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Kevin’s Korner

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May 13th, 2013

Greetings! My name is Kevin Huang and I will be serving as the lieutenant governor of division 4 for the 2013/2013 service year. This is the first of many newsletters to come from me! In these newsletters I will be discussing important events as well as updates to existing foundations such as the eliminate project. So please, sit tight, and please spend the time to read Kevin’s Korner!

Important Dates Spring Regional Training Conferences— May 11, 18

International Convention (KCDC) - July 3-7

Table of Contents 2— Letter of Introduction 3/4– DCON Recap 5– Eliminate Progress 6—ICON 7/8—RTC

Volume 1: Issue 1

9—Contact Information

Letter of Introduction Kevin Huang

Lieutenant Governor of Division 4


Greetings and salutations, My name is Kevin Huang and I am honored to announce my new position as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 4. Currently I am a junior who attends North Brunswick Township High School and I have been a general member of Key Club for three years. Key Club is the center of my high school career which sparked my passion for the love of service. After participating in Key Club, I began to search throughout my school and community to find more organizations I could participate in, in order to help others and to achieve a better future for all. As stated before, I participate in numerous of other service clubs such as treasurer of my school’s Human Rights Coalition, a Safety Ambassador for my school’s Health Careers Club, P.A.W.S, FACEAids and much more. In addition, I have been playing tennis for two years, I’m studying the martial arts Kendo and Iaido, and I am part of my community’s First Aid and Rescue Squad. I am looking forward to this service year and I plan to focus on uplifting the spirits of members within our division and to increase the number of participants in divisional events. As Lieutenant Governor, my goals are to: o

Support and aid clubs that are having trouble


Hold successful divisional events


Build and promote Key Clubs within the division


Increase the number of participants for Fall Rally, and DCON


To share the importance of service and how one of the greatest pleasures in life is helping someone in need

Overall, my goal is to improve the quality of the Key Clubs within the division, as well as increase participation. I understand that some of these goals may be difficult but I believe that with teamwork, we can accomplish anything. I want to make this year a great service year! If there are any questions feel free to contact me at: Thank you for your time. Yours in Caring and Service,

Kevin Huang

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DCON Recap

DCON District Convention is a fun and exciting event which allows Key Clubbers throughout the state of New Jersey to come together and experience a weekend full of excitement. From intense caucuses for the 2013/2014 district board, to the 1920s themed dance, DCON was an amazing experience which allowed me to make new friends, and have a load of fun all at the same time!

Project: Eliminate The World Health Organization conducted validation surveys in Iraq, and the results show that the country has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). More newborns and mothers’ lives are now free from the anguish of tetanus. Since 1999, UNICEF and its partners have eliminated the disease in 30 countries, including Cameroon, China and East Timor. MNT still remains a deadly threat in 29 countries. The final push to eliminate MNT globally will require US$110 million and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family. Thank you for your commitment and support. Your gift and your club's gift will provide much-needed funds to continue elimination efforts.

Source: theeliminateproject/blogs/13-05-09/ Iraq_eliminates_maternal_and_neonatal_tetanus.aspx

If you thought DCON was an amazing Key Club experience, wait until you attend ICON, otherwise known as International Convention. This year, International Convention will take place in Washington D.C. and will last from July 1st to July 7th. International Convention is a entire week full of fun, learning, and the opportunity to meet Key Clubbers throughout our nation. The trip features concerts, dances, the Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, Ford’s Theatre, and the United States Capital. The first night will also feature a Washington Nationals baseball game. This year, we are expecting thousands of key clubbers to attend, and I encourage all of the key clubbers of division 4 to attend as well!

“Experiment with Service” at RTCs! Every year the New Jersey district of Key Club organizes RTC’s (Regional Training Conferences) in the spring and the fall. RTC’s are a great opportunity to meet new people from within your region, attend informative workshops on various topics about all things Key Club and to participate in fun-filled icebreakers. Overall, Einstein told me that it is a relatively good event to attend. Schrodinger told me that there may or may not be breakfast lunch and Heisenberg is uncertain as well. Just kidding, there will definitely be breakfast and lunch served, I’m positive. So when are RTC’s held?... Periodically of course. This year’s theme for the RTC’s is “Experiment with Service”. I was going to do a pun about Hertz, but I feel as I do those too frequently. All the good science jokes Argon. South RTC’s will be at Cedar Creek from May 11 from 9 AM—1 PM and North RTC’s will be at Bloomfield on May 18th from 9 AM-1 PM. So mark your calendars, tell your friends, and get as excited as an electron can be for this year’s Regional Training Conferences!

Contact Information




Ryan Clarkin

Kelly Tran

Penny Xu






Yuya Ong

Pak Chau



Your LTG Kevin Huang Khuangltgdivision4

Kevin's Korner Volume 1 Issue 1 - May  

Hello everyone, here is the long awaited newsletter for division 4!

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