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Exam Reminders

3分鐘準備時間,每一個討論事項都要諗points 每一個討論事項,只需寫下3-4個key words (時間有限,不可寫句子) 如: -where to go for the school picnic Ocean Park -why exciting…amusement rides….animals….lovely… -when to go Autumn….cool…not too hot/cold….seldom rain…

只得3分鐘 (3個人),要爭取時間講 多望組員,少望note card


agree*及 disagree*其他人

DISCUSSION***** →包 「講」及「聽」 要聽組員的發言,先回應,後發表自己意見

忌! ! ! 不是個人presentation,不 能只講自己note card上預備 好的資料,而不回應對方



較易: 1. 討論目的 Alright, today we’re here to discuss …(our school picnic) 2. 事項一:

First of all, we can talk about …(where to go)

3. 自己意見+原因: I think…(Ocean Park is a wonderful place) because (many F.2 students this year like going on amusement rides…..)

起首三式 較深: 1. 討論目的 Well, the purpose of our discussion today is to…(plan for our school picnic) 2. 事項一: For the first agenda, we can talk about…(where to go) 3. 自己意見+原因: I believe…(Ocean Park is a wonderful place) since (many F.2 students this year like going on amusement rides…..)



發言四步曲 (緊記!)

1.回應對方: 同意/不同意 Yes, you’re right.../ I’m sorry. I think this is not a very good idea... 2.原因 because…. (it’s too expensive) 3.自己意見+原因 I think…(going to the Peak) is better because (we can see the great views of HK) 4.提問 What do you think about this?


發言四步曲 (緊記!)

1.回應對方: 同意/不同意 Yes, that sounds really good…/ Well, I’m afraid that I can’t agree with you… 2.原因 since/as…. (it’s too expensive)

3.自己意見+原因 I’ve got another idea. How about…(going to the Peak?) (We can see the great views of HK) 4.提問 Do you have any ideas on this?


1. 轉話題 較易: Well…I think it’s time for us to go on to the next point. Let’s talk about….(the activities) 較深:

So it’s enough for this agenda. Shall we talk about… (the activities) now?

2.插嘴 (Interrupt) 較易: I’m sorry. Would you mind I say something on this first? 較深:

Sorry to interrupt. I’ve to stress something before we move on.

3.點出離題 較易: I’m afraid that this is not we should talk about today. Shall we focus on…(our picnic)?

較深: Well, I think what you said was not bad, but that’s not what we should discuss now, right?


ORAL常見錯誤: Let’s discuss about this issue now. Although it’s good, but it’s too expensive.

In my opinion, I think we can do this. I don’t know who is Chan Wai Ting. I and my friend went to the oral practice yesterday. I am very agree with you. To conclusion, we’ve decided to ...

ANSWERS  Let’s discuss (discuss不能加about, 只有talk about) this issue now.  Although it’s good, (不能同時用but) it’s too expensive.  In my opinion, (不能再加I think) we can do this.  I don’t know who Chan Wai Ting is. (留意次序)  My friend and I (留意次序) went to the oral practice yesterday.  I agree with you very much.  To conclude,/In conclusion, we’ve decided to ..


練習一 Tomorrow is Tuen NG Festival. In your group, discuss: -what people do during this festival -what people usually eat -whether you like this festival and why -what other Chinese festivals you like -anything else you think is important

練習二 You are going to sing a song to a friend who is leaving the school this summer. In your group, discuss: -which song you would like to choose -the meaning of the song -what you want to give to your friend beside this song -how you will keep in touch with this friend -anything else you think is important

F.2 Speaking Exam (Group Discussion)