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Kevin Humphreys TD


Summer 2013


Creating jobs today, by building the infrastructure we need for tomorrow €6.4 billion has been allocated to the newly established Ireland Strategic Investment Fund for job creation and maximising commercial investment. This job creation investment plan will provide the basis for sustainable, export-led jobs. Investment sanctioned under the plan must create economic activity and jobs and generate a commercial return. It is part of Labour’s main focus in government of getting the Irish economy back on track and getting people back to work. First time that Ireland will have a strategic fund purely for investment and growing jobs here at home. Delivers on a key Labour commitment to establish a fund focused on jobs and job creation through the work of Labour Ministers, TDs and Senators. €6.4 billion fund allows for commercial investment in next generation infrastructure with the most job-creation potential including energy, broadband, school building, forestry and water infrastructure projects.

PUTTING JOBS FIRST ■ 250,000 jobs were lost between 2008-2011 under Fianna Fail. ■ Now 2,000 jobs per month are being created in the private sector. ■ Jobless rate has decreased to 13.7%, first time since 2010 it has dropped below 14%

GREEN LIGHT FOR 2013 SCHOOL PREFAB REPLACEMENT LABOUR CONTINUES SCHOOL BUILDING MODERNISATION SCHEME ■ 115 prefab units in 46 schools will be replaced in a €15 million programme in 2013/2014. ■ 2,650 more students throughout the country will now have permanent classroom accommodation. ■ Creates an estimated 300 direct and 60 indirect jobs. ■ Follows on from a 2012 initiative for the replacement of 458 prefabs. ■ Number of rented prefabs in our schools will decrease by 570 – a 37% reduction in just over two years. ■ €7 million savings will be achieved through the establishment of these permanent, modern classrooms.

€150 MILLION STIMULUS FOR ROADS, SCHOOLS & ENERGY EFFICIENCY An additional €150 million in stimulus funding has been allocated for roads, school building and energy efficiency projects for 2013/2014. ■ €150 million is in addition to the €2 billion capital funding already allocated for education, environment and transport for 2013/14. ■ First time there has been an increase in the capital budget since 2008. ■ Funding will focus on maintaining and upgrading key community assets and infrastructure. ■ Works proposed will help create jobs throughout local communities. ■ Labour intensive minor works prioritized in plan - in some cases 17-19 jobs created per €1m expenditure. ■ €150 million plan split three ways with €50 million each for roads, school buildings and energy efficiency.


ROADS €50 million for works on 600km of local roads

€50 million investment delivers for growing school communities

■ €50 million allocated to local authorities to carry out much needed surface restoration and road reconstruction works.

■ Additional €50m stimulus will allow 28 more school building projects to get started. ■ Over 10,000 students and their whole communities will benefit from the state-ofthe-art new accommodation.

■ An extra 600 km of roadway will be rehabilitated to a high standard. ■ 29 local authority areas will receive financing for road restoration works.

■ Despite the economic difficulties, Labour in Government is committed to replacing inadequate educational infrastructure and building a modern school system for our children. ■ Economic boost to the construction industry.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY €50 million retrofitting scheme will see lower bills and warmer homes for 25,000 families ■ Approximately 25,000 local authority houses have poor energy ratings – a ‘G’ or ‘F’ in terms of BER ratings. ■ These homes now targeted for energy rating improvements. ■ Expected jobs boost of around 1,000 new jobs. ■ Household heating costs should be reduced by about €400 per annum under the plan.

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Investing in Jobs - PSD - Summer 2013  

Leaflet by Kevin Kumphreys TD in Summer 2013 for the Pembroke South Dock area covering the establishment of the Strategic Investment Fund.