for. My responsibility is basically to Shepherd you not only during orientation week but also for the duration of 2012. I will be staying on Floor 2 (Pionier), which is a floor that has a family atmosphere and is known for being everywhere. If you are a fun loving and hard working person please apply to this floor. As your „guardian‟ I will offer myself as a pillar for support and make sure your needs at res are always my first priority to meet but in return I expect maximum participation from you in as many res activities as possible. Prepare for the time of your life. Pa Thomas

Tumelo Lebetle Vice-Chairman, Administration, Well Being Hoo Haa First Years I‟m Master Tumelo the Vice Chairman of the House. My other portfolios include Administration, and Well-Being. My main role as your Well-Being HK will be to try and make sure your transition to Tertiary education is as smooth as possible but how that transition takes place is up to you. Also there is no need to forget your spiritual life at home, every day we have home cells taking place in the House, the choice is yours who you feel comfortable with to share the Bible with and remember each cell has its own dedicated leader to help you with anything. Tugela which is floor 3 is the Vice Chairman‟s floor where I will be living in. Here it‟s a family, brothers that will take care of you for the whole year. The floor was floor of the year in 2010 and as you join this floor you will help us regain that title again in 2012. I hope to see you in the 2012 and be the coolest cubs you can be because our blood in KIAAT is Black and Yellow. Tugela we are, Tugela we stand. Master Tumelo

Bruce Chidi RAG, Discipline, Clothing and Branding Hoohah Jarre My name is Bruce Chidi (Master Bruce to you) and I am the RAG, Clothing and Branding as well as Discipline HK. What this basically means is that I deal with anything to do with RAG – Float building, RAG projects and any fundraisings towards Kiaat RAG – all your clothing and any Kiaat merchandise you may want to purchase you may do so from me (and I suggest you save up some money because there are a lot of things you will want to buy). I am also in charge of discipline in the house as well as th on my floor. I am on the 4 floor also known as Dagbreek . I am looking forward to 2012 with you and I hope you are just as excited for the beginning of what you can make, the time of your life. rd This year is my 3 year in Kiaat and my advice is to come with a positive attitude and remember that in Kiaat Tirisano is what we live by.

 Master Bruce

Kyle Pieterse Sport, Discipline and Alumni Lekker jarre!! Firstly I would like to welcome and congratulate each and every one of you, to soon be part of Huis Kiaat. I can assure you that the time here is going to be memorable. Hi I am Meester Kyle and I am in charge of Kiaat‟s rugby, cricket and IENK athletics. On the discipline side of thing I will be keeping an eye on you to make sure everything is running smooth regarding discipline of the house. When you all arrive in 2012, I will be the residing HK on floor 5 most commonly known as “Môreskof”. On my floor I will be striving to implement an environment of balance. It‟s important for me that everyone actively participates in as many events as possible (sporting field, social side and academic side) in res and at the same time succeed. Please stay fit during the holiday because there is a few sporting activities happening in the beginning of the year. I am looking forward in meeting you all! Have a great holiday and start getting excited for the next chapter in your lives it, is going to be good. Meester Kyle

Hermann van Aswegen Academics and Internal Culture Hello cubs! I am your Academic HK and will be the person to come to when you need assistance with anything related to Academics. Internal Culture is my second portfolio and will allow you the opportunity to express your creative side as well as express your Cultural backgrounds. I will be joint HK of floor 2 (Pionier) which has over the years been one of the leading floors in Kiaat's Residence. On floor 2 we keep certain basic traditions, but we also are known to be the social floor and are all highly outgoing people. You will learn the traditions but will enjoy Residence life to the fullest. Study hard and enjoy your holiday, but when you make your way to Kiaat make sure you come here with a positive attitude and be prepared to work hard but to also play hard.

ďƒ Meester Hermann

Herschelle Links External Culture and Recreation. Ekseâ€&#x; Jarre Hey guys I'm Herschelle. I'm the External HK alongside Manus and we can't wait to introduce you to a whole new world of excitement. We'd love for you guys to be part of the house as we are. Floor 7 (Bastion) is the floor of many expectations with different views and it is a floor where you can be yourself. With rocking happenings such as the floor camp (awesome), poker evenings, DSTV and more, the view is great and it is not too high nor is it to low, just right! I'm the sort of person who likes to chill with and just have fun, but when it comes to work, we work. So come to Kiaat with a good attitude and be prepared to blast away the competitors.

ďƒ Meester Herschelle

Innocent Mulalo Mushaisano Secretary, IT, Alumni, Publications Hey Gents. I'm Innocent Mulalo and I'm studying Information Science and I'm in charge of everything IT-related in Kiaat. I'm the floor HK on the infamous Floor 9 which is a floor that is close knit and known for its chilled vibe and notorious floor traditions. You are guaranteed to have a great time on the floor as long as you participate in floor as well as house activities. Our floor name is Mafia and this name goes years back and incorporates traditions which you will learn about once you get on the floor. As with any mafia group, we are family and we'll do anything to protect and look after the family. Our lifestyles are questionable but our hustle is legendary. La Cosa Nostra: itâ€&#x;s a mob thing.

ďƒ Master Innocent

Jacco van Aswegen Social, Clubhouse, Sponsorships Hey there cubs! Well done on making it into one of the best male residences in Tukkies. Your stay in Kiaat will be life changing. I will be your social HK for 2012. I hope you are ready for the renowned socials that Kiaat is known for! You will be able to meet girls from other residences as well as building a stronger and better relationship with your fellow Kiaat Manne. I will be the floor 10 (Uitkyk) HK. This is a floor that takes part in a lot of residence activities, so if you are a person that wants to take part in a variety of activities that Kiaat has to offer then make sure to apply for floor 10. Floor 10, are also house week champions for 2011 and we want to win this title again in 2012, so we need you to participate fully. Good luck with your final exams and enjoy your holidays. ďƒ Meester Jacco

Maremo Matlou Sports and Internal Culture Cubs!!! Welcome to the beginning of the best part of your life. If you accept and embrace our traditions and Kiaat as your home, you will have the best years of your life in this house. I am in charge of sports and internal culture. What this means is that I will be seeing all of you participating in at least one sport and at all the culture events that I will be organizing. I love Kiaat and will be staying on floor 8 (Neptune). Respect, full participation, an eagerness to learn and succeed, is a prerequisite for staying on my floor. If you plan on being an active jarre then floor 8 is for you. Your arrival is highly anticipated.

ďƒ Master Maremo

Riaan van Rhyn RAG, Semivoog Dagsê Jarre I am really looking forward to meeting all of you!! I will be the HK member on floor 6 (Horison), the floor where the sun rises first. As Rag HK I expect hard workers on my floor. This does not only go for the floor but for every individual as well. You will see a lot of me during RAG week with float building and folding “blommetjie”. I would like most, if not all, of you to donate blood, as this goes towards our points for RAG. Bring asseblief enige hardeware saam wat gebruik kan word vir die bou van die vlot, as jy kan weld gesels met my. I need guys that are good with their hands and guys with a good attitude. We here at Kiaat are truly looking forward to your arrival, enjoy your holiday and see you all next year.

Meester Riaan

Manus Oberholzer External Culture, Recreation Halo aan al die jarre First I want to welcome you to the place you are going to call home for quite a long time. Ons sien uit om julle te ontmoet en met julle te werk. I will be staying on floor 7 (Bastion). Here on floor 7 we are just different from the rest of the floors. Once you have lived on floor seven you never want to leave. Floor braai‟s, camps, poker nights and a lot of fun is had on Bastion. My job is to do all the culture of the res so that‟s when you get the ladies attention and we can only do that by being the best…Just be ready for a leka year and go BIG or go home.

Meester Manus

Orientation Week In order to get you fully acquainted with Kiaat and the University in general, there is a scheduled Orientation Week program which will be from the 28 January to 5 February 2012. The program followed during the Orientation Week has been carefully planned and has been refined over the past six years by the Executive of the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation. This program is designed to be fun-filled as well as educational. All areas of student life are thoroughly addressed during this program. There will be highly informative presentations on the services and facilities that the University provides. During this week, your academic information program runs during the day and the Residence Orientation at night. It is your prerogative to attend your academic information program. This is compulsory for all first year students. The HK of Kiaat are by no means responsible for you during this time. We will, however, get you to your venues and ensure that you have your lunch everyday. This year, there are four socials planed for the first, with unorthodox themes for your enjoyment. The first social planned is with Zinnia, followed by a massive social with Nerina, our rag partners Lilium as well as Tuks village ladies and men. The next social is with Katjiepering and last but definitely not least, a “Mini Makiti� with Inca and Lilium. First years will be asked to dress up accordingly and must thus bring required clothing from home if

possible. The themes are: Royalty (Zinnia), Jersey Shore (Nerina, Lilium, and Tuks Village men and women) Pirates (Katjiepering) and People of service (Mini Makiti). We have prepared for you to arrive on Saturday, 28 January 2012 from 06:00. The Principal of the University of Pretoria has a scheduled meeting with all parents on this day. Therefore you will have enough time to move in, go to the main campus and listen to what Prof de la Rey has to say, and still come back to Kiaat for the introduction of the House Committee at 15:00 in the Groenkloof dining hall. This meeting with the HK and your parents should not exceed 1 hour. Thereafter, Orientation Week would be in full swing! If it would be more of a convenience to you to move in earlier than the th 28 , then please give me a call in good time so that I can arrange for your arrival. For those Cubs who attend church service on a weekly basis, the Sunday evenings are planned in such a way that you can attend your usual church with your same denomination, and decide if you plan on attending on a more regular basis. If Christianity is not your denomination then we‟ll discuss what we can do for you when you get here. During the orientation program, First Years from all residences wear what is known as the residence‟s „Ienkdrag.‟ This is clothing that is purchased on your arrival. It will be worn throughout the orientation program and also, every Wednesday (Kiaat Wednesday‟s) thereafter. These clothes can be purchased for R250.

This includes a Kiaat golf shirt, shorts, Tuks t-shirt, RAG T-shirt and a Kiaat cap. Compulsory Ienkmelodienk clothing can also be bought for R100 at the welcoming day. The Kiaat house jacket can be purchased for an additional R200 (the jacket is not compulsory, but is highly recommended). The Tuks RAG diary, which includes the TUKS RAG magazine, can also be purchased at a cost of R50. This diary is aimed at the resident student and has all relevant information pertaining to the events in res. Letâ€&#x;s face it, as a university student, you have to have a diary to keep track of your hectic life- so, why not get one for you and your parents? On the Sunday (5 Feb) of the Orientation Week, we have an outing planned at Gold Reef City theme park. This comes at a cost of R200 and includes transport, food and entrance to the park. It is imperative you pay this R200 on your arrival as we plan on leaving nobody behind in res on that day, but it is not compulsory. We require that you stay in res for the full first three weeks before going home for the weekends. However, during this time, your family are more than welcome to visit you in res. The orientation program ends with a ceremony where we declare you a member of Kiaat. This will signal the start of the academic program and the start of the semester. The orientation program is going to be very busy and you are going to take part in a lot of activities. Make sure

that you are fully rested and ready to give your all for the residence.

Traditions / Customs 2011 was Kiaat‟s second milestone/Feesjaar year, and the celebration of a decade of the residences‟ existence. This obviously means our traditions are not based on generations of history, our traditions grow as we get older. A lot of our traditions revolve around our Cubs. The reason for this is simply to help you grow and adapt to your new lifestyle as a young Kiaat man. You will be known as a “Cub” for the duration of your first year here at Kiaat. The saying “Age is just a number”, is very relevant here at Kiaat. You may find that you are older than some of the seniors in res, but around here respect is earned and therefore someone who has lived here longer than you has earned more respect in the residence. You will be ontheffed in a later stage of your first year. What this basically means is that you will have more privileges entrusted to you. Do note that this does not make you a semi-senior in our residence. Our traditions include the following: In Kiaat we greet one another with a firm handshake. This one of our most important traditions as it builds unity in our residence. You will be expected to greet, most importantly, your House Committee, the seniors and also each other with this firm handshake.

You greet the members of the house in different categories: Housefather is greeted as “Prof” Chairman is greeted as “Oupa” Ienkvoog is greeted as “Pa” House Committee members are greeted as “Meester/Master” Old House Committee members are greeted as “Groot Oom” Seniors and semis are greeted as “Oom” Wednesday is known here as “Kiaat Wednesday”. This entails that all residents of Kiaat wear Kiaat clothing on these days. For first years this simply means that you will be wearing your first year clothing. Even Oats (our mascot) comes out to play on Kiaat Wednesday. Your first exams in June, you as a Cub are expected to write all your exams in formal clothing. Blazers and other formal jackets are not compulsory, but a formal shirt and a tie with long formal pants and formal shoes are to be worn. Cubs are not allowed to social in the clubhouse without the permission of the Ienkvoog and they must have House Committee supervision while they are in the clubhouse. Since Kiaat is a highly diverse house, with students from various backgrounds, the most common medium of communication is English, since it is assumed to be fairly well understood by most. You may however speak your own language with those who are familiar with it.

We try to maintain a sense of neutrality in all that we do, this includes our language of communication. As a Cub you are not permitted to have female visitors in your room until you are ontheffed, unless it is your mother or sister. It is HIGHLY recommended to not take chances with this tradition. As a first year, you will, at some stage have the privilege of hoisting the Kiaat flag. This is an opportunity that is only granted once to each first year and it should therefore be done with a great amount of respect. Each floor has its own “gangkreet” which is a type of war cry/ greeting to your floor, you will be expected to perform this greeting at given times depending on each floor. First years are expected to attend soccer and rugby matches as supporters, if they are not participating themselves. First years are expected to come to support in Ienkdrag or a house jacket. After completion of the matches, the House Song will be sung by all those in attendance. Drunkenness by any Cub will not be tolerated under any circumstances. That is, you may not be drunk, or in possession of alcohol in front of any senior student. There will be unannounced room inspection of first year‟s rooms on a weekly basis at the discretion of their floor HK. This is not to invade your privacy, but to

ensure you maintain your room to an acceptable standard, conducive for studying. All House rules and rules of the University of Pretoria apply to you as well. Here at Kiaat we would like our first years to be as active in the residence as possible.

Residence activities There is an extensive scope of activities available to residence students that daily students (non residence students) do not have the privilege of participating in. As a student in res you have to have the spirit of working in a team. If the likes of frequent socials, cultural activities, sports, and doing just about all that young adults at university do, do not apply to your way of life, or if you‟re not interested in enjoying life to the brim of ecstasy, then, my friend, res life is definitely not for you! We are looking forward to having Cubs with an absolute zest for life. Cubs that need not be begged to come out and enjoy the endless parties. Please do reconsider if this idea of participation is not up to your calibre. We do, however, have a balance between having fun and studying. And, I will make sure that that balance is clear for every Cub living in Kiaat. Residence „Prestige‟ is measured by each residence‟s level of participation in the four main categories that comprise residence life. These are: academic

performance of the residence, culture performances and events, amount done for charity and the community in the Reach out And Give (RAG) program and the level of participation and performance of a residence on the sports field.

To summarise: o Academics o Culture o RAG o Sport

Academics The primary purpose of all University students in University is to perform well academically. It is therefore naturally expected that all Cubs have their own academic goals in mind and will stop at nothing to achieve these goals. A realistic goal for a first year student should recede 65%. The Academic HK of Kiaat have set aside study hours during the week (Mon Wed). There will be compulsory study time between 19:00 and 22:00 for all Cubs. These study hours should not be taken lightly and will be monitored by selected mentors on your floor. During these 3 hours a day, your door will be open- no questions asked- and you will be at your desk studying! Help for your various modules are available from the mentors as well as all the other seniors in the house. In Kiaat we believe in looking after each other and especially our first years, so in order to cater for this, we

have the Kiaat mentorship programme which gives each first year a designated senior in the house to whom he can turn to for any assistance. This programme is extremely successful and aims at helping our first years cope with the pressures of university and res life.

Culture Your first cultural event starts in the orientation program. You will be required to participate in a performance called „Ienkmelodienk.‟ This is an event that ALL first year students in ALL residences partake in. During the orientation week there are a total of approximately 15 hours to prepare for the performance! That should be a clear indication of the magnitude of this event! „Ienkmelodienk‟ is approximately a 9 minute performance of song and dance done on stage at the University‟s Amphitheatre in front of an audience of thousands! This will be the first impression that you, as a Cub make on the seniors of Kiaat. And it is this impression that determines how comfortable res life will be for you in your first year! Meester Manus and Herschelle are the men responsible for teaching you all the relevant songs and dance moves for the performance during Orientation Week. The event is scheduled for Monday, 6 February 2012. Later in the semester and throughout the year, there will be a number of other cultural events like Serrie, Serenade, House Week, etc. It is expected of you to participate in most of these activities without question. Participating in res culture events is the biggest jol a student can have! They expose your mind to so much

this vast University has to offer students. You will benefit a lot from taking part in these events and gaining the respect of the seniors.

RAG RAG (Reach out And Give) is a charity and community centred programme. Within RAG there are a number of activities which make up the portfolio. Among others, these include the RAG procession, community projects, and the sale of the Tuks RAG Diary. As a Cub, you will experience first hand what RAG is all about. You are expected to top the sales of the RAG magazines of all the mens‟ residences before you even get here to Kiaat. The building of the float for the RAG procession during the rag week is also one the big priorities of the Cubs together with the Geitjies (House Lilium‟s First Year girls), as you do a lot of the work on the actual float. Since RAG is such a huge portfolio, you will be adequately informed about it by your RAG HK‟s, Bruce Chidi and Riaan van Rhyn when you arrive here next year and via subsequent pamphlets. List of things that you can bring to Kiaat to kick start our RAG term: It will be much appreciated if you could bring some of the following tools for us to use during RAG week for the Float: Round bars, flat bars, round tube, square tube, polystyrene, oogies draad, cable ties, angle grinders, swys masjiene, wielding helmets, gloves, screw drivers,

any tools, drill points, drill machine, generator and fuel, extension cables. If you are bringing any of the above tools please make sure that you mark them so that you do not lose them. You could donate food as well: Any canned food, any non perishable foods such as sugar, spices, maze etc. You could also donate clothing: Jackets, shoes etc. Lastly any other things that you would like to donate: appliances such as kettles etc. As well as toys, board games, etc.

Sport Ah! The element of life that no man can live withoutsport! Tuks has the largest variety of sport since the Olympics! On the residence side, though, we have some sports which comprise the „mainâ€&#x; category of sport. These sports are the deciding factors in the Prestige ranking of sports, and include rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey, basketball and IENK athletics. There is also a vast range of recreational and other sports available such as basket ball, volley ball etc. All of these you will be informed about on your arrival here.

Facilities Kiaat has an extensive array of facilities conducive for student life. We officially have the largest clubhouse in all of Tuks. Our clubhouse is equipped with DSTV, a pool table, braai area, fully stocked bar, costly sound system, ablution facilities fire place and of course a dance floor.

Kiaat Clubhouse

Within Kiaat, there is a fully serviceable IT minilab, where among other things, access to the internet, the Universityâ€&#x;s intranet and your awaiting e-mail account can be readily accessed 17 hrs a day. Again, no extra cost is incurred for the use of this facility. Printing in the lab may be done during all hours when the lab is open. Currently printing costs in the lab is set at 35c per page,

but may increase at the Universityâ€&#x;s discretion. Unfortunately only black and white printing is available in the IT minilab. Colour prints can be done in the library on the campus. But the finer details here, including lab rules etc, you will attain during your stay.

IT Minilab

Each of the 10 floors of Kiaat is equipped with a laundry room containing 1 washing machine and 1 dryer. The option of hanging wet clothes is also available for the „old schoolâ€&#x; characters, with a separate room for this purpose. Ironing facilities are also available in the laundry room- all that is short is your own iron. For those who prefer hand washing their clothes, there are two sinks available for this purpose. All that is needed here is a bath plug, which is strongly advised you attain.

In addition, there are a total of 6 shower cubicles, 5 toilets, 4 urinals, 9 basins and 2 bath tubs on each floor. All cleaning of these facilities is the responsibility of a hired cleaning company, however students are using these facilities and we expect you to use them as adults. You are only responsible for the cleanliness of your own room.

Kiaat bathrooms

We have a recreation room for our residents to go chill. With DSTV, a projector and a pool table this is a venue that is well used by the residents. The Groenkloof swimming pool, athletics track, soccer, rugby and cricket fields, basketball, tennis and squash courts are all available to us for our competitive and recreational use. It is strongly advised that you make full use of these facilities. Except for the gym, they come at no extra cost!

View from Kiaat showing Groenkloof sports facilities

Rooms Aah- the rooms…! Your sanctuary after a long day at school. The place where you long to have your girlfriend over- but can‟t! The place that to some extent identifies you in Kiaat. All Cubs are required to share a room with another Cub during their first year in res. This promotes teamwork and spirit building amongst you all. It further eliminates isolation of Cubs in this time where you need the companionship of your friends through this drastic change in your life. Since you won‟t be familiar with the rest of your other friends who‟ll be joining you, you‟ll find, upon your arrival, that you may have already been allocated a roommate. During the course of the First Year orientation program, you will become familiar with the rest of your group. You may then wish to change your roommate for a friend that you may have met during the course of the week. This is completely acceptable and is expected by House Management. By the end of the Orientation Week, all room placements should be finalised and all Cubs should be satisfied with their living partner for the rest of the year. All rooms are equipped with an adequate bookshelf, bed, chair, desk, memo board, curtains, a sizeable wardrobe and a heater for the chilly Pretoria winter. Double rooms are divided through the centre by a bookshelf to allow you limited privacy in your room, but don‟t prevent complete isolation from your roommate. You‟ll have a large window of your own that comes with a curtain, and depending on where in the house you are

situated, you might have access to some of the best views of Groenkloof.

Typical first year room- the condition and all!

What you may bring to res Hereunder is a list of all permissible items that may be brought to res. They are obviously not compulsory, unless stated otherwise. Use your discretion when deciding what you should bring. It is a guideline in what most students have in their rooms. Medication Linen: o Pillow o Pillow case o Sheet for single bed o Duvet / blanket /comforter Bed frame and mattress are provided. Cleaning agents& utensils o Washing powder for top loading, semi-automatic washing machines. o Fabric softener o Bleach (if necessary) o Liquid soap for washing dishes o Sponge / rag for washing dishes o Dishcloth o Scrubbing brush for cleaning footwear o Polish for shoes and other leather items o A broom or mop to clean the floor

Laundry equipment o Clothes pegs (if you prefer not using the dryer)

o o

Iron (if youâ€&#x;re not a lazy person!) Bath plug (for sinks and bath tubs)

All necessary toiletries Stationery Sport equipment Formal clothes- compulsory- (for church if you do plan on going, formal house meetings and exam time, where all Cubs are required to dress formally when writing their exams ) Study lamp Rug for your floor Clothes hangers Decorations to make your new room feel like home. Kettle Rubbish bin Bar fridge Microwave PC (and network cables) TV

Sound system Musical instruments (this would be extremely valuable to the house during our culture activities and if you plan on joining the house band!) Each room is equipped with a standard plug point fitted with a circuit breaker. 2 Mirrors are fitted inside the wardrobe A towel rail is also provided As mentioned earlier, curtains are provided. NO HOTPLATES ARE ALLOWED IN ROOMS. NO STOVES, ELECTRIC FRYING PANS OR GAS FRYERS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED IN ROOMS. NO OPEN BAR OR ELEMENT HEATERS ARE ALLOWED IN ROOMS. NO “SNACKWICH” OR ELECTRIC SANDWICH MAKERS ARE ALLOWED IN ROOMS ALL IRONING MUST BE DONE IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM WHERE THERE ARE FACILITIES FOR THIS PURPOSE.

Dining facilities Please, bear with me if you feel a hint of pessimism in this part of the brochure! But let this not be a reason to deter your enthusiasm about living in res. We have a fully catered dining hall on the Groenkloof Campus. This dining hall is shared with the other 3 female residences on the campus. There is a variety of menus on a daily basis. The University has given you an initial credit of approximately R14 000 to eat at the dining hall. This is calculated as 52% of the cost of eating all 3 meals on the booked menu everyday of you being in res. Therefore if you are fortunate enough to have 100% of your meal money paid into your account by your parents or sponsor, you would have a total of approximately R24 000 to eat for the 9 months in the year you spend away from home! This initial credit is reflected on your student account and can be decreased or increased up to 100%at the Client Service Centre (CSC). For those students who will not be studying towards a B.Ed degree that is, all students who will be studying on the Main Campus of the University, there is a catered dining hall (Kloostersaal) on the Main Campus. To have meals at this dining hall, you have to go to the CSC and transfer an amount from Kiaat to Kloostersaal that you deem suitable for the semester or the year. Kloostersaal is by far a better dining hall than most in TuksRes.

All transactions on your dining hall account are made with your student card which you will receive on the day of your arrival if you have filled in all relevant forms correctly. If not, then you will receive it during the orientation week. (Your student card is one of the most important items that you will have throughout your degree course. Not only do you use it to swipe for all your meals, it‟s also used to gain access to many of the University‟s facilities and allows you to write your examinations. In short- it‟s your ID card that is required at every turn everyday). If you are looking into buying a fridge and microwave, then just as a suggestion, you may want to split the expenses with your roommate if you become close enough to trust him that much. This idea‟s not too bad especially for snacks and the like that you may wish to have at your disposal during those long nights of studying and those weekend movies in your room. Just as a reminder, no hotplates (including frying pans) are allowed in res! As University rules explain.

Transport You are more than welcome to bring your own vehicle to res. The campus is protected 24 hours by Fidelity Security. However, it is still your responsibility to ensure that nothing on or in your vehicle gets tampered with. That is, you have to make sure that your vehicle is secured as though there is no security force constantly patrolling the campus. There are a number of designated car parks for students living in res around Kiaat. Undercover parking however is reserved for senior students only! Therefore, you donâ€&#x;t have to worry about paying for parking in your first year. All bicycles can be locked up in the laundry rooms and various secured places on campus. There is a bus service used for students who study on the Main Campus. There are adequate departure times from both Groenkloof and Hatfield. The cost of this service is beard by the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation. Therefore your res fees are not affected by the fact that you live in Groenkloof.

Code of Conduct of House Kiaat 1. Residents must take their fellow residents into consideration at all times and must not offend people through bad behaviour and/or language 2. Noise hour is only between 17h00 and 18h00 Mondays to Thursday. Weekends and during exam times there is no noise hour 3. Vandalism of the property of the house including damage to elevator, unauthorized removing of posters and putting up posters without a HKâ€&#x;s signature is prohibited. 4. The use of drugs and alcohol is not allowed in and around the house. However, alcohol may be consumed in the club House. 5. Littering in and around the residents is not allowed, including elevators, corridors and lounges. 6. We have a no smoking policy in res except for the fire escapes. 7. No visitors are allowed from 01h00 till 7h00. Visitors within these prohibited times must be reported and permission must be given for such visitation.


As a resident you are accountable for your visitors‟ conduct in and around the house. 9. It is compulsory to attend the House meetings unless a reasonable written excuse is provided to your floor HK before the meeting. 10. Tarnishing of Kiaat‟s‟ good image is prohibited

Summary Lastly, I‟d like to say that I expect of you to know your ID and student number by heart when you arrive. When I issue you with your student card, it should never leave your person! Bring this booklet along! Most of the questions you have answers within. Also, please bring a colour ID photothis is compulsory! It‟s not uncommon for Cubs to wake me at 3am to rush them off to hospital now and again. In this case, your medical aid details should be well known to you and your card or a copy of it should be always in your possession. If you are not that privileged to have medical aid, then we can always make arrangements for you in the case of you falling ill. You‟d be comforted to know that Little Company of Mary is a top class hospital just a couple hundred meters down the road. Also, a total of R250 should be brought for the clothing and R200 for the trip to Gold Reef City. Ienkmelodienk clothing of R100 will also be purchased on the first day. The Tuks RAG diaries may be purchased for R50 and the jackets for R200.

Until the new year- See you!

Kiaat First Year Book  

This booklet has been compiled for you and your parents/guardians to thoroughly look through and enlighten you about Kiaat. Please read thro...