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Khyatha’s Green Route to 'Health and Wealth' Visakhapatnam-based Khyatha Abhijith Biotech & Power Private Limited is implementing twin projects of starch and power in Kakinada in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Power and Starch are the two sunshine industries in India growing quickly and expected to be high value sectors when the country emerges as super power in the not-toodistant future. The objective of promoters is to cash in on the ever increasing demand for power and starch products. The installed capacity of starch and other downstream products will be 250 tons per day. To the power plant which will initially generate 5MW an additional 20 MW capacity will be installed.

Gas Rig

Power Generation Khyatha’s strategy is to benefit from the value proposition offered by Krishna Godavari basin rich in natural gas and exploit potential opportunities. Tie-up for uninterrupted gas supply from onshore gas processing plants of GSPC and Reliance in Kakinada will be a major advantage for the company natural gas-based power project.

Facts at a Glance The Indian power industry is growing rapidly to keep pace with ever-increasing demand from domestic and industrial sectors growing annually by over five percent. India’s power demand by 2030 is expected to be 950,000MW.

Starch Manufacturing Starch is made from Corn / Maize. Strarch industry’s rosy future is evident from the fact that the supply-demand gap is over 60 percent. Strarch is a versatile ingredient (with over 150 derivatives and value-added products) that is used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper, textile, oil-drilling and several other industries. Abundant availability of maize in the vicinity of the project site will make a big difference to profit margins for the company. India’s per capita consumption of starch is just reaching one Kg as against world’s per capita consumption of 14 kg, when it reaches 2 Kg the supply-demand gap further widen and persist for the next 25 to 35 years.

Technical Details Khyatha will install easy to maintain engine type air-cooled natural gas run power generation system from Wartsila, Known for efficiency of functioning and reliability. Khyatha will install best available technology with an amalgamation of Indian and American machinery for efficiency and cost effectiveness, for starch and liquid glucose plants.

Khyatha’s Key Advantages Abundant supply of natural gas / maize. Easy access to skilled workforce. Ground water availability ideal for starch manufacturing Huge demand-supply gap in power and starch Low costs for power generation / starch manufacturing Extremely investor-friendly prospects. Technocrat promoters guided by sound management team.

Financials The total twin-projects outlay is expected to be Rs.175.45 crores with an estimated debtequity ratio of 2:1 Low project cost Low gestation period

Let’s join hands to build a bridge to a more sustainable power supply to the nation

Prospects and Benefits Assured profitability A great investment opportunity Quick payback period Easy and friendly exit route Board of Directors with technical expertise and experience A dedicated team of professionals to coordinate and maintain excellent investor relations

Management Khyatha is managed by three highly motivated and experienced technocrat promoters and four independent directors with an impressive track record of industrial management

and having made significant contribution in various fields of activity.

Come, Let’s make a difference together to a world deficient in healthy food and clean power

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Vision To work constantly to protect the enviornment around our business devlopments and help provide clean energy and safe food.

Mission Our mission is to build value-based investor and customer relationships through a spirit of openness and collaboration.

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Khyatha’s Green Route to 'Health and Wealth' Visakhapatnam-based Khyatha Abhijith Biotech & Power Private Limited is implementing twin proj...