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Best Practices and School Marketing Requirements BEST PRACTICES AND SCHOOL MARKETING REQUIREMENTS It generally takes three points of contact before people pay attention to promotional material. The K12Rewards program uses a Promotional Requirements and Best Practices strategy to allow for that, along with some ideas for your school to best promote and raise awareness of your K12Rewards program! This document will take you through the steps you need to take to make your K12Rewards program as successful as possible. As you read through, reference these documents for additional details: • Acquisition Emails: This document should contain 3 emails. • Marketing Promotions Calendar: The calendar suggests days for you to send out the emails and other marketing obligation material • Acquisition Best Practices Checklist: Please have the checklist filled out. Step 1: Review the Acquisition Email Checklist. Step 2: Complete your initial Marketing Promotions Calendar. This is as easy as inserting the appropriate dates (01-31) that correspond with each day on the calendar. You now have every marketing obligation covered. Step 3: Update your Marketing Promotions Calendar to include additional promotional items brought up in the kickoff meeting. It’s important that this step is secondary to the initial Marketing Promotions Calendar, because you need to make sure that the extra promotions work in cooperation with the overall promotional strategy. Step 4: Review your Marketing Obligation Calendar with your Account Manager. Fax or email a copy of your Marketing Promotions Calendar to your Account Manager and schedule a time to review the Marketing Promotions Calendar. This is an excellent opportunity for you and the Account Manager to go over your marketing strategy on how to best promote your schools K12Rewards site to your school’s students, parents, coaches, teachers and alumni. Step 5: Send a copy of your calendar to your Success Team and key stakeholders such as your superintendent, principal, and vice-principal. Ask everyone to be ready to get the word out about the program and generate excitement. Your Success Team and stakeholders should be comfortable asking, “Did you receive your signup email today,” “Did you sign up for our [SCHOOL NAME] K12Rewards program yet?” or “Have you shopped yet?”

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Step 6: After your review with the Account Manager, send out your first Acquisition Email. During this process, please send all emails and any other relevant information regarding your K12Rewards program to your Account Manager. The information that you provide your Account Manager will aid us in developing promotional material that will benefit your school. Step 7: Meet with your Account Manager every two weeks to review the latest trends, ideas and metrics. We’re here for your success and will continue to support your efforts.

SCHOOL MARKETING REQUIREMENTS In order for your school to be as successful as possible, there are certain marketing requirements that must be met. I. KICKOFF AND ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE Year after year you have the ability to expand your program through the new students, families, and faculty joining your school. At the start of your program and each year, your school will host a membership drive to find new members and encourage previous members to continue to use the program. During this drive, the school will: a. Send out a series of three (3) separate program kickoff emails to their school’s entire parent mailing list, spaced five (5) to ten (10) days apart, starting no later than ten (10) days before program launch or start of new school year. TIP – Using the Marketing Promotions Calendar, lay out your plan to market and promote your K12Rewards website. b. Promote the K12Rewards program on school newsletters with and article introducing program. TIP – Work with your boosters, PTA, and other groups to coordinate your marketing campaign to promote the website. Do they have newsletters, Facebook, twitter, and websites that they can post web banners, links to the K12Rewards site, or emails to inform their membership about your K12Rewards site? c. Coordinate the distribution of the Introducing K12Rewards flyer at Back to School night. TIP – Using the Marketing Promotions Calendar, organize a day in which the student body can be given the flyer to hand to their parents and family friends. Flyers can also be handed out at special events like football games or spirit week. d. Display the K12Rewards kickoff announcement on the school’s home page through banner linking to the school’s K12Rewards site. Minimum banner size is 300 x 720 pixels. TIP – Make sure you place your banner in a noticeable, static area of your school website. Explore other places to post your banner like booster or PTA websites or facebook pages? e. Display 3’x 8’ vinyl banners at the primary student pick-up and drop-off area and display six (6) 2’ X 3’ small wall posters in various high-traffic areas. TIP – Make sure banners and posters are placed in high-traffic flow areas like school pick up spots, gym, or track.

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f. Have the principal or PTA or booster president announce a one-minute overview of the K12Rewards program to parents during the back to school night welcome speech at the beginning of the school year. g. TIP – Do you have a auto-call system that contacts all of your student homes via phone? We can provide you with a script for your principal to do a recording to inform your families about your K12Rewards program. h. Display headlines kicking off or promoting the membership drive for the K12Rewards program on all electronic and manual marquees in front of school for a period of thirty (30) days. TIP – Do you have electronic scoreboard in your gym or football area that can also put up information about your school K12Rewards program?

II. HOLIDAY PROMOTION The holidays are an especially important time of year for maximizing your K12Rewards program through the additional shopping that is done for gifts, parties, and decorations. To promote the program during the holidays, your school will: a. Send a Holiday Email to their school’s parent mailing list, starting no later than thirty five (35) days before program launch that promote holiday shopping. b. Display a 3’x 8’ holiday –themed, vinyl banner in the primary area for student pick-up and drop-off and display six (6) 2’ X 3’ holiday-themed, small wall posters in various high-traffic areas. TIP – Don’t forget that more and more people are shopping online during the holiday season, so make sure you have a plan to market and promote your K12Rewards website to capture the holiday shopping.

III. YEAR-ROUND PROMOTION One of the best parts about the program is that it is year round. To keep your members motivated, throughout the school year, your school will: a. Promote the K12Rewards program through advertisements on the school’s home page with banner placements linking to your school’s K12Rewards site. The minimum banner size of 250 x 250 pixels required for a minimum of 325 days of the year and will be placed in top-section of homepage page. School will also promote the K12Rewards program on the school’s fundraising web page. Lealta Media will need to approve content. b. Display a 3’x 8’ vinyl banner in the school gymnasium and football stadium, in a prominent location. c. Promote the K12Rewards program on all school newsletter communications with banner ad placements. Minimum banner size of 250 x 250 pixels. TIP – To ensure success for your K12Rewards Program, continuous promotion and marketing is a must. Work with your Account Manager to come up with unique ideas on how to best promote your K12Rewards program at your school.

For more information about this program, visit 9.indd 3

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