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Kevin’s Korner Official Newsletter of Division 4 Volume 1, Issue 3

Message from your Lieutenant Governor With the new year starting it is important to be as passionate for Key Club as ever. This helps prevent issues such as unmotivated club members, less participation, etc. Your enthusiasm for Key Club IS contagious and WILL influence your members as long as you keep it up! With that being said, please enjoy this issue of Kevin’s Korner, if there are any questions please feel free to contact me! - Kevin Huang

Important Dates Dance and Shake for Eliminate! - February 1st LTG Elections - February 8th 2014 Scholarships - February 14th Skate4Eliminate! - February 22nd DCON Registration - March 6th Annual Achievement Report form - March 8th

DCM 2 Recap On January 18, 2014 our Division had our second divisional council meeting. The following topics are the important issues that were discussed. If there are any questions or if you need anything (DCON registration packet, etc.) please contact me .

Elections Elections for lieutenant governor will be held on February 8th 2014 from 6-9 pm at 3691a Nottingham way, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690. ANYONE can run ( as long as they are a dues paid member from a dues paid club!) so PLEASE I encourage all officers and even general members to run as we need candidates! Contact me ASAP!

Eliminate Project There will be an event called Dance and Shake for Eliminate on February 1st. It is at Theodore Schor Middle School in Piscataway. Tickets are $5 each and it lasts from 6-10 pm. Everyone should come! It'll be a fun filled night. There are three of these events (one in north, central, and south) so if the location is too far there are other opportunities.

DCON DCON will be from March 28-30th. It is a fun-filled weekend of key club. Members from all over the state of New Jersey will be there and we will be staying at a hotel next to the beach! The price is $260 but the whole event is well worth it!

Scholarships Scholarships are due on February 14th. Contact me for the scholarship packet or you can find it online on the official website for the New Jersey District of Key Club ( Anyone can apply, there is nothing to lose.

Annual Achievement Report Form (Presidents/Officers only) The Due date is March 8th, please don't wait until last minute to fill it out.

Divisional Event - Skate4Eliminate! Proud to announce that we will be having a Divisional Event on February 22nd at the skate park Iceland in Trenton, New Jersey 08619. The cost is $10 and that includes skate rentals! There is a event page on Facebook (just search skate4eliminate). Please invite all your friends!

Advocacy For the past several years, the New Jersey District has picked a focus for the District to advocate for. In previous years the advocacy focus has been very specific, such as Autism New Jersey, and more recently Suicide and Self-Image. Suicide prevention and Self Image was last years focus. Several Divisions held presentations where speakers talked about bullying and positive self-image, and there was even a District -wide bracelet sale that promoted body image! The focus was split into two “seasons” as they were called, with the first one starting at DCON 2012 and ending at Fall Rally 2012 and the second one starting at Fall Rally 2012 and ending at DCON 2013. The New Jersey District really made an impact last year with their focus, and this year we hope to make an even bigger one! This year, the District has decided that a broader focus would be chosen, so that clubs could pick their own. The focus is on mental and chronic illnesses. This focus is much broader in previous years, but still very prominent in most people’s lives. With a broad focus such as this one, clubs are able to pick a disease that their club as a whole feels most strongly about. According to Key Club International, Advocacy is “speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves”. To advocate for a cause is different than if a group were to fundraise or do service for a cause. When you do service or fundraising, that’s it you do it and you’re done. Yes people benefited, but directly from your actions. For example, if you were to build a playground for an orphanage, or for your town, the people benefit, but no one outside of your club learns about the organization you’re helping. When you advocate, you raise awareness. You try and get as many people as you can aware of the organization or problem or whatever it is.

Key Leader Key Leader is a program for young aspiring leaders. This life-changing weekendretreat focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadershipdevelopment experience. Over the course of the weekend, participants take part in group workshops, discussions, and team-building activities. Students develop leadership skills that will help them create a positive change in their community, state, and world. As a first-time participant, Key Leader has helped me flourish as a budding service leader. With its helpful lessons and encouragement, I was able to further my knowledge in leadership. Every single day is a chance to make a difference in someone else’s life, and working together to make a difference is something we can all do to help change the world. From my Key Leader experience, I have learned that leadership comes from helping others succeed. It has been an amazing experience and I have gained many new friends in the process. I urge others to take part if given the opportunity! -Valerie Choy President of Steinert Key Club

Service Spotlight

On November 16th, 2013 a group of roughly 20 Ewing High School Key Club members geared up with rakes, gloves, and paint brushes in an attempt to beautify Ewing Township. This time the group took on Shabakunk Creek Park. Many people might disregard the small patch of green land on Olden Ave. and would never classify it as a park but as Mayor Bert Steinmann said, “Olden must still go under various renovations but this park will stand out at the gem of the street”. The Key Clubers spent a couple hours raking leaves, trimming some bushes and trees, repainting the sign, collecting trash, and completing other small landscaping tasks. The group was touched by the mayor’s kind words and it hopes to continue working in coordination with the Ewing Green Team in an attempt to make the whole township cleaner and greener. Magdalena Stankowska

Key Club Scholarships 2014 Scholarships are awarded to senior Key Clubbers who exemplify dedication to serving the children of the world and uphold the objects of Key Club International during high school. The over 15 available scholarships range from $1000 to $2000. Applicants only need to apply once to be eligible for all of the scholarships. In order to apply, download the complete Scholarships Packet at: Fill out the Application Information Sheet. On a separate sheet of paper, list involvement in Key Club projects. Then, provide a summary of any outside service. On a separate sheet of paper, give a brief description of your most important academic or extra-curricular achievement unrelated to Key Club. Write a two-page essay about a memorable Key Club Service Project. All of the above should be typed or hand-written in blue or black ink neatly. Obtain letters of recommendation and remember no letter may be from a family member. Have an advisor fill out the Advisor Verification Form. Refer to the packet for complete instructions. Mail this entire packet by February 14th, 2014 to the address listed below. Once the applications are received, a committee of Kiwanians reads through the applications. The main criteria these Kiwanians focus on are that the entire packet is complete, the essay, and the letters of recommendation. The essay and the other descriptions are the applicant’s opportunity to tell the committee who he/she is, what he/she has done in and out of Key Club, how he/she got involved, his/her motive for doing community service, and how he/she benefitted from the service. These personal portions of the packet are where the applicant can show how Key Club has developed the applicant’s leadership skills and how the applicant has benefited from the leadership opportunities that Key Club provides, such as Key Leader. Please feel free to contact Elizabeth Wallace with any questions or concerns. Mail the packet to: Key Club Scholarships c/o Elizabeth Wallace 22 Davidson Rd. Bloomfield, NJ 07003

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