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Introduction It is notorious that in the ninth art diverse themes are used, and many writers can express themselves freely (respecting the rights of others), but writing is more than telling stories, it is transmitting a message to the public, and building a script is a way of reproducing a (or more than one), and this is why this work was created, to give meaning to an ideal, to do what must be done, that is to defend a position to the end, knowing that changes may occur in the future, and if you have to cross borders.

"You have to be like a little fish to touch the big bell."

For a long time human beings have used art to express themselves, and to interact with others, and the comics show the interaction of the characters through images that are reinforced by words (and vice versa) to help in understanding, how to learn a language, and for this we need to understand what is happening, and the expressions of the figures help in the interaction, as in silent cinema, in which the viewer needs to see the scene and the actors as a whole, not just read or watch , it is also a matter of analysis, and with this it is possible to differentiate the Western concepts of the Eastern ones, it is notorious that with the birth of the western heroes also

the villains appear, a form to affirm that with powers also arise responsibilities, representing the independence, almost always the goal is by order in the city, country, or planet, unlike the evolving Japanese characters, and often the fighting is between opponents with compatible abilities (or at is even the same), and there is also the difference of customs such as taking off the shoes of the feet before entering somewhere, the cuisine and greetings are often expressed of course. Observing is possible to find the differences, however this objective is secondary, considering the development as the priority, when the intention. Observing is possible to find the differences, however this objective is secondary, considering the development as the priority, when the intention goes beyond the concepts of the east or the west, when what really matters is to portray the reality through a script, joining the pieces of a puzzle, the reader is the observer, and the thesis is an observation. Brazil is a country where there are many artists who aspire to work for the foreign market or become successful cartoonists, live in Japan and live on the income of the manga, it can be said that this type of profession is not guaranteed income in countries such as Brazil as not being as valued as the others, but what should be taken into account are the possibilities, not only

the conditions, when there is knowledge of the field, investment, research and union, because there are many alternative works being launched, being that a large part of the public (most) do not explore this side, and only consume foreign material, many for discrediting the success of national works, and others for not knowing even when the question was about a Brazilian becoming a mangaka the answer in most of times it was not, but the same was said when the theme was Brazilian animations, people said that there is no Brazilian animation, but today there are many, many amateur studios of good quality, internet channels and award winning films. One of Brazil's main problems in dealing with culture is the limitation of possibilities, starting with the belief that only the exterior is capable of producing successful works, this is also due to the fact that the country is very open, and because of the lack of interest of the people, not lack of incentive, but this does not mean that one must deprive oneself of the consumption of foreign material, but open the minds of people as much as the possibilities, and for this great media should open more space for works, because the few successful artists have had good publicity (in newspapers, important publishers etc ...), but as this is difficult the artists need to undertake to gain reach, also because many companies do not work with this type of book (comics) and others do not reward authors as they should.

Chaos Warrior is a title attributed to people who act in the present to change the future, based on chaos theory, which says that "something as small as a butterfly's flight can cause a typhoon on the other side of the world" means that aspirants to manga (or cartoonists ...) with their ideas that can change reality, influencing generations, with lessons and inventions that can be useful in everyday life, protests and reflections, because when you have a culture of consumption many things can be passed through it. Aquarius ยนH is derived from the periodic table, and was created in order to strengthen the idea of the work and the theory of Western fish. Being a small fish and plunging the ocean is to recognize their capabilities and delve into some theme; Swimming around means solving cases using the basics, in other words, being able to simplify and demystify seemingly complicated issues. The Western name demonstrates the origin, and may be relative. The intention of this thesis is not to be against the Nationalization, for this was used a name (fictitious) by acronyms, and an approach on the dream of becoming mangakรก using Brazil as an example, for the great culture of consumption, many admirers like saudosistas, if this

work were against Nationalisation, it would be contradictory to be in favor of adhering to a culture, also because a Brazilian manga is not Japanese, and it is also possible to create its own image inspired by the Japanese style, and many of the animes were inspired by the drawings Western countries, then it can be said that what is lacking for Brazil is investment and attention of the public itself, because instead of giving constructive suggestions and criticism people totally disbelieve the possibility of their country to grow, as well as in national cinema and economic development , social and cultural of all the country, and to influence the other nations. NOTE The idea of writing this book came after participating in a ninth art competition promoted by a major publisher in the importation of comics (and other books), and my intention was not to win the "contest", but to present my work, however they would have supposedly used my idea by a simple error in the inscription the company began to produce different covers of the Japanese style, and when the fact came to my knowledge, the reaction was to use this in favor of my work, creating a new script, then I deleted the registration form, but they have the numbered records, so they were interested in the idea, but it's still plagiarism.

Many people want to talk about leaving the country for discrediting change, as if this were to solve all their problems, as if they were living in a utopia, and comparing their country with others, and are the first to complain when Brazil receives criticism , it would be better if everyone were made aware of the reality, so there would be no reason for the gringos to joke about the Brazilians. It is really necessary to undertake and not expect that some publisher will sponsor the publication, does not mean that this does not happen, just wanted to say that it is not guarantee, to seek to learn from the experienced artists and to provide services at fair prices, and not to be afraid to charge because this is to value the profession, and not to be deluded with offers of recognition without remuneration, unless it is a consecration, because also having a work evaluated by those who understand the subject is also valid, but this without dispensing the public, anyway , if everyone does their part the myth that drawing is not a profession will fall to the ground, and will no longer use it as an argument to deceive and deceive the artists, and in the future set up a business with friends who share the same ambition, or even alone, you must observe to be observed, researching, learning and always acting, do not judge yourself special or chosen, let the title reach you with time and effort.

Many think that the national works are not satisfactory if they are not the same as the foreign ones, but the Brazilian authors can stand out for their trait or script, works like Tools chalenger, Over the rainbow, Raph, Virus, Holy Avenger, Beladona, Helena, among others, not only awarded works but also unknown works. CREDITS

Edward Norton Lorenz: butterfly effect (Chaos Theory) Max Eduardo: Tools chalenger Over the rainbow: Ricardo Manguinha Thiago Spiked: Rafe ; Virus Ana Recalde and Denis Mello: Beladona Machado de Assis: Helena Marcelo Cassaro,RogĂŠrio Saladino and J.M Trevisan: Holy avenger This content is a summary of the work Himitsu Mizu,and should not be marketed. ÂŽ

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Western fish  

Thesis of the Mitsu himitsu manga

Western fish  

Thesis of the Mitsu himitsu manga